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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 305 pages
  • Storm's Heart
  • Thea Harrison
  • English
  • 15 September 2017
  • 9780425242667

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    I picked up the vibes between Niniane and Tiago in book one and was happy to see it catch Tiago is a warlord full of thunder and lightning Niniane finds herself in line to be queen and with nobody she trusts After several attempts on her life she goes missing That just won t do for Tiago He finds her and decides to protect her In order to accept help she has to open up herself to I loved their connection and the build up of the relationship Tiago was super sexy Their lovemaking was hot The plot was interesting and pacing was done well I enjoyed the relationships built with others as well as between one another This series is addictive Safety No OW OM Sharing No condoms Neither are Vs No rape Yes to abuse.

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    DNF 55%Why 1 The story moved very slowly 2 The heroine annoyed me to no end 3 I normally enjoy OTT heroes, but in this case, this OTT hero just rubbed me the wrong way.I ve had enough of this I m sorry, but it seriously wasn t for me.

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    Dragon Bound was an extremely hard act to follow, but I think Thea Harrison did a good job with her second book in the Elder Races series I wondered how she could top Dragos, because he is so VERY I am glad she didn t try to do that She gave us a distinct hero with Tiago, and I like his differences, although he had the crazy dangerous possessive jealous fierce vibe of Dragos Honestly, I would have missed that parta lot Tiago held his own as a hero, but not quite as compelling as Dragos Having said that, how many heroes would be Overall, I felt that he had some nice layers to his character Lethal but also very caring and loving The best kind of PNR hero He reminded me of a mix of a Mack truck and a Golden Retriever Niniane, I liked her a lot She was sort of the anti urban fantasy heroine in all the best ways She was soft and needy and vulnerable in a realistic way But she was also very strong minded, determined, in her force of will, which speaks to me Considering what happened with her family and her exile from the world of the Dark Fae, she definitely put on her big girl panties to go back to reclaim her throne And that took some serious chutzpah I liked that along the way, I was able to see an organic reaction to this process Who wouldn t be scared to death, uncertain, and conflicted I know I ve felt that way even in much less dangerous situations I could identify with her insecurities in that way, and it made her lovable and admirable to me I loved her warm, friendly way with people I was glad that the betrayal she faced early in her life didn t destroy her capacity for that I can see her being a very effective, beloved ruler.Niniane and Tiago as a couple was something I couldn t quite get my mind around after I read Dragon Bound and knew they were next But they worked together very well Tiago is at heart a male who needs someone to fight for, someone to protect Niniane has that softness to her personality that is a very good contrast to Tiago, and they complement each other very well I would have enjoyed a bit longer book for their courtship in all honesty But what I got was very enjoyable Definitely some hot, sexy loving times for this couple Talking about lightning striking, the earth moving, and seeing stars I loved that they worked past the issues in their relationship and faced some serious obstacles as a united front.The storyline was interesting, focused on Niniane s process of assuming the throne of the Dark Fae A mix of fae politics, but a focus on the main characters and a few intriguing secondary characters So far, I love me Aryal, the harpy sentinel I know I said it in my Dragon Bound review, but she reminds me of Xhex from the Black Dagger Brotherhood books by JR Ward in the best ways Looking forward to of her Some interesting chemistry between Rune and Carling, the Queen of the Vampyres.Ms Harrison is a very good writer She provides a compelling story that kept me reading, with some sexy, swoonworthy romance that keeps a PNR fan than happy I feel her world building is a star element in this series, so along with the aspects of PNR I can t resist, it makes her a safe bet for this fan I do have to say I was a little disappointed at the very rapid climax and denouement, and not too happy about the fate of a character I liked and hoped to see of I wasn t as satisfied with the ending because of those issues That s why I couldn t quite give this five stars, although it is very close.Overall, a very satisfying follow up to Dragon Bound, and validation that Thea Harrison is a PNR author to follow 4.5 5.0 stars

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    robot n.1 A machine or device that sometimes resembles a human and operates automatically or by remote control.2 A person who works mechanically without original thought, especially one who responds automatically to the commands of others See also Tiago.frivolous adj.1 not serious or sensible in content, attitude, or behaviour silly2 unworthy of serious or sensible treatment unimportantSee also Niniane.clich n.1 An expression, idea, or element of an artistic work which has been overused to the point of losing its original meaning or effect, especially when at some earlier time it was considered meaningful or novel.2 A person or character whose behavior is predictable or superficial.See also Storm s Heart.

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    Meh It was okay The main characters were bearable, but the side characters were definitely intriguing There is a harpy that I want to go to Vegas with.When said harpy, Aryal, meets a cute vampire dude Ninianne Duncan is a very nice guy Would you let him go, please Aryal But I m not done sexually harassing him When she is given some bad magic stuff that needs to be destroyed She swears she ll find a way to destroy them She s saying my Precious a lot and talking about dropping them into a volcano Sexually harassing hot vampires and LoTR references Call me Of course I need to address the elephant in the room now Yes, I said the main character s name is Ninianne And, in case you are thinking, Oh, but Jilly I m sure the pronunciation is much different than you are thinking And to this I say NO She even said nobody better try nicknaming her Ninny This means her name includes the pronunciation of Ninny in it I am very unhappy with this And, to rub salt in my Ow, the name is so stupid it hurts wound, we also have a MAN named Aubrey That s right It s a girl s name I kept thinking there was a lesbian couple when they mentioned Aubrey s wife Not that there s anything wrong with that Really But, don t go messing with my head with the weird names But, if the names are weird, the sex descriptions are weirder This description of the male anatomy had me laughing my ass off I am going to put a spoiler tag on this quote from the book It is not for the faint hearted No virgin eyes allowed You ve been warned view spoiler It was as beautiful as the rest of him, large, hot and velvet skinned, his testicles voluptuous tight globes underneath Is that the stupidest thing ever Never in the history of smutty reading have I read such a titillating description of testicles And, seriously, do we really even need testicle descriptions I don t think they are known for their aesthetics Strictly utilitarian You can try to make them sound pretty, but it ain t gunna work Plus, I m not sure there is a big difference in testicular shaping that we need to know that this guy s are ROUND Globular You know, as opposed to all of the square, oblong, and pear shaped testicles out there.And don t get me started on the velvet thing There is NO escaping velvet in smut books It s the preferred texture of both penises and track suits in Jersey You just have to sigh and deal with it hide spoiler

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    5 stars Paranormal RomanceOh my I loooved gruff, growly, possessive, sexy, fiercely protective, and surprisingly funny alpha thunderbird Tiago Black Eagle soooo much Thea Harrison is going strong with this amazing series, and she s two for two for me in terms of 5 star winners, especially when it comes to her powerful, dominating, mega yummy heroes Although I didn t enjoy the overall story as much as Dragon Bound, Tiago and Niniane were fantastic characters and really great together Their romance was sweet, playful, passionate, amusing, erotic, touching, and off the charts smokin hot Tiago s fascinating combination of ferociousness and tenderness, brute strength and gentle care, violent power and worshipful regard, stormy gruffness and hidden sensitivity, and wild sexuality and smoldering sensuality make him an unforgettable, devastatingly sexy, and utterly swoon worthy hero And it sure didn t hurt that Niniane compared him visually to Dwayne The Rock Johnson YOWZA I m absolutely loving this series, and I m looking forward to Rune s book, Serpent s Kiss, coming out in Oct 11 But when is yummy Graydon going to get his book These are my favorite Niniane Tricks lines Shoulda, woulda, coulda They were the Three Stooges of regret All they were good for was saying whoop whoop whoop and smacking each other over the head.All of Dragos s sentinels were mean and barbaric and sexy Even that weird harpy bitch Aryal, who she might have a teensy girl crush on You know, in a totally hetero kind of way.This passage is classic Tiago Wait, he said When the policewoman paused and looked an inquiry at him, he rubbed the back of his neck and glared at the carpet as he tried to navigate in his head the foreign concepts involved in female frippery She likes pretty clothes And lipstick, she likes lipstick and dangly earrings and things like that, with all the colors matching And chocolate could you buy her a box of chocolates Maybe some of the stuff could be gift wrapped Rogers s gaze softened Tiago s face darkened as the policewoman gave him a kind smile that crinkled the corners of her eyes She asked, Anything else He scowled as he thought What was all the stuff that Dragos s mate got when she was convalescing Well, aside from the diamond ring and shit Froufrou magazines, he muttered You know, the girly stuff Are you sure you wouldn t like to go shopping for her yourself His gaze jerked up to meet Rogers s, and he shook his head Unless it involved the word semiautomatic somewhere, he wouldn t have the first clue I m not leaving her, he said You ll have to do it I m sure what you pick out will be fine I just want you to make sure it s nice And I d be remiss if I didn t include some gorgeous Tiago Dwayne Johnson eye candy

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    3.44 This second installment of the series Elder Races did not have a Dragon, which is a tragedy to begin with However, it did have a snarky Elven Princess who is about to reclaim the throne of the Dark Fae after her ruler parents were murdered 200 years ago by her evil uncle She has been hiding in plain sight while working for the big bad Dragon from the first book Now the evil uncle has met with a misfortunate accident, and by accident read has been torn to pieces by flying lizards, and Triksy has been confirmed as the legitimate hair Thunderbird is as old as this world, a shift changer walking among humans as a God in Mesopotamia and Egypt Nowadays he has been leading warriors for the coalition of the Wears of the Elder Races and is the least tame of the Dragon s gang He has known Tricksy for centuries, and a utube video gone viral catches the attention of the gang It shows the Elven Princess being attacked right before her reported disappearance A primal instinct sends Thunderbird on her track A even primal instinct keeps him by her side once he locates her and makes her safety his number one priority The Thunderbird and the Princess are an entertaining coupling He is one of the most possessive and overprotective alpha males we encounter, but at least in the beginning his girl gave as good as she got However, somewhere around the middle of the book, she kind of lost some of her moxy and charm, and with it the sizzle between the lovebirds diminished significantly The political scene took precedence in the second half and as a game of guess who is trying to kill you and why, it was way too predictable The bad guy was obvious and there was no tension to keep us on our toesThe book is well written, but it feels a bit under researched when it comes to Fairy Despite that, it was an OK read and I plan on continuing with the series, although I am not going to make them a priorityI wish you all fun books and Happy Reading

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    4.5 flamesIn Dragon Bound we saw Dragos kill Urien, the Dark Fae king But as we all know, he murdered the royal family so he could sit on that throne Tricks who is really the princess of the Dark Fae ran to the Wyr for protection, and Tricks became like family to them during her almost 200 years with the Wyr, she often sees Tiago, whose Wyr form is that of the Thunderbird What I like is that even though they ve known each other and even interacted together before, neither really had much interest in the other until one day back in Dragon Bound Tricks tells him off Apparently that sparked a bit of interest and from that moment on, each is on the others mind So, when Tricks leaves for the Dark Fae headquarters, in Chicago, she goes in alone, without Wyr protection, for political reasons she can t show with Wyr as it could upset the balance of power in the Dark Fae demesne Unfortunately her cousin tries to kill her When Tiago is sent to track her, he doesn t want to admit, it s kind of personal.When Tiago finds her, she is completely drunk off bubble gum flavored vodka that is so Tricks And he is furious But his goal is to get her back to New York The last thing Niniane wants is to have it look like she ran back to the Wyr with her tail between her legs So, while Tiago showers, she bolts Of course he finds her, he s a warlord after allOne thing I really liked, is the difference between Dragos and Tiago In paranormal romances, it s all too easy to use the same alpha male with a new name, slightly different story This is definitely not the case here Dragos was bored You know, with that ennui that strikes the oldest of the immortals Tiago loves life he loves the hunt, he loves fighting He gets restless if in his human skin for too long, but he isn t affected with that boredom that Dragos had Maybe that s why he s so surprised with his interest in Niniane What I liked about the court politics was that they were subtle Niniane is a very reluctant heir Watching her not only grow into her role as Queen, but as a political force with whom one does not f ck, was a great part of the plot A fake company set up in Dragos name, and a murder attempt by the Wyr really makes it look as if the Wyr are trying to keep Niniane from taking the throne, but we all know that would never happen The trip to the Fae land Adriyel was fairly uneventful, at firstI ll stop myself there before I spoil anything, but watching Tricks learn to become the Queen was great Tricks kind of cries a lot, which would normally bother me, but with what s going on, it s actually really in her character Seeing her deal with her memories of the night her family was slaughtered, watching her grow into this new, stronger woman, and watching Tiago try to figure her out makes for a fantastic read.Anyone who loved the first book will love this one Anyone who hasn t read the first book, will love this one How can you not We enter the story with Tricks, reluctant queen to be, and we leave the story with Niniane, the Dark Fae Queen ARC courtesy of Berkley Sensationhttp www.demonloversbooksand.co

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    Tiago and Tricks Her eyes opened and she looked His hard edged features were raw, but his eyes had cleared, and they were Steady Adamant Bedrock You will never lose me, faerie, he said point blank into her upturned face I love you too much Then he pushed his pelvis against her one last time in a slow, hard, voluptuous grind, and the explosion of pleasure was so intense it seared her soul as he destroyed her again God, she adored him He was such a walking, talking holocaust of a man Tiago and Tricks had been working for Dragos for hundreds of years, but they didn t interact much Before this book, that is.Thistle Tricks Periwinkle was handling the PR for the Wyr But she is really Princess Niniane of the Dark Fae Princess has been under the protection of Dragos, after her family had been murdered by her uncle.In this book, she decides to claim her throne, but she does not want to drag the Wyrs with her for political reasons So she decides to do it by herself and she disappears.So in the end of last book, Tricks goes missing after an assassination attempt.Tiago is the one who goes after her and all his protective instincts are suddenly awake Tricks, what the hell Seriously I m gonna be Queen, you know, she said You gotta stop calling me Tricks It makes me sound like a circus clown And I don t think I ll be a highness for long, so you should practice calling me your majesty She hiccupped and waved a hand in the air You may begin I notice how you re ignoring the important part of what I said, Tiago told her He squatted and suddenly his upside down face was in front of hers So I ll repeat what the hell Tiago who is a sentinel and the head of Dragos Wyr army But once he was a god in Egypt To an ancient people he was a god of storm and lightning, a prince of the sky.Tiago is a thunderbird, which means he transforms into a bird the size of an SUV.Do you wanna know how Tiago looks like as a man She asked, Has anybody ever told you, you look a lot like Dwayne Johnson He scowled Who the hell is Dwayne Johnson He tried to take the vodka bottle away from her She clung to it You know, The Rock Hot, sexy football player wrestling guy turned movie actor Only you re a whole lot meaner Do you want to know how Tiago looks like as a bird Then not twenty yards in front of her a gigantic bird of prey with a thirty foot wingspan plummeted down For one split second he was caught full in the headlights of the SUV, enormous wings splayed high in the air and razorlike sword long talons outstretched He was shaped like a golden eagle, but his color was a dark sooty black Needless to say, Tiago is the one that steals the show in this book Tricks is sweet, funny and she really tries to hold her ground when Tiago behaves like a caveman.The action moves from New York to Chicago and then to the Fae land of Arydal.Tiago and Tricks will be a happily mated couple He wrapped both arms tight around her and crushed her back against his chest Here was the necessary place Now that he had reached it, he said, Of course Now I understand For the first time in his very long existence, Tiago knew what it meant to come home .BUT view spoiler I really hate the fact that they abandon Dragos hide spoiler

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    Thea Harrison has a gift for writing Alpha heroes First, she gave us Dragos And now we have Tiago sigh We first met the Thunderbird during the last story and honestly, I was a little disappointed that he would be the next Wyr to get his own book We didn t really get to know him in Dragon Bound, except as a hulking, intimidating sentinel, who was fighting with Tricks But sometimes an author knows what we want better than we do This is one of those times.As the story begins, Tricks has left the Wyr kingdom behind and is going to claim her place as the Queen of the Dark Fae Things go bad quickly, when she is the target of an assassination attempt So Dragos sends Tiago to find and protect her.Even though Tiago and Tricks both worked for Dragos for hundreds of years, they didn t interact much Now that they are thrown together, the fireworks are unmistakable Tiago is commanding, powerful and sexy And Tricks eats it up with a spoon The sexual tension between these two was outstanding What s , there were plenty of opportunities for familiar tropes to take hold lack of communication big misunderstandings self sacrifice for the other person s supposed happiness or safety I kept waiting for the inevitable, familiar roadblocks to fly up There was one scene in a nightclub, where I was just so sure we were going to have all three devices take hold at once I swear I was already rolling my eyes But Thea Harrison sidesteps the conventional foils, leaving me jumping up and down on the sofa, hooting like an idiot Yes, I can admit that In the meantime, there is a great storyline going on We re treated to lots of action, as Tricks and Tiago fend off her enemies And we ve got a great mystery to solve as our couple works to figure out who is trying to kill her As much as we learned about the Wyr in the last book, now we re getting a peek inside some of the other Elder Races Harrison reveals details about the inner workings of the Dark Fae and the Vampyres And we travel to Adriyel, the magical Dark Fae land.This book gave me everything I wanted A hot Alpha hero, a smart and resourceful heroine love, sex, action, adventure, strong secondary characters, and world building that is both consistent and easy to understand The Elder Races series is a PNR fan s dream Thank you, thank you, Thea Harrison I m pretty sure I love you 5 stars ARC Provided by Berkley

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characters Storm's Heart, audiobook Storm's Heart, files book Storm's Heart, today Storm's Heart, Storm's Heart 3f82b He S A Wyr Warrior, A God Of Storms She S The Heir To The Dark Fae Throne But Desire Will Bring Both To Their Knees In This All New Novel Of The Elder RacesDuring The Rule Of Her Murderous Dark Fae Uncle, Thistle Tricks Periwinkle Found Sanctuary Among The Wyr In New York Her Ethereal Beauty And Sparkling Personality Won The Hearts Of The Public, But After Her Uncle S Death, There Are Those Who Don T Want To See Her Ascend To The ThroneAble To Wield Thunder And Lightning, Wyr Sentinel Tiago Black Eagle Has Ruled The Skies For Centuries His Massive Build And Thunderous Power Make Him One Of The Wyr S Best Weapons And He S Sent To Protect Tricks When She S Almost Assassinated In ChicagoSoon, Both Tiago And Tricks Will Fall Prey To The Stormy Hunger That Engulfs Them A Passion That Will Shake The Very Foundation Of All The Worlds

About the Author: Thea Harrison

I write paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and other stuff I taught myself to read when I was four That was around the time I tried to ride my tricycle to work I wasn t sure where work was, but I knew it had to be interesting if people went there every day Now I combine my love of books with work, and I don t have to ride my tricycle to get there My Elder Races series began May, 2011 You can