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summary Puppet on a Chain, series Puppet on a Chain, book Puppet on a Chain, pdf Puppet on a Chain, Puppet on a Chain 1b958d9ef7 From The Acclaimed Master Of Action And Suspense The All Time Classic Paul Sherman Of Interpol S Narcotics Bureau Flies To Amsterdam On The Trail Of A Dope King With Enormous Skill The Atmosphere Is Built Up Amsterdam With Its Canals And High Houses Stolid Police Psychopaths Women In Distress And Above All Murder

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    13 01 2017I had read this book in the early eighties I don t remember anything of the book other than the title But the title suddenly flashed into my mind today I wonder why

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    I have read many of MacLean s books, and I expected much than what I received with Puppet on a Chain Major Sherman works for Interpol, and is hot on the trail of a major drug smuggler He has two female assistants accompanying him to Amsterdam, and together they must unravel the mystery and find out how the drugs are being transported and delivered Most of MacLean s plots are convoluted, and the reader is kept guessing right up to the very end Puppet presents what are supposed to be twists, but since there is no rhyme or reason for them to occur, the author s desired effect is muted and the plot falls flat on its face MacLean s storytelling skill attempts to shine through and does make it easier to accept the plot choices, but this is not one of his best efforts Three stars.

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    There are other Maclean books I prefer but this is a little classic A book is forever set in its time and setting these may change but fine writing endures So here you do not have the gadgets of Bond or the ingenuity of Bourne but in Paul Sherman you have a determined investigator who remains credible in all his efforts, in an account that carries a threat and conveys a sense of danger still to a modern day reader There is a menace in the pages that can disturb, a beautiful backdrop of Amsterdam and its environs set against a seedy and frightening world of corruption and greed The pleasure some seem to take in destroying human life is a chilling sensation that remains with you long after you finish the book Perhaps it is the violence within a tourist setting that unsettles still when we are now familiar with drug related incidents and its gun crime culture in our modern cities.

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    Set in Amsterdam and dealing with the drug trade, Paul Sherman of Interpol speaks in a voice similar to Agent 007 Too much description, telling and exaggerated action.

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    Breathtaking SuspenceThis novel starts with a bang then proceeds at breakneck speed to a dizzying climax This book should come equipped with seatbelts This was my introduction to this author s work If his other books are this good he ll have a new fan.

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    MacLean seems to venture out of his depth in Puppet on a Chain, which results in a presentation of a drug culture that fits with paranoid anxiety like Reefer Madness than with real drug economy This story is full of over top crazies, and the main investigator with his two super beautiful assistants reads like a silly male fantasy This is redeemed somewhat by the investigator s incompetence he makes mistake after mistake, stumbling around Amsterdam eventually resulting in the most lurid nightmarish death sequence I ve found in MacLean s work so far The writing is also rather sloppy here, and MacLean s reliance on his go to sentence structure of it was a very _____ indeed is so frequent that it really calls attention to itself That withstanding, I still found it highly readable, and its very unreality leads to some very striking imagery indeed.

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    I never took the saying Do not judge a book by it s cover even for it s face value But, after this book, I have come with peace with the very same saying Never before have I ever read or even seen a book which was as shabby as this one It s shabbiness was understandable because it was taken out of a public library But I failed to account for the punch that very same book packed As said above, this book was taken from a public library Not by me buy my dad on my request that I need a thriller I saw its cover and was like this doesn t look so cool But I didn t have any other books in my hand after the Foundation series So unwillingly I took up the book I opened it and found that writing was crammed and concluded that this is gonna take some time even though it s just 220 odd pages The first couple of pages proved me right But from then on it was one of the exhilaration rides Mr MacLean has got a unique way of writing the thoughts going on through his character s mind It is kind of realistic as if you are in the character s shoe and facing what he was facing More than the story that was what took me by surprise But then every book has its lows too The author goes into too much of details for me that in particular intervals you find two or three pages without any dialogues This gives a dry feeling to the book and the only reason why one star is missing from the ratings Overall, one of the best thrillers I read Right till the end Even though you can guess what might happen next, it s not going to dampen the thrill P S I did see a bit of myself in Sherman Not that I am calling myself an ingenious detective with a future in the Narcotics Department of Interpol But, with his character.

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    My love of reading was shaped, in part, by the books that resided on my father s paperback novel shelf John D MacDonald, Leon Uris, James A Mitchner and of course, Alistair MacLean So it was with a strong sense of nostalgia that I picked up one of the few books by him I hadn t read, Puppet on a Chain.I was disappointed.One disappointment was the main character, Major Sherman, an INTERPOL agent investigating narcotics trafficking in Amsterdam He s a typical MacLean character in that he is cynical, confident, and competent Unfortunately, he is not as compelling as MacLean s other protagonists I will stop short of saying there is nothing likable about him, but he is far from charismatic As I reader, I just don t care about Sherman or his mission.The implausibility of the story is another thing I don t like about the novel Perhaps in 1969 the word heroin, alone, was inherently evil enough to not require elucidation But if Sherman has spent two years trying to crack this operation, I want to see the scourge that heroin is, in detail, not have one strung out junkie paraded out of the character rolls and then have me believe that Sherman is risking his life for that.Sherman identifies the antagonists in the book as a brilliantly directed criminal organization, yet, given three opportunities to kill him, these brilliant criminals fail to carry it out And I m supposed to believe that an entire village is not only cooperating with Reverend Goodbody in his smuggling operation, but will commit murder

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    WellRight now I m in the process of re reading my small collection of MacLean s books Last time I read them was probably 10 years ago They are, unfortunately, badly translated and I want to get my hands on originals , which I see now and which is kind of distracting But it s not that bad Anyway, to the book at handI remembered Puppet on a Chain as a very disturbing story I could vividly picture the three brutal deaths and it became the only MacLean s novel that I d read only once Not that I didn t like it, but one can deal with just as much of such stuff This time it was similar, except the story, that I liked then, and that didn t seem so good now.To be honest, by the end I felt that it would be a very short story if it wasn t for these cartoon villain ish types of bad guys Normally, a character like Paul Sherman would quickly find himself in a canal with a bullet hole in the back of the head and instead the bad guys play cat and mouse with him They catch him, play with him a bit and leave him alive to deal with him later And tell him everything in the process Somehow his accomplishes are punished quickly and severely but he s always given time to escape There is, of course a little twist at the very end, but still For a high ranked agent, Sherman is sometimes rather out of touch.So, on one hand it s a gripping book, but on the other, the complete unlikeliness of the story gets unbearable by the end.

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    Another I read because it s set in Amsterdam Suspense is not my preferred genre I m not sure why, but I ve never loved the genres of suspense or mystery So I find it difficult to get into under the best of circumstances, and with this book, I felt only a mild sense of curiosity When the whole thing was explained at the end, that was interesting in an intellectual way, but not exactly satisfying On another note, this is possibly one of the most sexist novels I ve ever read at least in the top 10 The main character has two young, attractive female assistants, whom he continuously talks down to, treats as inferiors and generally denigrates their intelligence Except for the end when suddenly he s in love with one of them and wants to marry her Sigh The novel is in first person, so it could just be that this particular character was meant to feel that way, but it certainly didn t help me feel for him On the other hand, the book has its funny moments the main character is always letting others take his gun from him mostly because he screws up and he can be endearingly forward about his faults, which include sometimes not being very good at his job I probably won t be reading any Alistair MacLean novels, although HMS Ulysses has been sitting on my shelves since college, and I have to admit I m slightly interested now, if only to see if it s any better.

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