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summary Portal (Die Portal-Chroniken, #1) , series Portal (Die Portal-Chroniken, #1) , book Portal (Die Portal-Chroniken, #1) , pdf Portal (Die Portal-Chroniken, #1) , Portal (Die Portal-Chroniken, #1) 69bc59cb7a Komm Und Finde Mich Vor Zwei Jahren Sechs Worte, Die Den Eishockey Spielenden Wildfang Arizona In Eine Alternative Dimension Geschleudert HabenPl Tzlich Lebt Sie Das Leben Einer Umschw Rmten Cheerleaderin Sie Wird Aus Dem Gl Cklichen Leben Mit Ihrem Vater Gerissen Und In Ein Neues, Fremdes Leben Mit Ihrer Verhassten Mutter Gesto EnAlle Kennen Sie Als Arizona Darley, Aber Die Ist Sie Nicht Sie Ist Arizona StevensW Hrend Sie Versucht, Antworten Zu Finden, Stehen F R Sie Nur Zwei Dinge Fest Dass Ihre Mutter Olivia Irgendwie F R Alles Verantwortlich Ist Und Dass Sie Ihr Altes Leben Zur Ckhaben M ChteBis Sie Kellan Trifft

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    I m not going to lie, I m a bit surprised this book has almost 4 stars The concept was very interesting and the book could have been great, but it was just delivered in a way that came off as amateur The editing was subpar and the language used didn t fit the way teenagers speak There was a constant lack of contractions, no use of slang, and just a ton of awkward phrasing I know that might sound weird and nitpicky, but I just kept questioning whether or not a normal teenager would actually speak the way the author was writing I won t get into specifics with the plot I ll just say there was way too much taken at face value and not enough questions I absolutely will not be reading the next book in the series.

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    No Just No I enjoy young adult novels and sometimes young adult novels aren t the most shining examples of great writing but Portal goes beyond any amount of shallow, lazy writing a young adult novel has the excuse to contain.Let me the number the injuries 1 One day, our main character, Arizona, wakes up in a different place, in a different time, with a different FATHER Does she freak out Lose her marbles No She calmly plays along and constantly gives us the vague excuse that she doesn t get along with her mother and if she asks strange questions, her mom will ship her off to an asylum That s PRETTY frail, in my opinion.2 First person, present tense is not an easy perspective to write and Imogen Rose doesn t have the talent to pull it off It s stilted, awkward, monotonous, and distracting.3 Speaking of stilted and awkward, the dialogue in this book is some of the worst I ve ever read It physically pained me to read it ALL of the characters speak in choppy, topic hopping sentences.4 Cheesy That s all I can really say Even for young adult, this is overly cheesy and predictable.5 Back to point number one, this girl has been transported through time and suddenly has a different family Not only does she not freak out, after two days, she s concerned with joining the boys s hockey team than she is with, oh, I don t know, FIGURING OUT HOW SHE ENDED UP IN AN ALTERNATE REALITY Mmk.6 All the men, seriously, all of them, drive motorcycles That s not hot that s stupid.7 Even for a young adult novel, Portal name drops designer and brand names like the author had a quota for each short chapter I d like to think I m pretty knowledgeable about such things, but when the author starts name dropping brands designers that I ve never even heard of, things just become confusing and I become distracted.8 Bad writing Overall, just bad An example of the weird, confusing, awkward scenes No less than three times within the first twenty percent of the novel was Arizona asked in choppy, cringe worthy dialogue to take the dog for a walk and every single time we the reader get a short, choppy paragraph that details Arizona taking the dog outside, only to decide a walk is NOT what the doctor ordered Then we have to read about Arizona walking the dog in a circle around the house or something for one sentence and cut to next scene NO LESS THAN THREE TIMES What the hell I m not finishing this I still need a couple neurons to fire to get me through my last semester of college and this novel is likely to kill them off Creating a could not finish shelf in honor of Imogen Rose.

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    I love the use of time travel in this book I haven t seen it done in quite this way before, and I think it added an original twist to the paranormal romance genre Arizona was funny and tough in a good away as a leading lady.The prologue had me hooked, but the first chapter did bog me down a little with product placement but don t let that deter you The story quickly picks up rhythm and moves forward in a fun way The romance hits just right, and Arizona s relationships with her friends and family fleshed out the story wonderfully.It is the first book in a trilogy, and the end definitely leaves you wanting , but that s never a bad thing.I d highly recommend this book to any fan of sci fi and romance.

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    I really wanted to like this book And parts of it were enjoyable I certainly wouldn t characterize the book as a complete waste of money But there were several problems that kept me from rating this above three stars First, the good The premise of this novel is highly imaginative and has great potential The author is obviously writing to her intended audience teens Which is, of course, a good thing if you are a teen Not so much if you are an adult Now for the bad As several reviews have already mentioned there is a lot of product placement in this book Almost to the point that it is distracting The author also gets bogged down in the mundane I don t know how many times I read the line I got out of the shower, threw on a hoodie and jeans, and my Uggs Hoodies are referenced at least 15 times throughout the book Clothing references and descriptions of every day activities were just unnecessary and resulted in a sluggish feel at times Another annoying aspect of the book was the relationship between the main character, Arizona, and her love interest, Kellan Arizona is supposed to be this strong, independent tom boyish figure, but whenever Kellan is around she seems to become frail and needy For instance there are several scenes where he has to physically pick her up and carry her One instance is in a hotel lobby where he picked me up and carried me over to the seats where he held me silently while I composed myself It was just kind of weird picturing this scene It s fine to be upset and need a hug, but to be carried around like an invalid It just seemed to suggest an unhealthy attachment The science fiction fantasy aspects of this novel had great potential, but they just weren t fleshed out very well It definitely seemed like of a romance teen drama than a science fiction or fantasy novel Which can be a good or bad thing, depending on the reader My last negative comment involves the characterization in this novel Everyone is amazing and talented and beautiful Arizona s mom is beautiful and intelligent and has a highly lucrative and esteemed job Arizona s step dad is a musician, rides a motorcycle, and is, of course, good looking Arizona s brother is intelligent, also rides a motorcycle, is a talented athlete, and is good looking Arizona s friends are all beautiful and talented Arizona s little sister is an up and coming Hollywood starlet Arizona is smart, great at hockey, and you guessed it beautiful It just got a little boring and made it hard to identify with these characters who seemed just a little too perfect to be believable Objectionable content This book was fairly clean, although there were a few things parents might want to consider There were a few mild profanities interspersed throughout the book There is a scene that involves fake i.d s and a club underage drinking included Nothing explicit in terms of sexual situations The most Arizona and her boyfriend do is kiss The parents all seem to bend over backwards to appease their children They seem to worry about being their kids friends than authority figures All in all, I just can t glowingly endorse this book as a highly enjoyable read The book had a lot of potential, and I think the author has raw talent Hopefully her second book in this series will improve and she will be able to overcome some of the problems that plagued this first installment.

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    From the initial sample I read, the premise seemed interesting, which was why I decided to continue reading The story in general showed a lot of promise, but the further on I read, the I felt that it had fallen vastly short of my expectations.For starters, the story as well as the characters interactions came across as very unrealistic and contrived I found it difficult to believe that Arizona would adapt so readily to this new world that within a day or two, her foremost concern shifted to making the school s hockey team rather than finding out exactly why she was in this alternate reality in the first place, especially considering how all the signs pointed to her mother knowing than she let on All throughout the book, the story seemed to lack direction and focus, and the sometimes random abrupt shifts in perspective didn t help either It almost seemed as if there were two separate stories spliced together in an unfortunate science experiment gone wrong, because it often diverged to other subplots that were irrelevant to the main plot and just wasted pages that could have been devoted instead towards explaining the mechanics behind the portal Some of the dialogue sounded wooden and stilted to my ears, and didn t really mesh with what I d expect real people to say Most of the characters either fell flat and were forgettable, or behaved in perplexing ways There were also numerous grammatical errors, so the story would benefit from additional editing.I will say that it seems like I m one of the lone dissenters and that most people appear to have enjoyed it, so it is possible that this just wasn t my thing.

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    This was awful I liked parts but the rest was a little ridiculous The narrator made the teens sound like they were from Clueless Full review to come.

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    I have to admit I m astonished at the number of high reviews for this book Where to begin While I found the premise of this book initially interesting, I couldn t help but be disappointed in this book for numerous reasons The dialogue was painful at times, I m not sure the author had a good handle on the ages of her characters in respect to dialogue.and character development, come to think of it Dialogue should be used to reveal things about the characters or to move the plot along, and at times it felt like neither was being accomplished.I don t think the characters were very well developed or fleshed out, as I m not sure I could tell you much about the characters beyond the superficial Arizona herself was a bit of a mystery.is she a tough hockey chick or is she this girly girl I m not sure and the author didn t seem to know either.Character development and dialogue aside, the thing that bugged me the most was the name dropping of all these high end items iPhones, Louboutin, Hummers, Harleys and random designer hand bags abound.I mean some of that specificity is ok But the author has turned Arizona s life into a materialistic wonderland Throw in a seemingly perfect family, amazing friends, and a couple hot ripped guys who adore her, and you have to wonder just why Arizona misses her old life so much, because for most of the book it seems like she s forgotten all about it while enjoying all the perks of her new life.Other things that drove me a little crazy.a shift from first person to third person narration throughout the story It got a little confusing at times and maybe could ve been helped simply by an Arizona or an Olivia over their respective chapters..or just a total shift to third person Also, a little focus and a bit credibility would have been nice in regards to the whole sci fi aspect of this story The sci fi part of this book felt so tagged on, with focus being on a budding romance, hockey, and running around on motorcycles with new friends.I think this story had real potential It just really needed a few re writes and a little red pen to become a bit polished and to find it s voice.

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    Portal is a great story The characters are detailed and well defined, and there were plenty of plot twists and turns The formatting was beautifully done and the book was very readable I did feel there were a few paradoxes but in fairness those may be explained and made clear in the sequels.The main stumbling block, for me, was the dialog It was horribly stilted, in some places almost painful It didn t read the way real people talk Here are a couple of examples from a scene at the hospital We re Arizona Darley s parents She has just been admitted They are taking her up to X ray in a moment I ll take you to her She is being taken up to x ray now She said that she s absolutely fine, but I guess they want to make sure She is right there on the gurney Nothing broken, she is fine and can head home Additionally, the author switches from first person to third person, sometimes following Arizona, the daughter, and at other times following her mother, Olivia I was actually okay with that it let me be privy to details that I wouldn t have known about had she stayed with Arizona throughout the novel One last quibble the kids are supposed to be American, but they use Briticisms car parks , bagsies , hockey kits rather than the American parking lot , dibs and uniform to name a few It s a bit jarring.I d love to get the next book in the series as I d really like to know what happens next, but truthfully I don t think I can get past the stiffness of the prose and dialog so I ll probably pass on Equilibrium.

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    An interesting premise, let down by a distinct lack of substance both plot wise and with the characters The book is clearly aimed towards the YA audience so I can overlook the endless talk about clothes, nail polish, ripped abs, brushing lips and ice hockey.My main gripe with this book is the lack of suspense and urgency in the writing it starts with a lot of promise as the protagonist tries to make sense of her situation Then a few chapters in, the reader is basically handed the whole plot on a silver platter, told from another character s point of view I found the shift in perspectives very distracting, almost lazy, the author choosing to use this third person s viewpoint to explain things rather than the let the reader unravel the mysteries through the eyes of the main character.Instead, she goes continues about her daily life, oblivious and concerned with making the hockey team than finding the cause or a solution to her predicament Not only until the last pages does the plot and mystery pick up again, only to be left hanging for the next book.I did enjoy the interactions between the characters, especially the solidarity between family members and her close friends but they ultimately lacked depth.

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    I have been sitting on this book for a while now 4 months to be exact and I have to say shame on me See I have this problem it s actually much worse than the OCD thing it s the inability to read what I m told Yes. I know this entire statement is completely ludicrous since I spend most of my time telling all of you what to read deal with it See when I was a junior in high school I was forced to read A Farewell To Arms by Earnest Hemingway and I hated it Not the reading but the book itself Really Did EVERYONE have to die Ever since then I have turned into the reluctant reader I avoid the bestseller list like its the plague, I hid in fear when the book The Shack came out, and when everyone was screaming for me to read Freedom I shrugged and said eh maybe The Oprah tag is a guaranteed killer for me, and when than 5 people in one week send me an email telling me that I just HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK, chances are I m going to immediately file it under bin 13 Do not pass go, do not collect 200 Every once in blue moon however this little issue bites me in the ass This is one of those times.It s confusing enough being a a teenage girl, but for Arizona Stevens things just got a whole lot complicated After waking up in a car, that is only vaguely similar to the one she is used to, she notices that things aren t quite what they were before she escaped to the magical world of slumber ville Her little sister has blonde highlights, her mother is nice, and there s a man she has never seen before suddenly being referred to as dad The weirdest thing She remembers almost everyone, but doesn t know who they are Will Arizona ever figure out who she is Why is it suddenly 8 months earlier, and how does someone suddenly wake up one morning with a love for pricey things and an older brother named Harry It s been a while since I have felt completely sucked in by a book Interested Yes. without a doubt, but enraptured Not so much Portal by Imogen Rose did exactly that Not only was I completely in love with its characters from chapter 2, I was flipping pages so fast that I m certain at some point I saw puffs of smoke The idea of using time travel as the fuel for a good love story is not a new one see The Time Travelers Wife but writing it cleanly and easy to follow is There were no necessary time stamps, no where are we and who are you s Nope this was just a good old fashioned What the hell with a double dose of Awe what a sweetie There is impending drama of this I can assure you, Portal is only book 1 in the series but in a very calculated and might I add genius move Rose only baited that hook and bailed You sneaky sneaky girl I will stress patience with the first chapter however it s a little choppy and the dialogue is a tad rigid, but no worries, the tummy flutters in Rose s writing seem to settle down and the remainder of the book is as smooth as the Gerber baby s bottom The only advice I have for Rose find an alternative to repetitive name use I felt like I was saying in my head Arizona every five seconds Honey, dear, sunshine, baby girl anything, just use your imagination Other than that We have a winner on our hands.This one is an indie charm ladies and gents, with a promising future ha of to come Scoop it up, not because I said so. but because life is to short to read crappy books, and everyone likes a good love story.Happy Reading my fellow Kindle ites and remember Just because you liked them in one life doesn t mean you re obligated to like them in this one Knock a bitch out She deserves it.

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