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txt Someone I Used to Know , text ebook Someone I Used to Know , adobe reader Someone I Used to Know , chapter 2 Someone I Used to Know , Someone I Used to Know c7962b Adley Adair S Ex Boyfriend Did Than Just Write An International Bestseller About Their Failed Relationship He Exposed All Her Dirty Little Secrets To The World, And Locked All Her Demons Into Print, Masquerading It As A Love Story Three Years Removed From The Relationship That Changed Her Life, Adley Is Just A College Student Who Wants Nothing Than To Forget The Whole Thing Ever Happened, But When The Studio Making Cam S Book Into A Movie Makes Her An Offer She Can T Refuse, Adley Finds Herself Back On A Plane To California And The Life She Thought She D Left Behind Now, She S Not Just Dealing With The Only Man She S Ever Loved, But Also The Australian Movie Star Who Refuses To Let Her Hide From A Past That She Can T ChangeA New Adult Contemporary Romance Novel

About the Author: Blakney Francis

Blakney Francis was born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama where she developed an unhealthy obsession with college football but never once had the urge to marry a cousin as the stereotypes of the South might suggest To contact her for interviews or if you re interested in featuring one of her books on your blog please email BlakneyFrancis gmail.com Like her on facebook

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    The cover of this book really doesn t do it justice, and neither does the summery, which also doesn t truthfully give you an idea of what this book is about.I ve been reading a lot of books lately, but I know this one Me Before You will stay with me for a long time.Adley Adair has been doing everything in her power to try and forget her past, but that is not so easy when there s a book written about you Adley has never read the book as it is too painful for her to remember the sacrafices and decisions she had to make to get to where she is now She d been doing a great job at trying to forget, minding her own business and not attract to much attention to who she is But all of that is about to change when her ex boyfriend Cam who is also the writer of the book about her calls to ask her help with the movie adaption Adley doesn t want to go, but she desperately needs the money, so she agrees to do it anyway And what is waiting for her is far than Adley could have ever expected Especially Declan Davies, who seems hellbent on making her life miserable than it already is.For 547 pages I found Adley extremely unlikeable most of the time, but not to the point where I couldn t read about her any I just didn t like the choices she made, the way she kept people at bay, even when they were desperately trying to find a way into her life She was was acting like a bitch, and I just couldn t understand why They might have been good reasons to her, but to me it seemed a little cold So for 547 pages I found myself silently judging this character, whishing for her to stop being so annoying and cold Trying to pretend her past doesn t exist ignoring everything that happened before.And then it dawned on me I am Adley Adair Sure, her backstory is nothing close to mine, if anything my backstory is similiar to Cam than to Adley But boy do I act like Adley a lot of the time Keeping my distance from people I love loved me, running away , shutting people out Once that realization sank in I realized I wasn t so much hating on Adley, I was hating my own choices really.It might have taken a lot of time for Adley to accept the past for what it is and move forward, I am not there But this story surely gave me a lot to think about when it comes to my own demons I think that pretending your hand isn t broken doesn t make it any less broken How can you heal if you won t even accept that you re broken

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    This is a public service review on behalf of Australians In fact if there were such a thing as the slang police I would be reporting the author We do NOT speak like Declan This book sounded like an some light fun and being an Australian, I was looking forward to an Aussie character.The author clearly must have discovered an Aussie slang dictionary from the 1970 s or earlier because the supposed sexy, sophisticated, educated, super famous Australian actor character Declan s speech was liberally ie over the top peppered with outdated and misused slang For an Australian it is so distracting, I ve found it really hard to get into the story and I m very disappointed as a result I m cringing as I read.there are so many occurrences, for example women being referred to as Sheila s kinda died out in the 70 s Okay, maybe way, way out west ie remote and isolated sheep cattle stations there are a couple of old shearers or ringers who may still use the term but seriously NO ONE here speaks like that The mis use of the vernacular is ruining his credibility ie Declan, the supposed super, sexy hero use the term doodle in reference to his penis some children under the age of 5 would, but an adult, never , in a sex scene no, no, no, nooooooooo that would be like him calling it his winkie in a hot sexy scene.Such a shame coz the story could be really enjoyable without that distraction.

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    I haven t reviewed a book in quite a while, so sorry if this isn t eloquently written Actual Review 3.5 Stars I first decided to read the book because, obviously, the storyline intrigued me I went in expecting Adley Adair, the main character, to be dealing with the consequences of her past and the unwanted fame that came with the publishing of her past relationship Instead, what I got to read was her coming to terms with her past decision, with the help of oh so sexy Aussie movie star Declan Davies In the end, I honestly wasn t sure how rate this book I couldn t really understand the seemingly excuse my language half assed reasoning behind Adley s actions in the past Her making decisions for everyone else without anyone fighting her was hard to grasp without lifting an eyebrow, but I realize that this particular character flaw was a driving force behind the novel s events Besides this, I thought the book was interesting and well written a nice, albeit drama filled novel about learning to accept the past and embrace the present.One particularly nice aspect about the book was how the reader isn t just told Adley s entire life story in the beginning Instead the reader is shown two sides of the past Adley s through her narration, and Cameron s through the scenes filmed on set The story itself is written between Adley and Declan s POVs Declan s focuses on his perception of Adley how different an Adley she is from the one he read about in Cameron s book , and his determination to get her to come to terms with her past Adley s focuses on her past and her constant need to run away from it.Each character contributes something to the story, whether to shed light on another character s personality, or to offer advice as several do to Adley I came to like all the characters each played a part in transforming Adley view spoiler The ending was nice, but I wished we were able to learn about Cameron, not only in the end but throughout the story I also wanted to know if Adley ever went to see her daughter, as Cameron had hide spoiler

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    I loved this book It was so much complex and emotionally involving than I expected based on the synopsis I was instantly drawn into the story and loved the glimpses we got into the characters pasts, the complicated relationships that seemed so real I love this type of romance the whole famous guy in love with a normal girl thing, but the best thing about this book was how extraordinary the heroine really was, and how realistic and flawed her choices were, even as she demonstrated strength and integrity In so many romances, I am left wondering what exactly it is that draws people to the heroines so often they can be cookie cutter Mary Sue types with self esteem issues that everyone sees as cute or irresitable In this case, the heroine was fascinating, not just to the love interests, but to the reader I wanted to know about her I cried with her, I laughed with her, and by the end, I just wanted to have a martini with her and give her a hug.Everyone should read this book I know I will read it multiple times I can easily see this becoming a life long favorite I can t wait to see from this author.

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    NO I m sorry, but, no view spoiler There is a scene where the supposed love interest of the poor girl who had previously put her child up for adoption TAUNTS her, simply trying to get a rise out of her for the sake of it, by asking things like, Do you even know what color your child s hair was , and What could it have hurt, seeing her for ONE day in the hospital And then, the very next scene She screws him for the first time.I m no prude, and I m not someone to generally complain when something is slightly politically incorrect But just the fact that this ass of a character was using the most traumatic experience of a girl s life to bully her into some twisted form of flirtation, which the book seemingly had no issue with Disgusting.Oh, and, even before this scene This book was full of utterly repulsive views of male romantic intentions he despised her because she dared to call him out on his arrogant behavior, and as such, he wanted to have sex with her until she begged for forgiveness Really, book Don t even bother with this one hide spoiler

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    Well, this was such a pleasant surprise I really enjoyed the author s writing style A unique storyline which was SO refreshing in a world filled with cookie cutter books and often repeated story lines The characters were believable and I was thoroughly engaged in this the whole way through.

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    Re read June 2017This book is SO freaking good This is a really beautiful and deep story that you can t help being touched by It is sad, happy, cute and, then sad again before a wonderful HEA ending.Normally I have this problem with epilogues I absolutely hate them.But when an author writes this in her epilogue All an epilogue really is, is an excuse for the author to draw things out as long as possible Well, it made me laugh out loud And I loved it.Besides, this epilogue really finalized the story in the best way.Original review Wow, it is a long time since I have been so pleasantly surprised It just got better and better and better 5 giant stars.

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    Fabulous It was not a new story but the way it was told was refreshing All the characters were well portraited, and though, some dense topics were being discussed the book has a light way to approach them.Adley Adair is an intriguing figure and I just wanted to understand her and Cam as much as Declan.I loved the fact that we can t know exactly everything, cause in real life we never know The book has great quotes and beautiful momentts Of course, there is some spice and romance, but for me the best was Adley s journey into becoming a new her.I recommend this book for anyone in search of something funny, spicy but at the same time with a real story to be told.

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    I picked this book to read because I thought it would be a fun, flirty book Boy, was I wrong However, I m glad it blew away my assumptions Don t get me wrong it has its fun, flirty moments but it was much than that.I don t know how to review this book without giving away its plot, but I will say this the book made me stop and think and there aren t many books that can do that for me.

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    I had such high hopes for this book Reader reviews were enthusiastic The story was self contained and sequel less which I thought showed promise However, I found it such an unappealing read.The author set out to create a unique storyline Had she succeeded in making it work through and through, this would have been a great standout in a sea of repetitive YA romance novels But the fact that she never delved that deep into the inescapable trauma, regret, and resentment caused everything to fall a bit flat.In between what I thought were Beginner 101 observations on love, life and choice, she inserted this inevitable attraction meaningless sex relationship thing I guess that worked so well that I never for a second believed its progression into substantial romantic love.Adley and Declan were unimpressive human beings Hinting at how good, selfless and lovable they were isn t the same as showing us It s not enough to flat out loud state it That s just not artful enough.Now, Cam s character had real potential A half heartbroken, inscrutable writer type I wish he hadn t been absent for 99% of the text I also wished this very juicy monologue which I m about to quote next had been a touchstone that was worked upon earlier and extensively But when did you stop being in love with me I didn t agree to that I let you go Isn t that what you re supposed to do If you love someone, then let them go You were supposed to do what you needed to do, to move on from what happened, and get back to being who you are You weren t supposed to fall in love with someone else But what I really hated was the insta resolution of Adley s issues One unbelievably convenient conversation is all it took for her to heal herself and work through her issues No No Doesn t work that way.P.S The Australian slang thing got so old so fast.

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