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    I just can t No matter how much I tried to to continue reading this book, the story is still tad unbelievable and the romance seems to start creeping in.

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    Cameryn Mahoney has an unusual side job she s assistant to the county coroner who happens to be her father But she didn t get the job through nepotism Cammie is good at death But this time, the case may be too gruesome for even Cammie to handle When her teacher is found dead in his bed, discovered by Kyle O Neil, one of his Eagle Scouts, Cammie is horrified to discover that his eyes are burned out indeed, Mr Oaks has been cooked from the inside out.The case is mysterious, and the trail is full of dead ends It deserves her full attention, but Cammie is distracted by the secret she s keeping about her estranged mother, and by a budding relationship with the ultrapopular Kyle She may be too distracted to pick up on the clues to the identity of the killer before it s too late.I didn t like The Christopher Killer at all, so I m not really sure why I read this one I don t think the writing was strong at all Cammie is not a compelling, interesting or likeable character in the least She is a classic Mary Sue and the fact that Ferguson needs to keep reminding us that Cammie s best friend Lyric is both fat and weird is very off putting.If all that weren t enough, I knew who the killer was from reading the cover copy and if I hadn t figured it out then, I would have picked it up the first time we met him From the way the book was written, it was somewhat clear why Cammie et al didn t pick up on it but that s still sloppy writing If the reader knows whodunit light years before the crack girl detective forensic pathologist, it makes for an utterly boring read.

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    don t trust anyone with the name Kyle

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    The next big case for Cameryn Mahoney comes in the most disturbing death anyone has ever seen When Kyle O Neil finds the body of beloved teacher Mr Oakes, everyone is troubled by the way he is killed the insides of his body seems like he s been cooked alive, but there isn t proof Now that Cameryn s mother is about to make an appearance in her life, and she s trying to juggle her fast paced relationship with Kyle, it s going to take a lot of effort for her to crack this case Harsh to say, but if wasn t for the fact that I like forensics, I would have never picked this up It s the same choppy writing that just sounds very under developed The author doesn t pay too much to dialogue, because like last time, it s still awkward and most lines don t offer that basic flow Besides the writing, the 2nd mystery doesn t pull me in I like the reasoning behind Mr Oakes death and what s been done to him, but I still don t see Kyle s motive Much is left unanswered, and not in a good way either In a mystery, you have to dissect the clues and point out the explanations When you don t know who the murderer is, it s okay to guess, but once you find out, don t you have to reveal some stuff Besides, how hard is it to guess that Kyle is behind it all At one point, Dwayne s the scapegoat, but that s hardly enough to draw my attention from the way Kyle wants to attach himself to Cam s side It s just so obvious And what s the point of calling this a forensics mystery if it s not even that heavily focused on the subject It annoys me that forensics stuff is mentioned in passing almost, only when they examine the body, and that s like what Two chapters maximum The main character wants to be a forensics pathologist the least the author can do is put effort into discussing dead bodies and how the subject spikes up Cam s interest Of course, it won t bug me as much if Cam spends the remainder of the time looking for clues, but no, the pages speeds to Cameryn dating Kyle and practically telling the readers in every other chapter that she s the assistant to the coroner Every single time. Necessary much Why not just say assistant, why have to stress the word coroner to the point where I m like, Jesus Christ Just shut up already Finally, this is something that I absolutely CANNOT get out of my head It s like this the first book leaves the reader wondering what s going to happen between Cam and her mother Hannah And then the 2nd book still ends that way How much can I handle with this pointless storyline dragging any It s like watching a badly written movie whose hero heroine has to face all these flaky obstacles that make no sense whatsoever Only at the last page that Cam finally meets her mother and even then, Hannah doesn t have any dialogue I spent my time reading this just so I could go back to square one I get that the author s trying to incorporate some teenage issues into the novel but it s not working at all I guess I m not done complaining after all, because I suddenly just remember something else Just about every character has said that Cam s changed into someone else but I don t SEE it I know I m not missing anything either It s just that the author missed an important lesson in writing school SHOW, DON T TELL Both Justin and Patrick say, Oh Cam, you ve changed so much, but how did it happen Even the most basic books follow a certain step by step outline and that s what this author needs to get from Point A to Point B, showing changes either through Cam s actions and or dialogue But then again, her dialogue is so poorly written that I m not sure it ll make any difference.

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    I had the suspects narrowed down to two pretty early in the book and had figured out how the person was killed pretty close to the start There wasn t enough focus on the forensics in this book and I would have liked the M.E and the coroner folks, Cammie included, to discuss about how the murder could have been done Instead, we get a hint at it towards the end of the book with a vague reference to a microwave mess, like we haven t made that connection already, or at least I had I just didn t know the technical description or it would have been a no brainer to figure out completely.The author makes reference to how much Cammie has changed throughout the whole book, but we, the readers, don t really see it It s told to us, but we don t have enough of a picture of who Cameryn really is from the previous book to see how she s different in this book A huge part of the story focused on everyone noticing this change , but there is a lot of telling, not showing this change.I also thought this Kyle kid would never realistically go for a girl like Cameryn There were too many incongruencies with his interest in her, that she should have figured out We, the readers, can make sense of it all at the conclusion of the book, but throughout, we are suspect to his motives, and her stupidity, but she is after all, only a teenager inexperienced with life and relationships It will be interesting to see how Camryn reacts to this experience as she moves forward in the next book.Hannah is a huge character in terms of how her presence affects Cammie, but we wait and wait and wait for the interaction throughout the whole book Hannah is the reason Cammie has changed, but there are too many holes in this section of the plot to understand why the big impact Cammie seems smarter than this Okay, so she s a brainiac when it comes to science, but a doofus when it comes to relationships That is believable, but the author needs to tighten this portion of the story or do to show and describe Cameryn s inexperience.I liked the book, but didn t love it I hope the next one is better.

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    An intricately written novel, Alane Ferguson keeps you guessing the twists and turns of The Angel of Death The story is told in the perspective of seventeen year old Cameryn Mahoney as the daughter of her coroner father Her being the daughter she is means that she has seen gore than your average teenager Cammie is plunged into the world where she must distinguish which is reality and which is fantasy when her pupil, Kyle O Neil, finds the remaining corpse of her English teacher in his bed Her main objective in the case is to help analyze the facts and evidence provided to solve the mystery of her English teacher s death Although Cammie tells herself to focus on the case given to her, she finds herself falling head over heels for Kyle O Neil She begins to trust and reveal herself and her bottled up secrets and memories to Kyle When Cammie and Kyle start a relationship though, it becomes even necessary for Cammie to figure out the crux of her case Yet the question is, will Cammie be able to separate what is reality and what is fake or will she be to preoccupied with Kyle to resolve her teacher s death Normally, I am not the type to go for a mystery novel, yet I found the novel enjoyable As you delve into this novel, it is quite impossible to put down for a break If you do take a break though, you will find yourself thinking in circles of what is going to happen on the next page Will Cammie fall into a trap How does it end This novel is like a game of dice You never know when you will roll snake eyes or a win The Angel of Death is a well delivered detailed novel of murder, mystery, and suspense Even reluctant readers will find this novel a fast pace breeze of page turning suspense.

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    The Angel of Death is about seventeen year old Cameryn Mahoney, who is her dad s assistant coroner She is basically a split personality, where part of her is the fun loving teenager, while the other half is the intellectual brain that knows many facts about death Thus she is given the nickname, the Angel of Death In this book which is my first Alane Ferguson book a popular guy named Kyle finds their former English teacher dead Mr Oakes, the english teacher, was everyone s favorite teacher and all around nice guy So far, there has been no motive to kill him When Cammie starts a romantic relationship with Kyle due to their connection in the case, will it interfere with her ability to solve Brad Oakes brutal murder This was a surprising read At first I was sure I wouldn t like it, it seemed to Science Fiction Horror, but I felt myself being sucked in by the easy to follow plot and somewhat likeable characters The imagery and descriptions were well written, but I felt that Cameryn s character was a bit one sided However, I will read the next book in hopes of seeing Cammie s character turn dynamic.

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    i normally don t go for mysteries, but this was on the book challenge, so i read it not entirely of my own choice i actually did not read the first book in the series , since i don t really go for series either but i loved the book, it was incredible there were times when i recognized that Cameryn was telling Kyle a LOT, and that maybe he would have some betrayal and be feeding information to Dwayne or someone, but WOW.firstly, i never made the connection between Donny and Brad ferguson baltantly and plainly said so many times that a Donny hated Brad, and b Brad had no enemies these two sentences contradict eachother so well, yet i just took them both to be true and never added two and two but then as soon as she said it, i was so sure that it was right but it wasn t Pferguson leads everyone on a twisting, decieving trail, that i doubt even sherlock holmes could untangle before the final page is flipped.just plain WOW.i am actually considering reading the first book too, to complete the series and all

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    I really liked this book The whole thriller part of it was soooooo good The whole mystery of it was so ingenious It was amazing The plot had lots of twists and turns and was really surprising Awesome Let s move on to all the other parts of the book.The whole relationship between Cameryn and Kyle, Cameryn and Lyric, Cameryn and Hannah, Lyric and Adam, Adam and Cameryn, Adam and Kyle, Kyle and Justin, Cameryn and Mammaw, Cameryn and Dad, Kyle and Mr.Oaks, etc,etc,etc pretty much kinda sucked It wasn t all that great to me No one really understood anyone else, or connected ot anything The only one relationship that I actually liked was Cameryn and Justin.The setting of the book was great All of them I guess I really didn t like the Grant though.Anyways, I don t really have anything else to say and, yeah You should read the book though D

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download The Angel of Death (Forensic Mystery, # 2), read online The Angel of Death (Forensic Mystery, # 2), kindle ebook The Angel of Death (Forensic Mystery, # 2), The Angel of Death (Forensic Mystery, # 2) cda228af2ecf As Assistant To Her Father, The County Coroner Of Silverton, Colorado, Cameryn Mahoney Has Seen Gore Than The Average Seventeen Yearold But Even Cameryn Is Shocked When Kyle O Neil, The Most Popular Guy In School, Discovers The Gruesome Corpse Of Their English Teacher Murdered In His Own Bed Kyle Is Drawn To Cameryn, Who Wonders If She Can Trust Him With The Secret She Can T Tell Her Father That Her Vanished Mother Is Back In Her Life As Her Relationship With Kyle Speeds Into Romance, Cameryn Struggles To Unravel Her Teacher S Bizarre Death But Is She Too Preoccupied To Identify The Killer In Time