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    I was given this book in exchange for an honest review.I liked this book a lot Can t wait to read it again and even can t wait to read from the author This book is full of loveable and endearing characters, a well developed storyline and a sense of being part of the story You are drawn in from the first to the last page.

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    A well written novel following the life of a young martial artist She is a very appealing character, though sometimes a bit too passive for a martial artist She has many problems, and this first book shows her dealing with some but making others worse by trying to avoid them.

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    I had won a copy of Persimmon The Sword of the World Trilogy 1 I apologize with my lateness on writing a review with college and my computer breaking and the fact this is my first review This book was not what I had really expected I have not read much dealing with the Asian culture I apologize if it sounds offensive and had looked forward to learning .This starts out with Ahn Kee Yon just moving to America, trying to fit in as an American Her family, especially her father, is trying to forget about their Korean culture and be American but Kee needs her Korean culture for her love of sword training And boys are not helping with her learning of the way of the sword, not to mention the political scandal that comes from them as well This seems to be a well written plot that has knowledge of this specific culture It seems fully aware of the going ons of Chinatown and the rest of New York I appreciated the detail that had gone into Chinatown because I have never been there And I appreciated the background on the politics too The characters are very intriguing, modern and realistic Kee is strong and sneaky like a teen She is trying to find her way in the world and is starting to take on American traits by being rebellious against her father But I wouldn t say she is strong yet Her character is still developing Appa nim seems like the ordinary stubborn father, but I still do not fully understand the way he is His spells show that something wrong or traumatic has happened to him but we do not learn what is going on Umma is a powerful, independent mom Just like Auntie, who I will say is my favorite character because she is like the comic relief And the rest of the characters are not quite rounded, but could defiantly become developed.Overall it is a pretty good book I don t quite understand why Kee is in a sports bra in the front and not her uniform There were also some slow moments that made it difficult to read And some of the transitions from past to present were a bit abrupt and shocking, like not in a good way And at times Kee came off as an idiot to me But otherwise, once the climax came with SPOILER ALERT Kee kissing and getting beat up by two different boys, I had no problems I believe there are people who will enjoy this book better who appreciate realistic fiction better than me.

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    Persimmon which I won from Goodreads Giveaways is the first book in the Sword of the World Trilogy It s a novel that weaves together dysfunctional family relationships, racial discrimination, and the power of artistic enlightenment into a fascinating and riveting story that captivates the reader from the first to the last page.The story opens as Kee Yong, a young woman who broke the male dominance of the martial art study of Saebyoke Kombo in Korea moves to New York City with her family After six months of being deprived of the art form she loves, Kee finds another teacher much to the chagrin of her father As she struggles to overcome her father s craziness and pursue her passion she finds herself embroiled not only in a conflict between two members of her dojang but one that spills over into the city s political arena.This well written plot is filled with all the colour , smells and sounds of Chinatown with its predominance of Asian ethnicities The writer brings reality to the story with his use of Hangugo, the Korean language, and the beauty and intricacy of the martial art technique Kee loves The characters are striking and bring complexity and richness to this enthralling story Kee Yong is a stubborn, determined and brave seventeen year old who struggles against her father s intolerance , interracial bias , and a hatred that threatens violence Her Appa nim father Ki Tech is hard headed, quick tempered and haunted by unseen demons he can t shake free of, while her Umma mother is understanding, loving and shrewd Ling is Kee s precocious, and good natured sister, Ricky Tibbs her overly affectionate and protective boyfriend, and Craig Donafrio, her violent, jealous and misguided nemesis Even the minor characters add a rich vibrancy to the story, like Broken Heel Mansin, the Korean exorcist and Super Redsy, the outspoken superintendent.Into a plot that radiates with violence , explosive conflict and abuse are stronger elements of deliverance, friendship, love and mercy Persimmon is a story of a girl s journey of self discovery, and of change I loved it and highly recommend it.

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    Persimmon stars Ahn Kee Yong, a teenage girl whose family recently moved from Korea to America and opens a grocery As with any family, they have their internal issues The primary issue of this story is that Kee s father does not want her to practice the Way of the Sword, a Korean martial arts form that is meant to lead to enlightenment Kee is the first female ever invited to practice Kee indicates that the entire reason for their immigration to America is because her father wants her to stop practicing, but the reason he wants her to stop is never explained Kee nevertheless finds a Su Nim in America who agrees to take her on as a student At first, she keeps it a secret from her father, but when he finds out, he kicks her out While she stays with her aunt, her aunt negotiates conditions to allow Kee to continue her study In the meantime, Kee has two suitors and must navigate new emotions while attempting to remain focused on the Way of the Sword The Way of the Sword strikes me as a beautiful martial arts form, but the story ended up being mediocre This was due in part to the language, which couldn t live up to the ideal of the Way of the Sword philosophy I think as a Teen novel, it failed I think it could have seen better success as a philosophical novel about the Tao, if it were philosophical For many reasons, the story just did not resonate with me I didn t feel connected to Kee I didn t know anything about her except that she worked in her father s store, she practiced the way of the sword, and she rebelled against what her father wanted She wasn t a deep enough protagonist for me to feel anything for her.

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    From shake my head with sympathy to laugh out loud in a subway while reading, Persimmon was a joy from page to shining page Can t wait for book two

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    I won a copy on Goodreads Firstreads.

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