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pdf Spell Bound (Women of the Otherworld, #12) , ebook Spell Bound (Women of the Otherworld, #12) , epub Spell Bound (Women of the Otherworld, #12) , doc Spell Bound (Women of the Otherworld, #12) , e-pub Spell Bound (Women of the Otherworld, #12) , Spell Bound (Women of the Otherworld, #12) 60ec105bbcf The New York Times Bestselling Author Sets The Stage For A Battle Of Epic ProportionsSavannah Levine Is All Grown Up As A Witch Endowed With An Array Of Spells, She Is Also A Force To Be Reckoned With As A Paranormal Investigator She Is Finally Coming Into Her Own But Her Last Case Tore A Family Apart, And Savannah Swore She D Give Up Her Powers To Fix The Mess She Helped Create Someone Or Something Must Have Been Listening Powerless And On The Run From Witch Hunting Assassins, Savannah Stumbles Upon A Gathering Storm That Threatens The Very Existence Of The Otherworld The Danger Is Real, And Savannah Must Somehow Join Forces With Old Friends Like Elena, Clay, Paige, Lucas, Jaime, And Hope To Face Their World S Greatest Threat And One That Just Might Come From Within

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    Just finished this very early ARC of Spell Bound and I truly hope it will be worked on some For now my thoughts are this installment is rather messy and anticlimactic.The novel starts with Savannah and Adam investigating the loss of Savannah s spell casting powers and learning about witch hunters introduced in Waking The Witch Eventually however all the trails lead to something huge, something that puts the whole supernatural community in danger.The thing is, we never actually find out what exactly this danger is We get to know some villains there is plenty of them , but we never learn what specifically they are after and how they are planning to achieve this thing they are after I guess we ll find out in the next book What Spell Bound is about is quite a bit of sleuthing performed by Adam and Savannah when they follow numerous leads with the help of their numerous friends in numerous places Spell Bound is one of those Women of the Otherworld books that take a hectic family reunion route Meaning almost every character from previous books makes a cameo Clay, Elena, Paige, Lucas, Hope, Karl, Jaime, Jeremy, Cassandra, etc they all show up regardless if they are actually needed or not I normally like such cameos, but here it felt excessive and often unnecessary.If you are invested in Adam Savannah relationship as much as I am, don t hold your breath The development is minimal, unfortunately The couple s interactions are hardly swoon worthy or even realistic, I would go as far as to call them contrived, especially when it comes to fighting about IDK what or making up After finishing this 12th book in the series I feel a tad disappointed There is a lot of running around and gathering of information, but most of the questions remain unanswered, story threads unresolved Basically, the novel has no solid plot, it is very fragmented and has no real climax This series has been a favorite of mine for awhile, but it is gradually becoming something like Sookie Stackhouse series I still enjoy reading the books, they are still entertaining, but they don t truly excite me any I particularly miss the hot romancesP.S I recently found out that the 13th book will be the last in the series More info here

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    3.5 Stuffing people into boxes is for those who have issues about their own box The weakest of the three final Savannah books, it was slapped with a 3.5 rating because of a few issues that can t be shaken Because the story elements were focused on so heavily, the regular characters came off flat Being in Savannah s head isn t as unique experience as I d hoped, but she s a decent heroine I wanted to see the kick ass, ultra powerful witch when we finally got to her viewpoint, but instead the author chose to remove most of her powers to humble her Would have been cool as a side story but not when she s in the lead Now she has to depend on other people and not reveal the neat mixture I m sure is existing in her blood of witch, sorcerer and half demon Instead we get the human version who is powerless Kind of disappointing.As I ve said in a few other reviews, I looked forward to finally seeing Adam as large character and love interest He was amusing and daring in the second book of the series and has been seen little since He was advertised as having a rare, strong power and a quirky personality Finally on stage, he comes across rather bland and vanilla His powers seem to wear out quickly and do one dimensional shots Their relationship isn t steamy or strong compared to Elaina Clay, Paige Lucas, nor does it have the sweet comfort feel that Jaime Jeremy do He bails a little easy and comes across kind of a jerk a few times in the story The storyline was good but it fizzled a bit because it is filler material, a bridge between books, building off of the last book but not yet at the final book where the main conflict and resolution will happen.It needs to be read if reading in the order because it shows the continued developments that will finish this series, and you do get other series characters rejoining the battle Not the best one but definitely good.

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    I am buzzing about this book and what it leads up to Amazing Savannah has preceded all other characters and is undoubtedly my new favourite She is sassy, fun, witty and boy oh boy in love This book has everything a good book needs, good characters, romance, danger, so thrilling, and a cliffhanger that has me itching for the last book Book 12 of the series picks off right where we left book 11, it s quite clever actually how Armstrong intermingles the stories Somehow I have a feeling all books in this series are going to link up to the last one AH I really need to read it So much to find out So putting all the chaotic drama to one side, one of the best parts of this book is the relationship friendship between Adam and Savannah I love that this is included, and Armstrong creates an atmosphere that is perfect I actually feel as though I am in Savannah s head There is a lot off character building with Savannah in this story and I love how Armstrong does it If you have not read this series, start from the beginning The journey these books take you on is brilliant, each one is better than the last Marvelous writing

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    Really, Armstrong A cliffhanger ending BAH Thankfully I waited until this series was completely to pick it up, so the only wait I ll have is the two other books I need to read before I can pick up the final book in this series.I ll be sad when I m done This series has been great

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    I loved this book Loved it so much, in fact, that it may be my very favorite Otherworld book of all time Yes, I know that s a pretty bold statement And not everyone will agree After all, generally the best Otherworld books are Elena books and I m the first person to say so But what makes this book so fantastic is that even though Savannah is the narrator, it brings everyone together Savannah, Adam, Paige, Lucas, Hope, Karl, Elena, Clay, Jeremy, Jamie, Benicio, Troy, Griffin, Sean, Bryce, Kristof, Jaz, Rhys The only major player missing was Eve and she did get a mention Kelley Armstrong has taken threads from her previous books and woven them together into this awesome creation, like it was some giant master plan all along.The story picks up right where Waking the Witch left off Savannah is without her powers and she believes it s because she offered to exchange them to right one of the wrongs in the last book She and Adam investigate and, sure enough, little Kayla and her grandmother have been reunited But now what There are witch hunters still after Savannah and despite her feelings in a moment of weakness, she needs her powers She and Adam work to figure out how to restore them while sniffing out the witch hunters and foiling their murderous plans.As if that weren t enough to deal with, there is a group of supernaturals that are pushing to out themselves to the human world They believe now is the time, because of a prophecy that foretold key events Savannah s birth, the werewolf twins, Jaz s powers, and the birth of Rhys clairvoyant grandchild, among others The group s leaders also have ties to the immortality questers we learned about in Broken It s all very complicated and conspiracy theorist and there is still a lot we don t know about them, even as the story ends That s right This story won t reach it s conclusion until the next book which will also be sniff the last book in the series I m sure that s going to turn a lot of people off, and I m no fan of cliffhangers, myself But I like that Armstrong is making this final story epic to go out with a bang I d rather that than some lame rush job, trying to make it all fit in one book.If you re wondering about the romance we were missing in Waking the Witch, view spoiler there is a little bit of progress We all know that Adam is Savannah s HEA, but they have some serious hurdles to overcome But since you clicked the spoiler button, you obviously want to know we do get one good kiss, which shows we are headed in the right direction hide spoiler

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    Really disappointed with this I ve read other books in the series and liked them I was excited to see Savannah as the lead character here in Spell bound but this book was a mess It started off being about Savannah feeling guilty about whatever happened in the previous book, then some unknown entity stripped her of her witch powers, then there was some bit with her being targeted by a family of witch hunters, followed by her getting kidnapped by a group obsessed with exposing Supernaturals or maybe they were all obsessed with immortality It wasn t clear.Then there were the cameos Armstrong brought in every single character she s created in this series for a 2 paragraph cameo, one right after the other I lost track of who was who who was a werewolf, who was what kind of demon Then there were the backstories and, since we re dealing with Supernatural beings, some of the backstories go back 200 years or Yes, I m sure Cassandra the vampire s fallout with her lover 60 years ago might have been interesting if I weren t already overwhelmed with details about 50 other characters.This was such a great series It was sad to see it dissolve into a puddle of goo.

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    I hate Cliff Hangers.That said, I did like this book The pacing was good and action packed Savannah as the narrator is sometimes annoying, but that is a major character trait of hers The dialog between characters was snappy and engaging While the story is intense, the sarcastic humor keeps it from becoming too dark.I would have to classify this as YA urban fantasy, unlike the other additions to Women of the Otherworld This book and the previous book have been about Savannah coming of age The next book should round out her journey I can forgive this second Cliff Hanger ending Waking the Witch ended with a Cliff Hanger too if the third Savannah book finds a resolution or at least Savannah finding some peace with herself.Did I mention I hate Cliff Hangers I love Women and Men of the Otherworld series because of the many characters that have been written about and have shaped this world Each reader has their favorites, but mine are Elena and Clay, and Jeremy and Jamie It was nice to see them make brief cameos in this story Many questions are answered and are raised concerning the over arcing story line of a confrontation between angles and demons, humans and supernaturals But even with all the information revealed and some maturing of Savannah, this addition felt like a filler between Waking the Witch and the next book after Spell Bound I ll wait for this next book, grumpily and impatiently, because I have been dragged over that Cliff and I have to know what happens next.

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    Swear to god this book will not let you turn it off, it is that good What is Savannah known for in all her book Her ability to cast spells at the drop of a hat Take that away and what do you think you get THIS BOOK It is fast paced it has you hanging on the edge of your seat You are rooting for her and so much happens it s fantastic I loved the whole story, not one part I would change THE KISS YES PLEASE I want we will see what happens in the next one Again Loved the narration.

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    This review was posted at Under The CoversI may have a girl crush on Savannah This is the second book with her as the narrator, and I just love her I love her personality, her spunk She starts to do some growing up in this book First of all, picking up right where Waking the Witch left off, she doesn t have any powers And this is not the best time to be left without them as she is still dealing with a witch hunter.But that is not the only threat her and Adam are facing in this book Some of the previous storylines come back into play immortality seekers, witch hunters, prophecies , some characters from previous books come back Almost every character in the series makes an appearance I don t want to give too much away, but lets just say that while Savannah is struggling to figure out how to regain her powers, she might get kidnapped, again, save a certain vampire, get drunk with a HOT demon on than one occasion, and struggle with some major things with certain members of her family.I definitely think this book was perfect to tie in lose ends and set up the last book Yes, Kelley Armstrong has only been contracted to write 13 books, so the next one will be the last as far as we know pouts and makes a sad face But I can tell it ll be amazing Savannah and Adam Yes he will be her HEA, but there isn t a whole lot happening between them in this one We do get one hot and emotional kiss, and a moment that I thought would be promising when they are both drunk and she falls asleep in his lap Adam is adorable He cares for Savannah so much, he really shows her he would put her above anything, protect her, take care of her and I can t wait to see them as a couple Savannah also realizes that she may not treat him with the respect that he deserves So she has to change her ways.Some of my favorite lines in this book though, came from Cassandra Who would ve thought I loved her character in this book I think is so cute that she s dating Aaron again to start with, and that has made her be a little bit friendly One of my favorite moments was when she texted Savannah if they really needed to talk to Eloise because she was soooo O.M.G I m so excited to meet a vampire fangirl.So the final book I think will revolve around a prophecy that involves Savannah, Elena s twins, Rhy s grandchild, Jaz This group we meet in this book thinks that it s time for supernaturals to rule the world To come out in the open and have humans submit to them I am really excited to see what happens with this as it seems it will be the final battle.

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    I loved this installment There was a lot happening then the last book as plot progresses and events are set in motion for the big finale in the next book Savannah does a lot growing up in this book as well and is now making a conscious effort not to run when things get tough emotionally but to face up to the consequences of her actions and face her fears .The result is that towards the end I think Adam is looking at her in a different light then normal cause for once she s apologizing to him for how she treats him and actually meaning it, she s refusing to take the easy way out and is insisting on talking properly and hashing through things with him.The other thing I love about this book is we see of her interactions with Bryce and her thoughts on him The only time we ve really seen her and Bryce together is back in Industrial Magic where he basically blanked her choosing to go with the family stance of she s not a Nast unlike Sean who wanted to reach out and form a relationship with his baby sister In this book I can see the foundations being set for Bryce and Savannah mending their sibling relationship and actually potentially developing a strong sibling relationship like she has with Sean Mostly cause Bryce is forced to reach out to Savannah when he s in some really serious trouble and to his surprise she heads straight out to help him.There s also her interactions with Clay and Cassandra which we don t see enough of in previous books She really respects Clay and I was surprised at just how much his good opinion and respect meant to her, mostly cause she had to work really hard to earn it and she knows how rarely it s given I love that she gets relationship advice from Clay, espeacially as his response is You re asking for relationship advice from the guy who panicked and bit his lover Lol Her and Cassandra made me laugh as well as Cassandra s method for bringing Savannah out of her funk was to treat her no different then normal but instead to drag her kicking and screaming out of her haze til she s once again making her own cutting remarks back to Cass To the point Cass is responding Ok you can stop feeling better now It isn t until this book that you realise how connected to all other Otherworld characters Savannah is but she has a line to all of them, including clairvoyant mercenary Rhys.A great book that begins to bring all the characters together for the finale.

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