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pdf Succubus Revealed, ebook Succubus Revealed, epub Succubus Revealed, doc Succubus Revealed, e-pub Succubus Revealed, Succubus Revealed 18305b0c9d2 In Georgina Kincaid, Succubus And She Demon, New York Times Bestselling Author Richelle Mead Has Created One Of Her Most Enticing Characters But With A Shot At Love, And Maybe Even Redemption, Is The Ultimate Seductress Finally Going Soft Like Hell She IsGeorgina Kincaid Has Had An Eternity To Figure Out The Opposite Sex, But Sometimes They Still Surprise Her Take Seth Mortensen The Man Has Risked His Soul To Become Georgina S Boyfriend Still, With Lucifer For A Boss, Georgina Can T Just Hang Up Her Killer Heels And Settle Down To Domestic Bliss In Fact, She S Being Forced To Transfer Operations Las Vegas The City Of Sin Is A Dream Gig For A Succubus, But Georgina S Allies Are Suspicious Why Are The Powers That Be So Eager To Get Her Away From Seattle And From Seth Georgina Is One Of Hell S Most Valuable Assets, But If There S Any Way Out Of The Succubus Business She Plans To Take It, No Matter How Much Roadkill She Leaves Behind She Just Hopes The Casualties Won T Include The One Man She S Risking Everything For

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    How we love others is affected by how we love ourselves, and for the first time in a long time, I was whole I knew who I was and in turn was able to appreciate just how much I loved him Finally, Georgina and Seth get the happy ending they deserve view spoiler Omg I am so exciting that Seth is Kyriakos or Kyriakos is Seth I really loved that they were soul mates hide spoiler

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    Succubus Revealed is both satisfying and excruciatingly, mind numbingly predictable Nothing much except Georgina s personal woes propels this series finale The book starts on a fairly ridiculous note Georgina for some unknown reason works as a Santa helper at a mall Continues in the same ridiculous way when she and her gang of friends are forced by Jerome to participate in a bowling tournament with another demon s crew Things start picking up when Georgina is suddenly transferred to a new location Las Vegas Only then does our succubus start questioning why the Hell is so involved in her business And then spends entirely too much time on unveiling the transparent mystery surrounding her contractIf you have read previous 5 books in the series, you know exactly how it all will end No surprises, no new revelations All elephant size clues given by the author prior come together to culminate in the ending 99% of us expected Satisfying Yes An exciting reading experience NO.The book is not entirely a waste though It is a one long series epilogue, a farewell to the characters of sorts Melancholy and bitter sweet, with a few touching moments All in all, this series is not a bad one if you are willing to overlook the fact that the main characters are morally rotten and never truly atone for their indiscretions , but a couple books too long Richelle Mead s mistake here is that she stretched her story way too thin, especially in the last two novels that are almost void of mystery and consist mainly of relationship melodrama.As for Georgina, I will let Jerome speak for me You know, I might miss some of your witticisms when you re gone, but one thing I won t miss Your overwhelming sense of melodrama and despair It s too much even for me

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    Why the fuck are people rating it 5 stars when the book isn t even out yet Just mark it as to read , you twats.

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    WHAT AN ENDING It s okay, no spoilers This was a wonderfully, beautifully, perfect end to this series It had everything that I ve come to love from the Succubus series a mystery, witty dialogue, my favourite characters and sex, of course Things drew to a brilliant close that was dramatically fitting for a series of books that have kept me so thoroughly hooked throughout Something huge is discovered that would be insane when told by some authors but is cataclysmically awesome when handled by Richelle Mead.Don t you just love it when you arrive at the final installment in a series and there s this great big pulling together of all events and happenings of the previous books When everything ties together and it becomes apparent that small matters all counted towards the bigger picture and the author knew how it would all come together and explode into an extraordinary climax from the very start Like, if you read my updates you will see where I mentioned the lengthy dreams in book 5 I thought it was a case of the author finding something to fill the time because her series was running out of juice oh, apparently not.Lots of mysteries get solved and questions get answered, all remarkably told in Richelle Mead s quirky and addictive style And if you felt that you were losing faith in some of the characters you d previously loved at the end of the last book, then don t worry, Succubus Revealed restored all my old feelings for Georgie, Seth and their quirky mortal and immortal friends Personally, I felt that this book could not have been better, it s my favourite of an extremely enjoyable series.And the conclusion is both happy and sad bittersweet I think is most appropriate I will miss these novels very much.

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    My four star rating is for the series in general, so take that as you will Succubus Revealed is mostly a two star book that contains a couple of heart wrenching four star scenes with five star characters whom I ve grown to love I did have some problems with this book, and one of my biggest ones was all of the side trips that were seemingly tied to one another, but were knotted together so haphazardly Some things got resolved, others didn t Some side stories made sense and seemed meaningful, while others were throw aways.Can someone explain to me why they all went bowling scratches head Even though we were hit over the head constantly with clue by fours, there were still some intricacies that I didn t see coming You know how it s all going to end, but still but still There are a couple of shockers in the end that I think even the most attentive will be surprised by.Georgina was probably the most likable in this book out of the whole series, and the supporting characters were all fantastic so than usual Carter Carter. He is such a great character I want him to have a spin off, I really do.I m content with this one and its ending, although I know some people won t be I always liked Georgina, I never hated Roman or Seth, and I enjoyed watching the story unfold even though I knew where she was taking things I m sad to see the series come to an end, but it s satisfying that she gave it a conclusive ending instead of stringing us along for umpteen books, some would say the previous book was practically filler and unnecessary, but I digress I have a hard time abandoning a series regardless of how I feel, but I think if you even remotely enjoyed the previous books and the characters, you owe it to yourself to see how Georgina s story ends I can t say you ll be happy with the outcome when all is said and done, but you will be glad it s over.

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    There are two things that Richelle Mead does amazingly every time The first is that she is able to end a series perfectly Whether it be ending an epic Young Adult series or an Urban Fantasy one, Mead knows exactly how to satisfy her readers after bringing them on a rollercoaster ride.Succubus Revealed is the sixth and final book in the Georgina Kincaid series and while I m glad about what happens in this book, I m still sad to see it end as a fan The book starts out fun and light hearted, hitting the high notes with lots of jokes and silliness But there is that usual angst that comes with Georgina As they say in the book, Georgie can be a little melodramatic But the woman has a reason to be Right when her world seems to be perfect, she gets a notice of transfer from Hell Wondering that the hell brought this on, Georgie recruits her friend, Roman aka The Nephilim to help her figure this out But the real mystery is how Seth knew Georgina s real name from the fifth centuryThis answer and is revealed in this book How appropriate that Mead called it Succubus Revealed Because, really, EVERYTHING comes together in the end.Which leads me to the second thing that Richelle Mead does extremely well and that is plotting.It s amazing how she is able to match things up perfectly with all her events You come to understand Jerome s don t give a fuck attitude towards Georgie, you find out Carter s real purpose in Seattle, you learn why Seth s darling sister is sick It all matches up and I love seeing an author who takes pride in making sure there is continuity in her work.For once, I can truly say that I figured this one out I had my theories going into this book and I think Mead went the right way with this ending Not only is the ending what every Georgina Kincaid fan wants for our Succubus girl, but it was very touching as well I didn t expect to be so emotional over this book Seth hasn t been my favourite person throughout this entire series, but you just know when two people are meant to be together and it s clear that Seth and Georgina are meant to be This passage really proves this point I tightened my arms around him and drew him toward the bed I m still alive, aren t I Yes, he admitted, letting himself be drawn along But are you sure you don t want to just wait Hugh had said something after booking my flight Everything changes when you re mortal You don t know what tomorrow will bring. I ve waited long enough, I told Seth, just before kissing him.And that was the moment I knew what it was like to have my soul back.But it isn t the love between Georgina and Seth that makes this book so good It s also Roman s selfless act that blew my mind After what he s done in the past, I wasn t sure what to expect of him But his actions in this book redeem him completely I absolutely adore him and wished there was a way to read about him All in all, Succubus Revealed is the perfect ending to an amazing series I m sure fans will be satisfied with Georgina s final book when they flip that last page I know I was.

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    Okay, Richelle Mead, you and I are done D.O.N.E It s a good thing I never started Bloodlines or Dark Swan, because I thought Last Sacrifice tried me high enough, but then you went one step further and wrote this And this is the end of the road for me I used to like Georgina Kindcaid Like most of Mead s characters she started life as an interesting, flawed personality with some major issues but an undoubted ability to kick ass and keep you interested Then she found tru lurve and oh no her love is forbidden and lost all semblance of a personality and turned into a selfish, self pitying whiny brat You d think a few thousand years of living would have given her a little perspective I didn t hate the previous two books the way other people did they weren t fantabulous, but I could live with the angsting because I had the larger picture in mind, I wanted to see how the series was going to get wrapped up, and I wanted Georgina to get her happy ending A few pages into this book, however, I realized that the only ending that was going to be happy enough for me was one where Georgina fell under a bus and Seth married Maddie and lived happily ever after Screw that immortal love, I want me some gore.Succubus Revealed had all the excitement of day old porridge It was like a novella stretched out over a few hundred pages There were a bunch of unnecessary and obviously desperate ploys to keep the story running a demonic bowling league Really To be fair, the demonic bowling league would probably have been fun and quirky if only the rest of the story had any substance Added gratuitously to the generic sludge was an unnecessary, two dimensional, completely irrelevant Mortensen brother who is a caricature of a hipster than a real character Mead really was scraping the barrel there.If you didn t know exactly where this story was headed from the minute Niphon came on the scene, well lucky you, you might be in the one percentile of people who actually enjoyed this book For the rest of us, though, Captain Obvious may as well have authored this story I think the worst decision Mead ever made was to dumb down Georgina in order to I m assuming draw out the suspense Because, dude, we got it like three books ago, just get it over with already Georgina spends most of the book stubbornly refusing to see what s staring her and us in the face Since this does not, in any way, further the plot or character development, it was annoying as all hell Even when Roman lays out all the facts and joins them logically and consistently, she is still readier to believe it s all some stupid coincidence rather than a hellish plot And worse is the utter crap we are forced to swallow about soulmates and a love beyond time, and how Georgina would rather give up the fight and remain a succubus for all eternity than live as a human without Seth Over and over we are forced to hear how transcendental their unhealthy co dependency love is and how Georgina is nothing without him Gag.Succubus Revealed is a shoddy excuse for a book The writing is terrible, the plot is non existent, the characters are either annoying or inconsequential and the only people in the whole entire story who were worth any wordspace were Jerome and Roman view spoiler And Mead managed to crap all over Roman s character too, imbuing him with some stupid, pseudo noble sacrificial urge for a woman who wasn t worth his time, let alone his life And since Mead conveniently left his eventual fate hanging, who wants to bet me that Roman is going to rise from the ashes as the star of his own series hide spoiler

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    First up this book was unnecessary I think it was a case of Miss Mead getting contracted for six books, but being done with the story by five So she basically took what could have been about 50 pages of plot resolution and turned it into a 300 page book, where there s a lot of talk and internal monologues, but not much actually happens Well, except for few stuff which anyone with half a brain could have seen coming two installments ago And so whereas book 5 turned out to be an elaborate set up story, this one was a stretched out resolution Maybe it was my skewed view, seeing the UF world through the eyes of a newbie, but back in 2008 when I started this series, I loved Mead s writing Simple, but witty and with a surprisingly sympathetic main character Over the course of the series though, the story deteriorated Georgina lost her appeal, the secondaries became cardboard characters and the I got to see of the world, the less it started making sense I should admit there was one improvement compared to last book this time around Mead didn t use blatant hints to hit us over the head with it repeatedly But the thing is she didn t need to Mead has a way of stating something and then elaborating on it excessively So if you didn t get it initially, she ll make sure you got it after she spelled it out Not only does that make me think she underestimates her audience s intelligence, it also doesn t shine a positive light on Georgina Having your main character pick up on signals, elaborate on them constantly but not process the information, makes her look really stupid.But, as becomes clearer throughout the story, Georgina s reason for being really slow on the uptake is not only because she s dim It s because she s incredibly self absorbed.This girl must be one of the most egocentric protagonist I have ever read about And I wouldn t even mind, if the contrary Georgina is an angel who always takes care of others message wasn t being shoved down out throats constantly Throughout the story she thinks of herself first, others later and even the good she does is immediately followed up by a hint for a compliment from either the reader or one of the other characters Those same characters risk their lives to help her and through most of it Georgina remains apathetic and downright dismissive But still the reader is expected to love her mild spoilers from here on This glorification of Georgina was also apparent in the romance story line view spoiler Georgina was the main focus as should be with a protagonist but Seth seemed forgotten He didn t even deserve the label of secondary character, he was an extra In stead of taking the chance of convincing the many Seth haters, Mead gave him less important page time than Roman and Hugh of all people And so Seth ended up being a stage prop to Georgina s primadonna But Seth wasn t even the biggest loser here It was Roman From a wonderfully intriguing and morally ambiguous guy, he turned into a castrated lap dog Such a waste hide spoiler

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    It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done it is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known 3 3 3 3 3AND OMG CARTER CARTER CARTER CARTER CARTER SERIOUSLY CARTER I LOVE HIM SO MUCHYOU GUYSTHIS BOOKBEST ENDING TO A SERIES EVERLoved it even than Hero of Ages sorry if that s blasphemous My brain and heart right now sglkdfslknfqeenoquiovosnconoiiwjeirwonwokmdalWOW

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    There will be minor spoilers,major ones will be hiddenThis is one of the times that I need half stars cause this book is worth than 3 stars but is less than 4 for me, so I ll just have to settle for 3 stars.The writing,plot and characters in this series is up to point, this book tied up all strings and I certainly love how it ended.Can t believe this is the last book in the series, will definitely miss the characters Their witty banter and comments is just so hilarious Georgina doesn t need material things any, teased Cody She s paid in love now Jerome fixed the young vampire with a cold stare Do not ever say anything that saccharine again Like we all guessed Georgina and Seth got their happily ever after, but they were casualties, one that I love so dearly The revelations blew my mind view spoiler Roman sacrificed himself for Georgina Seth is Kyiakos her human husband and the reason why she sold her soul, also Seth sold his soul ages ago for reincarnation to meet Georgina, and all her star cross lovers through the centuries were him, they both got their souls back cause their contract contradict each other, hell wasn t happy to loose two souls at once hide spoiler

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