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txt Nevernight, text ebook Nevernight, adobe reader Nevernight, chapter 2 Nevernight, Nevernight 568c4d In A Land Where Three Suns Almost Never Set, A Fledgling Killer Joins A School Of Assassins, Seeking Vengeance Against The Powers Who Destroyed Her FamilyDaughter Of An Executed Traitor, Mia Corvere Is Barely Able To Escape Her Father S Failed Rebellion With Her Life Alone And Friendless, She Hides In A City Built From The Bones Of A Dead God, Hunted By The Senate And Her Father S Former Comrades But Her Gift For Speaking With The Shadows Leads Her To The Door Of A Retired Killer, And A Future She Never ImaginedNow, Mia Is Apprenticed To The Deadliest Flock Of Assassins In The Entire Republic The Red Church If She Bests Her Fellow Students In Contests Of Steel, Poison And The Subtle Arts, She Ll Be Inducted Among The Blades Of The Lady Of Blessed Murder, And One Step Closer To The Vengeance She Desires But A Killer Is Loose Within The Church S Halls, The Bloody Secrets Of Mia S Past Return To Haunt Her, And A Plot To Bring Down The Entire Congregation Is Unfolding In The Shadows She So LovesWill She Even Survive To Initiation, Let Alone Have Her Revenge

About the Author: Jay Kristoff

Jay Kristoff is the 1 international, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of THE NEVERNIGHT CHRONICLE, THE ILLUMINAE FILES and THE LOTUS WAR He is the winner of six Aurealis Awards, an ABIA, has over half a million books in print and is published in over thirty five countries, most of which he has never visited He is as surprised about all of this as you are He is 6 7 and has approx

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    The three suns hanging on a chain about his throat tried to gleam, but the clouds in the crying sky told them no If I were to write a review in the style of this book, it would begin something like this I turned these pieces of former tree, the midnight ink recounting a narrative tumefied by metaphoric wanderings It pained, O readers, it pained Persevere, I thought Quitting now would be a mark of failure, like a baby bird that flutters its wings for the very first time, stretching them out with the promise, the hope, of flight, only to return, defeated, to its nest.I didn t finish it Judge away, O readers, judge away, but I could not force myself through It was a nightmare I was so freaking bored And I had to go read the blurb to remind myself what the book was about Nevernight is so difficult to get through that I got to a point where I was just counting the pages until I could return to Tana French Ulysses is easier to read than this book.You know what it reminds me of Shatter Me A denser version I once said that Shatter Me was not a novel it was a collection of similes and metaphors that do not make sense That is a fantastic description for this book A collection of similes and metaphors that do not make sense Clearly this works for a lot of people, but it was not for me.The book is heavy Lots of descriptions, overuse of similes and metaphors did I mention that they don t make sense until I had no idea what was going on I read sentences and thought Huh It hurt trying to figure out what Kristoff was saying There were the ones that I understood but were so eyeroll worthy that I wished I didn t Mia sighed Took her temper by the earlobe and pulled it to heel And then there were all the ones that I really just didn t understand The girl felt the words in her chest In the deepest, darkest place, where the hope children breathe and adults mourn withered and fell away, floating like ashes on the wind If her face were a puzzle, most would put it back in the box, unfinished Something had followed her from that place The place above the music where her father died Something hungry A blind, grub consciousness, dreaming of shoulders crowned with translucent wings And she, who would gift them. No, seriously, what the fuck is happening And everything is so overwritten and melodramatic To borrow the quote Anna used She introduced her boot to his partner s groin, kicking him hard enough to cripple his unborn children Just say you kicked him in the balls This does not better writing make.I can t do it I m going to go bury myself in a place where love blossoms and life finds itself carried away on the wings of wonder Read a better book, that is.Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Store

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    NEVERNIGHT is a story about the daughter of a failed revolutionary, seeking revenge against her father s killers It s set in a place kinda like Hogwarts If Hogwarts was built in a place similar to certain gorgeous medieval city And was a school where, instead of learning magic and the true value of friendship, you learn to murder the shit out of people While there, our heroine must become a badass with the blade A master of poisons And an expert in the erm, subtle arts Plus there s some political intrigue and cats made of shadows and an ancient war between the God of Light and Goddess of Night But it s really hard to find GIFs for those There s an excerpt of the first chapter over at USA Today.But yes Assassins Murder Treachery Smutty bits WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT OF ME DAMN YOU

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    Allow me to pay homage to the writing style of this book.Finished the book I sigh Twisted my head Arched my back like a mewling kitten towards its mother, hungry, afraid, an innocent newcomer in this cruel, cold world My head ached An unbelievable pain like a knife to the head, hilt broken like a katana sword struck by a bullet, in a fight between a samurai and a cowboy I sat up The chair let out a squeak, the noise of an newborn mouse How can I describe the pain The suffering The eternal twilight of the endless night The soul sucking misery The mind numbing boredom worse than any kind of liquid nitrogen reaching 0 Kelvin O hapless imagery O destruction of the English language How I beseech thee, book, to stop thus Ok, I m done I hurt myself writing that.Do you like descriptions No, I mean, do you really like descriptions Do you like overwrought metaphors and a criminal use of adjectives If you do, then dang diddly if this book isn t written just for you I read my fair share of bodice rippers Books in which a love scene is dragged out in excrutiating minutiae and flowery language so flowery you could choke on the scent see what I did there Har har har I have rarely read a love scene so overblown and contrived as the honestly, I don t know what to call it thing at the beginning of this book And that s just the beginning To sum it up the writing is atrocious to me, who knows, you might like it , the plot is convoluted and barely detectable between the clusterfuckery of purple prose.Reader, I abandoned this book.

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    Let me start by saying HOLY SHIT.Look, I doubted you my people I sometimes don t believe everyone when they rave about a book because too often I find they re overhyped Well you were right, I should have believed you So now that this is out of the way This Was Epic.Loved the world, loved the magic system, loved the characters, loved the story, loved the humor I JUST LOVED IT ALL.The first chapter is straight up painful The writing style won t be for everyone I had no issues with it The footnotes need some getting used to but it just made me dive deeper into the world and wouldn t want them to not be there now.There are two cringy sex scenes but I hate them in general so it s fine The romance didn t take over the whole story I will be reading book 2 asap and will be slowly dying as I wait for book 3 I don t just recommend it, I m actually asking you to read it I don t give 5 stars often so that says it all

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    Just dropping down to say This book is like, Hogwarts for murderers au where they teach sex ed, and teachers are allowed to poison their students or casually hack off their arms Jay Kristoff kills off his characters like it s performance art probably also smiles and laughs and has a cup of fragrant tea with Satan afterwards Your soul will probably need a purifying face mask after this.

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    F ck Me.

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    This is a new favourite EDIT Upon a re read, definitely a favourite O, Pale Daughter, you have my heart EDIT 2 Still 5 stars after my third read LOVE.

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    Re read I love you Mia Tric She was atop him, knees pinning him down His hand on her wrist and her stiletto at his throat An age passed, somewhere between struggling and hissing and biting and begging, and finally the blade sank home, sharp and so astonishingly hard, sinking through is neck and scraping his spine He drew sucking breath, perhaps to speak but what could he say and she could see it in his eyes pain, pain, O, Daughters, it hurt It was inside him she was inside him stabbing hard as he tried to cry out, her hand over his mouth to muffle the flood That being said there will be NO SPOILERS This book is so freaking awesome As wicked as it was, I cried Yeah, that s what I do Mia Corvere aka Pale Daughter Kingmaker Crow, is nothing but one bad ssed girl Who really knows if she would have ever became that way if she didn t watch her father being executed and her mother and little brother dragged away to the prisons She was only a child of 10, but she found mercy in a man named Mercurio He took her in and trained her and told her to go to the Red Church by a certain time so she could train as an assassin that is, if she lived through the trials You see Mia wanted to take revenge on ALL who where there to break her family apart, to take them from her And she will seek her revenge Along the way she meets a boy named Tric and I fell right in love with him Mia and Tric were allies and a little bit of a love interest But this book is not about love, this book is about killing for love Killing for revenge, killing to do what s right and some killing in between Mia and Tric do make it to the Red Church and they have to go through many trials Many that kill some of them This is no sweet little school You could be killed at any time by other kids but mostly by your teachers so you have to be on your toes and never let your guard down Even then there are things that are messed up Mia is a and she can bring shadows to herself and sort of hide herself She has a shadow kitty she names Mister Kindly she also picks up another shadow creature at some point but I won t discuss all of that with you I have to say one of the memorable characters in the book for me is a horse Mia named Bastard Kudos to Bastard for his short while in the book and keeping me entertained by giving Mia hell No, he didn t die At one point Mia has to go up for a trial and she doesn t do what everyone expects so she is going to go on a little hiatus But. all hell breaks loose and Mia shows what she has in her to be one of the toughest assassins in her world It made my heart soar and proud of who she has become Not all assassins are evil you know Well. I recommend this book to anyone that loves this kind of genre and you better believe it s going to be on my shelf when it comes out I can t wait to read all of the trilogy Although, I m afraid to in some ways This book is NOT a fairy tale It is filled with bloody violence, torture, etc and so on Just so you know D I would like to thank Netgalley and St Martin s Press for a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review MY BLOG Melissa Martin s Reading List

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    I can t finish this.Just thinking about it makes my head ache.The writing is so thick Like every message, action, description that is meant to reach the reader through it is compressed to the point where trying to dismantle it takes too much energy.If that s not a reason to prematurely close a book, I don t know what is.The truth is, I think I would have liked this, had it not been written in such a painful way and had it not possessed flashbacks meant, it seemed, to confuse us than anything else.I really didn t have a formidable reading experience with Nevernight This was my first Jay Kristoff book, one I was looking extremely forward to, but boy do I want to stay away from this author in the future My poor head.The story looked badass, actually badass, with assassins and revenge plots and kills and vendetta and darkness and fantasy I couldn t wait to dive into it.But the reality is different First, it s perplexing than original and the so called world building that we re introduced to is overshadowed by the horrendous writing style full of figures of style I wanted to smother than decorticate and the heroine.The heroine whom, may I add, is a demon I think She s awful Any semblance of emotion that she may have been able to make her body feel in the past is gone, and now, only darkness slithers under her skin.That should have made me love her It should have Alas, I felt no connection to her whatsoever and couldn t even cheer her on her killings which I m usually glad to do, for antiheroes.Sometimes I feel a little sad about not finishing a book, but in this case God no Stay away from me, Nevernight I mean it.Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin

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    The last thing you will ever be in this world, girl, is someone s hero But you will be a girl heroes fear I feel like this book is extremely polarizing but if you love it, you will love it completely and whole heartedly If you love it, you won t be able to put it down If you love it, you will probably consider it one of the best book you ll read all year And I loved it I loved it so much Even though, when I look through my friends reviews, I feel like I m in the minority But for me, Nevernight is worth all of the hype I will say that I personally feel like this is an adult fantasy novel, not a YA fantasy novel, despite the characters age There is sex, a lot of sex, and violence, a whole lot of violence, and gore, don t forget all of the gore So please go into this book knowing this, and knowing that this is a very mature book in general.Also, before I get into my review, I want to address the problematic, hurtful, and harmful representation of the M ori people the indigenous Polynesian people of New Zealand that Jay Kristoff was inspired to base the Dweymeri race in this book from Jay has stated, the tatts aren t based off M ori designs but it still feels a little bad while you re reading this story, even if the Dweymeri are not direct representatives of the M ori I just think it s important to bring this discussion up and I want everyone to know about this controversy surrounding the portrayal of this culture I, also, do not want anyone to think that I m making excuses for it, because I am definitely not even though I did love this book Cultural appropriation and reinforcing stereotypes will never be okay and I truly wish this element was not a part of this book, but it is, and I m not going to not bring it to your attention whether you believe it is or not Nevernight is a story about a sixteen year old girl named Mia Corvere, who is on a mission for vengeance and to right the wrong that has been done to her family in the only way she knows how killing everyone Mia find her way into the Red Church, who worship the Goddess of murder, where she is training to become one of the deadliest assassins of all time Also, Mia has an affinity for the shadows, which not only grants her the only companion she has ever known, but also sends her on a quest to discover about her powers and who she really is The brighter the light, the deeper the shadows This story reads like a dark version of Harry Potter, to me From the boarding school aspect, to the magic, to how they travel through the world, to the professors and their different classes, so much of this book reminds me of the wizarding world.And even though this is a series, there is no real cliffhanger even though you will be left wanting , this is a full standing book that has an amazing story and that you could just read on its own I m not sure the last time I read a book in a fantasy series that did that This book is so sex positive, and the opening chapter of this book was so beautifully done It is one of my favorite first chapters of all time, and I think Jay Kristoff is nothing short of a genius to have been able to write a juxtaposition that well I mean, Jay s writing is lyrical and beautiful, too, but it s so damn smart that I can t help but be in awe of this story he has crafted And Mia s bisexuality is so beautifully on display Like, all I want in my reading life is girl assassins loving each other and saving the world, and this book doesn t disappoint, even though the main love story is hetero We need stories with queer main protagonists that are normalized and just having their adventures and story told without a coming out story or an explanation on why they feel the way they do Again, Jay Kristoff gets all the kudos and credit I always pride myself in being able to see the twists coming, and I was completely blindsided by the end reveal of Nevernight Also, for those of you who have finished, I will go down with that hate to love ship I WILL GO DOWN WITH THAT SHIP And finally, if you find yourself loving this series and wanting , I can t recommend Mark Lawrence s Red Sister enough It s a very reminiscent story, with perhaps violence, but with definitely less sex, and both star queer assassin nun like characters who study at a church Nevernight was everything that I never knew I wanted, and it is totally just as amazing as some of the most popular and highly acclaimed adult fantasy series out there This novel meant so very much to me, and I cannot wait to start Godsgrave as soon as humanly possible Happy reading, everyone The books we love, they love us back And just as we mark our places in the pages, those pages leave their marks on us I can see it in you, sure as I see it in me You re a daughter of words A girl with a story to tell Blog Twitter Tumblr Instagram Youtube Twitch Buddy read with Katherine, Jules, Paloma

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