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quotes The Broken Curse (Curse Books, #3) , litcharts The Broken Curse (Curse Books, #3) , symbolism The Broken Curse (Curse Books, #3) , summary shmoop The Broken Curse (Curse Books, #3) , The Broken Curse (Curse Books, #3) 1d9b8697 After A Chain Of Tragic Events, Ryder Has Lost The True Essence Of Who She Is At The Cost Of Her Emotions, She Channels Anger And Frustration To Hone Her New Skills Her White Knight Remains By Her Side, But With Light Comes DarkWhen Her Mentor Concocts A Plan To End The Curse, Ryder Dives In Head First, But As The Number Of Demons On Earth Increases, Ryder And Her Friends Realize Their Final Battle Affects Than Just The CurseIn The Final Installment Of A Curse Books, Ryder Will Decide Her Future And Accept The Inevitable Fate Her Decision Brings With It

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    A Broken Curse A Curse Books Book 3 Taylor Lavati 5 Stars Wow what a book.5 big gold stars This is the 3rd book and each book kept getting better This book is action packed and very full on Ryder has to pull an army together at really short notice to fight Hades and the demons Not only does she need to break the curse but she also needs to stop Hades from leaving the Underworld and coming to earth To do this she also needs to work out who her soul mate is, will it be Ari or Ollie What will Ryder decide and can she and her friends succeed in this dangerous mission These books are amazing and each one took one a life of it s own I was really drawn to all the characters and the fantastic storyline, capturing my imagination and transporting me there with them, I will certainly look out for from this author I didn t think each book could get any better but each one did, I wanted to read to the end of the book so quickly to find out the outcome however now I m kinda sad it s all over

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    Wow I just finished the third and final installment of the set and I could not be happier to find out that it ended exactly how I was hoping Although I did feel really sad for a few of the characters and one in particular was the main character but in the end fairytale do come true and happily ever after does happen I am really glad I found this new author and got to read her books truly wonderful thank you for letting me be a part of your world I got this book for an honest review.

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    Awesome ending.I m still trying to digest this book It was very intense Everything is starting to come to an epic showdown Hades isn t pulling any punches and you wonder how they will fight him and break the curse More importantly who is Ryder s soul mate All questions are answered I wish there were books to come But it all was worth the journey.

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    This is the final book in the three book series, The Thousand Year Curse by author Taylor Lavati Back in 2013, when I received the first in the series to review, I immediately said that this was a strong author who I was rooting for I am excited that I have been privy to her growth and process in this series She s a phenomenal writer with a very creative plot process I have been able to read and watch characters grow, gain strength and meet their fates I was even a bit sad reading the last page of this series I want to of what happens in their lives Ryder, Ollie and Ari are still in their cursed love triangle and Ryder is still trying to figure out her soul mate After a huge battle that took place in book two, The Curse of Betrayal We watched close friends die, lives ruined and Ryder s mother handed over to Hermes in the Underworld.In book three, The Broken Curse, Ryder is distant, moody and closed off from everyone around her She pushes herself physically as the only way to feel anything She has pushed Ari and Ollie even further way, when they both struggle hard to gain her attention, and finally have her choose her soulmate Her family, friends and faculty come together to help her build an army to take on Hades, Hermes and their demons Read the books, support this amazing author, and discover who Ryder s soulmate is Find out how the curses are broken Fall deep in love with the characters just as I have Such a kick ass book series P.S I AM SO IN LOVE WITH WHO HER SOUL MATE IS Best way to end this book series.

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    I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Actual rating 3.5 starsAlright, so this book was good conceptually, but it was kind of a let down for me Yes, Ryder ended up with the guy I wanted her to, but it just fell short I mean, I wanted the battle to be , bigger But instead it was kind ofboring And the big reveal of who her soulmate is Yeah, it was kind of lame I just wanted from the story It felt rushed to me I wanted I wanted to find out so much about everything, but instead it was just big, bang, boom The characters to me felt kind of flat I just wish this story were I love the concept, but some parts don t make sense Like Athena Zeus having children together No, in mythology Zeus never had children with his children Athena Zeus didn t like each other all that much I mean, don t get me wrong, I enjoyed the story, but it fell short for me I wanted action, suspense, everything Instead I got a fizzle of action, rushed plot, and kind of boring I never really got emotional or anything, which really upsets me I really enjoyed this series though, so I do recommend reading it.

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    So goodI am so sad this series has ended I devoured this series It has it all, love, conflict, fighting and friendships and loyalty and tears and laughs, and sighs, and beautiful, beautiful love On to find novels by this author.

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    This is the conclusion to the Curse trilogy and this was by far my favorite book of the entire series This author does an incredible job tying up every loose end and bringing the entire story to a wonderful and incredibly touching conclusion This series as a whole has taken me through the entire gamut of emotions and I loved every second of it I have been incredibly frustrated at times over this curse and Ryder s inability to make a decision while both Ari and Ollie were being dragged along for the painful ride Hades initiated this entire curse as a form of entertainment and of course an eventual one way ticket out of the Underworld Time and time again Ryder, who is really the demigod Eurydice, has been forced to live multiple lifetimes dying at a young age while being torn between the two men she loves In the prior book, Ari does something that makes Ryder feel as if he betrayed her deeply and this book picks up right after those events have taken place I highly recommend reading the entire series in order or you won t have any idea what is going on here The tragedy of this entire situation is heartbreaking and at times even painful to read about, but I can promise that it s all worth it in the end and I absolutely loved how everything worked out for everyone involved here This is a great series full of action, suspense, mythological references, and a love triangle like no other While reading this series I kept going back and forth over who I wanted Ryder to choose Both Ollie and Ari would be good for her and they both love her very much to the point where they d do anything for her She loves them just as much in return and that makes this decision that much difficult for her I won t give anything away here, but I will say that even though I had concerns that I wouldn t be happy with either choice, I was very satisfied with how things worked out Ryder has many friends that care deeply for her and she isn t going through this difficult time alone In fact, they ve taken it upon themselves to form into an army and are planning on traveling with her into the Underworld in order to battle Hades to end this wretched curse once and for all She s worried sick over bringing everyone she cares about into the line of fire, but they re not having it any other way I loved how everyone in their group was so willing to come together and be there for each other no matter how severe the danger and how each of them contributed unique skills that made their group stronger as a whole I highly recommend this book, this author and this entire series to anyone to read and I look forward to reading from this author in the future.

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    With all the hurt and the loss of so many of her dear friends Ryder deals with her grief the only way she knows how and that is to punish herself by punishing her body with exercise and training for the big fight she knows is coming She has to break the curse that was set on her many, many years ago by Hades She will have to gather up her army and go to the Underworld to break her curse and to stop Hades from ever making it to Earth and becoming ruler over the Earth and humans Ryder must choose her soulmate to break the curse She is having a hard time because she loves both her boys Ollie and Ari very much How can she just make a decision like that How can she love one than the other She knows when she makes her decision someone is going to leave with a broken heart How can she hurt one of her boys like that All her life Ryder has never had many friends at all but of course she s had her best friend junior since the day he moved in next door and now she has Kara but that is about it So when the day comes for everyone that is going to be a part of her army to meet at the training center she is surprised at how many and who shows up She realizes she has friends than she ever thought Some she already knows and some she has never met Even though she is dreading the day they all have to fight she is glad to have so many people on her side She dreads having to go to the Underworld and bring all her friends she knows not everyone will come back and that hurt her very much She would gladly give up her own life if she could save all her friends and keep them safe I would have to say that The Broken Curse has got to be the best book of the three in the series although I definitely loved reading all of them While I was reading The Broken Curse I would get so engrossed in it that I think I may have at times felt as if I was Ryder and that I was actually feeling what she felt There were times while I was reading that I would find myself with this overwhelming sadness come over me and tears would be streaming down my face I just love books where the author can make you feel as if you are the characters and you feel what they are feeling If you love books like this then you will love The Broken Curse.

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    I received a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.With a tragic ending to book 2 we are left in the aftermath We have a new Ryder She is quiet and vengeful She has withdrawn from her family and friends preparing herself for battle She begins this book as a rather dark character She finds a way to end the curse but it means going to Underworld and battling demons, Hermes and Hades She also has to bring her friends to help her It is finally time to end the curse and get the answers before hell is released on Earth.I loved this final installment of the series I think it was absolutely perfect I loved how the story flowed and it came to a natural ending I even got than I expected and it left most of my questions answered I love when a series ends like this I hope you keep a tissue box next to you when you read the last half of this book I found myself crying quite a few times I was impressed with the development of the characters I couldn t believe I was crying for characters I barely knew anything about them Now that is a sign of good writing I feel in love with all of these characters I stood beside Ryder while she made her final decision and actually enjoyed the beginning when she was dark I was ecstatic with the ending and love that is shown over and over again between friends and lovers I m sad to say goodbye to this story but I m happy I read it I will miss them but don t worry I m buying hard copies so I can always keep them with me.

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