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  • Paperback
  • 304 pages
  • Tavshed i oktober
  • Jens Christian Grøndahl
  • English
  • 06 November 2019
  • 9780156012973

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    Having lived in Scandinavia, I ve developed a taste, evidently, for cultures that are hard to crack I m always seeking out the work of new Scandinavian authors to fall in love with I return to Peter Hoeg s Smilla s Sense of Snow over and over I ve even begun shopping around an essay I wrote on that one no other contemporary Nordic prose writer has moved me nearly so much.Until nowperhaps I m re reading Jens Christian Grondahl s Silence in October I read it for the first time about a year ago and came away from it with very mixed feelings I loved the sense of mystery, the way time collapses, how the narrator shifts between periods of his personal history I loved the sense of being in Copenhagen again, vicariously I did not love that the protagonist did something in a past relationship I don t want to give away too much here that seems to have no external consequences for him although the internal ones who that experience makes him as he moves into his future could be read by some as sufficient consequence I imagine the life of both people in a relationship after such an event, and I want, in theory, to have compassion for both of them as they become different people As I re read the book, I see that Grondahl is revealing how deeply one may pay for old sins by becoming something else, someone else even if that someone else appears to be a better, finer person than the original But I don t buy that when the one who has caused such hurt meets with his her victim past lover there would be the kind of acceptance , even a desire to reconcile, perhaps, that Grondahl portrays As we heard ad nauseum in graduate school, the relationship s portrayal is PROBLEMATIC, to say the very least.Meanwhile, as I re read Silence, I ve also begun another Grondahl novel, Lucca I m enjoying reading something else by Grondahl, and the sense of mystery, of revisiting a country that haunts me, etc., is quite pleasurable As I muddle through midlife, seeing how fictional characters take stock is heartening both Grondahl and Hoeg know how to portray the self doubt, the fortunate moments of connection, etc that go along with long term relationships, not only those inspired by romantic partnership, but also those with parents and children, with friends and others lost to death or distance, and, most intimately, with oneself.

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    An author s wife leaves him and his grown up children just as he is getting ready to leave for New York on business The book is mainly set in Denmark and is translated from the Danish The author tracks his wife s movements by watching her credit card transactions on his computer and he discovers that she is re tracing a trip to Portugal they took together years ago That s basically the plot The rest of the book is a wonderful introspection of the author s life as he reflects upon his life and marriage I ve read hundreds of books and this is the most introspective and psychologically in depth reflection of a man s life that I can recall And it s fascinating The moral of the story is that a woman always KNOWS Yet even after almost three hundred pages of brilliant introspection, this man is clueless It has great writing A sample I vowed never again to love in vain, never again to wear my heart on my sleeve like a war veteran displaying his medals from a war no one remembered And I felt hopelessly conventional, almost like a plainclothes cop, as we walked through the East Village, which seemed to be populated by a cross section of international originals, so that eccentricity had become the norm while the normal was extraordinary Read this book.

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    A lovely, introspective, quietly beautiful novel A man wakes to find that his wife of 18 years is leaving him At first, you sympathize with him in his bewilderedness, then as the narrative of his life unfolds, you start to understand the reason behind the separation Memory, the man finds, is a tricky thing You can go your whole life believing that something that happened to you was right and good But when faced with an alternative path that becomes very viable, your whole life falls under speculation It is human nature for us to question whether the grass really is greener I personally think that 9 times out of 10 it s not But yet we hope and wonder We are buoyed by our romanticism, our imaginations, our let s face it innate selfishness And it can be our downfall We can only hope that we have the sense to value what is, by all rights, our carefully nurtured choices.

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    This is a terribly sad book, sometimes insidiously so My four stars are for Jens Christian Gr ndahl and the translator Anne Born, for they have immersed themselves into this gloomy world of the drama that lies within us and come out with such gorgeous and breathtaking prose It took me sometime before I was able to immerse myself into this ocean of words But once I got used to it, I felt, at many moments, that Jens Christian paints with his words The subtle, provocatively dark and nuanced poetic writing is brimming with melancholic undertones There was a repetitive vibe that clings to the writing that dissects the vital moments in narrator s life, and as a narrative device, it works splendidly I have always been drawn towards writers who are least bothered about writing plot driven fiction And as I read the pages that were filled with in depth retrospective reflections on the interplay and interpretations of feelings, desires, beliefs, and emotions of your past selves, it dawned on me that this is one of the most psychologically detailed interior monologues I ve read, ever, probably second to Proust This wasn t a delightful read by any stretch of imagination but the gnawing little part in me that longs to put on the cloak of an adult persuaded me that this was, after all, an important read I am contented that I listened to it Having said that, this is not an easy read For there were times when I felt I wasn t a reader at all but someone who was gaping through the cracks in the soul of the narrator, without his knowledge, intruding his intimate spaces I felt like I was sauntering through one of those enigmatic forests where I am fascinated by the sights I m witnessing but also fearful of the sounds I m hearing Then again, the unease arose out of something else After many reading sessions, I was left with a sense of fear and helplessness, as to how my future selves will judge my past selves, to the extent that I had to persuade myself to stop reading for a while and distract myself with doses of pop culture Trying to think of the multitudes contained within us, I could not help but muse that there are so many shadows lurking behind the canvas of every person that we should feel honored and privileged to penetrate even through a few of them But to think that from these few shadows we can know about those other shadows which are locked in rooms which are inaccessible to us is a blind alley, a trap, an abyss So, I really don t know what to write about my relationship with this book, I ll have to read it again after a few years to think about it, and I m curious to see what nerves it ll prick then.

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    This is not a terrible book, and I m sure some people like it very much, but it s not for me It s a DNF There is a lot of rumination of past discussions or experiences with the missing wife, but very little action Not for me, sorry.

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    A melancholy exploration of the innermost thoughts on life, decisions, how we see ourselves, love, dreams, desires, change and marriage Slow and meandering it almost felt as though I were reading a diary Really quite wonderful.

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    They say that something is always lost in translation Unfortunately I can t read in Danish so I read this book in the Dutch translation The translated version is so beautiful that I really wonder what it must be like in the original language Of course, this is also meant as a compliment to the translator I highly recommend this book and Jens Christian Gr ndahl s work in general.Er wordt gezegd dat er altijd wat in een vertaling verloren gaat Jammergenoeg kan ik niet in het Deens lezen dus moest ik het met de Nederlandse vertaling doen Het boek is echter in vertaling zo mooi dat ik me afvraag hoe goed het origineel dan wel niet moet zijn Natuurlijk is dit ook bedoeld als een groot compliment voor de vertaler Ik kan dit boek erg aanbevelen en daarnaast het overige werk van Jens Christian Gr ndahl voor zover ik het heb gelezen.

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    I am so embarrassed Hailed as a masterpiece, and captures the essence of our time, this was absolutely awful And, what is awful, in desperation I chose it as one of the few books I could find written by a Dane for my Scandinavian Smorgasbord literature class, reading one book from each Scandinavian country Obviously, because of constraints of time, I did not have an opportunity to read this This is going to be a terribly painful experience I deserve it I have put my class through horrible pain in having to read this It is about a man wondering if he has ever been happy But, did he have to make his readers unhappy while he was doing it Banging my head against the wall.

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    I came to this book by way of Out Stealing Horses because that was so well translated that I looked for other books by the translator, Anne Born This is an excellent book in which the main character, a man, examines his life in light of his wife leaving him unexpectedly Anne Born s rewriting of Grondahl s novel is excellent in the extreme I ve only read this once but intend to reread it.

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    I mused that time is not only a river, but a river that constantly breaks its banks so you must flee from it as it covers everything behind your back, flee into the future, empty handed, dispossessed, as the river obliterates your footsteps with each stride you take, each time you pass from one moment to the next.

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characters Tavshed i oktober, audiobook Tavshed i oktober, files book Tavshed i oktober, today Tavshed i oktober, Tavshed i oktober 6f5fd After Eighteen Years Of Marriage, An Art Historian Wakes Up One Morning To Find His Wife Standing In The Bedroom Doorway With Her Bags Packed, Leaving Him With No Explanation Alone In His Copenhagen Apartment, He Tries To Make Sense Of His Enigmatic Marriage And Life Memories Of Driving A Cab, Quiet Walks In The Snow, And Intense Sojourns In Paris And New York Pass Through His Mind In Fleeting Images The He Thinks Of His Wife, However, The Mysterious She Becomes To Him Slowly He Realizes That Two People Can Live Together For Years Without Ever Really Knowing Each Other, And That The Most Important Encounters In One S Life Are Dictated By Chance, Not Design Exploring With Great Subtlety The Secret, Unpredictable Connections Between Men And Women, Silence In October Is A Psychological Novel Of Immense Acuity And Masterful Storytelling

About the Author: Jens Christian Grøndahl

Jens Christian Gr ndahl is one of the most celebrated and widely read authors in Europe today He has written plays, essays, and eleven novels The publication of Silence in October marks Gr ndahl s U.S debut His novel Lucca was awarded the prestigious Golden Laurels Prize in 1999 He lives in Copenhagen.Bibliography Kvinden i midten 1985 Syd for floden 1986 Rejsens bev gelser 1988 Det