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quotes Schooled, litcharts Schooled, symbolism Schooled, summary shmoop Schooled, Schooled e70e788b Homeschooled By His Hippie Grandmother, Capricorn Cap Anderson Has Never Watched Television, Tasted A Pizza, Or Even Heard Of A Wedgie But When His Grandmother Lands In The Hospital, Cap Is Forced To Move In With A School Counselor And Attend The Local Middle School While Cap Knows A Lot About Tie Dyeing And Zen Buddhism, No Education Could Prepare Him For The Politics Of Public School

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    I loved this book This boy, Cap short for Capricorn has all the perfect ideals we all think we have, but really don t, and he remains true to himself despite being the weirdest and most tortured kid in school It s dramatic, and unrealistic, but has kind of awakened the hippie in me I think I ll tye dye shirts this week with the kids

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    Ok, first off I m a home schooled, so I was immediately mistrustful of this book But Gordon Korman is one of favorite authors, so I gave it a try It was insulting It played off of every stereotype of homeschoolers That we re social misfits who don t know anything and are really freaks who need to conform to the social standards and just go to school Excuse me The main character of the book is Cap, who is a hippy who s been raised on a farm, homeschooled by his grandma, and has never watched TV or eaten pizza An accident throws him into the public school system and he is ridiculed for his odd habits including Yoga and hand made clothes Slowly but surely Cap is transformed mostly due to the power of bullying into a normal kid who goes to school and is popular with everyone because of his amazing talents My personal dislike aside, this book was OK, I suppose, and it had it s funny moments Gordon Korman is a great writer, but he s wasting his talent writing these kind of books.

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    4.5 STARSI probably would never have picked this book up on my own I have a bit of trepidation with books about homeschool so far, I haven t been that comfortable with how homeschoolers are portrayed in various forms of media and this one, with thirteen year old Capricorn Anderson being raised alone in a farm commune by his hippie grandmother, Rain, sounded like another book about some off the wall family that didn t represent at all what homeschool is like for most of us But, my husband really liked the book and suggested I read it So, I did.I have to say, I ended up really liking it It was fast paced and all the characters seemed believable and vivid The book is comprised of short segments from the perspective of various characters, from Cap himself to Mrs Donnelley, social worker who takes him in after Rain has to go to rehab from hip surgery and who grew up on the commune herself until her parents decided they wanted a different life for their family to some of the kids Cap meets when he starts 8th grade Hugh, who was the bottom of the bottom until Cap became a bigger target Zack, leader of the cool kids who gets Cap elected as 8th grade president just so everyone can make even fun of him Naomi, who likes Zack but starts to be won over by Cap s kindness and maturity in the face of cruel enmity I devoured the book in an afternoon At times I felt that Cap was a bit too naive about a few things, but overall it worked okay.I appreciate that the book doesn t give easy answers, and that the characters all have complex thoughts and emotions It s easy to see how much the middle school kids do, not based on their own convictions or sense of morality, but as some way to keep their heads above water in the cruel shark tank they face Monday through Friday It may not be right, yet they see it as survival, but the weird thing is that they are fighting amongst themselves and, it could be argued, against the greater institute adults that put them there and perhaps it just takes someone from the outside to help them see it doesn t have to be that way Cap is that person Everything Rain taught him, all the hippie ideals of non violence and all you need is love , help him get through the bullying he experiences initially if he even realizes it is bullying and even attract some genuine friends I won t say and spoil the story As for the homeschool aspect, I do think Rain s methods are portrayed as unorthodox and not meant to reflect homeschoolers as a whole It is interesting that we never get Rain s perspective, she is not one of the story s narrators While certainly there are things to censure about raising a child so isolated from the rest of humanity, there is also much to admire about the way Rain raised Cap He is a kind, gentle soul he is thoughtful and selfless he is in the top five percentile academically they do have him take the standardized tests every year Perhaps best of all, and what most homeschool parents would say is a primary goal in their decision to educate their children at home, is that Cap knows himself And he stays true to himself, even when he faces a wider, and often hostile, world And, while he may not be social in the same way that the middle school kids are, his brand of interacting with humanity is certainly much effective.I think the ending works well, allowing the characters to stay true to themselves without making the real world into a complete fantasy world I do wonder if the transformation of the middle school kids was a bit idealized, but I liked the message And while I had a difficult time identifying with a few of Cap s and Rain s struggles and decisions in the end, I can appreciate them and respect them I also don t think the book fully condones or condemns either Rain s approach to education or that of public school, which, I think, makes this book appealing to a broader spectrum of readers.

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    For my December book project, I chose the book, schooled, from a list of a variety of different books I had absolutely no idea what the book was about until I actually got it, and it turned out a whole lot better than I thought it would be Schooled is basically about a thirteen year old hippie who goes to a public school for the first time after being home schooled by his grandmother until she s sent to the hospital due to a bad fall But, when Capricorn Anderson Cap joins the new school, almost everyone there torments him and tries to break him so that he ll stop being SO nice But, that all stops once everyone realizes that Cap is a much better person than the rest of them So, everyone else begins to appreciate Cap as they try to become like him I ve learned from this book that you really learn about yourself through people around you that you d least expect to learn from After reading about Capricorn Anderson, I thought to myself that I should act like him instead of being so stubborn I suggest that you read this book because it will probably have a big impact on your life as it did on mine.

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    1 Literally the stupidest douchiest characters I ve ever read All these people deserve to die I remembered this book from my middle school library and I wanted to remember what the plot was The story is depressing and stupid at the same time I feel so horrible after reading this It s so repulsive.So the theme is that this kid Cap has been raised alone by his grandma for 13 years in this cult like society secluded from civilization Well it s not really a cult any because it s just Cap and his grandma living as mentioned in the story in the 60s.So stuff happens and Cap goes to middle school and enter society for the first time So almost every character is an idiot, a stereotype, and an asshole all at the same time In addition the story isn t even enjoyable because Cap continuously gets bullied throughout the whole story so it s depressing as hell.Cap isn t effected by the bullying by the way because of how he s raised That s where I think the message of this story is horrible too So while Cap goes to school he s living with this social worker lady who grew up in Cap s grandma s cult as a child She mentioned that she had a hard time adjusting after getting out So she definitely knows Cap s situation is horrible.It s strange because this story is mostly about how weird Cap is from his grandma s values and lifestyle, but these values are also why he is an amazing, nice person Another thing is that Cap is getting taken away from the school at some point and being secluded from society again with just his grandmother and the social worker lady doesn t even try to stop it I thought that was the point of her character with her understanding his whole background.If you are thinking wow this cult thing sounds interesting and are going to read this well stop right there because it s only like 5% of the story is mostly just the idiots and the bullying stuff the other 95% of the way With the grandmother cult thing she literally just ended all the cult stuff at the end to make Cap happy and that was it.This book is boring too I skimmed like half of it I got the whole gist of it though Bullying, stupid people, assholes, being weird and nice is great but it comes from being forcefully secluded from society your whole life.

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    I loved this book even though it wasn t what I was looking for.I was looking for books with realistically written modern homeschooled characters, and this one was recommended to me Unfortunately, Capricorn Anderson is not a realistic modern homeschooler at all This book takes the stereotype of homeschoolers as weirdo hippies and puts it on steroids This kid has grown up on an abandoned commune with only his grandmother and no friends his own age at all, and he understands nothing about the modern world It s not any kind of realistic representation of homeschooling today So, don t read it for that.But the book and Cap as a character is fantastic The point of the book is to look at middle school through the eyes of a complete outsider who understands absolutely nothing about the social situations there It s one of those stories where you drop in an alien and realize that so many of the things we do make no sense at all Cap s background is what it is because that allows him to illuminate all the things that are messed up and cruel about your standard American middle school.The story is fantastic and the different characters POV s are spot on I enjoyed this all the way through Excellent book.

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    This is one of the enjoyable books I ve read in a while, and it s one I think Jr High kids will love I hope I can sell it to my secondary kids, becaues it s definitely worth reading and provides a great platform to discuss bullying, cruelty, cliques, and stereotyping The only problem is that the narrative is centered on younger kids, so they may feel like it s too immature for them The only disturbing thing I found in the book was its heavy reliance on stereotypes the cowardly nerd who kind of deserves what he gets, the cruel jocks, the wishy washy socialites, the naieve hippy Part of the fun, though, is the way Korman plays with those stereotypes I will say that I got a little choked up at the end, but I don t want to spoil it by discussing it at length here.

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    So my teacher read this aloud.At the beginning, it was kinda boring Everyone felt like falling asleep Then, it actually got quite a bit better Especially when Cap was driving the bus, that s when the fun started Pretty great, I would definitely reccomend.

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    I truly enjoy reading Korman s books, especially titles such as No More Dead Dogs, Swindle, Son of the Mob, and Born to Rock Schooled was just as excellent and definitely fit the bill of a 5 star Gordon Korman book Schooled introduces readers to an extremely sheltered 13 year old boy, Cap When the story begins, Cap and his grandmother, Rain, live on an isolated farm commune where they live an alternate lifestyle Cap is not sent to school, he does not watch TV, and he definitely does not speak on the phoneas they do not have a phone After Rain falls from a tree while picking plums, she is placed into the hospital and Cap is sent to live with a social worker from the nearby school Cap s world is suddenly flipped upside down As Cap has lived a sheltered life and wears hemp shoes to his first day of middle school , he is immediately the target of harassment at his new school Unfortunately for Cap, this harassment is only perpetuated when he is elected class president of his new eighth grade class a standing tradition where the eighth graders elect the weirdest and most nerdiest student to be president However, to most everyone s surprise Cap brings the lessons and morals he has learned from the Garland Farm Commune to his new school and everyone has a new lesson to learn I would strongly recommend this book to several of my middle school readers The use of multiple perspectives allows the reader to visualize the plot, and specifically the conflict, from several different angles even allowing readers to better understand unlikeable characters such as the football player Each character adds a new depth and dimension to Cap s situation, thus allowing the reader to feel as if they are apart of Cap s middle school experience as scary as that is I think many of my middle school boys especially those who looking for humor in their reads, would find this book a blast

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    SchooledSchooled is a very good book for people that just transferred a new school because of any reason But just to have a heads up the book starts off with a different person every chapter so you get every ones perspective This book is about a kid named Capricorn Anderson also known as cap He lives with his grandma in community for hippies One day his grandma falls out of a tree and brakes her back, so cap has to go and live with someone else and go to school until his grandma gets well He goes to live with a family the Donnelly s, Ms Donnelly and Sophie The bookend up with him going to school and being bullied by Sophie and many other people Then cap was elected school president just so people could make fun of him Then the book comes out that cap ends up popular and everyone starts to like him and his ways.

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