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    The book s beginning is interesting, but then the text becomes inconsistent and the ending was disappointing and it happened all of a sudden I m reading some books I have at home whose audios I found in Scribd, so I m not giving up on any book in this list, even if I don t like the development of the story, because I want soooo much to improve my English.

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    In third grade or maybe it was second, I don t remember, but I had the same teacher for both grades so it s irrelevant to the story so anyway in whatever grade, second or third, my teacher started to read from Superfudge to the class every Friday afternoon The class got enthralled in the book, and getting a hold of the book from the school library was a pretty impressive feat since everyone in the class wanted the one copy I can still remember exactly where on the shelf it would have sat if the book had ever actually been in, but trying to get this book became something on an obsession of mine, going to the shelf to see if the book was there on every library trip Even after I finally did get a hold of the book from the library when I was in fourth grade or third , I think that the teacher actually had taken out the elusive only copy of the book to read to us from , I would still check on the status of the book being in or out everytime I stopped in the library This book I hold as my first book obsession, and even though it never dawned on me to just go to the local bookstore, or maybe town library to get a copy, it still paved the way for many later obsessions with various books and getting them into my greedy little hands so that I could covet them forever and ever this almost makes it sound like a stole the book, which I did not Actually I never even owned this book, I only read it twice, both times by taking it out of the library like a person does It wrong to steal from libraries anyway Really really wrong.

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    Although I very much enjoyed Judy Blume s 1972 Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, when our teacher read the novel to us in grade four in 1976 and when I then reread the novel myself in 1977 , even then, even as a ten and eleven year old, I found Peter Warren Hatcher s little brother Farley Drexel Hatcher better known as Fudge to generally be both a royal pain in the neck and yes, that Fudge was being constantly coddled and hardly ever really disciplined regarding his often unacceptable behaviours inappropriately lax parenting being allowed to pretend to be a dog and demanding to eat sitting on the floor, repeatedly ransacking his older brother s bedroom, and even when Fudge consumes and thereby kills Peter s pet turtle, while his parents finally do understand that Peter deserves sympathy and a replacement pet, I still do not think that especially Peter s mother ever in any way adequately disciplines Fudge and makes him see and understand that it was not only wrong but incredibly nasty and horrid for him to swallow poor Dribble Now with the above firmly in mind, I have therefore certainly approached sequel Superfudge with a rather heavy dose of reading trepidation As for one, aside from Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, I did not read any of the series sequels either as a child or as a teenager and of course, two of the sequels were actually published in the 1990s and early 2000s respectively and thus when I was of course very much an adult and was therefore rather worried that if the episodes presented by Judy Blume in Superfudge were similarly zany and at times bordering on the ridiculous as they often are in Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing I would as an adult than probably find them no longer all that amusing but for the most part just annoyingly silly, and even importantly and for two, I was also legitimately worried and concerned that in particular Fudge would be as unmannerly, as undisciplined and as much of a thorn in his older brother Peter s side in Superfudge as he is, as he constantly was in Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing And sadly, my fears have been than realised For aside from a few choice scenarios that I have found rather enjoyable and even relatable in Superfudge such as the Christmas and outing Santa Claus as a fake episode and how Judy Blume really does manage to capture Peter s reaction to having to move and in particular Fudge s negativity when the parents have a third child, how Fudge totally feels displaced by his new baby sister , I have found especially Fudge as a character still incredibly infuriating in Superfudge, still not in any way adequately parented and again in particular the mother way way too often sloughing her parental responsibilities with regard to her now middle son off on older son Peter And yes indeed, far far too often, instead of telling Fudge a categorical NO, both parents, both the mother and the father, obviously seem to still consider his behaviour and his repetitively annoying speeches generally cute and funny and sometimes even seem to reward Fudge s mouthiness and his tendency to constantly verbally harass Peter and others and no, the parents letting Fudge get away with all kinds of problematic and possibly even offensive behaviours until finally losing patience and engaging in physical discipline, in other words making use of spanking, is not acceptable parenting in any manner either, as it also and certainly becomes abundantly clear in Superfudge that Fudge does not really care all that much if he is spanked, considering that he actually never really all that much changes his behaviour even if he has been physically disciplined and still gleefully and joyfully bothers and like a mosquito harasses Peter and his baby sister quite as much as before.

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    Superfudge by Judy Blume is the third book in her Fudge series Although entertaining and a nice addition, it s definitely for older children While I could get away with reading the first and second book in the series to my five year old, this one had several sections I had to fudge over a bit From the chapter on discovering where babies come from to the chapter on uncovering the truth about Santa Claus, you can tell this is very much a book from a sixth grader s point of view I remember loving them when I was in fourth grade, but I was older I think we ll hold off on finishing this series for a bit especially since I have so many others that I can t wait to read with my son From Matilda and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl, to the Chronicles of Narnia by C.S Lewis, there s a huge stack of wonderful stories on my shelf waiting to be shared with my son As for the Fudge series, it s still a beloved story in our house So much so, that we ve taken to calling my two year old twins Fudge 1 and Fudge 2 I highly recommend the series, just make sure you read them first if you want to share them with a younger child ClassicsDefined.com

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    Holy Shnikes, I ve forgotten how funny the Fudge books are Some of the one liners here are KILLER.A new baby is born into the Hatcher family Peter s family moves to Princeton for a trial year, to see if they prefer it over the city Naturally all sorts of shenanigans occur courtesy of Farley Drexel Hatcher himself.

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    4.5 rounded down200 pages of pure delight and fun I don t want the series to end Only 2 left Fudge is hilarious I was reading this and in my head I was hearing how would Judy Blume read Fudge parts No see in this one, but Pee tah s just saved the day

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    The book started with such a nice surprise and had such a promising plot but it just fell all out of place by the end of the book Honestly,the first book was the best book in this series I like how Fudge is still a little bit mischievous here but the way he talks or the way he behaves,suggests a little kid acting strange because of trying to seek attention There s no innocence or beauty in this behaviour It felt like reading a new book having completely new characters whom I don t know at all I miss Peter and I miss Fudge.

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    I like the part in Superfudge when Peter moved with his family for a year or two to Princeton I also like the part when Peter and Jimmy Fargo made the deal before he moved to Princeton, and they both broke the promise so Peter and Jimmy Fargo both don t have to feel bad any for breaking their promises because now they both know that they both broke the promise I also like the part when they go trick or treating and Peter took Fudge s phantom costume and then Fudge was like, Hey, that s mine And Peter said, If you don t let me wear it, you ll have to go trick or treating with your parents like the other kindergarten babies The reason Peter was wearing Fudge s costume was because he saw his friend Alex wearing a costume which was a painting called Ante s Anger, which Jimmy Fargo s dad painted It has two black circles and one red square and the red square was from Jimmy Fargo s mom who splattered it when she got angry and then got divorced from Jimmy Fargo s dad.

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    Teachers learn from books like this one One should never read a book cold with children I have made that mistake a few times in my career.We had read Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing Wouldn t it be fine to read the sequel Absolutely not We were halfway through I read ahead some for the next few days and stumbled across a classic Judy Blume event Yeah, the discussion of Christmas was highly uncomfortable for me As a fourth grade teacher, I do not want to be the one who gives up the ghost There is absolutely no need for that in this book, yet there it is This infuriates me to no end I now read none of the Fudge books because I can never recall which one is problematic , so they all are off the reading list.Curse you, Judy Blume

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    Superfudge by Judy Blume was a good book I liked it, because it was an easy read, and also funny Peter is the oldest sibling in the house Fudge is Peters little brother Peter and Fudge like each other, but as siblings, they don t really get along Peters mom and dad want to have a talk with him He goes into the dining room by them and sits down They tell him they re having another baby Peter doesn t like this Once he tells Fudge this, he won t like it either Fudge through a huge fit and told his parents to get rid of it Another Fudge He doesn t get along with the sibling he does have What is he going to do with another one Peter and Fudge have a lot of ups and downs in this book They both love each other, but it s hard to get along with one another They re going to be having another sibling join the family, and they don t like the idea to much As their little sister comes along they learn to like her They don t think she s to bad after all When she s sleeping Superfudge takes place in New Jersey present day, and around the town New Jersey is important in this book, because it has certain places and areas that Fudge and Peter go that really explain what it s like there.There are a lot of themes in Superfudge , but the one to stand out is loving what you have Peter and Fudge don t want a little sister around, but learn that she is now apart of the family, and they can t get rid of her They can only love her They came to realize that she s not that bad, and can be really funny at timesI would recommend Superfudge by Judy Blume to anyone in middle school and high school It s a quick easy read, but you will also enjoy reading the book.

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