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    As Teen Creeps Podcast are covering this book, I wanted to read it before the latest episode was released.This is my first Lois Duncan novel, though I know they covered some of her other books I m slowly working through the back catalogue Laurie s friends and family keep telling her that they have seen her in places where she can t have been, as Laurie was ill in bed So how is this mysterious stranger I really liked the set up to the story, it s a great mystery that instantly hooked me in.I was slightly disappointed when it was revealed early on the stranger is Laurie s twin and that they had both been adopted.I was really enjoying that element of the story.Laurie is then introduced to astral projection and the story takes a great creepy turn.I really had fun reading this, the narrative flowed quickly and I enjoyed Duncan s style of writing.I m looking forward to reading of her work.

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    I read every one of these books I could find in the library in elementary school and junior high Trashy yet enthralling I associate them with the period of time I was convinced I could have superpowers if only I tried hard enough I really really wanted paranormal powers particularly telekinesis If it could happen to the girls in these books. why not me

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    OH MAN it crushes my poor cold heart to sand to have to tell you this, because I used to borrow this book from the library over and over and over when I was in fifth grade and it s one of the things that really made me like books so goddam much, but it s just all about like Native American people are mysterious and magical, which is not an okay theme So sad I was so stoked when I found it in a little used bookstore in Kokomo Indiana, because when I was little I think I just thought Laurie Stratton was so grown up she called her siblings the children and her mother Mother, and had a boyfriend, and learned to astrally project herself long distances but man, what a downer, to be like I can do magic shit because I m secretly a Navajo alien or something Um, spoiler.

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    Life continues, and we all of us keep changing and building, toward what we cannot know Lois Duncan, Stranger with My FaceMy 2nd favorite of hers second only to Daughters of Eve This book is genuinely scary and has remained so Did a reread recently and I thin k it got scarier SPOILERS Can you imagine looking into the mirror..and your mirror image is not smiling while you are Man..now THAT is the kind of scare I like No blood No gore Just creepy scary.Plus it is just an awesome story with awesome characters Did anyone reading this really not fall in love with Jeff Cmon, of coarse you did And I also wanted Helen for a friend That was my only quibble I really wanted to know how her story ended.I love the New England island feel, the ocean, the rocks and the waves Everything about it was perfect.Highly recommended to YA mystery lovers who prefer great story telling to gore, blood, and Freddy Kruger.

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    This was a pretty good tale, and the first time for me to read anything from Lois Duncan I have become intrigued with this Authors talent, and plan on reading of her works in the future No the book did not blow me away, but it was still very well written The story was very fluid and easy to read and follow I was a bit confused at the ending and felt like I was left hanging a bit, like it seemed to be left open for a sequel, but I would have liked a little closure though.Our main character, Laurie, was probably the strongest and best developed in the book, I loved her determination and courage Her parents were not likable at all for me though, They were so close minded throughout the entire story I could not imagine not even listening to my kids when they were distressed about something It was like they did not wanna deal with problems that were brought into the story, wanted to act like nothing was wrong at all.I thought the premise of the book was great, loved the idea I would liked to have seen a bit work put into it though I feel as though the story could be so much than it was, kinda fell a little short This could have easily been a 300 350 page novel This book gets a 3.5 rating from me.

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    I read this book years and years ago In fact, I wasn t sure I had actually read it until I saw the summary of it in Bitch magazine.It s a really creepy premise A teenage girl is doing astral projection and while she s out of her body, the sister she didn t know she had slips her spirit into the vacated body Well, something like that happens I may have the details wrong about who the girl who slips into the body is In any case, the protagonist is floating around in spirit, watching some other spirit propelling her body around Of course, everyone thinks the protagonist s body is inhabited by the protagonist s spirit, and there s not much she can do to correct the mistake.Kept me too scared to try astral projection during the time I thought it was maybe possible.

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    I haven t read this book in a very long time But I first discovered it when I was probably 10 years old and I just kept taking it out of the library I knew exactly where it was, what shelf it was on and it was ALWAYS there waiting for me The librarians used to look at me and say, Well there you go again Paula This was my first introduction to science fiction at least in book form and it was awesome What if your friends suddenly started acting strange and told you you did things that you don t remember What if you started seeing strange things through your own eyes This book is creepy, but a real page turner.

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    I didn t know what to expect when I got this book from the library I had heard of the author, but I d never read anything by her Duncan does an amazing job creating suspense It was SO HARD to put this book down every time I had to stop reading It caught me and never let go the pace is relentless This should be required reading for suspense writers, because so many get it wrong Duncan is a master That said, I didn t really care for the main character I tried hard to like her, and succeeded only partially I did have sympathy for her, but some of her decisions were just so stupid it made things harder view spoiler Like, how did she NOT know Leah was evil I knew the second Leah tried to get her to leave her body that Leah was going to steal it hide spoiler

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    Here s another Lois Duncan book I read several times as a youngster I remembered a few things from it and realized this book formed my love and desire to live On a sweet little island where I need to take a ferry every day to go to school and whatnotWith my house perilously perched on a cliff to take in the best sea viewsWhere I would write all day as a job on my typewriter, click clacking away.Sometimes I wonder what books are going to seriously shape my own kids lives I guess you could say this didn t seriously shape my life since I am not on a tiny island, in my grand house of many windows, making a living as a writeryet Anyhoodle, I am now thirty one, and I actually felt scared about how this book would turn out Astralprojection adventures with your twin who knew that could be so terrifying

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    In one word Freaky I stayed up way past my bedtime to finish this story It was really scary in a neat way I totally freaked when she was sitting in front of the mirror and her image smiled at her and she realized that she herself was NOT smiling Ohhhh I love it when things like that happens in movies and it sent a chill over me while reading it here as well I despised Laurie s so called friends and boyfriend I m like all they had to do if they cared at all was ask her family if she had been home sick but instead they would rather doubt her That s just not a friend to me which it or less says she was only a member of their crowd on accounts of her popular boyfriend anyhow but stillI was not overly excited about part of the ending but if I explain I will be spoiling it for anybody whose not read it so I will leave it at that.

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  • Hardcover
  • 235 pages
  • Stranger with My Face
  • Lois Duncan
  • English
  • 13 November 2019
  • 9780606017985

About the Author: Lois Duncan

Lois Duncan born Lois Duncan Steinmetz was an American writer and novelist, known primarily for her books for children and young adults, in particular and some times controversially considering her young readership crime thrillers Duncan s parents were the noted magazine photographers Lois Steinmetz and Joseph Janney Steinmetz She was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but grew up in Saraso