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summary Naked Empire (Sword of Truth, #8) , series Naked Empire (Sword of Truth, #8) , book Naked Empire (Sword of Truth, #8) , pdf Naked Empire (Sword of Truth, #8) , Naked Empire (Sword of Truth, #8) 1d9df28e5f Beginning With Wizard S First Rule And Continuing With Six Subsequent Fantasy Masterpieces, Terry Goodkind Has Thrilled And Awed Millions Of Readers Worldwide Now, In Naked Empire, Goodkind Returns With A Broad Canvas Adventure Of Epic Intrigue, Violent Conflict, And Terrifying Peril For The Beautiful Kahlan Amnell And Her Husband, The Heroic Richard Rahl, The Sword Of TruthRichard Rahl Has Been Poisoned Saving An Empire From Annihilation Is The Price Of The Antidote With The Shadow Of Death Looming Near, The Empire Crumbling Before The Invading Hordes, And Time Running Out, Richard Is Offered Not Only His Own Life But The Salvation Of A People, In Exchange For Delivering His Wife, Kahlan, Into Bondage To The Enemy

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    Anatomy of a Break up Going through a break up or a divorce is never easy The best of them are tinged with sadness and regret while the worst feel like a grenade going off in your chest Worse still is the ending of a relationship that has lasted for many years and survived through adversity Well after almost 15 years, my relationship with the Sword of Truth series is over Given that these situations are already emotionally charged, I know the right thing to do is just to walk away and say nothing If I were a bigger man, I could do that If the Sword of Truth was less of a mind numbingly stupid, mega pretentious BITCH, I could do that I m not and it s not My anger my soul crushing humiliation at sticking this long with such a vacuous, repetitive chunk of IQ draining smegma needs to vent, and so that s what I m gonna do I ve done enough for this series this is for me I first met SoT in 1996, two years after it had burst onto the scene and taken the Fantasy world by storm I should have known by the author photo I fucking should have known by how the author was standing with arms folded trying to come across all menacing when he really looked like Paul Mitchell with a ponyFAIl Hey, I told you I was bitter Unfortunately, I was doing very little pleasure reading at the time and was inexperienced when it came to fantasy and got sucked in Wizard s First Rule swept me off my feet and I was immediately smitten It was this series that brought me back to casual reading in general and fantasy reading in particular I guess I at least should be grateful to the series for that Maybe someday when I can look myself in the eye again but right now the series can just fuck off and die Time went on and problems popped up in the series The shitty prose, the repetitiveness, the rambling, simple minded monologues paraphrasing Ayn Rand However, loyalty is something that s always been important to me so I discounted these things and continued to read through rose colored blinders glasses I ignored the grade school melodramatic prose and the ear grating phrases like bags I ignored the poorly executed plot in Temple of the Winds and the stupiFUCKINGidiotic Chimes in book 5 I ignored the condescending windbaggery that increasingly showed up in the stories My delusional loyalty reached its zenith with book 6, Faith of the Fallen Goodkindian douchetard that I was, I defended the author s clunky, over wrought ramble preaching as something admirable ADMIRABLE I don t think I could pour enough whiskey and prozac down my gullet to fill the gaping hole this has left inside me Believe me, I m gonna try Pillars of Creation blew like a hurricane and that was when the scales began to fall from my eyes The stench of this experience led to a separation between me and the series However, since Pillars didn t really focus on the main characters of Richard and Kahlan, I decided to give it one try We d been together a long time and I thought it was the right thing to do MISTAAAAAAAAKE Well, my optimism ended up getting me coldcocked, pissed on and left shattered on the ground As bad as Pillars was, Naked Empire is even worse This book was a cheese pizza loaded with tripe sporting ball aching suckness of biblical proportions As I read listened to this, I began to doubt my very existence Well, I d had enough It was time to leave for good this time Since finishing this over the weekend, I ve taken a few days to get my thoughts together and think I can finally describe the series without having it go all angry The Sword of Truth has some very interesting magical elements and world building see below It also has a story arc that is, or accurately, COULD BE very interesting It also has some characters who on paper are somewhat compelling The problem is that all of the above potential is absolutely butchered through shitty, long winded, repetitive writing clunky, simplistic wince inducing prose with zero flow to it monotonous, clunky philosophizing that grates the nerves and ruins the narrative serious lack of editing poor development of potentially good characters and painful, ear bleeding dialogue that saps the will the liveIt took me a while, but I have seen the light Now, hopefully, the hard part is over and I ve left a bad situation I don t plan on thinking about this series any I just want to move on and leave it be There s plenty of good fantasy out there and I plan on picking up the pieces and reconnecting.

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    While I had hoped the decline begun in the previous book would be checked in this one, it continues on it s disastrous course The ongoing villain is barely addressed, the introduced villain is a mere toady, who is not really threatening at all at any point, and the new characters are simply cardboard cut outs, devoid of anything entertaining or interesting.Faith of the Fallen was a good book, and it s philosophy is an interesting one, good to discuss, even though I don t personally buy it I was hoping that Goodkind would develop this philosophy further, and really take on some of the criticisms and explore other, conflicting ideas, with the same elegance and feeling from the sixth installment. However, he merely sets up a series of straw men, and barely even needs to argue with them to persuade them In the process he takes pot shots at broad caricatures of certain social groups, and even takes a little dig at the Pagans and other followers of earth based magical paths.I don t know about anyone else, but it seems to me that most of the fantasy story fans I know either are pagan, or they are sympathetic to pagan ideals So, perhaps, Mr Goodkind, it wasn t the best idea to go out of your way to alienate your fanbase At this point in the story, Richard is becoming a very frightening parallel of his father a frothing, dangerous zealot with little patience for outside ideas It is upsetting to me that someone who is called the Seeker of Truth approaches every new thought with the assumption that he is right, and the other person is wrong from the outset In my experience this is not the way to seek truth, but feel free to disagree with me.The thing is, if this scary, extremist mindset were a plot point, or heck, even acknowledged, it would have really hit home some of the points the earlier books made about how every villain thinks what he s doing is the right thing But despite the Seeker s black and white view points, his blatant bullying, and his carrying on for pages at a time about the rightness of his philosophical thought, the irony seems to be completely lost on the author, who means this all very seriously.

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    Mandatory music for this review Zamfir, Lonely Shepherd.I m going through my book shelf, and I see a few SoT books need my attention.Naked Empire should be re titled A Man and a Goat.This book continues the breathtaking suspense from the seventh volume nah, just kidding.What we have here is as follows Richard acquaints himself with a goat and not in a good way.He s brought democracy to the Old World, so he feels he should vacation some.He takes his troupe on a walkabout, and stumbles upon some hippies that are immune to magic.Unbeknownst to him, the greatest villain of all is after him.THE GOAT LOVER Forget Darken Rahl and his murdering hordes.Forget Comrade Jagang and his Apparatchiks.We have a badass here.In fact, he s so badass that Richard develops a tummy ache.Like a wounded fawn, he is taken care of by Kahlan and Nicci Alas, nothing exciting happens.And then the problem is solved by invoking Wizard s Eight Rule Wesley Crusher.Happy ending.Le song My magic brings all the Slides to the yard,And they re like,My Order is better than yours,Damn right it s better than yours,I can ward you,But I have to chargeI know you want it,The sword what makes me,What Rahls go crazy for.They lose their minds,In the Wizard s Keep,I think it s Zedd.La la la la la,Warm it up.Lala lalala,Jagang is waiting.Igor

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    It never made sense to me that any of these books were written before 9 11 I didn t check the one before this but even if it was published in early 2002, it was probably written in the first half of 2001 So I ll just make the assumption that this was the first post 9 11 book in this series It really goes a long way toward explaining all of the rigid, dogmatic, so stupid its stultifying attempts at the crudest parody of moral philosophy It goes toward the idea explaining murdering misguided peace activists as not just morally permissible, but actually morally necessary It goes toward the idea that there is one eternal obvious moral truth and that hearing a wise man espouse it will overcome a lifetime s conditioning enough to turn an avowed pacifist into a killing machine I could go on Let me shift gears instead Terry Goodkind appears to have I m pausing as I think about whether to add the word literally literally nothing but contempt for his readers The insane inversions in motivation, past plot, reality, and morality that he goes through are nothing short of breathtaking Richard Cypher indeed the man is a cipher for whatever ludicrous hobby horse Goodkind has chosen today I remember a time when Zedd would kill an innocent for no reason other than that that innocent threatened to get in the way of stopping Darken Rahl Jagang seems to be so little of a threat that capitulation in the face of torture of innocents is not just possible, but totally reasonable.I remember when Richard was brought chained before the sisters of the light, and told all of them, not knowing anything about their roles in his captivity, that they were his enemies He viewed them all as his captors Something similar happened with Nicci, although it was masked with the stupidity of Goodkind s paean to some trumped up version of free market economics that he can t even understand well enough to get wrong Now he will patiently listen to a man who has captured him and even forgive him, let him run free, befriend him, without a promise that the captivity will be revoked.I remember how Jagang s military might seems to depend strongly on magic, and how he controls his magicians by means of his dream walker abilities Maybe I m supposed to take that as metaphor, but Goodkind has basically lost all credibility on the front of metaphor But now it seems he s just a symbol, and someone else would step forward and when the Sisters of the Dark realized that they were no longer in his thrall, oh, they wouldn t wreak havoc on his army on their way out to become some other kind of threat that could be exploited in a sequel nah, they d just serve whoever came next Same with the sisters of the light who have been subjugated by of the godawful sexual violence that Goodkind is so obsessed with.All right Let s not even get into the total absence of geography, the extremely forced motif of hey I haven t seen you in three books oh shit gotta go bye, the banality of what is supposed to be emotional resonance, the transparency of the plot twists, the weird, weird obsession with people raking their hands through their hair silken oils and tails wagging in a blur and describing everyone s hair color and eye color over and over again, into one situation after another where oops my magic doesn t work, with the utter and unmitigated catastrophe that is the writing style, with the actual, in this real world, in my belief, essential moral equivalence of D Hara and the Imperial Order, with it all.I will see this through to the end, but these books are my Agiel It hurts me to hold them in my hand Even the thought of them, let alone the touch, brings me to a quivering heap To be touched by one in my brain would mean permanent damage or probably death If it s not too late, stop Don t read another of these books Never read another I swear to you, you may not understand how they can get worse, but they do Oh, they do There are horrors of which one cannot, one must not dream, without seeing them with ones own eyes But what is seen once cannot be unseen, and there is madness in the eyes of all who have beheld Take my warning Fear what lies between these covers Respect its power The LICH has kin, and it lives in the western United States.

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    What Pillars of Creation made me question, Naked Empire confirms Terry s writing is getting annoying If you have plowed through the series thus far as I am and up to this one, get ready to recap everything over and over We learn once or twice again how Richard came to be where and what he is now. how he came to his beliefs and on. and onThe best is when Terry s feeling especially recaperrific imagine if you will Kahlan s about to use her confessor power AND SUDDENLY It reminds her of the time. pages of recap going by. no joke and now where were we It s annoying.Oh And when he s not feeling recaperrific, Richard is on his soapbox for pages on end delivering speeches about his moral clarity Good grief We get it Terry We see the dead horse He s been beaten enough already.All that said, it has its moments Nathan is one such moment.

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    This book was practically one long Richard is right, everyone else is wrong storyline Goodkind seriously needs to stop writing that kind of nonsense His sister went from a very interesting main character to a sidekick.While portions of the storyline was still interesting, Goodkind needs to start providing secondary titles to his books so you know which agenda he s going to pound this time This one could have been titled Naked Empire, or Why Pacifists are Evil I get tired when his agenda keeps interfering with the stories.

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    Goodkind is finding his stride in lecturing us on the failings of our own ideals here if that is they don t agree with his funny I thought I was reading an epic fantasy give it 1.5 instead of 2 stars Look hard you might find a story between the diatribes.

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    I m going to do what I did with Pillars of Creation for this review This book makes me too angry to sit down and calmly write out my thoughts on why it is so absolutely terrible, and insulting to the intelligence of anyone who reads it I just cannot even with this book I posted my notes below, if you want to read my thoughts as I read through the book, in lieu of writing out an actual review I tend to use profanity in my notes, and less professional language, grammar, and punctuation than I do in my actual professional well, not so much any reviews I had so much to bitch about in this book that it does continue down into the first post of the comments section, because I exceeded the Goodreads post limit This book is a slap in the face to any fan of the series before this point I will never pick it up again Terry Goodkind should be ashamed of himself for it.All right, I m gonna band aid this one Just rip it off and get it over with while I mull over what all I want to say in my review of Pillars of Creation It ll be less painful that way I hate this book with a fiery passion, and I don t need it hanging over me, asking to be reread and reviewed20% doneYou know what, after rereading Pillars of Creation this last week, the beginning of Naked Empire is actually pretty good comparatively Oh, I know it takes a steep nosedive not much further from where I am, but the beginning is actually far better written than the previous book The conversations between characters are not soul shatteringly repetitive here, and the recaps of previous books have been kept to a minimum so far An interesting mystery has been introduced in the finding of another set of Boundaries that have gone down, and a note of dramatic tension has been added in Richard s Gift causing headaches again This is a pretty decent beginning, and it s far better written than anything we saw in the previous book.There is one thing, and one thing only that I actually enjoy about this book And that is Zedd s storyline This is the book that really humanized him for me Before he was just a wacky, unconventionally wise old man who does and says silly things Here, he really steps up and becomes of a well rounded character I love how he pretty much spends the whole book, just looking back on his life, seeing his successes, and his failures Remembering the people he s loved and lost Thinking of all the things he s done, and all the things he wished he could have All of it leading up to him almost sacrificing his life to keep the Imperial Order from using the things of magic that they took from the Wizard s Keep against Richard Frankly, I kind of wish that he actually had died in this book It would have made far sense, narratively His storyline in this book would have been the perfect, heartfelt sendoff that his character deserved Rather than the senseless, ignoble death he received in Severed Souls It would have shown the due respect that the character and the fans deserved.One thing that I do have to question is, um why is Jensen still hanging around Her story is over She and Tom should have wandered off to live happily ever after Now she s just taking up space, because she s a pointless addition to the cast She has nothing of value to add to any of the conversations, and basically remains silent most of the time, because she really doesn t have much business still being a part of the story She doesn t belong in this book She already had her story, and that story is over with You could argue that her story was pointless and didn t need to be told to begin with, but that s another argument This is something that has always annoyed me about this book Why is Jensen still here She does nothing of value She says little of value She s just there because reasons She s basically just baggage from the previous story, being carried around by the characters in this story, because Goodkind didn t think to leave her behind when he should have.41% doneYou know what I hate Straw man arguments You want to show me that your ideals are better than someone else s THEN PUT THEM ON AN EQUAL FOOTING, DOUCHEBAG Show how GOOD the other ideal can be How happy it can make people How peaceful life can be while following it Don t come out of the gate belittling it and telling me how stupid it is and how stupid anyone that believes that way is for believing it That is not the way to show me that your way is the better way Winning a straw man argument doesn t show me that your way is better It shows me that you don t even understand what you are fighting against, and refuse to even try to Any victory of your ideals over straw man ideals is empty and hollow, because it isn t a victory at all I can remember going to a lecture on writing by Brandon Sanderson, and he gave some very good advice on showing your own ideals triumphing over others He said start with the other side of the argument, and make that side as strong as you possibly can Only then are you ready to write your side of things And if you made the other side too strong, and can t figure out how to make your side of the argument win, maybe you re on the wrong side of the argument to begin with When the ideals of the protagonist are so much stronger than those of anyone else, there really isn t even a point of having them clash at all Why even bother It just wastes everyone s time.I really hate how Richard acts in this book He has no tolerance or patience for anyone with beliefs different from his The moral of this story has always seemed to me to be Anyone who believes differently than you is an idiot, and should be mercilessly persecuted until they set aside their beliefs and join with yours Richard is openly contemptuous toward Owen and his beliefs He makes jokes at the man s expense He s extremely sarcastic He belittles the man, and treats him like a stupid child And for what Because the man has different beliefs Our hero, Ladies and Gentlemen Richard is as much a bigot and tyrant as Jagang in this book He refuses to have any beliefs other than his, and he forces others to follow his beliefs Guess what you re fighting against the Imperial Order for there, pal If you re fighting for freedom, why are Owen and his people not free to believe what they wish That doesn t sound like freedom to me That sounds like trading one form of enslavement for another And Terry Goodkind can fuck off if he thinks I didn t see it that way He rails against the evils of socialism, and yet, is not forcing all people to follow your own beliefs regardless of their wishes the very heart of socialism HOLY FUCKING HYPOCRISY BATMAN And people ask me why I have no respect for Terry Goodkind as a human being It should be pretty fucking obvious why I have no respect for Terry Goodkind as a human being Read this book and you will see.And you know that repetition You know, the stuff that made the previous book SO FUCKING UNBEARABLE Yeah, it s back with a vengeance Here s a little tip for anyone looking to be a better writer The reader only needs an explanation once When one character explains something to another, you do not need to have that character, in turn, explain it to a third in exact detail The reader already knows You are free to gloss over the explanation, and the book will be all the better for it I.e Joe related to Terry what Bob had said to him earlier That s all it takes It s easier to write, it s easier to read, and it uses far fewer words, leaving you free to embellish another part of the book, and still keep to your target word count Repeating the same explanation within the same chapter is going to annoy and bore your readers, and it s going to also make them feel insulted by you, because you clearly don t have faith in their ability to understand the explanation the first time around.The part of this book where Richard questions Owen is just excruciating to read For the aforementioned way that Richard acts, and for the insane amount of repetition And I do mean insane Anyone that repeats themselves this much cannot be a sane, well balanced individual.Another thing that I actually do like about this book, is Nathan throwing Anne into prison That fucking woman deserves it and She kept him a prisoner for a thousand freaking years, and she expected to walk up and imprison him again Yeah, she can go to hell, and Nathan should have left her there to rot for the rest of her life imo I love how he does it to prove a point, even if he doesn t let the punishment stick It s very effective.Gawd this book makes me angry Not because I disagree with Goodkind s message, per say, but because of the utter ineptitude with which he presents it At the core, I think he has a justified point People should not expect others to do all of their fighting for them If you re not willing to stand up for yourself, why should you expect someone else to However, I can also make the allowance that there are those who may not be able to, or those who would rather die than harm another human being There are many different people, and many different ways of seeing the world It s just the way he presents this argument is extremely offensive He has no empathy for anyone who has even the slightest degree of different belief than he does He openly mocks those that do not believe as he does He basically tells anyone who does not share his exact beliefs that they are evil, and should die for it This is a very dangerous line of reasoning to follow with your beliefs, because you know what You re not going to be right all of the time Your world view is not the only world view that works, and insulting those who don t see it your way is a good way to lose, oh, say, about 75% of your readership, going by sales for Naked Empire vs sales of Chainfire Just, the absolute idiocy and lack of understanding for anything even resembling reality that Goodkind displays in this book is what makes me angry I feel that trying to force the world into your vision of black and white is an idiot s errand The world is not, nor will it ever be, straight up black and white Refusing to even allow for differing opinions, and different belief structures than your own is just plain stupid Guess what pal, there are than two opposing belief sets in this world Hell, there are probably as many beliefs as there are people on this sorry planet of ours There may be black and white, but there s about seven billion other shades of color between them, and the sooner you grasp that concept, the easier a time you re going to have living in this world Just like Fuck you, Terry Goodkind Seriously Just, fuck you You cannot force the world into your view, and your fantasy fulfillment of having Richard do it for you is than a little pathetic, and telling about your character and intelligence.And again why is Jensen still here When a character adds NOTHING to the story in any way, which describes her to a T in this book, that character does not belong in that story Every character must have a purpose, whether it be a crucial thing that she will do in the story, giving the protagonist an idea he needs to win, comic relief, ANYTHING Jensen does none of these things She is just there taking up space She hasn t had a single relevant line in almost half of the damn book 55% doneOkay, here we start getting into why I dislike this book so much Richard will, at the drop of a freaking hat just go off for PAGES on a rant about Terry Goodkind s flawed version of morality Usually someone will say something completely unrelated to him, and he ll just go off on a tangent ranting about the evils of this, or the virtues of that, and then whoever spoke to him will be like, oh, yeah, that makes sense except for the fact that it had nothing to do with what they were asking in the first place, but whatever I call this Goodkind s flawed version of morality, because, as I said earlier, it only takes into account good and evil Black and white It completely ignores and has no room for any of the billions of other shades of color between I m afraid that morality, right and wrong, good and evil, ARE NOT THAT FUCKING SIMPLE And omg does he beat this dead horse I would say that at least 25% of the entire word count of this book is Richard ranting about one thing or another Okay, look, if you want to share your views on the world with your readers, that s fine Few, if any of them are going to thank you for it, and will certainly thank you not to do it again, but it s fine if that s what you want to do The problem here is that halfway through this book, Terry Goodkind forgets that he s also supposed to be telling a story The book becomes nothing than a vehicle for his beliefs, forgetting character, forgetting story, forgetting any sort of drama in the situation, so that Richard can rant for dozens of pages to little point or purpose within the narrative This is not okay It strikes me as very ironic that a book that, at it s heart, is about balance, HAS NONE There has to be a balance between all of the ranting, and, you know, ANY FUCKING THING ELSE 80% doneSomething that has always annoyed me about this series is that Goodkind often describes Richard as Patient, but intolerant Okay there s a pretty strong argument for the fact that you can t really BE patient while also not being tolerant, but I m not here to debate philosophy Richard certainly is intolerant of any views but his own He openly shows this at pretty much every opportunity But then there s the other half of the statement Okay, first of all, if you have to tell me that your character is patient, you re doing it wrong A patient character, to me, is a character that, you know, SHOWS PATIENCE WITH OTHERS This is something that Richard has NEVER done in this entire series He has never once shown any patience with anyone ever He is a very impatient man And yet Goodkind continually tells me that he is patient No He isn t He really, really isn t He is openly contemptuous He is sarcastic He belittles others in their beliefs, and openly mocks them in ways that they don t understand, so that they don t even know that they re being mocked He does this while spouting sermon after sermon on the evils of their ways, and shows no patience whatsoever when they are slow to leave beliefs that they have held all their lives behind just because he told them that they are wrong This is not patience It is the exact opposite of patience He is both impatient and intolerant, and when you combine that with his absolute refusal to accept any other way than his black and white view of the world, he murders you See Anderith s fate What I m trying to say here is that Goodkind wouldn t know what actual patience was if it walked up to him and waited quietly to get his attention.So, okay, Goodkind wants Richard to preach, but he also needs to cram in those recaps of the series up to this point, because, you know, anyone reading book 8 of a series clearly never read the seven books that came before it, and they ll be completely lost without having the entire saga retold to them in rant form So, genius that he was, he combined the two into one Richard rants his ranting little ass off for literally like 30 pages, and spends a goodly portion of that retelling the entire series up to this point in the process Okay, doubly boring and objectionable from where I m standing First of all I read the seven previous books I don t need a detailed account of what happened in them Have Richard say something like, And then he explained how he and Kahlan met, and their fight to protect the New World from Jagang That s all you need I don t need 17 pages of recaps You just need one line to say that Richard told these people his story And just the sheer amount of stroking his own dick that Goodkind does in this rant has me feeling like I should be drenched in cum Which is not a very pleasant feeing And oh, boy, that s not even the worst part of this section Immediately And I do mean immediately People who were utter pacifists before listening to this speach, all start clamoring to be the first to step up and friggen shank a bitch When one of them actually does kill someone, all of the others congratulate him for having done it, as if they hadn t spent the entirety of their lives believing that what he just did is the greatest of all sins, and carries the greatest of all of their punishments This is not how humanity works People who are set in their beliefs do not simply give them up for yours because you tell them all about it I spent some time as a Mormon Missionary Yes, one of those annoying young men in suits who knock on your door and try to change your religion I can tell you from long experience that no one on God s green earth is simply going to switch their entire belief system for yours just because you tell them that they re wrong And, in fact, telling them that they re wrong only sets them further against the idea of converting What you really have to do to convert people to your way of thinking is SHOW THEM WHAT THEY RE DOING RIGHT FIRST, AND THEN BUILD UPON IT Use your common beliefs to bridge the gap between theirs and yours No one is going to be converted to your ways because you tell them their beliefs are stupid, and incorrect, and that they are evil for believing the way that they do That is not how people work But if you show them your common ground, and then lead them into what makes your way so much better than theirs, and allow them the decision as to which way they prefer to believe, then, every now and then, not always, or even very often, really, someone will come to see that your beliefs may be the better way Insulting and belittling people for beliefs that are different from those you wish to convert them to only sets them against you firmly I mean, does Goodkind even understand human at all Because he is failing at it pretty hard with this book.Also, the implication that pacifists are incapable of seeing evil is rather offensive and shows an extreme lack of intelligence and understanding by the author If you re going to write about something, do the time to research it Don t just use what you personally believe without even bothering to find out if what you think about it is actually true This is an amateur mistake If you just plain don t care if you re being true to life or not, well, maybe you shouldn t be writing books to begin with If you are unwilling to put in the bare minimum of effort to research the ideology of the opposition for your book, then you really need to find yourself another career This is lazy, offensive, and it makes the author look like a colossal moron, and something of a Nazi as well.There is too much bullshit in this book to be contained in Goodreads character limit Continued below in the first comment of the comments section

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    Wow Terry Goodkind, if he truly is the author, seems to have gone off the deep end here I had a strong love hate, emphasis on the hate side with this book I was driven on by the plot but really, really hated the philosophy that Goodkind espoused in this book.What a long way Richard has come from the lowly but noble woodsguide who seemed to cry at least every other chapter of Wizard s First Rule Goodkind has twisted his own characters almost out of recognition.In this book Richard almost loses his gift because he believes that to balance the violence of being a war wizard he has to be a vegetarian Of course he recognizes that his killing is justified therefore he denial of meat is a denial of that justice and the virtue of his gift.HOWEVER, when Richard stopped liking meat it wasn t a choice he justed hated the taste of meat and cheese It wasn t a choice that imparted a moral judgment or the use of his gift, it just was That is when Goodkind introduced the explanation of the need to balance the killing of the gift Goodkind also told us in the first book, when Richard was named Seeker and given the Sword of Truth, that Richard would suffer intense pain every time he killed someone with the sword regardless of the justice of the killing I am amazed that he hasn t tried to explain that away also What is going on with this author Was he caught up in the Pro war of the post 9 11 events

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    Ok, maybe this book could have been decent without the random multi page lengthed spiels about choosing your own life, and without the horrible plot devices which I guess have actually been around the entire series, but they were oh so noticeable this time , and without the random moral posturing Goodkind does, but then the book would probably only have 3 pages in it.It doesn t help that Richard, the man who is always right, the moral paragon of Goodkind, the hero of the people, decides that it is a good idea to massacre peaceful protesters Richard claims that since they are defending those who do evil, they themselves are evil Maybe I shouldn t put quotes around it, but it s pretty darn close Then, after these hippy people who have never committed violence ever in their life see that Richard is going to attack them, what do they do They attack Richard WOW WAY TO COMPLETELY GO BACK ON THEIR VALUES AT A TRULY VITAL TIME GOODKIND My goodness, this book is just awful So apparently Richard gets poisoned by a subset of these hippy people who would never bring harm to anybody, but still lethally poison Richard who want his help So Richard is forced to go to these people to save himself, since these people have the antidote to the poison When he meets this subset of people, he promptly defeats their horrific straw man logic with terrible logic of his own Like, Richard is supposed to represent logic and reason but his rantings are terrible Like Goodkind must have no philosophical education, because even I think his arguments are horrific So, in order to overcome this hero who should have a perfect argument but instead sucks worse than a five year old at arguing, Goodkind makes the people he s arguing against even inept at it Oh, of course, the horrifying plot device that the antidote is split into three different containers across three different cities isn t the worst plot device ever, as others in this book make it look good Of course, never mind the fact that this Owen fellow was supposed to poison Kahlan as well however, Kahlan avoids the poisoning so all logic would point towards Richard needing only half the antidote or else these hippy people were just planning on killing Kahlan all along, that s unimportant Sigh, I don t even know where to begin about Richard realizing the fact that killing peaceful protesters is moral, it s just astounding how Goodkind can actually act as though these are noble views.I should be done with this series, but I made a promise to myself that I would finish it Dear God, please give me the strength I ll need or the booze required

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