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files Someone Named Eva, read online Someone Named Eva, free Someone Named Eva, free Someone Named Eva, Someone Named Eva 6c41f097a In , Eleven Year Old Milada Is Taken From Her Home In Lidice, Czechoslovakia, Along With Other Blond, Blue Eyed Children To A Lebensborn Center In Poland There She Is Trained To Be A Proper German For Adoption By A German Family, And All The While She Struggles To Remember Her True Identity

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    Don t blink or you ll miss it The arrival of a noteworthy work of historical fiction for kids tends to work one of two ways Either the marketing machine behind the book hits bookstores and libraries full force, cramming said book down everyone s throats until they yield and make it a bestseller award winner or nothing happens at all The book slips onto shelves without so much as a squeak, never insisting that anyone go out of their way to find it Someone Named Eva belongs firmly in the latter camp It s small and subtle and extraordinarily good The kind of WWII children s fiction other authors should look to emulate, given the chance.Eleven year old Milada remembers the night The night when there was pounding on the door and Nazis in her Czechoslovakian home The night when her grandmother pressed a garnet pin into her hand and told her to never forget who she was But since that time Milada had a difficult time keeping that promise Having been forcibly removed from her family and taken to a bizarre Nazi run girl s school, Milada quickly learns the reason for her presence in the Lebensborn center her shiny golden hair and bright blue eyes Renamed Eva, Milada is part of a system intent upon turning her into a good German citizen The kind of place where she can be taught the evils of the Jews, the glory of Hitler, and the joys of being adopted into a real German family s home Based on events following the destruction of Lidice, Czechoslovakia, author Joan Wolf tells of the real Lebensborn center in Poland, the crimes it committed against an untold number of girls during WWII, and what it takes to stay true to your heritage.Wolf is also very good at displaying the effectiveness of intense psychological brainwashing When Milada says that, it was hard to remember that I wasn t a Nazi, that I didn t want to be the Aryan ideal, that I hated Germany, you understand why she says this The psychological damage inflicted on these girls must have been intense Little wonder then that, as Wolf mentions in her Author s Note, Very little has been written in English about the Lebensborn centers that housed kidnapped children, part of which may be due to the fact that so few children were found after the war What s , Wolf knows how to manipulate her reader so that we find ourselves in the same position as Milada When she realizes with a shock that she can t remember her old name, I challenge you to remember it yourself It s gone and as she wracks her memory, we wrack our own Such a clever technique.My mind makes me pair books together That s just how it works And at some point, mid way through a read of Someone Named Eva , I realized that this book should be paired alongside The Night of the Burning Devorah s Story by Linda Press Wulf Both take place during WWII, and they deal with very different adoption journeys You could create an entire reading unit out of these two books alone It s almost as if they were made for one another, so perfectly to they complement and contrast one another s themes Before you do that, however, you must read this book first It s Joan M Wolf s first book for children, and I want it to get a proper amount of attention Books like this one don t write themselves For a good jolt of historical fiction to the brain, Someone Named Eva may well be one of the smartest books of the year.

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    I cried while reading this book It was heart breaking and very powerful.Honestly, I don t think I can add anything else right now as I need to mentally work through the horror of what I have just read Joan Wolf is a genius.5 5

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    I currently finished Someone Named Eva by Joan M Wolf This review is only about the theme of the story,which I like to describe by picking words to describe the theme I think the the two words that best state the theme of the book are hope bravery The first is bravery because Milada was taken away from her family to go to a harsh German boarding school to learn German ways,the language, and life As well as getting a new name,Eva It was hard for her since she was Czech and hated the Germans for how they had caused a war and took over her country, especially her small village Lidice She had to be brave to take on all her challenges that awaited her like being adopted,witnessing sad prisoner work camps,and other hardships coming The other word, hope is because every night she never gave up thinking about her parents who would come for her Sometimes she and her new friend Liesel would at night sneak into the school s chapel and talk about their lives before,their real names,and how they were certain they had their families looking for them Another word that could describe this book heritage because with her starting out Czech as her daily life,then learning German as another daily life, and then having to learn Czech again since she had forgotten Some text evidence to support this statement is she would everyday forget a little Czech and then have it be refilled with German Many days, she realized she even forgot her real name This book has great themes and I give it a Five star rating

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    I couldn t put this book down It is a fictionalized account of a topic I had previously known nothing about the kidnapping of Eastern European children e.g., Polish, Czech, etc by Nazis to be placed first in Lebensborn centers and later to be adopted as Aryan children into German families.This is a book geared for the juvenile audience While there is very little in the book that details the horrors of the Holocaust, I think the topic itself would probably be incredibly terrifying to children Perhaps so than even the subject of concentration camps because being taken from their family would be an idea that might be easier to comprehend and thus be scared of then the horrors of a camp Here are a couple of articles about this topic some better written than others, but I could find very little information about this policy discussion of the Lebensborn project, discussing both the kidnapping of Aryan featured children and the encouragement by Himmler for Aryan featured women to get pregnant by SS and Wermacht officers http www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org j This article isn t incredibly well written but it s from an oral interview with a UNRRA worker, whose responsibility in part was to track down these children her description is a MUST READ inaccuracies in this article, but not bad

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    I am currently reading Someone Named Eva by Joan M Wolf I am not that far into the book, so there isn t much to tell you about the story part of it, but I ll try my best This book was a recommendation by Mrs Foley, its genre is historical fiction, it is placed in the time when the Nazis ruled Milda is Jewish, and the day after her birthday the Nazis come They separate the men and women of the village and take the men away The women are taken into a gymnasium, wondering where the men of their family have been taken They just found that the men arethat s as far as I got I like how the author will use vivid words or a great description to pull you, I just never want to stop reading it Plus it is a nice topic, not my favorite genre but I will think I, and everyone who reads it will enjoy this book I have experienced going to a knew place, just in a different way Sometimes it s dreadful, but in someways it can be great I wonder if maybe the author experienced this, maybe that s why she picked this topic So far out of a 5 star rating I would give the book 3 stars I am hoping it s a great book and I can t wait to read the rest.

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    Someone Named Eva is by far the most moving and masterfully written book that I had read in a while This historical fiction novel tells the story of a young girl, Milada from a small town in Czech Her life is blissful and peaceful, as the only effect the war has had in her small town is food rations for sweets and sugar That is until one ordinary night when Milada is woken to the screaming sounds of her mother and the sharp cries of her sister Milada rushes down to find German soilders, with guns pointed and faces stern, knocking down her humble home s door, and wrecking down all in their reach It was clear, the German soilders would take no mercy Milada is then ripped from her family because of her fair hair and blue eyes She is renamed Eva, commanded to attend a strict and unforgiving German School and is forced to forget anything and everything of the life she loved Though what broke Milada s heart the most is when she is faced with a grueling desicion Wether to remain Milada and resist the soilders commands at all costs, or to embrace Eva and risk loosing who she really is.A small girl from Czech, alone and frightend, only wanting to see her family again This book is by far one of my all time favorites and beautifully illustrates the harsh times during World War II, especially for Milada the years 1942 1945 I think a one of the main reasons I loved this book so much is because I can make a deep personal connection to it Even though my grandmother was much luckier than Milada, and her situation was slightly different, she too ran away form her home, Germany, and took the all famous ship to New York in World War There she was first greeted with the all famouse Statue of Liberty and then sailed to Mexico, which is were I grew up I also loved how it told it from Milada s prespective because that let me understand what she was really feelings, what stood out to her, and what she was afraid of losing her true identity and along with it, her family Everything about this book alowed me to really get to know and understand Milada s charachter This book will make you cry, and will show you the true power of a family s love It is also a great reminder to enjoy life, because it cold take a turn for the better or worse at any second I especially recommend this book to anyone who enjoys historical fiction or books like A Night Divided which talks of a similar subject This book also really reminded me of a siries called The Princess Diaries, because of its first person narration and a deep, personal view on each different situation.

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    Someone Named Eva Joann M Wolf Historical Fiction Set in WWII Germany Czechoslovakia Poland Milada is a young Czech girl She just celebrated her 11th Birthday in May of 1942 Shortly after this celebration her home is invaded by Nazi troops and her family is separated Her father and brother are taken away, while her sister, mother grandmother are held at school Once there the children are separated and inspected Milada is segregated with other children, she notes the one thing in common, they all have blond hair and blue eyes Soon Milada is put on a bus and taken away, leaving behind her beloved family.She finds herself in a training camp Once there they are taught German and only allowed to speak this Aryan language They are taught about Germany and how to be a Proper German Woman to follow in Hitler s plan to create a new Germany Soon Milada is stripped of her name , identity and pastshe is to be called Eva from here on Yet inside she recalls her grandmothers words before she is take from the Nazi s.those words are Always remember who you are, and where you came from Her grandmother slips her a special star shaped ruby pin, this become the only tie to her past, as she desperately holds on to it over the years.A touching story of one girls plight to survive the Hitler Regime I found this well written story to be fascinating, emotional and thought provoking It tells of the lost small village of Lidice, Czechoslovakia, which was invaded by Germany Under hitler s command and ultimately destroyed Hundreds of people were killed, taken to concentration camps, to die of starvation disease or at the brutal hands of the Nazi troops But the main story is of the few Lidice children who were take from their home to be molded into what Hitler wanted as the Perfect German An emotional and heart felt story, leaving a lasting memory, of the little known village and its people, whom none of which were Jewish most people relate to WWII and Hitler s regime, not knowing that other people besides Jewish, were taken and killed Also included at the end is a website in memorandum of those lives lost in the small but not forgotten town, Lidice Czechoslovakia.My Daughter did a book report on Someone Named Eva and after reading it I was compelled to read the book myself I was not disappointed And excellent read I highly recommend to adults as well as young readers.

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    I heard so many good things about this book, and I wanted to really love it I liked it It was a compelling, personal narrative about a little known atrocity perpetrated against a village in Czechoslovakia I would give it like 3.5 stars.Milada is taken from her family because is looks like the aryan ideal Most of the other women and girls her age are sent to a work camp for the duration of the war, but Milada is sent for Germanification education in Poland She is eventually adopted by a Nazi family near Berlin She is renamed Eva for the length of the ordeal, and at times she forgets her name, and by the end of the war, she has forgotten completely her native language For the most part, I found the story well written and highly readable The parts where she is at the reeducation center in Poland, I found the most difficult to get through, as the author was trying to fit so much information in, that the story suffered I read this on the same day as The Wall by Peter Sis The Czech have suffered so much at the hands of their neighbors It was a good combination, and would work well for anyone interested in readinga bout the the Czech during World War II and the Cold War The two together are very affecting.

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    BEWARE SOME SPOILERS.This is one of those rare books that leaves you in awe and you can t help but think about it for the rest of the day I can t even count how many times I ve read this book I love it I think that Joan M Wolf really took the time to research and interview people, which is part of what makes this book so spectacular Milada is extremely easy to relate to She has an annoying older brother, a best friend, a girl that she doesn t like, dreams, and hopes for the future The way that this book is written really makes the reader feel like they ve jumped inside the book and are observing it as it happens The emotions are incredibly strong than once tears pricked my eyes Milada is the kind of girl that you can t help but root for When she s taken away from her life as a Czech girl and tossed into the horrifying and unfamiliar German world, I was crossing my fingers that everything would be okay for her And to think that this is based on true events, that stuff like this really happened during World War II, well, that s a pretty harsh realization A big part of the book was Milada remembering who she was, and where she was from Her Babichka gave her a pin, along with these wise words When Milada has been in the center learning to be a German girl for so long that she forgets her name, it just about broke my heart Later on in the story, when Milada goes to live with her new German family, there are times when she seems to accept being a German, and pushes her true self behind her But she always remembers who she is, and that what happened is wrong The glorious moment of triumph comes when the war ends and Milada thinks she gets to go back to her life and family But then she finds out that her brother, father and grandmother are dead And she isn t that Czech girl any She s been ripped away from her life, molded into something different, and then thrown back in to a messed up version of what should have been All in all, this is a very real, heart wrenching read I completely recommend it, it s beautifully written and carefully thought out, and once you pick it up, you just can t put it down.

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    I agree with the reviewer who states that EVA is a hidden gem on the junior fiction shelves Based upon true events, this historical novel relates the experiences of Milada, a young Czech girl who is kidnapped from her family by the Nazis and given to a German family to raise Because they consider her fair complexion and blond hair worth preserving, Milada is spared the conventional horror, but plunged into an entirely different one EVA is an intense story for any age group and will stick with readers long after they close the cover.

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