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    I partially read this book once before and have re read the entire volume at the request of the author The title and cover first pulled me in, and as it went along I found myself making small comparisons to The Shack Overall I am not a fan of a good deal of dialogue in what I read, but it was the most effective way to tell this particular story I found it to be pretty deep and I often paused for a couple of days to think about what I d read For non believers, I think it will provoke some self evaluation For believers, I think it will do the same, but for different reasons Where do I stand What do I believe Why do I believe what I believe If nothing else, this could be a conversation starter or be an encouragement to get your Bible out and start searching.

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    I enjoyed this book from start to finish I liked the main character, George and I felt that I could relate to some of his feelings on church and religion I laughed a lot at the beginning of the book I thought that there was a lot of humor at the beginning of the story, because of George s views on churches The Barista was a very inspirational story and I think the writer did a great job with the book I look forward to reading from him.

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    Engaging but a bit weird At each stage of the book I was reminded of The Shack They are similar books in my view encounters with God as a result of trauma or experience I have some theological issues with The Barista specifically where he speaks of Jesus being created I did find some of the conversations helpful as I did with The Shack because they challenge my views or understanding of how God works.

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    This book was very disappointing I felt like some of the story line was taken from The Shack I loved that bookbut please come up with something originalthe writing was not compelling and the book was hard to even finish Several theological problems in my opinion as well I wanted to like it I kept trying but it just didn t work for me.

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    At first I really was interested in the story then by chapter seven it started getting odd for me personally I was getting confused as to where this story was going However by chapter ten I was back into the book and by the end of the book I really discovered that this was a good read.

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    Loved it Excellent reading, though not a fast paced book it is appropriate for the subject matter.

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    I enjoyed the book very much I look forward to from Elijah Clark.

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    best book i ve read so far

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    I love this book Its an awesome inspirational book about a man journey and walk with God s desire We must not only believe in Him, but we must also follow Him as He desire Learn how to walk in his Desire, you will be blessed.

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