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    I think I now understand better why so many L.J Smith s fans crave the last, 10th, installment of the Night World series Strange Fate to be finally published Throughout this series of paranormal romances Smith has created a fascinating supernatural world and gradually built up to a great end of the world showdown destined to happen in the final chapter of the story.This collection of 3 romances is of the same quality as two previous Night World tomes What you have here are these scenarios i didn t realize i was in love with my long time guy friend Huntress my soulmate is a vampire dark prince but my love will cure his badness Black Dawn omg my soulmate has to marry someone else for political reasons Witchlight Yes, I know how it sounds, but believe it or not, these books are solid stories with strong heroines whose priorities are straight, who are not TSTL and whose lives do not revolve around their boys The books remain simple and innocent no action beyond first base here , maybe a little juvenile But at the same time the plots are great and the mythology is imaginative Night World books are basically better than 95% of paranormal YA fiction I ve read these past few years.I am now going to wait for Strange Fate too, but seeing that L.J Smith produced new Vampire Diaries of atrocious quality, maybe I shouldn t Update I just tried reading Night World short stories posted on the author s website If the writing style of these stories is indicative of how Strange Fate will be written, I don t ever want to see this book published These stories are embarrassingly bad.

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    Huntress This was my favourite in this book It was so awesome, and I loved the relation ship between Jez and Morgeard Jez was a really cool character and made me laugh and Morgeard was funny DON T YOU DARE DIE ON ME, JEZEBEL DON T YOU DARE Or I swear I ll follow you to the next world and KILL you My favourite line I liked Hugh I loved the fact he was an Old Soul It s really interesting I liked everything about this story, and I didn t want it to end.Black Dawn Another very good story I liked Delos, but I was constantly thinking You know you love her, so stop denying it It got me so frustrated I think Maggie s personality was a bit fake though she didn t even seem scared at all when she found out vampires existed or witches existed hell, she didn t even react when she found out Night World existed She was so infuriating But other than that, I liked the story I found it very interesting and enjoyable.Witchlight I liked this story, though I found the end very confusing I was like So he s the dragon no, wait, she s the dragon Oh. well who s the dragon then So yeah But in the end, it finally tells you who Keller has an awesome personality, and her story about her mother and the note was so damn depressing that I wanted to cry And Galen was cool, too He was protective of her, and I felt sorry for him having to marry the with child But luckily, it all worked out in the end The story was so cute Overall, I really liked this book I think this book is probably my favourite collection in the series D I can t wait for the next book

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    So far, Night World is my favorite L.J Smith series, because it is the most cracktastic It is full of the kinds of stuff your sixteen year old id comes up with and incorporates into your private vast crossover ridden original fiction playground Everybody mashes up all their favorite characters and tropes into a personal fantasy playground when they re sixteen, right Right Guys It has a secret history of the world, in which there is a Night World of witches, vampires, and shapeshifters, who are now trying to bring on the apocalypse, opposed only by an idealistic group of humans, witches, vampires, and shapeshifters with a nifty cool name Circle Daybreak , and also there are soulmate bonds, reincarnation, and, lately, dragons Sadly I am not as keen on soulmate bonds now as I was when I was sixteen, but L.J Smith still is Also, she is far too fond of vampires boring and not fond enough of dragons BEST THING EVER , but no one is perfect.Full review.

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    Three amazing adventure packed books all in one that kept me craving and i love this author i read the Secret Circle Series by L.J Smith as well and adored them I read No.3 first because that s the one my aunt bought, but i liked it so much i went back to Wal Mart and bought the first book and will be looking for the second, most likely Huntress is about a young lady named Jezabel Redfern, one of the best and most honoured huntresses in the Night World She suffers internal conflicts constantly but doesn t allow it to come through in her line of duty When she discovers a terrible secret about her heritage she forces herself out of the Night World to live in the Day World, refusing to think of herself anything than a freak Hunting Wild Powers and struggling with everything else around her, keeping her new family safe, Jez discovers many things The reader is brought into her world to feel every single ounce of emotion and pain and suffering as she does Black Dawn is about a young girl, Maggie, who s brother, Miles, is supposedly dead, according to his girlfriend, Slyvia Maggie knows somethin isn t right about her story and follows her through the rain, as a spy However, when Maggie arrives at Slyvia s appartment, she gets quite a surprise She s entering the Night World without any knowledge of what lies ahead Through her journey she discovers she is accompanying one of the most important people in that world The battle she recklessly fights and everything else she endures is what helps her make it through this mysterious and creepy gruesome dark place However, is she strong enough to do what it takes to save the aspect that will determine the end of the world Witchlight is about a shapeshifter s forbidden love story Keller is a fierce panther in her shifter form She shows no emotion that could cause any sign of endangerment to those around her When Circle Daybreak orders the best of the best, Keller and her crew of a witch and a vampire, and later another surprising accompanist, she takes on the full body guard act However, when Keller discovers that she is the soulmate of the Witch Child s soon to be fiance , she tries to deny it but the bond is too great How will she be able to push aside such a strong, undeniable gift from the Old Powers in order to stop the end of the world Night World No.3 will take you on numerous gore filled adventures and take you through a few lusty times, and every minute is action packed and good to go

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    The new millennium is quickly approaching, and the Night World is readying itself for a humongous change Four Wild Powers with unsurpassed powers are destined to save the world from darkness, but without them, the human race could become extinct something many vampires would love to see In Huntress, Jez is horrified to discover that she is half human, half vampire, and despises herself for her actions while she was a vampire She leaves her gang and becomes a vampire hunter But she must face her old gang again when it is believed that their new leader and her oldest enemy has discovered a Wild Power She must find the Wild Power and bring her to Circle Daybreak In Black Dawn, Maggie finds herself in an ancient Night World kingdom, hidden from humans, on her quest to find her brother There, she discovers shifting politics, archaic and barbaric traditions, and a vampire prince who despite his deep sown aversion towards humans, can t help but be drawn to Maggie And the third Wild Power is discovered in Witchlight, and it is up to Keller and her team to protect her But it s easier said than done for Keller, a shapeshifter, when her Wild Power refuses to believe her destiny and when Keller begins to fall for her Wild Power s soul mate The third collection of the Night World novels adopts a new sense of urgency and suspense as L.J Smith draws closer to the series finale and the Night World is plunged into turmoil Lines are drawn and loyalties declared, and readers will eagerly devour the books as each of the characters struggle to find their way amidst plenty of political intrigue, danger, and even romance Each story is intense, action packed, and highly unique, complete with its own set of characters and problems, but all focused on the same goal finding the Wild Powers to prevent the end of the world, and unite every living being Smith s writing is detailed and entertaining, and she has the talent of being witty and clever in one moment, and grave and heartbreaking in the next with a single hitch There s something for everyone in this captivating, romantic book, and the ending of Witchlight will leave readers desperate for the next book in this riveting series, Strange Fate.

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    Read bookish goodness on my book blog Cal s YA Reads1.5 5 stars Summary wow this sucksthey all suckI read this bc it s one of the last things on my shelf that I haven t read and I ve read the other 2 packages This is the worst in the trilogy Book 1 1 star Book 2 2 stars Book 3 2.5 stars If anybody wants my copy, I ll gleefully give it away Waste of time Same plot different names Predictable, unnecessary Such a shame.Me

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    This book is Good Huntress The story was great From the first line till the end of the Story Kept me well entertained D The Characters were great too Jezebel was a confident strong and an amazing character I loved it how she will die for her friends and family Morgead Mysterious, hot funny and a strong characterI am practically in love with him DON T YOU DARE DIE ON ME, JEZEBEL DON T YOU DARE Or I swear I ll follow you to the next world and KILL you My avourite line D I liked Hugh and Claire too The gang was good too now come the plot and theme The Plot was good with twists and turnssometimes I was shocked On that point when she was the one all the time having Wild Powers and the writing style was good in this book I will give this Story 4.5 5 stars DBlack Dawn The Story was good It was ok Not very entertainingThe Character were ok tooFirst of all can someone tell me Maggie s age L.J Smith only told her brother s age And then she was looking like a 4 year old girl but Delos was good Even though I hated it when he kept saying stay away from me The rest of the characters were good actually I liked Jeanne, Aradia, Sylvia and her brother Miles D The ending was good I liked it when Maggie came to know Aradia is a witch and then Miles is a falcon But I was feeling strange NowIf you are changed into a Falcon for 6 to 10 days and then when your sister rescues youwill you do only a Thumbs up S I mean He should have been like Thank you for saving me or like I was scared or something else It was ok I will give 3.5 5 star Witchlight This story was better I enjoyed it The characters were great Keller was smart cool and brave Galen was pure handsome and nice to everyone But I like bad charactersso I didn t enjoyed him that much Other Characters were good.Iliana, Nissa etc D The ending was ok I liked the parts when Jamie was the dragon and Iliana was having the wild Power even though I thought In the end Keller would have.I will give 4 5 stars Overall the book was good I really Liked Huntress out of all the stories But at some points I was really irritated by the other stories and scenes.I liked Night world 2 which was thousand times better than this book I just want to read the conclusion Strange Fate and be like Yay The series are over lol P D I will overall rate this book 4 5 stars

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    These series of books have 3 stories in each book In this book the end of the millenium THE APOCALYPSE is coming Circle Daybreak have to find 4 wild powers to protect the humans butthe nightworld is now split in half, the vampires and witch are against each other and the werewolves and shapeshifters are in the middle somewhere According to these prophecies Four to stand between the light and shadow Four of the blue fire,power in their blood Born in the year of the blind maiden s vision Aradia Four less one and darkness triumphs One from the land of kings long forgotten Delos One from the hearth which still holds the sparks Iliana One from the Day World where two eyes are watching Jez One from the twilight to be one with the dark Circle Daybreak is controlled THIERRY and HANNAH In the first book JEZ a vampire gang leader finds out she is a half vampire then she leaves the gang and kills her kinds.But when an Old Soul,Hugh asks her to go on the mission to find a wild power in san franisco she reunites with her old gang to help find the wild power Then they find the wrong person twice,another old soul and Claire,a cousin from her mothers side.She find out that she and Morgead,the leader of the gang now is her SOULMATE.While Hugh investigates the prophecy she finds out she herself is the WILD POWER by Lily Redfern trying to kill Morgead with wood.She is now protected by Circle Daybreak comes out of mind In the second book Maggie is getting trade to be a slave against her will after asking a witch,Sylvia for the disapperance of her brother Miles and on the way to the kingdom they all plan to escape and without knowing she even helps the MAIDEN of all witchs,ARADIA she is rescued by the heartless prince,DELOS also WILD POWER who is about to agree to HUNTER REDFERN to help him at the end of the apoacalypse.But Maggie sneaks t him and tells him what Sylvia and HUNTER REDFERN is planning.DELOS finds out that Maggie is his SOULMATE,then he kills HUNTER REDFERN with his BLUE FIRE comes out of hand they are also protected by Circle Daybreak In the third book Keller a shapeshifting panther trys to explain to a very stubborn lost witch that she is the WILD POWER and WITCH CHILD,that will marry from the first house of shapeshifters in order to get the shapeshifters to join the side of the witchs.But a guy named Galen is the shapeshifter Prince and is also Keller s SOULMATE.There is a persian dragon, spiritual and has been asleep for 3000 years is awaken and is on the vampires side named Azhdeha.GRANDMA HARMAN,the oldest crone witch alive is killed.In the end Keller and Iliana become blood sisters, Galen and Keller gets married.

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    It s been a while since I ve read the other two collection books from this series But it really doesn t matter as while they all play their part in making the next story, it s not relevant that I don t really remember what happened in the ast 6 books, that deters me from getting involved with this set.From the moment I picked this book up and finally decide to read it, I was hooked and didn t want to put it down Starting from 7 with The Huntress it could ve even been its own series entirely A great urban fantasy right there Then with Black Dawn, it just took it a little further bringing of this world into the mixed, especially with its different setting Finally, with A Circle Daybreak, it sort of mixes things up, making you think about things a little differently, especially with new characters coming into the mix, and things like ancient beings such as dragons Circle Daybreak, I didn t exactly know who the wild power was from the get go like I did with the others, and it intrigued me even But once the wild power finally was revealed it was probably one of the best ways it could be done Pros of this book and the Author L.J Smith has always had some of the best writing that I have read She definitely knows how to get an audience intrigued, no matter how old the books get Also with using Millenial, instead of using a date most will know when this takes place from when the books were originally written, but for present and future readers, it doesn t make you think of the year in specific Her worlds are so detailed, and the character build up is pretty immaculate When I first tried reading the Vampire Diaries, I couldn t seem to get into it, because I had already started watching the show and the characters were completely different in the show then they were in the book However, after reading these I might give it another go at some point in time.Con s of this book and the Author Well, the only cons I have is that it would be great to have the last book in this series I understand it had to be put on the back burner because of her hits like Vampire Diaries and Secret Circle But it is due time for the ending of this series My one complaint is that Ms Smith can t come up with a factual and legitimate timeline of the release If there is actually going to be one of this book Or at least let the fan base and readers know, Hey I m sorry I will not be finishing this series, I apologize for keeping you hanging But in all honesty that s exactly what s going on, you read this, you get involved in it, and then boom dropped like a bad habit It s in poor taste in my opinion So maybe hopefully one day we will actually see Strange Fate on , BN and the like.

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    I ve said it twice, but I ll say it all once , as much as I didn t want to admit it, I saw these books, knew they were about vampires, and couldn t even try to say no When I found the Night World Volumes 1, 2 and 3 I became openly skeptical, a little unexcited due to the surplus of unintelligent Young Adult Vampire novels as of oh so very recently, thanks Twilight but still couldn t ignore the fact that I was without a doubt going to read them I only wish that I knew how quickly and ferociously I would DEVOUR them all chapter by chapter like a raging beast of sorts, from the Night World itself I literally could not put these down, I don t think I dared to take a break during each individual story This third volume of Night World is jam packed with cute adolescent love, adventure and possibly apocalyptic madness With every minute bringing them closer to the millennium , circle daybreak strives to find the wild powers foretold in ancient prophecies just for a chance keep the human race from extinction Volume 3 had me up in arms over Huntress , about Jez Redfern the only half human, half vampire in the entire night world Who after growing up as a ravenous and dangerous hunter of vermin humans discovers she is one of those things she so despises And the plot only thickens further when she finds her soulmate in Morgead who sure sounds dreamy , a vampire she grew up with who has no idea that she is now living as a human, and will surely kill her if he finds out Black Dawn tells us about human Maggie, who stumbles into a whole mess of trouble in the scary night world when her brother disappears Not to mention Witchlight starring the enigmatic Keller, a werepanther who s only job is to protect Iliana, a lost witch and wild power, but it becomes harder for Keller to want to save her when she finds her soulmate Galen, who just so happens to be betrothed to Iliana By the time I got this one finished I found a few things to dislike that I hadn t thought of before for example, the always happy ending that seems to come with the soulmate principle, the predictability and relatively vapid conversation but overall these books do just what they are intended to do make you laugh, give your mind a vacation and maybe a little adventure too No one can deny these are easy reads, but sometimes that s a good, enjoyable thing I may not have learned a new language or a new recipe for tofu but I did laugh nearly til tears if it was intended or not Sit down for a few hours, play some classical tunes and dive into a different world, the Night World is fun

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