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quotes Sammy Keyes and the Hollywood Mummy, litcharts Sammy Keyes and the Hollywood Mummy, symbolism Sammy Keyes and the Hollywood Mummy, summary shmoop Sammy Keyes and the Hollywood Mummy, Sammy Keyes and the Hollywood Mummy 47c5c1d7 The Sixth Sammy Keyes Book Is One Of The Most Exciting Yet, As Sammy And Her Friend Marissa Decide To Blow Town And Take A Bus To The Seedy, Insane Town Of Hollywood To Surprise And Shake Some Sense Into Sammy S Mother, The Elusive Lady Lana When They Arrive, They Discover That She S Transformed Herself Into The Glamorous, Platinum Blonde,Year Old Actress Dominique Windsor, Who Certainly Could Never Have Spawned AYear Old Let Alone A Scruffy, No Nonsense Girl Like Sammy The Plot Thickens, However, As Lady Lana S Masquerade Backfires In The Most Dreadful Of Ways And Sammy Is Left To Save The Day And Solve The Biggest Mystery Of Her Life AgesAnd Older

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    Sammy Keyes and her best friend Marissa go to Hollywood to visit Sammy s mom When they get there, they find out that her mom has changed her name from Lana Keyes to Dominique Windsor Her mom has also changed her birthday to take 10 years off her age and cut her hair really short On the first night that Sammy and Marissa are at the place where her mom stays, someone is killed Sammy tries to solve the mystery, and soon realizes that the person that was supposed to be murdered was her mom I liked that even though Sammy s goal in going to Hollywood was to spend time with her mother, she solved the mystery I thought that some points in the story were creapy An example of this is when Sammy and Marissa found the body of Clarie in mummy form in a secret part of Max s office Clarie s body had been there for 25 years I think that Sammy is very daring for investigating this murder case.

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    Sammy Keyes and the Hollywood mummy is about two girls Sammy and Marissa who go to Hollywood to find Sammy s mother The setting is in Hollywood, and Sammy is the main character Her mother Lana Keyes has changed her name to Dominique, dyed her hair, and shaved ten years off her age and Sammy knows that is time for her to find her mother and make her explain everything So when her competition for the biggest role of her life,is found dead in Dominique s room, it is up to Sammy to find who murdered her.During reading this book, I made a text to world connection Sammy s mother reminds me of all of these women who change their identity looking for a better life Just like Dominique they make up all of this stuff and get into a big web of lies until someone finds out and they mess it up Although in the end some of them try with their real identity, then they realize that no one cares about that and they have been through all of these lies for nothing I give this book 4 stars It is interesting and the charters are just made for that book I like how Sammy was smart enough to figure all of these mysteries and how Marissa was always backing off because she was scared The reason why I m not giving it 5 stars is because sometimes it annoys me how Sammy thinks of this stuff on the right moment I think it s impossible of someone to be that smart and figure out things that are not really obvious I would recommend this book to anyone who is fan of murder mysteries.

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    SPOILER ALERT Sammy Keyes and the Hollywood Mummy is a nice book I really enjoyed reading it, and it was very cliff hanging at the ends of the chapters It made me want to read and , but a book always has weaknesses and one from this book is the whole mummy stuff Personally, when they just found out about the dead body and then were talking about the closet and how Sammy saw the mummy, I was confused I didn t know if it was a real Egyptian Mummy they were talking about or it was a statue of a mummy Only after finishing and rereading the chapter about 3 times, I understood that it was Max s sister Although I noticed some strengths I still think it should be a 4 star book One of the strengths in all Sammy Keyes books are when every detail and clues throughout the book points at one character and then there is a bing in Sammys head and she figures it out It was really interesting why Max wanted to kill Sammy s Mom and why he thought it was her wife that died and was reborn into Sammy s mom Theme was Don t lie a lot or you might get Murdered by a Psycho.

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    Didn t see this one comingWow Love Sammy Keyes.

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    Sammy Keyes is about a teenage girl who goes to visit her mother who lives in Hollywood Sammy s mother is trying to become this big time actress, she already made an appearance on a commercial Sammy has always been skeptical about her mothers acting skills When Sammy and her friend Marissa visit they get wrapped up in a Hollywood mystery Another actress, who had been competing for an important role just like Sammy s mother shows up dead This book is super fun to see Sammy s personality come to life She is concerned with her mother and with her friend they try to solve the murder I would use this in my classroom for a student who loves a good mystery Also for anyone who can relate to a teenage girl that is trying to figure out life and connect with her Mom.

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    If you have kids you must listen to these in the car I love the different voices they do This is a great series I am addicted to them The characters do say OMG which I could do without but that s it.

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    This mystery is pretty crazy I like that it centers around Sammy trying to reconnect and understand her long lost mother And I also love the relationship between Sammy and her best friend, Marissa It takes both of them to sort through the craziness and solve the mystery.

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    I really liked this book because every chapter makes you want to keep reading on to the next chapter

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    I liked this in middle school

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    Sammy Keyes is not my favorite teen sleuth I read her first book, and now this one I just find her stories sorta blah Not as clever as other series.

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