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    2018 Re Read3 I love this series Such fun adventures I want to re read the rest of them.

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    My second Enola Holmes mystery on audibook narrated by the great Katherine Kellgren I think, in many ways, I liked this better than the first book It is focused on an actual mystery case, whereas the first one seemed character building and setting the scene with a mystery tacked on They mystery is interesting in terms of character and plot and also in terms of historical aspects Women s rights and metaphysical stuff and Marxism Very cool My only negative is that the beginning seemed rather slow, a bit too much recap but then I had only finished the first book only about a week before so probably if I had of a gap I would have found that aspect beneficial rather than tedious I m hoping this series continues to stay strong Note that despite its Middle Grade classification, I think this is suitable for YA.

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    In this, the second of the series, Enola Holmes is living in London masquerading as a young miss named Ivy Meshle and working for the famous Perditorian, Dr Ragostin What is a perditorian you say Good question, I had to look it up myself A perditorian is a finder of lost things And Dr Ragostin is reputed to be very good at what he does although most people have never heard of him.In truth, Dr Ragostin doesn t actually exist He and his reputation are entirely made up as a means for Enola to make a living As Ivy Meshle, Dr Ragostins s assistant, she is able to take cases to find whatever is asked Like her much older brother, Sherlock Holmes, Enola employs various costumes and identities to help her make her way through Victorian era London.This case involves looking for a missing girl, Lady Cecily, who appears to have runaway or possibly eloped, a possibility that is so shameful that her father and the police have tried to cover it up so as not to disgrace her family The only person who doesn t believe it is her mother Enola hears of the case by coincidence from her brother s dear friend, Dr John Watson, who comes to Dr Ragostin to get some help on another matter What follows is a fairly dark situation involving a possible serial killer, kidnapping, and abuse.I was a little surprised at how dark and scary this was, especially for a Young Adult novel Not that anything was extremely graphic it was well done in that sense I had a hard time believing the level of maturity that Enola shows at some points in the story and her lack of naivete in other situations The Sister of the Streets was one point where I struggled with credibility but Enola s perseverance and her dogged pursuit of the bad guy were exciting and kept me reading I also enjoyed the ciphers and the second storyline of Sherlock s pursuit of his sister I will be reading the next in the series to see how Enola is doing.

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    Another wonderful book from Springer in the Enola Holmes Mysteries I listened to the audio version and was completely impressed with the production I had been picky about Katherine Kellgren s narration in the first installment of this series, criticizing that her voices were good, but that many sounded similar I had no such concerns with this book and felt Kellgren captured each character almost perfectly I also had criticized the lack of finality and conclusion of the first installment s story, but thankfully this book picks up shortly after the finale to of the first and answered many of the issues I d had with book 1.I thought the mystery of Left Handed Lady was much fleshed out than the mystery of the first book, and was very pleased about that finding myself surprised on numerous occasions However, when the book was over I realized that there really hadn t been any character development in this book that hadn t already occurred in the first book.But, I do really enjoy Springer s narrative, and her attention to detail which seemed less cumbersome here or perhaps I was just used to it Overall, definitely recommended, especially if you enjoyed the first book, and I am curious to see how the series progresses.

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    Packed with much action and suspense than the first book, definitely had me curious I really enjoyed the sizeable cameo of big brother Sherlock, appearances by Dr Watson and Mrs Hudson, as well as all the references to canon I do feel that Enola is a bit stubborn than I would like, perhaps out of fear of a dull life or perhaps out of pride Hoping she may grow a bit as the books go along.

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    I enjoyed re reading this very much as an adult The not her blood scene is one of my favorites of the series I like Lady Cecily but the case surrounding her is not the best of the series Also what s up with the present tense third person prologues and epilogues I remember not really liking them and now that I m older I realize it s because they are in present tense Third person should never never be in present tense.

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    2nd in the series I hope there will be .

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    This is the second book in the Enola Holmes Mystery series by Nancy Springer Once our oldest got hooked on these stories, she read them at a pace that I could not match I am woefully behind her, but making strides to keep up Once again, Enola shows her pluck and spirit as she not only solves the mystery, but also evades her brothers Danger and despair seem to lurk around every corner in this dark, dank London of the late 1800s But we love the brave young heroine and her adventurous, compassionate, and artistic spirit I really enjoyed reading this story, and I liked it even than the first book in the series Enola is really starting to come into her own and I can t wait to find out what she s up to next On to the next mystery, The Case of the Bizarre Bouquetsinteresting quote Always, when irritated or uneasy, I feel driven to draw so, supplying myself with a sheaf of foolscap paper, I began to sketch in earnest p 169 One could not help but admire the fervour and clarity with which he spoke He was brilliant I agreed with much of what he was saying It was hard to believe the foul deeds of which I suspected him.Yet one could speak truth and still be a villain p 190 If any decent woman s calling consisted of taking her proper place in society husband and house, plus voice lessons and a piano in the drawing room , then this particular woman to be prefers to remain indecent Or, accurately speaking, a disgrace to her family p 233

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    8 21 10When I first started the story, I was a little wary The narration was a bit older than I remembered, and I sometimes had a hard time believing it was the voice of a 14 year old girl Also, it seemed a bit slow going though it was nice to see Sherlock Holmes in an not entirely rational state.But as the story progressed, and our intrepid heroine not only searches for the missing Lady Cecily, but also must evade her oh so clever brother, who was a active character in this story than the first, my wariness quickly dissipated Yes, the premise is just a touch implausible, but it s so well written and so much fun and well paced, that the niggling voice of doubt is quickly silenced by a willing suspension of disbelief Once again I devoured this book in mere hours, and would continue to recommend this fun little series to any and all 11 9 11Reading back on my original review, I m not sure so much about the narration being much older between the first and second book This time I read them back to back and didn t really notice much of a change.She s still very mature for a 14 year old girl, but that was always the case and didn t notice a real difference this time.My favorite parts of the re read were the scenes with Enola and Sherlock It s interesting, for me, to see his portrayal in these books and sort of debate with myself how accurate, or not, that portrayal is based on the original Doyle books I think it is fairly accurate, actually, but from a very different perspective, and it s an interesting one, at that 4 8 12Re read 3.

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    Enola Holmes returns, hunted by day by the Great Detective and haunting London s befogged cobbles by night in her alter ego as the Sister of the Streets, doling out charity disguised as a nun She maintains daytime alter egos as Miss Ivy Meshle, and Mrs Ragostin the young wife of the imaginary Doctor Ragostin seeker of things lost One of the first consultee s turns out to Doctor John Watson in connection with a missing girl The story incorporates plenty of Victorian talking points regarding social issues for young readers to discuss or investigate further social Darwinism, Marxism, emancipation Mesmerism and some not fully developed theories about the dangers of correcting which hand the Lady Cecily uses and connections with multiple personality disorders aren t perhaps as clearly expounded as they could be Beyond the social horror of poverty in Victorian England Enola cuts a rather lonely figure herself She has few confidantes and those she has are handled with caution lest she give herself away to her brothers Her skills with codes and cyphers almost surpass Sherlock and her sketching of caricatures help her along like early mug shots A much improved adventure that tries to be fun, establishing a fresh identity amongst so much obvious historical hardship.

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