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    I remember enjoying this alot when I was a teen. read it quite a few times Will have to re read it one day to see if my opinion holds up.

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    i love this book when you stop reading and you have to put it away you are like no because every part of this book is AMAZING you have to read it even if it is so sad at the end of this book it is worth reading READ THIS BOOK

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    OH NO, TERROR AT THE ZOO I found this book in a box of early 90s gems at a flea market and got it for the low, low price of 50 cents Score Having just read Peg Kehret s Ghost Dog Secrets, I was totally primed for another supernatural, animal centered adventure.In Terror at the Zoo, Ellen s upset that her parents treat her like a baby even though she s twelve WAIT A MINUTE, now she s conducting experiments in animal telepathy for her school science fair project and WAIT, WAIT, her grandparents just gave her a pass for an overnight camp out at the zoo AND NOW A CONVICTED FELON IS ESCAPING FROM PRISON AND SNEAKING INTO THE ZOO FOR SHELTER AND HE HAS A KNIFE AND A WICKED PLAN THAT INVOLVES HARMING ANIMALS AND ONLY ELLEN and her annoying kid brother Corey CAN STOP HIM OH NO God, I loved reading this book Kehret is so good at piling on the action I also loved how she describes Ellen s diligent note taking for her animal telepathy experiments It reminded me of Kehret s Sisters, Long Ago, where the main character takes notes at a lecture on reincarnation, and Ghost Dog Secrets, where the main character documents animal abuse by taking photos and carefully keeping a daily log I feel like Kehret makes note taking so exciting and glamorous Sneaky like disguising broccoli in an ice cream cone.One unfortunate thing about the book that Kehret could never have anticipated is that the story, published in 1992, makes a big deal about how all this goes down on the night of September 10th There is a running conversation throughout the book between Ellen and Corey about whether their parents plane is late because it s been hijacked which is supposed to be an example of Corey teasing Ellen, but in light of historical events after the book s writing, it s an unfortunate coincidence So, you know, if you have a child in your life with a relative who died on September 11, I recommend not giving them this book to read It s impossible not to think about September 11 and wince a little bit every time Corey talks about hijacking.That aside, Terror at the Zoo is a fun adventure Thanks, flea market

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    Peg Kehret is one of my favorite children s mystery authors, though they are never usually scary , what I call spooky , but I like the spooky atmosphere They usually all teach a moral lesson, which I do like about them, and they sometimes show what to do in a dangerous situation and what not to do The books by her and Pete the Cat are some of my favorites by her, but I like the Ellen and Corey series a little better I also like some of the single books like Stolen Children I ve never read the Frightmares or the Disaster books by her Out of the Ellen and Corey series by Peg Kehret, this is my least favorite, but I still liked it It shows moral lessons, which is good for children to read about One of the best ways to learn something is to read about it and learn from other peoples mistakes, even if they are fictional people Each book does show a mistake that one or both of the children make, and how they get through their problems In this book, Ellen and her brother, Corey, get to spend the night in a zoo with their grandparents, but unfortunately when their grandparents don t show up after their parents drop them off and go on a trip, they choose to wait, but after the zoo closes, it s too late for them to leave, so they have to stay the night alone..or so they believe What they don t know is that an escaped convict is inside the zoo with them and they spend the night being frightening rather than having fun.

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    Ellen Streater is twelve years old, and is determined to be mature from now on Corey, almost eight and her younger brother, loves telling tales The two of them receive a birthday gift of camping overnight at the zoo, for which they are stoked But when the gates clang shut, they realize they are alone No, not quite alone Locked in the zoo with them is an escaped criminal, and he is determined to use Ellen and Corey for ransom Can they find help, before it is too late The night is young, and the chase has just begun.I remember liking this author in elementary school, and also being quite terrified by her books I didn t read much horror, and was scared rather easily and both are still true today.I didn t find this book scary, however, as I once would have It felt very predictable, so I had no reason to be afraid Everything fell into place way too easily, to get both the kids and the criminal locked in together However, once the story was actually moving, it felt plausible.Ellen was an annoying character at first, with her now being an adult and so mature just because she s twelve She stopped being annoying once in the zoo, and I grew to like her and as the book progressed.Overall, not a bad book, but I don t think I enjoy this author as much as I used to.

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    Terror at the Zoo is a great children novel by Peg Kehret Everyone will adore this book from start to finish It s impossible not to like the characters in it, especially Corey with his always witty and clever what if stories With Terror at the Zoo, the writer was able to plot a story that will highlight every characters in it.I just can t contain how much I really love this book The moment I started Terror at the Zoo, I couldn t put it down any because I was instantly hooked with the characters in it and the overall story I love how simple the story is but yet it is so much fun Corey s my favorite character in the book because he is just so smart for a seven year old child I also like how at the end of it, Ellen was able to reach her goal to be mature enough.Terror at the Zoo is perfect for children out there waiting to have some adventure with a book The book will surely give you an adventure that you will never forget in your entire life Two thumbs up to this book and to Peg Kehret

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    Brother and Sister get a over night sleep over at a zoo for their birthday present from their grandparents When time comes their grandma has broken her leg and can t go so the kids go by their selves They thought their parents would meet them there but are delayed because of plane trouble Ellen and Corey end up locked in the zoo with a con artist who s escaped prison The guy tried kidnap a rare primate baby, but decides to kidnap the kids However Ellen s been doing a science experience to communicate with animals and she tries it which it helps because the elephants trap the guy until help comes.It s a great night full of adventure for sure I enjoyed this and really should have read it years ago when got it at school Oh well I read now.

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    I gave this book 4 stars because it was a good realistic fiction book I thought it would be scary if you were getting chased from in an escaped criminal in the zoo alone.If I was alone at the zoo with my sister and she got caught by a criminal i would act like Ellen did I would be scared and i would try to climb the fence to get to a telephone This book has plenty of suspense That is why I liked it because one second they were free and the next second they got caught by the criminal It took place mostly at the zoo at night I would not want to go to the zoo at night So if you would like to read a book with suspense and that is about a scary campout you should read this book.

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    I really enjoyed this book it is one of my top favorites of Peg Kehret s This book is about Corey and Ellen who get gifted an overnight camp out at the zoo from their grandparents The thriller begins when a criminal is locked in the zoo with them and is stalking their every move Due to a project Ellen did she knows how to communicate with elephants The elephants charge after the criminal and they are able to escape I think this would be a great book to read to introduce a science unit on animal communication Students could research this and make a project out of it to present to the class.

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    Worst book in the history of books I mean seriously the plot was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lame Some girl goes to Iraq so she could buy some Iraquian cheese and then its her story of getting back Even the Girl Who Owned A Dumpster was a better book then this I didn t even think a person could make such a bad book I pity this person, the torture she is going through The pain and the agony She must be a total dipstick to be reading this book Oh well, some people in this world were born to be morons.

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