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    Len Deighton s Spy Line is another novel in the Bernard Samson series about a British spy whose wife has defected to the Soviets and is operating for the KGB out of Berlin The thing about a good spy novel is that one is never quite sure what has happened On one hand, there is the literal truth On the other hand, there is what the spy masters want to make of it in their reports to their superiors We never really learn either the one or the other, especially when there are so many sides.For example, there is an assassin named Thurkettle, who is supposedly a CIA asset, but who kills a fellow CIA agent in Salzburg, Austria Then, too, we hear that he may be an assassin for the KGB Which side is Thurkettle really on We never really know.Then there is the matter of that skull in Dr Kent s home dental office, with all the dental work What is that all about We suspect, but we don t really know.If you are not worried about such unresolved characters and issues, then Len Deighton is for you If, on the other hand, you feel you can t leave behind any unresolved issues, then you had better stick to whodunits of the old school.As for myself, I like Deighton quite a lot.

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    As utterly atrocious as this book s predecessor, Sky Hook, was and it was horrible this book is a serious improvement on it The last book left the reader with all sorts of unanswered questions and was obviously written for the sole purpose of getting readers to buy the sequel, which really pissed me off So I bought the sequel, which pissed me off even , and a lot of these questions were finally answered British spy Bernard Samson is back and remains largely clueless about so much He s still obsessed with his wife, Fiona, and her defection to the KGB and misses her a lot, even though he s got a great new girlfriend in Gloria, who is hot, young at 22, half his age , smart, loves him and his kids, dotes on him, is good at parties, etc He s an idiot The book generally starts with him being on the run from the Service, who has set him up, but he later comes in and returns to work, only to be sent to an Austrian stamp collecting auction Yep And there s a murder Yep Weird Later, he s taken through the Iron Curtain, where he meets Fiona for the first time in a long time and she tells him she s still working for the Service and is about to come back out of Russia, back to Britain This leaves him in a quandary Still, later his boss and Fiona s sister go to Berlin and insist he go with them to act as a cover for their affair While there, he s supposed to bring someone out of Russia and he realizes it s Fiona There s a gunfight, and I never figured out why Totally arbitrary Then there s the reappearance of Bret from the previous book Annoying prick At least Samson s dry wit is on display here, something which was lacking in the previous book This is the fifth book in what is either a six or nine book series As okay as this book was, I don t think I ll pick up the next book I m thoroughly unimpressed with this author and I think I ll stick with Forsyth for my spy books Not really recommended, and certainly not as a stand alone book.

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    Since recently finishing, and loving, Spy Hook Bernard Samson, 4 I ve been itching to get back to the series Spy Line Bernard Samson, 5 picks up the story, which ended in Spy Hook on something of cliffhanger It s winter 1987 in Berlin and Bernard Samson is now on the run One of the themes of this series is trust and Spy Line has Bernard questioning virtually every relationship in his life Needless to say he gets very few straightforward answers.The less you know about the plot the better, suffice to say that just when I thought this series couldn t get any better Len takes it up another level A five star read and what a series.I was so gripped by the ending I stayed up late to finish it I have no idea where Spy Sinker Bernard Samson, 6 will take me, but I can t wait to find out.5 5

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    I really like both Deighton s writing style his Bernard Samson character is sort of an everyman spy I felt sorry for Bernd, as he is known in pre Wall Fall Berlin, at so many turns He is still deeply in love with his wife, Fiona, who has thrown him over in the most hurtful way imaginable He is trying to reconcile his feelings for his new lover, Gloria, a Hungarian woman approximately half his age He has his Fiona s children to care for His upper hierarchy continues to treat use him as a mere pawn It is a tangled, convoluted web being woven by Deighton, full of deception, lies and loads of inter intra continental travel This is Book 5 of 9, so it would not do the casual reader to pick up here since there is an implied familiarity with so many of the characters I had to laugh out loud at the absurdity of the costume party of Chapter 18, especially when taken in juxtaposition with the harrowing events of Ch 19 I have fallen for the series Hook Line, so bring on Sinker

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    Did review this, but must not have saved it This is a continuation of Hook, all books leave you in the middle of the story, so, unless you are prepared to not buy the next one, don t pick up this book Friend gave me Hook, and I fell, Hook, Line and Sinker, and had to buy the next one, and the next etc Good for her, as she now gets to read them at my cost Story Bernard is on the run in Berlin, he is hiding out, the British Intelligence agency knows where he is hiding out, so he is not fooling anyone He is brought back into the fold He has an odd assortment of friends, everyone is in the business either thru his friendship, his wife s family, his girlfriends family, his parents, everyone, it appears is a spy for someone Wife is still billed a traitor and is the other side of the wall, or is she Is she coming out Why is her sister Tess not wanting to give back the fur coat, why is the fur coat being mentioned at all As always, murder, mystery, intrigue and a lot of back stabbing.

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    Continuing on from Spy Hook, Bernard Samson manages to pull himself out of one set of trouble which had ended the previous book and straight into the next Answering along the way a number of the loose ends left by the previous book, but also producing a number of clever twists and turns that leave though important unanswered questions for the final book in the series.Len Deighton continues to write books of well rounded characters, that concentrate on plot lines and characters rather than the the equipment Now that most of the loose ends have been tied up in this book, you know that Mr Deighton has something major left to complete the series in the final book Looking forward to surprising twists and turns.

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    So I picked this up at a sale, loved it, and now must find The Hook and The Sinker to make the sandwich complete I usually avoid series books, but this one makes the search for it s predecsssor and sequel worth it Great writing where have I been all his career and clever amusing sentences when you least expect them Set in the Cold War, and comparable to other writers who spotlight that era, such as Ludlum and LaCarre, in my view.

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    Len Deighton s Spy Line is the payoff to Spy Hook, a fun and exciting spy thriller that puts Bernard Samson on the front lines and under fire as he seeks the truth about his wife s deception One lingering plot point from Spy Hook is brushed aside too quickly, but the rest of the book is good enough to make up for that cop out Bernard Samson is hiding out in Berlin now that British Intelligence has put out a warrant for him Soon, he finds himself traveling to Vienna, competing with the CIA and running afoul of a deadly assassin as he unravels the full scope of Fiona s spy mission.SpoilersMy biggest and, really, my only gripe with Spy Line is that Samson stops being on the run almost instantly He never has a chance to seem like he s in danger from his former colleagues because in the second or third chapter he s sitting in on an official interrogation Not long after that, he negotiates a deal to come in from the cold, and suddenly he s back to work Why even bother forcing him to go rogue if you re not going to do anything with it It would ve been cool seeing Samson outwit his buddies, proving that he really is better than they are, at least in the field With this plotline discarded so fast, it feels like a waste Once you accept that, however, Spy Line really kicks into gear, and it might be the fastest paced, most exciting and consequential book in the series The sequence at the auction reminded me of Ian Fleming s short story The Property of a Lady which became a scene in the film Octopussy , with Samson having to bid on an item the British want to get before the CIA does, with an assassin thrown into the mix for good measure Soon after, Samson is taken on a heavily guarded trip to see his wife who also tells him to leave well enough alone , attends a costume party at the hotel formerly owned by Lisl and now run by Bernard s best friend Werner, and finally finds himself Fiona s only hope of making it out of Berlin alive This one is a grand adventure, and feels like the culmination it s clearly intended to be.That meeting with Fiona is a tremendous piece of writing Once again, Bernard is caught between his anger at being betrayed and the love for his wife he can t deny Part of him wants to lash out in anger, but he keeps his cool mostly He lets out the occasional verbal jab, and instantly hates himself for it, even though he s than earned a few shots These moments are incredibly human and make Bernard Samson relatable His wife destroyed his life, ran out on him and their children, and now he can t even be mad about it because she s doing it for Queen and Country Fiona will get all the accolades, be celebrated as a national hero if only behind closed doors , while he has to swallow all his pain and join in the applause Fiona won t get off completely clean, of course her kids will likely never forgive her, and if she really does love Bernard she has to know things with him if there even is a relationship there any will never be the same She, however, signed up for this Bernard didn t He s a victim in every sense, and his wife had to give the okay to tear his heart out Spy Line ends at the right moment, but I m glad there will be to this because I really want to see how this plays out.There are two major new characters in Spy Line and I really like them both When he reaches Vienna, Bernard makes contact with an Austrian operative named Otto Hoffman and he s delightful He takes great joy in rich deserts and audibly revels in them as he briefs Bernard on his mission I couldn t help picturing Christoph Waltz, and I hope he turns up again Then there s Ronnie Thurkettle, the former homicide convict turned CIA asset who is now a killer for hire His introduction is not what we think it is, and that makes him even interesting not to mention scarier He appears to be working for the KGB, but the way things go in this series we can t even be sure of that Thurkettle makes it out of Spy Line alive, and we d better meet him again down the line, because he and Bernard are owed a showdown It s good that Deighton introduced a couple of new characters, because in the excellent climax we say goodbye to two series stalwarts Fiona s philandering sister Tessa drunkenly among other things tags along with Bernard and his team on the rescue mission dressed as a butterfly, as they re coming from a costume party and is the first to die in the resulting shootout This was a big surprise, but not as big as Bernard s suspicion that Tessa was actually a target as opposed to a bystander Why was she marked for death Does Dicky Cruyer talk in his sleep The other big death is Erich Sinnes, the KGB agent who played and humiliated Samson I m glad Bernard got a little bit of revenge, and Stinnes doesn t die easy either Even satisfying than Stinnes getting shot in the throat, though, is Samson finally punching out Dicky That was perfect Spy Line is great, and easily the most satisfying of the Samson enealogy so far Rushing past Bernard s fugitive status is a bummer, but the rest of the novel is sensational.

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    The second volume of the Hook Line Sinker trilogy.

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    I enjoyed this installment of the Bernard Samson series very much.

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Deighton was born in Marylebone, London, in 1929 His father was a chauffeur and mechanic, and his mother was a part time cook After leaving school, Deighton worked as a railway clerk before performing his National Service, which he spent as a photographer for the Royal Air Force s Special Investigation Branch After discharge from the RAF, he studied at St Martin s School of Art in London in