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quotes Sherlock Academy, litcharts Sherlock Academy, symbolism Sherlock Academy, summary shmoop Sherlock Academy, Sherlock Academy 7ad32bea Rollie And His Best Friend Cecily Enroll In Sherlock Academy, A School That Trains Them To Be Detectives Like The Great Sleuth Holmes Within The First Week Of School, A Burglar Is Committed And A Mystery Unravels Rollie Uses His Learned Skills To Investigate He Soon Discovers Appearances Can Be Deceiving And The Truth Can Be Hurtful, But Solving The Case Is Everything Does He Have What It Takes To Be As Good As Holmes Can He Solve The Mystery And Save The School From An Unknown Villain

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    I m a 37 year old man child reading a book intended for 8 10 year olds, so let s split the difference and put myself into the mind of a 9 year old to review it.Hold on let me get into character Farts Tee hee Boogers Tee hee Poop Tee hee Sorry that was still me Now I ll really get into character and write as 9 year old me I like Sherlock Academy I like that there is a boy like me who solves mysteries like Sherlock Holmes, who is a famous detective who is very smart He has a friend who is a girl, but is not his girlfriend, because of grossness He has a scary aunt who helps him All of the grown ups in this book are kind of stupid because a little boy is smarter than they are And the boy isn t even that smart His name is Rollin I thought maybe it was supposed to be Rolling but someone couldn t spell But then they called him Rollie So I guess that s his name too Rolling would be a pretty silly name because the boy is not a car and does not have wheels I liked the part where he got the hat like Sherlock I didn t like his roommate I don t know what marmalade is, but I would like to put some on my toast Okay, now 37 year old me gets to review it from the perspective of this being a book I could potentially read to my kids Love, love, love the premise of this book a mysterious academy that trains Britain s finest young inductive minds because Sherlock practiced INDUCTIVE reasoning, people to be the next generation of Sherlock Holmeses and, in this reality, Holmes was a real person It s a genius concept, even though all British boarding school books in the post Harry Potter era unfairly suffer in comparison to that landmark opus In terms of execution, though it s too simplistic That s not me judging from my high and mighty, ivory towered chair as a grown up that s me judging from the would this presumably hold my kids attention at some point stool Sadly, I m not sure that it would at least, not as a read aloud book It might if they re reading it themselves, but, either way, I wanted to see a little bit complex plotting and adult characters acting a little less foolishly It s not as though the book shies away from grown up content spoiler alert one of the bad guys offs himself rather than talking to the coppers , so it s not dumbing things down as a matter of course it s just not, in my opinion, giving kiddos enough credit for being able to and likely wanting to tackle a challenging tale that makes full use of its very cool premise.Perhaps future volumes will remedy this issue I mean, this IS a first book in a series, and Sorcerer s Philosopher s Stone pales in comparison to the books that come after, too So, I ll keep an open mind But, than anything, this book made me wish I d thought of the idea so I could take a whack at crafting it anew Heh Poop.

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    I ll say it I absoutely adored this book I adored everything about it, from the cute cover art, to the straightforward writing style, to the endearing relationship between Rollie Cecily our engaging pair of heroes.There s obviously been some comparisons to the Harry Potter series, and not unreasonably so there s certainly some of the same ideas tropes to be found in both books, but I think this book manages to both revere that comparison, and yet also set itself apart into it s own space I will say that, in reading this, I got the same feeling I did when I read the first Harry Potter book, when you realize that you ve found something special The big difference, however, between Harry Potter and this book is the ideal of family life while Harry has no immediate family to speak of and his relatives hate him , our likable hero Rollie Wilson has a clost knit, loving family, each with enough distincive personalites and quirks so that we can easily identify with them as we see them That alone is enough to give this series a differnt feel fromt he first page Additionally, where Harry and Co have magic to fall back on, it s clear that Rollie and Co., by definition, will be relying primarily on their wits and deductive reasoning, which is a great conceit and a great message to send to readers.The plot is fairly straightforward and, as expected, this first book is mostly set up , but there are still enough plot elements and switch ups to keep it interesting throughout Another strong point in it s favor is it s all ages accessibility This is really a wholesome book, with no objectionable parts that I could notice and, though it s set in the 1930 s, and has that delightfully charming Retro Feel to it, it also has a remarkably modern style of writing and sensibilities that enhance, rather than detract from the series as a whole.I, for one, am eagerly awaiting the sequels, and would highly recommend this not only to children of all ages, but to those who are young at heart.

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    I may be a little partial, but I do believe this may be one of my favorite books

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    A fun story for young mystery buffs.

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    Boy do I love this book Imagine the basic concept of Harry Potter with it s plucky young hero, his friends, eccentric professors, and main villain but instead of becoming wizards witches, they are being taught the ways of Sherlock Holmes in the hopes of becoming private detectives or policemen So worth it and it s only.99 on

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    This was such a fun book It made me want to pull out a magnifying glass and become a detective It was an easy and quick read but was exciting till the end I wish I had kids to read this story to because they would love it I m looking forward to reading the 2nd one.

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    Quite enjoyable

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    Sherlock Academy Sherlock Academy 1 by F.C Shaw is a newer mystery series for kids I was looking for something that was written in the last few years and came across this series I decided to locate the first book in the series and start from there It s a good start to what I can only expect will be a great little series to read Especially if they build on one another so kids can see the development of the characters throughout The book is about a group of young aspiring detectives who live in none other than Sherlock Holmes s old Baker Street home Rollie and Cecily have been invited to attend Rollie is a great character who seems to get along with everyone and refrains from making fun their idiosyncrasies though he is strongly aware of them He is extremely observant and is forever trying to uncover hidden secrets and other strange happenings around him His aunt is equally smart, someone that you expect will have a greater part in the continued plot then she seems ready to let on Cecily, her friend and classmate at the Sherlock Academy is the Watson of the series Much like the original Watson she s really bright in her own ways and unwavering in her loyalty to Rollie and his case This is a terrific book that keeps you engaged and could see loving this if it was a round when I was a child It s a good book for kids to learn about friendship and how to treat others It also shows them how to use their minds and imagination to enjoy life I think too often as a adults we try and make kids grow up to fast and remove the magic from the world Books like this remind us and kids they need to enjoy the now and dare to get lost in the magic.

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    It took a little bit to get into this one I had to talk my daughter into continuing to read it with me even after we d gotten about a fourth of the way into the book By the end of the book, though, she was telling me it was the best book ever.I m not sure if it was the best book ever, but it was really good It would probably be even better for kids I really like the way the author writes She doesn t write down for the children, but she writes in a way that all the children would understand it, and both children and adults can enjoy it As far as the plot goes, it was probably a little too easy for adults to guess the twists in the end, but I m not sure my daughter saw them coming.We also bought the second book in the series, and I m anxious to start reading that one with my daughter too.

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    Let s get our Sherlock on In true Sherlock fashion this middle grade mystery is fun and suspicious Nothing is as it seems Rollie must use his instincts to look past the surface and find the true meaning behind the academy, his peers, and his family.I think Sherlock Academy gives middle grade readers many reasons to love it First, it s just a great book, there s adventure, mystery, and lots of fun Second, who doesn t like to show our family that we CAN Third, there are many thinly veiled life lessons on here that parents will appreciate, but readers will just enjoy.More Source Kindle Unlimited Publisher Date April 23rd 2015 by Future House PublishingGenre Middle Grade MysteryASIN B00WLV1PRSPages 138Grade AAges 7 14Setting Santa Maria, CaliforniaSeries Sherlock Academy

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