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summary Män som hatar kvinnor, Flickan som lekte med elden, Luftslottet som sprängdes, series Män som hatar kvinnor, Flickan som lekte med elden, Luftslottet som sprängdes, book Män som hatar kvinnor, Flickan som lekte med elden, Luftslottet som sprängdes, pdf Män som hatar kvinnor, Flickan som lekte med elden, Luftslottet som sprängdes, Män som hatar kvinnor, Flickan som lekte med elden, Luftslottet som sprängdes 375f0a4d0a Stieg Larsson S Millennium Trilogy Is Now Available In A Complete Audio SetAll Across America, People Are Talking About Stieg Larsson S Best Selling Novels, Set In Sweden And Featuring Lisbeth Salander One Of The Most Original And Memorable Heroines To Surface In A Recent ThrillerThe New York Times The Trilogy Isan International Sensation That Will Grab You And Keep You Reading With Eyes Wide OpenSan Francisco ChronicleIt Is Intricately Plotted, Lavishly Detailed But Written With A Breakneck Pace And VerveThe Independent, UK , But Be Warned The Trilogy Is Seriously AddictiveThe Guardian, UKThe Girl With The Dragon TattooHarriet Vanger, A Scion Of One Of Sweden S Wealthiest Families Disappeared Without A Trace Than Forty Years Ago All These Years Later, Her Aged Uncle Continues To Try To Discover What Happened To Her He Hires Mikael Blomkvist, A Journalist Recently Sidelined By A Libel Conviction, To Investigate Blomkvist Is Aided By The Pierced And Tattooed Computer Prodigy Lisbeth Salander Together They Tap Into A Vein Of Unfathomable Iniquity And Astonishing Corruption On Their Way To Discovering The Truth Of Harriet Vanger S FateThe Girl Who Played With FireMikael Blomkvist, Now The Crusading Publisher Of The Magazine Millennium, Has Decided To Run A Story That Will Expose An Extensive Sex Trafficking Operation On The Eve Of Its Publication, The Two Reporters Responsible For The Article Are Murdered, And The Fingerprints Found On The Murder Weapon Belong To His Friend Lisbeth Salander Blomkvist, Convinced Of Salander S Innocence, Plunges Into An Investigation Of The Murders Meanwhile, Salander Herself Is Drawn Into A Murderous Game Of Cat And Mouse, Which Forces Her To Face Her Dark PastThe Girl Who Kicked The Hornet S NestLisbeth Salander Lies In Critical Condition, A Bullet Wound To Her Head, In The Intensive Care Unit Of A Swedish City Hospital She S Fighting For Her Life In Ways Than One If And When She Recovers, She Ll Be Taken Back To Stockholm To Stand Trial For Three Murders With The Help Of Mikael Blomkvist, She Will Not Only Have To Prove Her Innocence, But Also Identify And Denounce Those In Authority Who Have Allowed The Vulnerable, Like Herself, To Suffer Abuse And Violence On Her Own, She Will Plot Revenge Against The Man Who Tried To Kill Her, And Against The Corrupt Government Institutions That Very Nearly Destroyed Her Life

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    One year when I was in grad school, a fellow student in my program sent a ranty, invective laden email to the entire department This was notable, and sticks in my memory, because usually it was the tenured faculty who wrote these tirades His rant had been spurred by the announcement of a new scholarship program intended to encourage women to pursue advanced degrees in technical disciplines His argument as near as I a could figure out at the time, and b can remember now, since it s been a few years wasn t simply that he felt gender based scholarships were a form of affirmative action and that he opposed this His argument sent to the entire department was that this sort of program was part of a secret agenda directed against all men everywhere, and that by letting this kind of thing stand, the department was tacitly supporting the complete emasculation and disempowerment of males in general And so forth.I had a private exchange with him, because I really couldn t believe that he meant what he d said Because I m naive I pointed out that his claims were insane, and offensive, and did he realize he sounded like a kook The details of our entire exchange are unimportant, but suffice it to say that I didn t come away feeling differently about his kookiness Especially after he tried to help me see that I d been brainwashed about gender issues Huh So I disregarded him from then on But his email signature noted that he was, at the time, the Executive Vice President of the National Coalition of Free Men A bit of digging led me to find some of his online essays, including one gem wherein he tossed around references to our culture s headlong flight into Nazi like gendercide which are verbatim quotes, so yes, he Godwined himself He also compared his spiritual and political war against masculophobia to the cause of Mahatma Gandhi.So, yeah, this dude had some issues I don t know anything about the NCFM and can t draw opinions about its overall membership, but do I feel confident, based on several exchanges with him, that this particular guy hated women This past June, a news brief in the Santa Fe Reporter noted that a member of New Mexico s congressional delegation came under fire from men s rights groups for supporting the Violence Against Women Act According to the Reporter, this Act was proposed by Amnesty International and aims to increase aid for women abroad and to establish State Department offices dedicated to their protection Among the groups attacking Representative Lujan s position on the VAWA was Abusegate, which has anonymous backers and which is closely affiliated with Men s News Daily Another Abusegate affiliate maintains lists of companies guilty of male bashing Such as KFC s pink bucket campaign against breast cancer I assume Yoplait s similar Save Lids to Save Lives program has also landed them on the dreaded list Anyway, the piece in the Reporter ran under the title, Abuser s Lobby Demands Apology Which, you know Yeah Kinda true.I mention all this as a loooong and discursive means of pointing out that the original Swedish title of Stieg Larsson s first novel is Men Who Hate Women To English audiences this book is, of course, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo , which is fine, but loses the whole point of the first book I prefer the original title, because it sets a tone for the entire trilogy I also prefer the original title because in some places the trilogy struck me as a meditation on gender relationships On the other hand, I think all three English titles taken together make for a better collective, at the price of perhaps overemphasizing Lisbeth Salander s role in the first book She s the centerpiece of the second and third novels, but not the first That long and discursive introduction is also my way of skating around the fact that it s been a few months since I read these books, so I ve already forgotten some of the plot details Which is why I m taking the easy way out by writing up my thoughts of the trilogy as a whole, rather than each individual book The thing that immediately struck me when I started Dragon Tattoo was that the book especially the first hundred pages or so read very much like a first draft from somebody who didn t have much previous experience writing fiction novels I can say this because I recognize many of the same infelicities of language and technique from early drafts of my own novels And maybe the final drafts, too In other words, it s clunky Not fatally so, but a few sharp eyed beta readers could have done wonders for ironing out these books The style improves steadily through the trilogy, but not without hiccups And that s a shame, because there s a really good story here, and some terrific characters, but they re hobbled by the presentation Larsson had important and entertaining things to say, but he just didn t say them as clearly as he might have These books completely ignore the usual rules of thumb pertaining to the proper use of point of view, and blatantly disregard the standard wisdom about starting with backstory namely, don t The plotting particularly in Fire and Hornet s Nest relies upon coincidence than it should And the vast majority of the protagonists character development is told rather than shown or demonstrated.I find that last point particularly interesting because the thing most people point to when raving about these books are the characters Particularly Lisbeth Salander, the emotionally borderline, supersmart, punk pixie computer hacker And yeah, she s a very interesting character Thing of it is, Larsson spends page after page in Dragon Tattoo telling us how interesting she is before we ever actually see her, you know, be interesting It nearly turned me off further reading Which would have been a shame, because I would have missed out on a good story Dragon Tattoo is a self contained story hinging on the investigation of a forty year old cold case I found the mystery fascinating I don t read many mysteries and I thought Larsson introduced the central mystery to absolutely terrific effect in a brief, four page prologue But it takes a while to get back to what s presented in the prologue, because the next hundred or so pages wander all over the place before settling down All three of the Millenium books are considerably longer than they needed to be As I said, they read like first drafts And pretty damn good first drafts, for all that, but damn how I wish they could have been tighter But On the other hand, these books are huge international megabestsellers So what does that mean I think it means one doesn t have to write to please other writers in order to become mind bogglingly successful And in fact, when you get right down to it, who cares what other writers think It s the readers who want to fall inside a good story, who feel connections with the characters, who ll make a writer s career So who cares if the first half of Dragon Tattoo reads like Larsson couldn t settle on his PoV characters Who cares if Fire and Hornet s Nest are hobbled by a completely unnecessary subplot that only serves to bloat the books And which might never have been part of the story if, in fact, the books had exhibited control over PoV in the first place These are fiction novels and they did what they were supposed to do They entertained me, and they made me think, and they made me uncomfortable in places.Once I got past my initial snobbery, I found the stories damn interesting and the characters compelling I like Lisbeth Salander because she s smart, tough as coffin nails, and doesn t mess around I like Mikael Blomkvist because he s dogged and determined I like it when they team up to take down people who seriously deserve it And, because I d grown attached to them, I was pulled right along when Salander dances on a frying pan in Fire and dives headfirst into the furnace in Hornet s Nest And, because I didn t start reading the trilogy until just before the third novel was published here in America, I wasn t put out by the fact that Fire is not a self contained story like Dragon Tattoo Also, people had warned me about this The second Millennium book ends on a painful cliffhanger, and I m glad I didn t have to wait for the resolution These books made my commute considerably shorter And if they ever do finish that fragment of the fourth Millennium book Larsson started before his death, I ll buy it Because even if the writing isn t terrific, the story is bound to hook my interest.

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    I m giving the Millennium Trilogy four stars with a caveat I m positive I would have enjoyed these books even if I could have read the originals in Swedish, and if I had a firm grasp of Swedish politics and economic policy That I read all three books is a testament to their overall strength and that of the story If it wasn t interesting I wouldn t have invested the effort And it s not all about politics, wealth and privilege These books are hard boiled, crime dramas wrapped in a journalistic wrapper.I loved the two main characters, Mikael Blomkvist and Lisbeth Salander, the economics journalist who s made it his life s mission to expose the rich and powerful looters of the world, and Lisbeth Salander, possibly the most put through the meat grinder character I ve ever read Job had it easy compared to the Trials of Lisabeth Salander She is victimized throughout the books, but she is no man s victim Each torment is noted, stored away and seared into her tapestry of vengeance No one is forgiven or forgotten.Mikael Blomkvist is a holy crusader who s than willing to go to jail for his beliefs He believes in a society based on equality and justice and lives to expose the hypocrisy and crimes of the privileged class He s also very casual about who he sleeps with and makes no excuses for his bad behavior His feelings for Salander give him a chance at a personal redemption of sorts, not that he can win her love, but he might win her trust Ultimately his validation must come through her and for her Blomkvist and Salander are an improbable and an incompatible couple yet somehow they are fated to steer each other s destiny Who is saving who is an arc that runs over the three books and keeps both characters fresh and at odds with each other.These books are violent The treatment of women is ghastly to the point of misogynistic I d be tempted to call Larsson on it, but is the world so different from the horrors he portrays No, it s not Terrible things happen to women all the time, but here the author makes you look at them and understand that justice is not about what s right or wrong but who holds the power By the end of the last book I wished that these characters actually existed The world is in dire need of Blomkvist and Salander s Some things must be put to right.

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    I finished the last book with a sharp pang I had read them all There were no to read I felt a sense of loss.Stieg Larrson simply wrote three of the most compulsively readable, engaging books I ve read in decades The characters were fantastic, complex and multi dimensional and intriguing, flawed but heroic I cared about Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist I liked them and I was rooting for them.When I discussed the books with my mother, who reads continually, she said, When Lisbeth got her revenge, I stood up and cheered I could see my mother at her kitchen table with a cup of coffee, standing up to holler as Lisbeth took her vengeance It s that kind of novel It moves you to your feet.The books are suspenseful the engine of the plot works robustly I always look for that in a novel Does the story move forward Does it build suspense and tension Yes, yes, yes for this trilogy.One of my rules for writing novels is that every story is an argument for a specific value The value at the heart of the Millennium trilogy is suggested by its original title Men who hate women It has something to do with sexual politics, with the power dynamic between men and women, a power that, at its basest level, comes out of physical strength alone, without making reference to intelligence or character But that s at the most base, least evolved level Tiny, waifish Salander with her multiple piercings and autistic affect gives the lie to the importance of physical size She is a trained fighter She is a resourceful person with hidden gifts She doesn t give up and she takes her power into herself She isn t traditionally beautiful, she isn t seductive or pleasing, and she doesn t fit the stereotypical sitcom image of the good girl we all root for But we all root for her She stays in the reader s imagination for long after the back cover closes over the pages According to Wikipedia, Larrson witnessed the gang rape of a young woman when he was young, and it haunted him It led him into thinking deeply about gender relations, and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy is a meditation on the power dynamics between the genders, and how men feel about women, especially strong women, women who defy traditional roles and categorizations Basically, insecure men want to hurt women they can t control It s not an accident that Blomkvist s magazine profiles sex trafficking in the second book, The Girl who Played with Fire Men who hate women see them as objects for their use.At one point, I think in the last book, Larrson refers to Salander as the girl who hated men who hate women I m paraphrasing because I was too caught up in the story to remember exactly, though I took note of that phrase Lisbeth Salander personifies defiance of the approved female roles She just isn t going to be objectified.So the trilogy was deeply pleasurable on many levels It worked as a riveting story with characters who grabbed you and didn t let go no matter what It also worked on the intellectual level, with ideas that matter.Read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy I recommend it It will satisfy you and make you think, both at the same time.

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    This is one of the best crime thriller trilogies ever written and such a sad twist that Stieg Larsson didn t get to see the success his books had.A lot of people have seen the movies and understand the storyline but I would recommend reading the books as they offer much depth to the characters with their personal demons and principles, particularly experienced by Lisbeth Salander The plot is excellent and while each book can or less stand on its own, there is the real expansive plot at play across the trilogy, where the past can never be laid to rest The story is fast paced and adventurous, and also brutal and upsetting.The job that Salander does just seems to suit her character so perfectly slightly removed and introverted, yet highly capable and focused I loved her she is high maintenance Mikael Blomkvist, the journalist, is another wonderful character with his own flaws and like Lisbeth is highly motivated to uncover the truth.

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    I have to say I liked it, because it sucked me and I read the three books in little than two weeks And they are long books But as some agents did say on Twitter some time ago, if this book was first published in the States, it would have been trimmed and it d be better The three of them are too long.On the other hand, Lisbeth Salander character is one of the best characters I ve read lately You become instantly attached to her and want her to succeed In general, Larsson treats better women than men Lots of women are great characters in the trilogy Didn t root for male first character though It lacked strengh or something.

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    I started The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo back in February of this year, and for the first time in years, I read right through this and the other two books in the Trilogy The Girl Who Played with Fire and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet s Nest So I must give these books my highest recommendation Why Mainly because Stieg Larsson has created the most unforgettable character in fiction since who knows when For me, probably since Elizabeth Bennett Will you like these books If you like very complicated, detailed characters and many many of them , a complicated espionage story, and fairly good writing that is both plot and character driven, I think you will Since I am absolutely NO fan of The Twilight books, J.D Rowling books, Nicholas Sparks or Dan Brown, if you liked these books, you may not particularly like these books, but who knows You might 48 million and counting are devouring these books around the world And don t miss the films the undubbed Swedish versions, not the soon to be completed US version which I am expecting to be typically zipped up American movies without the subtle deliberate context of European films.

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    Sorry, but I don t get it Sorry Blomkvist was boring and I didn t like him very much I didn t care much about Millenium Larsson was the MOST pedestrian writer I know, I know it was translated But that s not all that was wrong with the writing If I had to read one time what color t shirt someone was wearing, I was going to lose it And by the way, does anyone in this series ever make a commitment to anyone else, or is that just too conventional and 20th century for these oh so enlightened people I certainly appreciated Salander great heroine, and any stars I give the series are for her But the rest was boring, the political message heavy handed, the characters flat The first book gave me a feel for Sweden, but the rest didn t even offer much of that, except a lot of hard to pronounce names I wanted to love it people I love loved it But I very nearly hated it and wonder what made me get through.

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    I began Girl with the Dragon Tattoo with the goal of understanding what there was about this book that made it so popular I was gritting my teeth, convinced that getting through the book would be a most unpleasant labor But then I found myself turning pages, not able to put it down, suprised, pleased, impressed.And so I soldiered on to the second and third books of the series, and I loved them But to answer my original question what is it about these books that makes them so popular Well, I can at least say why I like them so much In a word, it s characters Lisbeth is one of the all time best fictional characters I ve ever encountered and it is her story that carries everything through By the third book there is no doubt that the whole series is really about her She s unique, well thought through, mysterious, yet consistent and totally believable.Almost every other character with a few notable exceptions is similarly well constructed There are a few stick figures minor villians mostly As for the plots, you could make a case that books two and three are just one long story, but Dragon Tattoo is a distinct story, though it ties closely into the next book I liked the Dragon Tattoo plot the best, the other story is a bit far fetched at times, but often engrossing and believable Two other things that make these books great are the attention to detail and the incredible sense of place Larson paints vivid pictures of all the locales, including the Caribbean island Lisbeth spends some time on The plot details are just that details that sell the story, that make you believe it s happening as you read it.If you are one of the eight people in the world who haven t read these books yet, I do recommend that you get right on it You won t be sorry.

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    All I can say is, if I am ever in a bad situationI would hope I could call on this young lady.DON T MESS WITH THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO

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    I don t know what to say about this Triology or not a triology but an incompleted series I have loved this all in all but at the same time I have regretted reading it as well It has kept me awake at nights but at the same time bored me It has left me wanting to read but at the same time left a bad taste in my mouth There are so many contradicting emotions this series has left me with.This has to be the most weird series or the most weird set of books anyone can read Its so filled up with flaws that at the start you can t understand what the hype is about but the you read the you can t resist giving it 5 stars as well The Hype and IntroductionThe hype that surrounds these books is probably understandable Especially in Sweden where these things abusing women really happen Swedish people can feel all the concept brought around in these books.Let me tell you that this is a series and it would be totally wrong for anybody to rate each book differently or to make a certain good or bad opinion just after reading 1 book Every book is incomplete at the end and continues into its next part.The 1st book is just a start It by no means a great sensation It just leads into the introduction of characters through a sub plot of the actual series The plot is irrelevant of the whole series but it is very interesting mystery and a good development of the characters for the rest of the series to follow Many might say just after reading this book that it is over hyped, I also had the same feeling when I read further into the series the opinions started to change and I realized that this is actually a proper series and not individual threads.The second book is where this series actually starts The story gradually morphs into a tale of sexual prejudice, abuse of power, and governmental conspiracy This book starts to thrill, get into your nerves, forces you to stay awake at night The same thing continues into the third with much excitement and thrill The third book is also incomplete as Larsson had planned a 10 book series and could only finish 3.Why you love it The character development is the essence of this book and is the most striking thing about these books Larsson make you dwell so much deep into the characters that you can feel each and every character s each and every emotion and activity You can have sympathy for Lisbeth, like Blomkvist s friendly and smart behavior, hate Sapo s secret force and so on with every character not matter how small or big roles they played I have never seen a better character development and feel for the characters in any other book.Besides Character Development there are many other lovable things as well.The Thrill It takes some time in every book to get into The first 100 200 can be very boring But once you get into it there s no stopping You will be forced to stay awake at nights, turn page after page until you complete it The you read the you will like it The Plot Larsson has done an exceptional work in this department Not only is the plot very believable but he mixes up so many characters and so many things into a single plot that it becomes impossible to keep a proper track of things Lisbeth the heroine, Blomkvist the hero, Erika the supporter, Different levels of police, millennium staff, murder, mystery, thrill, suspense etc etc so many thing involved That makes it a must read.I am utmost sure that Larsson has created memorable characters and plot which I even if I try my hardest would not be able to forget.Why you regret it What went wrong What messed it up all As I mentioned above the book is most weird one could ever read It had a great, great characters, overall a mesmerizing series Then what it was that messed it all up that some people talk about it being over hyped and what it was that made you feel regret reading it I guess there are two separate answers to these questions and both are equally important Firstly I want to talk about what went wrong or what messed it up all I have never seen a 5 Star book with so many flaws and I am pretty sure that I won t see any 5 start with flaws than this This all goes down to 1 reason and that is COMMERCIALISM The publishers and the marketers are the sole ones to ruined these books Just to make some good, quick money they have damaged this heavily TRANSLATION They say that poor translation can ruin a good story This book is a perfect example of it It was originally written in Swedish and then converted into English worldwide Now let me tell you that Reg Keeland is no mug of a translator He has done translation for years and most of the books english versions have been quite successful So the reason for bad translation are again the marketers and publishers If you search the internet you would find it that Reg Keeland whenever he s used this pseudonym has been because he s not satisfied with the time he s been given for the editing by the publishers marketers he s original name is Steve Murray and he uses that as well when he has his terms clear with the publishers but when its not he uses a pseudonym The same thing has happened in this case EDITING The commercials people have done a great in messing up this as well Editing if it has been done at all has been really really poor If it hasn t been done then its even to feel sorry for Larsson There are parts in the series where you feel the story just goes on passively without any interest Those parts feel a little bit stretch and take the original excitement of the book to some extent All this is down to editing Larsson was a journalist not a writer so these books needed a very good editor but the marketers have again not allowed this to happen.Bit parts and pieces in the series are rather quite awkward Not fatally so, but a few sharp eyed beta readers could have done wonders for ironing out these books The style improves steadily through the trilogy, but not without hiccups And that s a shame, because there s a really good story here, and some terrific characters Again a editorial mistake not allowed to rectify by the marketersThere were many other reasons which have messed it up all, I won t go into much details about that since all is down to Commercialism They have done a perfect to fuck this than a 5 star worth book down to a lot less degree So the people who complain about the hype are not totally wrong TITLE The original titles of these books were different For the first book it was Men Who Hate Women and I think the original Swedish titles would have suited all the books rather much better even though it would not have been that catchy The stories are rather surrounded around the Swedish titles than the English ones This thing was discussed when Larsson was alive and despite serious protests he wasn t allowed The Swedish Titles.Why do you regret reading itOne reason you regret these books is it was actually planned out to be a 10 book series and Larsson had wanted it to write in that way But since he died midway he could only finish 3 of them Because of just 3 books planned out of 10 the triology doesn t fit well into parts After reading the end of every book it leaves a bad taste in your mouth Each book got better than the previous one The first was good, the second was lovable and the third set a different level for crime books and the 4th never came You could just wonder how good all would have been had all 10 books been published Also another thing happened since only 3 books were published is that many things were left unsaid or incomplete, that upsets a to quite an extent The main reason for the regret is if you feel so sorry for Larsson after reading it I have never ever seen any book in which one can get so realistically involved As you read you would probably come to know that Larsson was on his way to change the world, atleast Sweden or Europe if not the whole world also go on to become one of the greatest writers of all time but unfortunately he couldn t do it I felt so sorry for Larsson at the end that I was almost brought to tears And adding salt to injury the marketers fucked it off even I wish Larsson had completed all 10, I am not content with 3 over I feel regret that I read this because I was so deeply involved in this that I couldn t read 7 sensations This was clearly not how Larsson had planned to end the series The ending left so much scope for other stories to come after it.ConclusionsThese are not just normal books, they are thought provoking , burning your chest, making you feel raged These books are violent The treatment of women is ghastly to the point of misogynistic I d be tempted to call Larsson on it, but is the world so different from the horrors he portrays No, it s not Terrible things happen to women all the time, but here the author makes you look at them and understand that justice is not about what s right or wrong but who holds the power and common man like me most of you just cannot do anything about no matter how much we feel like doing so By the end of the last book I wished that these characters actually existed The world is in dire need of Blomkvist and Salander s Some things must be put to right.The memorable characters Larsson created will forever be etched into the mind of us readers I am sure that I will never forget you as long as I live I don t have words to describe how good the writing was, all i can do is bow down to Mr Larsson I am also pretty sure that after reading this I won t be able to give any other crime fiction book 5 stars because then this book would also fall into the same category as the others This series has set a different category, a different bar for everything else to come It s first Millennium, then 5 stars, then 4 and so on.THE MARKETERS, PUBLISHERS AND ALL OTHERS INVOLVED IN COMMERCIALISM OF THIS SERIES COMPLETELY FUCK OFF I wish I could grab hold of them kill them badly if I was allowed to do that.To be updated.

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