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pdf Starcross: An Intergalactic Adventure of Spies and Time Travel, ebook Starcross: An Intergalactic Adventure of Spies and Time Travel, epub Starcross: An Intergalactic Adventure of Spies and Time Travel, doc Starcross: An Intergalactic Adventure of Spies and Time Travel, e-pub Starcross: An Intergalactic Adventure of Spies and Time Travel, Starcross: An Intergalactic Adventure of Spies and Time Travel 41fcb9be9ce Art, Myrtle, And Their Mother Accept The Kind Invitation Of A Holiday To An Up And Coming Asteroid Resort But They Set Out With Visions Of Rest And Relaxation Only To Be Sucked Into A Dastardly Plot Involving Spies, Time Travel, And Mind Altering Clothing Before Their Adventures Are Over, They Ll Sail An Aether Ship Amid Asteroid Strewn Seas, Dodge Demonic Puppets, And Learn Wisdom From An Unlikely Ally The Moobs With Faster Than Light Plot Twists And Enough Tongue In Cheek Vim And Vigor To Keep A Galaxy In Laughter, This Dynamic Sequel To Larklight Is A Tour De Force Of The Most Intergalactic Kind

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    I so enjoy the world of the Mumbys This is a wonderful sequel to Larklight It was so much fun visiting with returning characters, again And we encounter both new and returning villains as well.I thought the plot, characters, style of writing which is excellent and delightful were all consistent with that of Larklight, and I didn t feel that the author cheated with any of the characters to fill the second book with plot The plot was exciting and intriguing again And while I didn t feel it was quite as detailed and smooth as in Larklight, I still thought it was very well done.My only other complaint and it isn t really even a complaint is that I would have liked with some of the characters from the first book I think the first book had a little endearing ness because all the characters were being initially introduced, as was the world as a whole But, that said, what we did have with the characters was delightful If you liked Larklight I really think it s worth it to read Starcross 4 stars compared to Larklight, but 5 stars compared to most other books as a whole Huzzah We ve started reading the sequel So far, the story continues charming This arrived in the mail yesterday and it s SO tempting now that it s actually here I m so looking forward to reading this D Huzzah

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    A fitting, largely enjoyable sequel to the fantastic and fabulous Larklight though not quite its equal Many favorite characters are back, though some have diminished roles and others have heightened ones I rather missed those with the demotions and the new nemesiss es proved quite interesting and imaginative I m not entirely sure why I didn t feel this one quite lived up to the first the writing style so delightful is the same, the flavor and tone still delicious I think, however, that along with missing a few key characters from the last novel I just didn t feel the plot was quite as clever a few aspects seemed a bit fantastical simply to make things fit rather than to really work out so logically and satisfactorily and perhaps, too, now that so many aspects of the Victorian space travel world were already explained in the first book, there weren t quite as many pleasant surprises in this one None the less, this is still a charming, witty and creative novel and anyone who wishes to read about the Mumbys and a world in which God Save the Queen may be heard on a Martian asteroid, should continue the adventures with Starcross Annie and I missed Larklight and kept saying we couldn t wait to read the sequel so we decided why put off until tomorrow and we re enjoying it today So far, it seems to continue the same charming style as the first one and I m loving it already.

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    Well, I got this sequel to Larklight expecting to like it slightly less than the first novel Boy was I surprised I liked it a rare thing in my opinion, for sequels The character development continues to be delightfully lighthearted and some of the concepts are absolutely hysterical I also like the occasional geeky in joke reference to other geeky things This book is sweet and funny and very fast paced, without ever being simple All our favorite characters from Larklight return for an encore, mixed up with a sea bathing retreat asteroid, a race of creatures whose goal is to knit a World Cosy, and some very curious hats indeed.Huzzah

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    Art, Myrtle and their mother are invited to spend time at the luxurious new hotel, Starcross, while their father is away on work and Larklight is being renovated but the terrifying invasion of evil top hats forces them to set out once again to save the universe Reeve delivers another satisfying journey filled with humour and delightfully charming characters What do these nefarious headpieces want, and can Art and the gang stop them in time

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    They say science fiction for kids doesn t sell They say a lot of things, but this particular belief is pretty widespread Space may be the final frontier, but as far as kidlit publishers go, literary reaches for the outer limits aren t worth the paper they re printed on Still, there is some sci fi that simply must turn a profit Take Philip Reeve, for example This is the guy who conjured up the YA Hungry City chronicles Who single handedly found a way to combine gross colonization and space travel in the seemingly effortless children s title, Larklight You simply cannot look me in the eye and tell me that an author as talented as Mr Reeve isn t going to get at least a couple fans here and there And if sci fi doesn t sell then why on earth are we lucky enough to see the sequel to Larklight on our bookstore shelves Yes, Starcross is here and fans of the intergalactic adventures of Myrtle, Art, and Jack Havock are bound to be pleased as we see them tackle their toughest enemies yet The Moob.When last we saw our heroes, siblings Myrtle and Art were living peaceably once again in their house which happens to be a bit of highly dangerous alien handiwork, though that s neither here nor there , Larklight Peaceably might be a bit of a stretch, actually At the moment decorators have descended on the old home and no one is getting any rest After a mysterious invitation comes inviting the family to the beautiful and otherworldly Grand Hotel Starcross, the family picks up and leaves only to find things very mysterious indeed at the salon Their old friend Jack Havock is there in disguise, paying close attention to the lady guest Miss Beauregard and you can imagine how happy that makes Myrtle Guests appear to have disappeared from the surroundings, and then there are the black top hats Not merely elegant headgear, the hats are horrid alien creatures from the far future called Moobs With plans for universal domination, they intend to open a portal to the future and allow of their kind through so as to take over and dominate the world around them It ll take some pretty fancy footwork for our heroes to overcome this mind controlling threat and save the day once .You know you re in safe hands when you find the term Amanuensis on the very first page Those of you who were fans of Larklight will find much to love in this story as well Favorite characters return though they have a nasty tendency to either get their minds chewed on or their bodies turned into trees , and nefarious villains outdo themselves in sheer nefariousness not a word, I know As per usual, Mr Reeve is juggling a series of different genres The Victorian boys adventure novel Science fiction Penny dreadfuls To this mix you may now add drawing room mystery The secret of Starcross plays out like a humdinger of a game of Clue though you might want to add the top hat from your game of Monopoly and add it to the list of murder weapons for this particular game If you re foolish enough to have not yet read Larklight , citing such piss poor reasoning as I don t do sci fi or Space scares me , overcome your personal weaknesses and give the book a shot After that, Starcross is bound to please one and all Now I feel like there s something I ve forgotten to mention in this review what was it what was it AHA The opinion of children After all, this book is supposedly written for them Well, I can attest for a fact that you won t find any children s reviews of Larklight on .com What are we to take from that This is one of those books that s going to hit a very specific segment of the population It s not for the unwashed masses one and all It s for a kid here and a kid there who will find themselves sucked into Reeve s world and never want to let go Here s looking forward t

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    This was another great book set in the Larklight universe You wouldn t have to read the first book to have fun with this one but the first book does provide some background that would make this story have a bit meaning at parts.We are back to a Victorian Age where the British Empire has conquered the secrets of space travel Art and his family have been invited to stay a premier ocean side resort called Starcross Starcross is a bit different in that the ocean is only there 12 hours a day Also there is a hat in Art s closet that really wants him to put it on And what it up with the shadows creeping around that say Moob Art, his sister Myrtle, his mother, and Jack Havoc are in for some crazy adventures when Starcross ends up not being what it appears to be It will be up to them to again save the world from complete destruction.This was another wonderful book If you liked the first one you will love this one The characters are wonderful, the book is hilarious and written with a somewhat sarcastic sense of humor The drawings sprinkled throughout add a lot to the story and make this book even of a pleasure to read The writing style is perfect, the action non stop, and the world Reeve has created will amuse and impress Art s mother was a wonderful character and I was pleased to see her so much in this book.This book didn t disappoint and I am really looking forward to reading the third book Mothstorm Fans of Douglas Adam s Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy or Joseph Delaney s The Last Apprentice should really check this series out I think people of all ages will get a kick out of these books they are also very appropriate for younger children.

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    Just as over the top fun as the first book, the madcap space adventures of Art Mumby, his sister Myrtle, and their various companions continues.The plot of this novel is odd and completely silly in the greatest possible way, and can best be summed up by this direct quote from the book, The British Empire stands on the brink of an invasion by highly intelligent hats from the future Yes, you did read that right.Once , Art and occasionally Myrtle narrate through their journals with hilarious English aplomb The illustrations are some of the best I ve ever seen in books, and they add to the tale rather than distracting from it Favorite characters will all return, and perhaps a few villains as well There are new places, creatures, concepts, and gadgets, from vicious sand clams and intergalactic train systems to the colonized astroids of the Astroid Belt And when the main enemy of the book is something called a moob you just know it s going to be good I mean, I had a blast just saying it to myself while reading, weird as that is Moob, moob, moob

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    As another reviewer has said, I looked very much forward to this book after listening to Larklight and loving it and wanted this book to be just as awesome But it wasn t quite as good, due mainly to the diminished parts of Art, Myrtle and Jack, although I did like hearing from Mrs Mumby I thought the storyline wasn t as good and ended too suddenly The premise was interesting though Creatures from futurity as Mr Reeve puts it, come into the present 1851 to feed on people s thoughts and dreams and take over the world At the same time, a rogue French secret service agent is trying to take over the world also, but in order to crush the British empire The Cockney nightingale character totally cracked me up, and as usual Jack and Myrtle s romance made the story interesting as well as Myrtle s realization that she likes performing the alchemical wedding Despite all of this, I do still want to read Mothstorm , the final book in the series.

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    3 1 2Like it s predecessor, Larklight a href review , this is a quirky and fun Victoriana adventure tale.I enjoyed this one a bit than the first there was humor, in general, and Myrtle was less annoying And I quite liked the addition of Mrs Mumby The story is good, the illustrations are nice additions, and I generally enjoyed it I can t quite put my finger on what it is that holds this back from being a solid 4 stars, but, whatever it is, it s there Not very helpful, I know, but ah wellStill, if you re in the mood for a fun little adventure story, without any actual scientific fact or anything getting in the way, then you could do far worse than this series.

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    It s another rambling Victorian trip through space with our heroes involving Seaside resortswith no seas, sinister hat which are not hats , time travel, spies and trees Very Verne y steampunk style and I love how Myrtle insists in being lady like through the adventure, to the point of insisting to shape shifting alien who will ride on her head to assume a lady s fashionable hat formso it comically transforms into a bonnet with eyes Illustration included

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