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quotes The Vampire Diaries: The Return: Shadow Souls , litcharts The Vampire Diaries: The Return: Shadow Souls , symbolism The Vampire Diaries: The Return: Shadow Souls , summary shmoop The Vampire Diaries: The Return: Shadow Souls , The Vampire Diaries: The Return: Shadow Souls bf4d5acd On The RunElena Gilbert S Love, The Vampire Stefan Salvatore, Has Been Captured And Imprisoned By Demonic Spirits Who Are Wreaking Havoc In Fell S Church While Her Friends Bonnie And Meredith Explore The Evil That Has Taken Over Their Town, Elena Goes In Search Of StefanIn Order To Find Him, She Entrusts Her Life To Stefan S Brother, Damon Salvatore, The Handsome But Deadly Vampire Who Wants Elena, Body And Soul Along With Her Childhood Friend Matt, They Set Out For The Slums Of The Dark Dimension, Where Stefan Is Being Held Captive It Is Rud To Be A World Where Vampires And Demons Roam Free, But Humans Must Live Enslaved To Their Supernatural Masters Elena Will Stop At Nothing To Free Stefan Yet With Each Passing Day The Tension Between Elena And Damon Grows, And She Is Faced With A Terrible Decision Which Brother Does She Really Want Back In Fell S Church, Bonnie And Meredith Have Made Some Dire Discoveries They Hastily Try To Follow Elena And Warn Her Only To Be Caught Up In Elena S Most Dangerous Adventure Yet

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    Hated Nightfall Seriously have read fan fiction that was better But I m curious to see if the author redeems herself And the answer is NO This book is bad, so very bad.I m kicking myself for buying this book and putting the emotional investment into reading it Shadow Souls is truly awful, and I thought nothing could be worse than Nightfall I am embarrassed for LJ Smith and all of the readers including myself who held out hope that the story of the Vampire Diaries could be redeemed after her last mess of a novel Much like the previous book, Smith seems determined to cram a bunch of folklore and fairy tales clich s into Shadow Souls, and this time most of them fit into the messily detailed dark age other world she creates She spends so much time on period detail that is unnecessary do we really need to know the color of the veils that each of the girls wears during their procession though the city Magical Auras, demon dogs, gate keepers, fierce falcons ugh The book meanders all over the place at times, and so slowly that I had to put the book down in frustrated boredom several times.I thought Damon had lost all of his charm in Nightfall, but again, I underestimated just how bad it could really get He maintains that he will die for Elena as they make their dangerous quest, yet there is no real spark or chemistry left between them And LJ Smith can t seem to make up her mind about the physical capabilities of the vampires After decreeing that no sex is possible in the last novel, Elena s not quite human aura seems to make Damon capable of feeling for wanting from a woman something he has not felt in 500 years Am I the only one getting whiplash trying to keep up The last pages and a sudden change for one of the major characters is just unbelievable and very disappointing It also foreshadows another tedious quest LJ Smith has successfully done one thing for me with this book after waiting twenty years for of the VD series, and Damon specifically, I no longer care what happens to these characters They have little in common with the flawed and intriguing people I met two decades ago.

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    Oh my God I completely loved this book It was all about Damon and Elena, and that s what I loved about it It shows a softer, vulnerable side to Damon he only shows around her, and she begins to realize that maybe Stefan isn t her only world The Dark Dimension story plot with the kitsune keys was fascinating.What I do have to complain about is everything that s happening in Fell s Church The book is mainly about Damon and Elena getting Stefan back from Shi no Shi, right So why add the random story plot about what s happening back in their small town And the thing with Caroline turning into a werewolf and having puppies or whatever was really unneeded Not too many people care about that character enough to see her in the book And I also hate the ending of the book I felt it was a little rushed It s like I barely knew what was going on I didn t feel it was necessary to have that in the book, she could have waited until the last book to put that story plot in and explained it a little better, because it seemed to move way too fast and with little notice.But otherwise, completely great novel My favorite so far

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    Shadow Souls The Vampire Diaries The Return, 2 , L.J SmithThe Return Shadow Souls 2010 Elena Gilbert is once again at the center of magic and danger beyond her imagining And once , Stefan isn t there to help Elena is forced to trust her life to Damon, the handsome but deadly vampire who wants Elena, body and soul They must journey to the slums of the Dark Dimension, a world where vampires and demons roam free, but humans must live as slaves of their supernatural masters Damon s brother, the brooding vampire Stefan whom Elena loves, is imprisoned here, and Elena can only free him by finding the two hidden halves of the key to his cell Meanwhile, the tension between Elena and Damon mounts until Elena is faced with a terrible decision which brother does she really want to be with 1390 535 9789642912919 20

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    This is a great book Edit August 7th, 2012I ve Literally Been TYRING to read this novel for 2 freaking years ITs sooo boring Edit August 9th, 2012actually its not that bad, just lazy i guess

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    If it weren t for the fact that this book was much much better than Nightfall , then I would ve given it only one star However, there were parts of this book which were mildly interesting and I did not feel the need to slit my wrists just to have something to occupy myself with as much as I felt the need to in the last one.What has happened to you, L.J I used to love your books with the unsociable, unfathomable Stefan and the totally badass sexy Damon, but all that has happened now is that Stefan is some love sick puppy dog where the only coherent sentences he can manage to put together is Elena, I love you and Lovely little love And as for Damon, his personality seems to be one written by a lame fan fic writer who just wants everyone to be nice and get along Where is Damon s hatred for Stefan due to the fact that because of him, he never had Katherine to himself Or is Katherine completly forgotten now I don t know, but all the characters personalities have been totally changed and not in a good way Bonnie, for instance, if she faints one time, I am going to scream Sure, she s always been the cute little one of the group, but she can still manage to stand on her own two feet for than five minutes I m sure.And don t even get me started on Elena You d think that after coming back from the afterlife she would have grown up just a little bit, but no Elena is even self obsessed, arrogant and vain than she has ever been portrayed as before I ve never liked Elena, she annoys me and I do not see a point in a main character who has no likeable qualities.Half of this book seemed to be taken up with descriptions of the girl s dresses and hair and jewellery at various different parties and venues I don t know about you, but if it were me, I don t think I d be wasting anytime admiring myself and my dress if the supposed love of my life was locked away in a prison being starved and tortured.To be honest, 90% percent of the book was totally ridiculous and had no elements of realism included The dialogue was childish and the description was incoherent The sentence Elena pulled away from Damon entirely,staring at her arms which were red and with something that wasn t paint actually made me laugh out loud.I m pretty sure that many of the ideas and things mentioned in this book, like Damon promising Elena that he would go back to the Dark Dimension with her to abolish slavery will never actually happen Smith really needs to get herself an editor because there are at least 100 pages of garbage needed to be cleared out of this book.And one last thing Can somebody please explain what the hell velociraptor sisterhood is

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    Dear L.J Here s how this should work Elena and Meredith stay in Fells Church to battle Caroline and the increasingly creepy Exorcist remake going on there Meredith so we can get a little of her and Alaric, Elena because well her story s freaking over, and you just need to damn well accept that Bonnie and Matt travel with Damon to a hellish underworld, with Bonnie narrating and increasing tension building amongst the three as they try to stay alive long enough to free Stefan Viewpoints alternate back and forth as both situations escalate to the breaking point Here s how it shouldn t work, but did You take virtually all your main characters underworld, with barely a backwards glance at Fells Church, and spend 500 pages playing dress up and indulging your master slave Damon fetish in an incredibly undemony demon world while doing some sub Phil McGraw level psychoanalyzing Oh, and you keep your bad guys entirely offscreen kitsu who , but give us a giant, way out of left field, Evil Polly Wants A Cracker bird attack instead Congratulations, you ve made the final step down from novelist to fanfic writer I understand that Damon s interesting than Stefan But having your heroine tart it up with her boyfriend s brother is not endearing her to anyone, so you just need to have her stick with her choice and surrender this whole love triangle crap I mean seriously, isn t this a little too New Moon already Unless you want to change triangles Bonnie Matt Damon, anyone Stop trying to be Gossip Girl crossed with Stephenie Meyer, and go back to writing awesome fiction love, j PS Remember When you catch yourself writing hot vampires with attack pets, you know it s fanfic.

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    I really don t know where to begin with this review One star seems like too many This book was atrocious.I cannot comprehend how my favorite author has gone from such a tight, concise, intelligent writing style to one that reads like the worst kind of adolescent fan fiction I do not believe the same person who wrote the original quartet is the person who is writing the new trilogy You cannot convince me otherwise Is no one editing these books The first half was easy enough to read, but the second half had so many issues I can t possibly list them all chapters ending in the middle of random thoughts, characters and plot ideas that are useless and never seen again, post it notes, grammatical errors, the complete obliteration of the original characters If you are like me and have spent the better part of two decades adoring these characters and their world and their author s other work , I implore you to avoid this book unless you want your heart broken, or you are a fan of juvenile sado masochism, as there is a bizarre element of that here but it is not hot or sexy or steamy Attn LJS Please stop Apparently someone is telling you that people like Fluffy Damon but I am going to be completely honest no one who loved the Damon you created in the early 90s wants anything to do with this Damon Or this Stefan, or any of the other characters after what you ve done to them in the Return series WHAT ARE YOU THINKING No Mary Sue characters, I beg of you And HarperTeen, you should be ashamed of yourselves for putting this tripe on paper.

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    I just finished Shadow Souls Elena sounds so beutiful but, i guess that the book and show are very different Elena is not a brunett Caroline is not a blonde THe books are so much better than the show sry but that is the truth.

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    I couldn t make it past page 283 There s nothing significantly bad about page 283, in case you re worried about spoilers, but I realized after reading 17 chapters that I simply couldn t take it any.I m too old for this series.I bought the original series the trilogy when they were first published I love them still, even though my tastes have gotten much demanding as I ve grown Reading the Return series for the first time as an adult, I don t have that rosy affection for it that I have for the original books It s not that there s anything wrong with this series L.J Smith s writing has not significantly improved or declined in the intervening years I ve just grown to expect depth from a book even a YA title than what s here.

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    After The Return Nightfall, Stefan was captured and took as a prisoner to the demonic world called The Dark Dimension, and all wasn t well in the town of Fell s Church Elena and Daman set themselves on a quest to rescue Stefan, along came Bonnie and Meredith, Elena s loyal friends the three girls must pretend to be Daman s slaves in order to pass the gate to the demonic world, here came yet another episode of dark adventure sighs after reading Shadow Souls, all I can say is that I wish upon wish if only this book along with Nightfall are the first two books of a standalone new YA fantasy series by L J Smith, with entirely different, new characters of their own right to roam the story s universe instead of being a part of The Vampire Diaries Shadow Souls would have been good if it was a standalone, but it fails to deliver as a continuity of the VD series The tone is off, the setting and worldview of that story has hardly anything in common with the fictional world of vampire and supernatural events that was established in the first four books Not to mention Daman s endless longing for Elena is tiring Where did the Daman Bonnie hints go anyway It s non exist in Shadow Souls , and Elena s hesitation on which brother she should be with is just unnecessary, plus nothing can clean Elena of the Mary Sue suspicion that had been hanging over her head now because that s exactly what she d became in the story a big fat Mary Sue who is so beautiful and desirable with amazing power that every guy is crazy about her What a shame sighs the story isn t entirely bad, but I m so so disappointed The Vampire Diaries should end in Book 4, even though the ending of Elena coming back to life and had a happy reunion with Stefan is too clich in my opinion If you ask me, the really touching ending of the VD series should be As a spirit, Elena successfully saved Stefan and Daman from getting killed by the bad male ancient vampire can t remember his name, sorry then Elena in spirit form had a tearful moment of reunion with her true love Stefan, but eventually the time for Elena to leave this world had arrived and she had to say goodbye to Stefan, Daman and her dear friends With everyone watching her with tear in their eyes, the girl walked into the tunnel of light and disappeared, departed from this world Ends of the Story Sadly this never happened because hardly any YA author is daring enough to kill off his or her main characters and allow them to stay dead to the end nor do them daring enough to let the main couple not having the Happily Ever After in their books deep sighs

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