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pdf Obernewtyn, ebook Obernewtyn, epub Obernewtyn, doc Obernewtyn, e-pub Obernewtyn, Obernewtyn 76a69809c8d In A World Struggling Back From The Brink Of Apocalypse, Life Is Harsh And For Elspeth Gordie, It Is Also Dangerous That S Because Elspeth Has A Secret She Is A Misfit, Born With Mysterious Mental Abilities That She Must Keep Hidden Under Threat Of Death And Her Worries Only Multiply When She Is Exiled To The Mountain Compound Known As Obernewtyn, Where For All Her Talents Elspeth May Finally And Truly Be Out Of Her Depth Then She Learns She S Not The Only One Concealing Secrets At Obernewtyn

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    Posted at Shelf InflictedDespite its flaws, I really enjoyed Obernewtyn Most of the characters were interesting enough but not all were developed that well The main character, Elspeth Gordie, seemed realistic enough an emotionally distant child suffering the pain of losing her parents, spending her childhood in a variety of orphanages and possessing powers she has to keep secret I also enjoyed her misfit friends, Matthew and Dameon, the enigmatic Rushton, and the mind speaking animals I wish some of the characters would have been developed , like the doomed Cameo and the other girl, Selmar The villains, Madame Vega, Alexi and Ariel were too one dimensional to be interesting Ariel was even funny at times, though I m certain Carmody didn t mean for his character to be humorous.I love post apocalyptic fiction, and Carmody did a great job creating a society controlled by a fearful religious faction I grew to care about the characters and the fate of the Misfits, but would have liked background information on the world outside Obernewtyn The magical abilities of the orphans were convincing and explained in great detail At times, however, I felt the author overused Elspeth s magical abilities to conveniently get her out of jams and found it a little contrived at times.While the story didn t seem overly original to me, the totalitarian society controlled by a religious faction fearful of the Misfits mental abilities was interesting, as well as the variety of things one can do with her mind.Obernewtyn was short, easy, and fun to read It invaded my nightly dreams and allowed me to have fun fantasizing about what life might be like possessing such mind powers Had this book been written when I was a child, I know it would have been very enjoyable The cover artwork by Donato is stunning, too.

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    I want to like this book I really do I was interested in the world Carmody was building, especially after the first few pages Then I kept on reading The book is short, primarily because there s so little of substance Normally, I love the first book in a fantasy series because there is so much world building Here, Carmody has it s setting, but she doesn t do anything to make that world feel alive The story takes place mostly in the countryside and the mountains There is little description of the scenery, of everyday life The story is written in first person, but I never get any real sense of who Elspeth is First person narratives give us an intimate look into the narrator s life and mind Done well, the narrator s voice can carry an entire novel or series Done wrong and the narrator comes of as a robot This particular novel falls into the narrator sounds like a robot category Then, there the biggest problem this book is 90% telling and 10% showing In fact, if it weren t for this problem, the previous two problems wouldn t be so prominent The narrator tells us he or she is searching for something, is feeling anxious, is crying because of so and so, is angry because of so and so, is friends with so and so A fine example is near the climax, when the narrator learns the truth about another character She attempts to cheer him up by basically telling him he will have his friends support And that s it From my summary, you expect a dialogue, lots of emotion, and feeling that the two have connected despite their differences What you actually get is the narrator telling us she told him to cheer up because he s still got his friends Then we get a one line response from the other character who basically say, in a round about way, Yeah, you re right Then the focus goes back to the climax In fact, there s a lot of phony dialogue where you can tell it s all to advance the plot because people just don t tell that way One of the heroine s friends joins her in Obernewtyn, and after some bland rebuttals, falls into three pages where she basically tells the heroine everything that has happened since the heroine left The heroine doesn t say a word throughout Or the part where the heroine hides and the villains come out and conveniently lay out all the clues and background info about their supper secret plot, each other, and the secrets of Obernewtyn In short, the entire novel reads like a book version of bad and generic rpg game where the writers have set up a world with potential and characters who have interesting backgrounds, only for the whole thing to fall flat because the writers can t be bothered to spend then a page on a scene and show instead of tell This book is short for a reason On the plus side, the cover is nice and I like the title.

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    This month, June, marks the start of the Obernewtyn Chronicles Reading Marathon Each month we are reading a book in the series, though predictably the release date for the final book, The Red Queen, has been pushed back to next year no surprises there I decided to go ahead with the read along anyway, because it has literally been YEARS since I last read them and there s so much going on that I had forgotten about, I ve been itching to start from the beginning again.Forgive my daggy 1993 second edition pictured here, it is the least attractive cover of them all I believe it has gone through about five covers by now, a new one each time a new book is released bear with me and I ll try and convince you how awesome this book, and the series, really is.Some time in our future, we nearly destroyed the world After the Great White, and the Chaos, only the farmlands were untouched by the poison that ruined so much else The farmers rallied against the influx of refugees fleeing the cities, banding together and forming a Council that meted out death to the incomers To further cement their growing hold on the land and its survivors, they gave power to a fledgling religion, the Herder Faction, which decreed that the creator, Lud, had sent the Great White as punishment for the wickedness of the Beforetimers, their machines and books and meddling Such things were outlawed People who spoke out against the Council or the Herders were labelled Seditioners and either sent to Council Farms or burnt.Such was the fate of Elspeth Gordie s parents Now she and her older brother, Jes, are Orphans, living in a home in Kinraide Their future is uncertain, they have no friends, and because of Elspeth s growing mutant mental powers, she has become estranged from her brother who seeks favour with the Herder Faction If anyone were to find out that she is a Misfit one of those deformed by the taint of the world she would be sentenced and possibly burned, and Jes hopes of being independent, a free man, would be ruined.On a routine trip to collect the highly toxic substance called Whitestick, a task given to Orphans because they are dispensable, Elspeth falls into a stream and strikes her head on a rock The headaches she experiences are less because of the fall and to do with a premonition coming upon her, but the excuse serves Only when a woman from the mountain keep of Obernewtyn arrives, looking for Misfits who the Master of Obernewtyn can practice his cures on, does Elspeth feel in danger Caught out by the woman, Madame Vega, she is denounced as a Misfit though she uses her power to make it known that tainted water from her fall is the cause of her Dreaming, not a genetic or hereditary mutation that would cause her brother to be suspected of it too.Sentenced to Obernewtyn, a place far away in the mountains rife with rumour and a gothic reputation, Elspeth feels for once strangely free To be finally caught and labelled Misfit, something she has always worked hard and struggled to avoid, is like sloughing off an old skin But the Orphan way to avoid being friendly with others and to always hold your own counsel is harder to do away with It takes weeks for two boys at Obernewtyn to befriend Elspeth, a loner and a secretive one at that Matthew and Dameon have their own Misfit abilities like Elspeth, Matthew is telepathic and can farseek mentally reach out over distance, though he is not as strong as she is Dameon, a blind boy and the son of a Councilman, is Empathetic, able to feel the emotions of others.Making friends for the first time in her life, Elspeth is far from relaxed at Obernewtyn the farm overseer, Rushton, seems to openly dislike Elspeth for no apparent reason Madame Vega has yet to return from her tour of the Lowlands, collecting Orphans, but in her absence a favoured twelve year old boy with an angelic face, Ariel, rules the roost with his haughty arrogance and sly cruelty A girl about Elspeth s age, Selmar, wanders the halls of Obernewtyn with a vacant look on her pale face touching her mind, Elspeth discovers she is mentally broken and half derranged Through her new friendship with Matthew and Dameon, they start to piece the puzzle together that the Master of Obernewtyn is collecting Misfits for some terrible purpose, that they are searching for something dangerous And it is not long before Elspeth realises that she is the one they are looking for, the one strong enough to unlock the secrets they are after Knowing that it could only be a matter of time before she too is taken away every night and turned into another brain dead Selmar, her thoughts turn to flight Only no one has ever escaped Obernewtyn and lived.I first read this book in primary school when I was in, what, grade 5 or 6 So, a couple of years after it came out in 1987 I think I used to scour the school library s shelves every week, looking for something new to read Most of the books were old paperbacks from the 70s and early 80s new books were less common, since funding was so pitiful But this book, with its unusual cover, jumped out at me And when I started reading it, I was instantly hooked It became one of my favourite books ever, alongside Thunderwith and a couple of others that held places close to my heart These were books that touched me personally, that felt like friends, that seemed to have been written for me alone Like I was waiting all my life for them That s what reading Obernewtyn the first time felt like, like being reunited with someone dear to you Like it was a key that made things click into place for you You never know what book will do that to you, and it doesn t mean that it will do that for anyone else, but when you come across such a book they leave a lasting impression.I ve since read this book about five or six times now, and it never grows old or stale It always has the same magic Now, my edition has some typos, some missing punctuation, and at one point an important piece of dialogue comes after Elspeth s thoughts on it page 186 , but I expect they ve been cleaned up in the later editions and I can never hold such things against a beloved book or such an awesome story.For this is just the beginning From here it gets ever so complex and stunningly original You never know where Carmody s imagination will take you, but it always comes together beautifully When this book first came out in 1987, you didn t really get Fantasy books about kids with mind powers, or even that much in the way of post apocalyptic fiction U.S publishers today would blindly label this dystopian but while there is a repressive regime, it s not really about that It s much fantasy than anything else For all the fantasy I ve read in my life, this series is still original.Part of it is Elspeth She is always a loner at heart, restless, not wanting to be cooped up or stationary She is always secretive by nature, holding her innermost thoughts and desires close In this book she learns, to her surprise, that it is rude to read the thoughts of other people, especially if they are Misfits like her Having always believed she is the only one to have such powers, and that she needed to do whatever it took to survive, she never had any qualms before My mind was reeling with the things he had said In one moment he had changed my life Not only were there others like me, but there were people who had different sorts of abilities Surely that would mean we were not isolated Misfits I realized I had been rude taking a thought from Matthew s mind It was different when they did not know I would have to be considerate I knew then that I had decided to trust the boy and his blind companion In one sense I had no choice, but my sudden desire not to invade the thoughts of another person was new, and told me that I had accepted something I had previously thought impossible I was no longer alone pp.100 101 She is about fourteen or fifteen in this book her older brother Jes, we know, is sixteen , but thinks like a much mature person Considering all she s been through in her life, and how suspicion and finger pointing leads all Orphans to keep their own counsel and grow up fast, it s not surprising For all that Elspeth changes and grows over the course of the novels and the years, these traits remain with her and mean that her relationship with Rushton is one you ll need a lot of patience to see through it moves slowly.Oh Rushton Another great character who never really has large roles in the books, but tends to steal your attention away whenever he s present I always had a thing for him, as a teenager, and that never really died Feeling the chemistry brewing between him and Elspeth over the years it certainly felt like years and years because each book took such a long time to come out , the slow burning anticipation of something was enough to keep you reading, let alone all the other qualities of the story.If you re a fan of Young Adult fantasy, post apocalyptic fiction, dystopian fiction, science fiction or any good genre fiction really, you absolutely have to try Obernewtyn The book does bear the subtle marks of a first novel, and one originally written when Carmody was 14 no matter how many times you re write and edit a first book, it tends to read less smoothly than later works This is the introduction book to the series, the setting the scene book if the concept and the characters do not draw you in as thoroughly as they do me, you should still read on every book is better than the one before it My favourite series from my favourite author, I am of course incredibly biased But for good reason Come discover the magic for yourself.If you have read or are reading Obernewtyn, feel free to stop by the read along post and join in the discussion.

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    DNF at page 66 It was just so boring and was putting me in the worst slump The only redeeming factor was the talking cat, but even that wasn t enough to get me to finish it

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    I tried really hard to get into this book, but I felt no connection with the main character The story might have been very good, but I kept getting distracted and bored because of the descriptions of scenery and setting Setting can be very important, but I just couldn t get into the book because it got in the way I d like to try it again sometime, since I ended up skimming the ending.

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    Arrrrrg This one thing was really getting on my nerves and I just couldn t enjoy the book the way I should have.When certain characters are speaking, their accents are demonstrated in the most frustrating way For example Dinna ye ev n think bout gon roun thar an all.Uh, What Exactly what I was thinking It s not so much the visual indicator of their speech pattern that bothered me as it definitely helped me to hear their accent, but it was the frequency with which it was used that was infuriating I kept looking down and seeing a hundred damn apostrophes in a paragraph Really I know it s a nit picky thing, but I think I m entitled to not getting an apostrophe headache every time I turn the page It was so bad in parts that I was tempted to not finish the book, but I really did want to know what happened next I settled for putting the book down for a while so I could reboot my brain.Then eventually I got sucked back into the storyline Dang you intriguing misfits and your mad skills Other than that gripe, I really liked it Great storyline which works well as a standalone, even though I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series.I don t know why, as they are completely different, but it sort of reminded me of the Dumbledore s Army part of Harry Potter Just reminiscent of it and not as good, though it did get exciting toward the end Overall, a great start to the series.

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    I m conflicted with rating this book On the one hand, I would give it two stars and nothing , but compared to the other two star rated books I ve read, Obernewtyn was somewhat better But it s not quite three stars, you see I gave three stars for Lips Touch by Laini Taylor, and I thought that was infinitely better than Obernewtyn.On the other hand, I wanted to like this I had high expectations for it which probably just added to my disappointment So I suppose for me, this book lies somewhere between two and three stars.There are several beefs I have with Obernewtyn The first being that new information is constantly dumped into the narrative whensoever it is conventient Oh, so you need people to think that your misfit abilities is a product of contamination and not something you suffered from birth But you can t tell them that yourself because they won t believe you here, have some coercive powers so you can coerce someone to rat out to people that you ve been afflicted by contaminated water during an unfortunate accident Oh, so you need some way of progressing the plot forward and discovering some imminent, threatening force in Obernewtyn here, have some outer fucking body astral projection abilities so you can uncover a terrible machine that s capable of capturing one s mind and controlling his body and at the same time, meet a mysterious ally Oh, so you need some way of seeking information from the past here Have some psychometry powers while you re at it Here Take it TAKE IT There were so many instances, and not all of them related to Elspeth s powers All of these information just jumped out at you, as if it had always been there, but was just never actually mentioned to us It made the book seem unplanned, as if Isobelle Carmody had just been writing and writing, never having a complete idea of what would happen and where her story would lead.My second problem came with the lack of action I would say almost 90 per cent of this novel was telling instead of showing Here is a not so brief demonstration of what I was reading most of the time It s very long, so I ve cut a few bits and pieces out, but rest assured this went on in a continuous flow One morning, there was a rumor at firstmeal that someone had broken into Madam Vega s chamber There was no way they could trace the matter to me, but it meant I must wait a time before going back for a map We were stealing and hiding food and supplies in a hole concealed beneath a loose board in one of the barns During this period, Louis told us that things were becoming unsettled in the highlands There were even rumors that the ghosts of the Oldtimers had been stirring restlessly on the Beforetime ruins at the edge of the Blacklands.A ghost of a different sort, Selmar now drifted about Obernewtyn like a gray wraith, unsmiling, silent, and pale Perhaps the strangest thing of all, though, was the relationship that arose between Rushton and myself I had found out from Louis that he was a paid overseer who had been given the job by Madam Vega when he came to the mountains after his mother died .Ariel was another matter entirely He had a queer mania that made him hurt people just to see them cringe as though he wanted proof of his superiority It had been even worse since he had brought Selmar back He seemed to have forgotten about Cameo, but one day, near the end of the harvest season, he came to Cameo and bade her go with him to the doctor s chamber.We watched her trail after him with dread.That night, she was in her bed, but not the next night or the one following Soon her nightmares recommenced I tried again to make her talk to me about what was happening to her, as did Matthew, who tortured himself with dreadful speculations He could not bear even to look at Selmar But Cameo refused to speak.One night, she woke me with her mental cries, but when I went to comfort her as I had done before, I was appalled to see that her eyes were again the fierce eyes of a stranger Everything was so passive, even the action scenes were boring and dull I suppose this comes from having such a dull heroine.This of course leads me to my third complaint the characters were 1 flat and one dimensional We read things from Elspeth s perspective, but I never really understood her as a character.Elspeth started out suspicious of everyone around her, making her seem like a paranoid character She didn t even want to be seen talking to people for God s sake like, I don t even know why talking would be forbidden even in a post apocalyptic world But once she arrives at Obernewtyn, it s like she changed to a completely different person She was chatty, she was sharing secrets, and it s all so puzzling, this sudden turn of events.If her inconsistency didn t bother me, her stupidity surely did When Madam Vega, the lady from Obernewtyn, came to inspect the orphan home for some prospective misfits to take back with her, what does Elspeth do Instead of laying low, instead of being you know, prudent for such the paranoid parrot that she is, she actually tries to penetrate into Madam Vega s mind to see what she s thinking This while they re both practically the only people in the room.Well of bloody course you re going to be discovered, you stupid, stupid girl.And even if her stupidity didn t get to me, her blatant disrespect for privacy certainly did The second she meets her new friends at Obernewtyn, she goes around prying into their minds, digging into their thoughts, like it s any of her bloody business.She does this every so often I want to backhand the bitch and teach her a lesson or two about manners and basic human decency I mean, she didn t even have any reason to pry into their thoughts It s not like they were evil masterminds and she needed to uncover their secrets to rescue the world Shit, she didn t even try to do any of that to the real evil masterminds.Asides from being little than human cardboard cut outs, the other characters were also 2 unbelievably stupid They re telling each other secrets, conspiring to escape Between Elspeth, Matthew, and Dameon, they knew each other s secret abilities which may prove fatal for one another if one was captured.And then Rosamunde, a friend of Elspeth from the orphan home, comes to Obernewtyn for some uncanny reason , and of course she knows everything there is to know about Elspeth even things about her older brother.What I m saying is, it s not really a brilliantly kept secret, is it And if Madam Vega and her cronies had an ounce of brain power, they would ve just shuffled through all the misfits at Obernewtyn and questioned them one by one They would certainly find the person they were looking for in a matter of days Stupid is as stupid does.I mean, why rely on informants when you can just as easily find things out for yourself They had no moral reservations against torture They also had no problem wiping peoples memories, if that were necessary So I mean this book, and its characters, made no sense.And what about the plot you ask me What about the actual story It was mediocre, in my opinion The world was there, but it didn t seem so engaging for me It s obvious the Great White was a product of human wars instead of some God s wrath It s not so obvious just how advanced they were before the apocalypse, though.The main tension of this book was uncovering the mysteries of Obernewtyn, and once discovered, it was very anti climactic indeed I mean, we found out who the antagonists were long before the end, but it took chapters upon chapters just planning for a never actually performed escape and looking for something very important indeed, which Elspeth managed to do in a full three seconds with her conveniently convenient psychometric abilities which I didn t even know she could do.So I guess, overall, I thought Obernewtyn was a very random novel The type of story I would narrate out to my younger brother just before bed time, pulling it right out my arse just as I went along, waiting for him to drift asleep.

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    This book has1 Awesome animal characters2 Intriguing mystery3 Thought provoking mesh between sci fi and fantasy4 A likable heroine5 Brilliantly written 6 A well thought out world7 No plot hinging whinny cry baby romanceWith all of those factors how could I not love this book It s exactly the kind of book that you want to curl up and read on a rainy day I feel warm inside just thinking about it Will definitely be reading the others is the series ASAP.

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    This was the author s first book, written in her twenties, and it has some flaws But the story and characters have had a powerful hold on my imagination since I first read it in my twenties, and I found it just as compelling and suspenseful this time around I m so excited that the rest of the series is going to be made available in America For years you could only get the first 3 books.

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    I have so much love for this book I first read this when I was a young teenager and having recently picked up some second hand copies of the first three novels from my favourite book man at my local market, I decided it was high time I gave them a re read to see if they stood the test of time I am pleased to report that I enjoyed this even than when I read it as a teenager As a teen, this was one of the first fantasy sci fi style novels I ever encountered, and I think that this has really shaped what I enjoy about novels in my adult years It certainly explains my preference for paranormal romances, at the very least.This novel is slow to trust and open up, much like the main character Elspeth Gordie She is suspicious of everything around her and doesn t trust easily, and much like her, this novel is slow to give much away But while it is a slow build, the build is a beautiful one The world building in this is fascinating and experiencing it with older, wiser eyes, I feel like I got out of the descriptions than I did when I first read it Even with the fantasy in this novel, it is easy to digest and I absolutely screamed through it Once I picked it up I often had trouble putting it down even though I knew what was coming next My only gripe with this book was the overuse of the word presently it seemed to be everywhere and once I noticed it, I couldn t help but see it in nearly every chapter This book was first published the year I was born and the series is not yet finished I only got as far as reading the first three books in my teens, but in the back of my mind I have always wanted to read the rest And with the final installment finally meant to be coming out this year, I hope to read the rest of this series before then, so I am up to speed for the closing chapter of this great story This is also the first book I have read in hard copy since I got my e reader, and I have to say, there is something so comforting about a physical book This book holds a very special place in my heart and I can t wait to read the rest.4 Stars.

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