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summary Revolving Doors, series Revolving Doors, book Revolving Doors, pdf Revolving Doors, Revolving Doors f165b86fb7 Revolving Doors Is The Story Of Gabriella Alexis Sandoval She Is Educated, Beautiful, And Sassy Gabriella Lives A Pampered Life And Fortunately For Her, She Hasn T Had To Endure Much Turmoil But There Is One Defining Moment Encountered As A Young Woman That Set The Stage For How She Would Proceed With Life, And Love IN LIFE, She Becomes A Woman On A Mission A Self Proclaimed Go Getter, Gabriella Goes For The Gusto She Graduates At The Top Of Her Business Class At A Top University, Becomes A Businesswoman With Two Successful Companies Before The Age Of , And Her Power And Wealth Continue To Grow IN LOVE, She Has Sworn It Off And In Its Place Is A Woman With No Interest In Emotional Attachment, And An Inability To Commit When Her World Is Aligned Exactly As She Wants It, Gabriella Comes Face To Face With A Question She Didn T Think She D Ever Have To Ask Herself, What Happens When A Love Gone Wrong, Returns For A Chance At Redemption

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    Extended review found on The Review Board Disclaimer Baby SpoilerPicture This You find someone you are deeply in love with You even make plans to have a future together Your parents aren t sure this is the right move Yet you don t care about that You both are riding on the fuel of love As long as you love him and he loves you that is all that matters Until you find out he was only NOT on the same wavelength but he decided to go on a different path and didn t even consult you or consider you as part of the decision.Some may think, What s the big deal It s young love, puppy love Gabriella will bounce back, be stronger than ever, and Ken will be nothing but a speck of dirt on the carpet of lovers past All through Gabriella s triumphs, I could read and feel the lingering sadness Even through the physically satisfying escapades, Gabriella wielded such deliberate control over her emotions Gabriella was a force to be reckoned with in business but trapped by her own self built force field in areas of love What happens when a love gone wrong, returns for a chance at redemption The answer to this question is addressed in a very skillful pace The author takes her time in the development of Gabriella s emotional makeup There s something powerful in the way the author brings you in to her experiences, not just through the dialogue but also through her thought processes The author does a terrific job in providing supporting characters that have stories you find yourself wanting to learn about, such as with the case of Joi and Mike as well as characters Natalia and Valentina, just to name a few This has the makings of a movie or miniseries of HBO Cinemax caliber.Through her writings, I have seen so much growth She is the type of writer who is truly dedicated to improving her craft without sacrificing the eloquence in her style I cannot even begin to imagine how much pressure she had to have gone through, since so many people were clamoring over certain works to be expanded, particularly with Rendezvous, since this is where Gabriella was first mentioned.With this work, I m very pleased she took the chance with the Rendezvous expansion Even if one hadn t checked out Rendezvous, this work could definitely stand on its own as a woman vibrant in her life s successes and just wanting that same vibrancy in love I highly recommend this work for lovers of romance, intrigue, and fans of strong female characters.

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    A Lioness Tale by Perri Forrest is the tale of sexual exploration by a young woman after having her heart broken by her first love This introspection takes her on an international trek from her parents home in San Francisco, California to a brothel in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where her best friend secretly works.Gabriella Sandoval is the adventurous young woman The only child of successful parents, Gabriella is strong and fiercely independent.Natalia Cardoso is her Brazilian best friend Gabriella becomes her friend during the many, month long vacations her parents take to Brazil.Valentia Matos is the owner of Paraiso Belo, the upscale Brazilian brothel She mentors the women who come to work for her, including Natalia and then Gabriella.Kenneth Jacob is her high school boyfriend, her first love, her first heartbreak.Ms Forrest s story, A Lioness Tale, is entertaining, intriguing, and enjoyable Her characters are well rounded, yet flawed as all young women are at Gabriella s age My problem with this story has to do with structure than with substance The story has no true conflict, no hard setbacks, and no real tension It read like a fictionalized memoir than actual fiction.Yet, I found myself liking the story I found myself rooting for Gabriella I found myself admiring her assertiveness Her business savvy, her determination, her willingness to take bold chances are what sold me on the story I may not agree with the way in which she becomes a successful entrepreneur, but not every person comes to their purpose from the same direction this story takes a different direction and a road less travelled But, the love story s resolution is a bit rushed, too easily wrapped up, too neatly summed up.Ultimately, the story is one young women s path to success both in love and in life I would not recommend this story to impressionable, young adults but, for the fully formed adult looking for something fresh and racy, this debut novel is a good read 3 stars

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    I read this book in one night I literally could not put it down The author did a brilliant job of showing readers just how heartache can affect all areas of your life, even when it has happened some time ago Gabriella Sandoval is a woman who has it all, brains, beauty, wealth, and a killer business drive The one thing she does not have is a stable relationship Having adopted a love em and leave em attitude has served her well in life.When the mysterious Robert enters her life for the first time she considers having than her typical, sex only no strings attached relationship After all, Robert is the type of man any woman would be lucky to have But no matter how much Gabriella forces herself she does not reciprocate Robert s feelings or desire for their relationship to go to the next level She is still holding onto the heartbreak from her past.Then the man who broke her heart all these years ago re enters her life and he wants her back Gabriella decides to take a chance on the love that she lost all those years ago.I felt really bad for poor Robert It was so obvious he loved Gabriella and I felt at times that she treated him very badly But at the same time I could understand exactly why she did and feel for her The author did a masterful job in showing the real reasons Gabriella made the decisions that she did You found yourself rooting for her to get her happily ever after and proud of all her accomplishments.Ms Forrest did an amazing job with this novel Gabriella represents so many women in the world who have given up on love after disastrous relationships and throw themselves into their work instead Seeing Gabriella get a second chance at gives hope to all women out there me included that love can come around again.I applaud the author s positive, yet real portrayal of a woman of color I applaud her for showing the public face we sometimes but up as well as the private pain that we all sometimes hide I cannot wait for what comes next from this author 5 Stars

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    Pure talent After reading the first few pages, I became a fan of Perri Forrest The author is totally in a zone, and capable of laying a strong storyline I actually had to take a moment away from reading to read over the author s background because all that I could think was that she must have been writing from birth and honing her skills all along.A Lioness Tale is a different type of read and not quite what you d expect in a Coming of Age novel Everything about this read was fresh and unique I absolutely loved it No matter what I read, I need to see strong characters and a remarkable storyline This was all found in Gabriella Sandoval s story about coming into her own I went from feeling sorry for her heartbreak to rooting for her strength, as she stomped into her future Gabriella took charge of her life in a might way and you could simply feel her emotions along the way I also enjoyed the characters that played a role in her development as a young adult Ms Forrest did an exceptional job in connecting the characters both primary secondary I also liked the fact that this was not just a plain romance read It speaks to the strength of women claiming their lives I was connected with and invested in this story from start to finish If you know how to appreciate good solid skills in storytelling and are able to appreciate a book that provides a plot outside of the normal, I have three words for you READ THIS BOOK

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    Having growing up shielded from most of the bad things in life by two of the most wonderful parents, Gabriella finds it extremely hard to cope with the loss of her boyfriend, Ken Not knowing how to deal with the breakup, and constantly seeing him around having mutual friends can be a b tch sometimes, she decides to leave town for a while and goes to visit Natalia in Brazil That little trip turns out to be than she d bargained for and it marks the beginning of her success as an entrepreneur But what happens when her past decides to come pay her a visit and turns her world upside down again Will she succumb to it or will she march on forward in life without looking back Find out in A Lioness Tale, also known as Revolving Doors

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