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    Well, I finished it, which is than I can say for my previous attempt at reading Springer Maybe something about her style is just not for me I remember really disliking the protagonist of her book I tried, which wasn t the case here I felt neutral toward Enola I had the general sympathy I would always feel toward a bright young woman feeling confined by social strictures, but other than that she didn t seem that interesting, or as smart as the author was telling me she was.Pacing wise, the plots seemed lopsided The titular missing marquess doesn t feature till over halfway through What seems at first to be the main mystery, the mother vanishing at the beginning, happenbs right away but also takes half the book to get the search underway, and then it is quickly derailed by the another, somewhat interesting but undeveloped, story I found Tewkey appealing as a character but he didn t get a lot of page time, and then whatever else happened to that story happens off page so the reader doesn t see any resolution of either story Also, it just struck me that the frame narrative, which opens with Enola dressed as a boy heading somewhere in London, is never closed Sloppy And odd.

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    Women have always upset Sherlock Holmes s equilibrium see Irene Adler from the original short stories or Mary Russell from Laurie R King s fantastic mystery series Holmes s family background is one aspect of his life that has received scant, if any, attention in the various Holmes pastiches that have appeared over the years In the first Enola Holmes mystery, Nancy Springer dares to imagine a most unconventional mother and much younger sister for the famed detective, both highly unconventional women well capable of throwing his order loving world slightly off kilter.Fourteen year old Enola has never known her considerably older brothers She s lived a relatively secluded life with her mother on the family estate, convinced her brothers want nothing to do with her because of the gossip surrounding the fact that she was an unexpected addition to the family However, all of Enola s assumptions about her life and family change when her birthday arrives and her mother vanishes When Sherlock and Mycroft descend on the estate in search of their wayward parent, Enola discovers the family dynamic is far complicated than she d ever surmised And while she craves a relationship with her brothers, Enola quickly realizes that she has little desire to acquiesce to their plans for her future and if their mother is to be found, she must be the one to do the finding Armed with her mother s last gift a cryptic book of ciphers Enola sets out to make her way in the world and finds herself in danger than she could ve possibly imagined, needing all her untapped skill as a member of the Holmes clan in order to survive.The character of Enola is an absolute gem She s got spunk and gumption, and as a woman has a special set of skills and insight that her famous brother lacks, thanks to his rather dim view of the fairer sex my favorite Sherlock quote is when he refers to Enola s limited cranial capacity ouch Springer includes lots of interesting info about ciphers and the language of flowers, the knowledge of which helps set Enola apart from her family and make up her own special skill set The Missing Marquess is an all too quick, but thoroughly absorbing read Springer packs a lot of atmosphere and detail into each chapter, resulting in one of the best YA reads I ve come across I cannot wait to discover the further adventures of the one and only Enola Holmes

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    I thought this could be either really good or really annoying There have been so many Sherlock Holmes spin offs, and part of me wondered whether we really needed his little sister thrown into the mix Well, I, for one, am delighted to meet the acquaintance of Miss Enola Holmes, even if poor Papa Doyle never knew this belated child of the family he created What a delightful character She is intelligent and resourceful without being annoying, a perplexing and pleasing blend of the expected manners of the day and the bluestocking ideals of her mother Best of all, she manages to be independent of her brother, both in terms of the story and in terms of my expectations It makes sense that her detective skills are a family trait but Springer skillfully avoids too many comparisons between Enola and her famous brother by making Enola a child of her mother s later years born when Mrs Holmes was around fifty years old, Enola always felt that she was a burden She never really knew her famous brother or Mycroft for they were almost grown and away to school by that time they do make appearances in this book but it s not like Enola pairs up to go sleuthing with Sherlock or anything Ultimately, it is her own knowledge as a member of the female realm that helps Enola find things Sherlock never could Enola s father died shortly thereafter so she was raised by her mother a woman whom we don t know much about for awhile the story begins with her strange disappearance but for whom I came to feel a very strong mixture of admiration and rage in how she dealt with the confinements placed upon her by society I cannot say much without giving away points of the story Enola decides to search for her mom, and along the way stumbles across another missing person, the young Marquess Tewkesbury Adventure ensues While certainly not the most riveting mystery I ve ever read, this story did provide a lot of food for thought in many unexpected ways It presents a very fascinating look at the time period It feels really strange to say it, but I couldn t help thinking of connections to Kate Chopin s The Awakening in terms of how a woman, who probably didn t want children and all her roles in society in the first place, has to deal with them when they are forced upon her by Tradition and Expectation I m not saying Mrs Holmes chose the same as Edna, though Enola s mother chose to call her Enola for a reason spelled backward, it is Alone The question is, is this a curse or a blessing Despite it s Middle Grade classification, I definitely don t think this is a book for children as it deals with some difficult topics, nothing too graphic but there are prostitutes and destitutes mentioned and some of the seedier aspects of London come into view I d say the upper end of MG both for content and just the overall style and language.I listened to the audiobook narrated by the fabulous Katherine Kellgren and heartily recommend that if you re inclined to audiobooks.

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    6 19 20103.75A cute, quick little story that I read in a couple of hours last night It does have some dark parts that some parents might not like for their young children, though i.e it references the Ripper murders at one point, talking about a prostitute who was slit open Enola, the scandalously younger sister of Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes, sets out to unravel her own mystery when her mother disappears She also has to deal with the prospect of going to boarding school, the horrors of which are told in some detail She gets side tracked with another mystery, and adventure ensues.Littered through out the story, also, are the trials and travails of a girl growing up in that time period The barbaric undergarments, and societal restrictions of the upper class, but also the day to day horrors of the lower classes Very interesting historical tidbits for younger children to appreciate, I think.I liked the character of Enola, and how she out witted her two older brothers I found myself chuckling at the depiction of Sherlock both kind of accurate to his own stories, and yet from an interesting perspective, as the story is told in first person Mycroft, who I really only know by name from the other stories, I didn t like in this one.I ll definitely be seeking out of this fun little series As a side note, I found this series when a friend of mine posted a list of female authors in sci fi and fantasy Nancy Springer was one of several names I d never heard of before, and I put her name, like the others, into the search to see what came up I was delighted by the possibilities of this series, so snatched up the first book The rest, as they say, is history or, at least, reviewed above 6 8 11Wasn t planning on re reading the series, but I was stalled out on the other book I was reading and needed something light and fun and since the last two books are finally coming out in paperback yay I picked this up.I will say that mystery stories, in general, lose a little bit when you know the twists and turns and how everything comes out That said, the characters and characterizations and little bits and bobs from the time period continue to delight 4 7 12Re read 3

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    I chose this to listen to with my nine year old daughter We recently finished listening to Philip Pullman s Sally Lockhart series, which we loved I m not sure how I found this series which also features a strong young female protagonist but I m glad I did.What grabbed my attention from the very beginning of the book was the author s ability to paint a vivid setting The first words describe the place, the month the year, the time of day the East End of London, August 1888, after dark She then goes on to describe the physical surroundings with details that extend to the lighting a few gas street lamps that remain unbroken after dark, and the light from pots of fire suspended above the cobble stones by men that sell sea snails, the sounds the hurdy gurdy tipsy music, a young girl calling Daddy, Daa , screams, laughter, drunken cries, the oyster sellers calling out, the smells vinegar, gin and boiled cabbage, the stench of rotting fish and raw sewage and the sights ragged children running in the street, someone lying about drunk or asleep or maybe even dead, broken glass, rats with their disgusting hairless tails and an unshaven man who winks and asks don t you want some company Throughout the description the reader or listener in my case is given historical context to better understand the period It was unthinkable for a female to adventure out without the escort of a husband, father or brother and a gentleman wouldn t have spoken to a lady until after being formally introduced.Enola s mother mysteriously vanishes on her fourteenth birthday leaving Enola a handmade book of cyphers as a gift After some consideration and in opposition to the wishes of her older brothers Enola decides to search for her mother on her own On her way to London she becomes involved in the disappearance of the young Viscount Tewksbury.I enjoyed the way the author focused on women s role in Victorian society and the way Enola and her mother choose to deal with those expectations The solution of the mystery regarding Enola s mother to revolve around information that would typically be known only to women was clever Nancy Springer also weaves humor into the ignorant sexist expectations and I found myself laughing out loud at times.The first few pages were so rich with detail that I was immediately hooked I really enjoyed the details about the period including details of dress the corset, the bust improver, the dress improver as well as conveyances broughams, a coach and four, a handsome cab and the frightening course for widowed women according to English law The historical details were rich and many and added so much to the fun of the mystery and adventure of the story that I cannot wait to listen to as many of these stories as I can get my hands on Katherine Kelgrin is a fabulous narrator and vividly brings to life the endearing Enola Holmes, who is by the way Sherlock s younger sister.I highly recommend this audio book to fans of historical fiction and mysteries as well as to young readers listeners there is much to enjoy and take from this story I will note that there are some mature references that some parents may want to investigate before sharing this with their children For those parents I would also caution you to preview the soundtrack and movie Grease as well as the movie The Journey of Natty Gann The Grease soundtrack inspired my daughter to ask Mommy, what s a hooker Prostitutes are mentioned in this story but we don t spend any significant amount of time with them What others may also find upsetting or objectionable is the abandonment of Enola by her mother My daughter and I loved this and are eagerly awaiting the arrival of The Case of the Left Handed Lady review November 12, 2011

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    4.5 Sterne f r den am santen Auftakt mit der kleinen Schwester der Holmes Br der spannend und unterhaltsam Ich bin ja ein gro er Fan der Flavia de Luce und Wells Wong Reihe, die beide in England in den 30er und 50er Jahren spielen und junge M dchen im Teenageralter mit detektivischem Sp rsinn als Hauptfiguren haben Auch dieser Reihenauftakt ist hnlich, f hrt jedoch noch etwas weiter zur ck ins Jahr 1888, und erz hlt von der 14j hrigen Schwester der ber hmten Br der Mycroft und Sherlock Holmes.Im kurzen Prolog erf hrt man gleich, dass Enola Holmes in eine ziemlich ble und gef hrliche Bredouille ger t und sch rt gleich die Neugier, wie sie wohl in solch eine Situation ger t und vor allem wie sie sich wieder daraus befreien wird Den Titel und den Klappentext finde ich etwas irref hrend, den haupts chlich geht es erstmal um Enola und ihre Rolle auf dem Sitz in Ferndell Hall Denn erst, als ihre Mutter zu ihrem 14 Geburtstag spurlos verschwindet und sich die Holmes Br der nach langer Abwesenheit blicken lassen, ger t ihr bisher relativ sorgenfreies Leben total aus den Fugen Die Autorin l sst Enola aus der Ich Perspektive erz hlen und hat mir dieses pfiffige und gewitzte M dchen sehr sympathisch gemacht Wie auch ihre Mutter stelle sie sich gegen die Konventionen, die Frauen zu dieser Zeit auferlegt wurden, bzw gegen die Vorstellung, dass sie bald in einem Korsett der Zw nge enden soll sprich und wortw rtlich.Das Frauenbild und berhaupt die Zeit damals wurde durch viele unterschiedliche und anschauliche Details hervorgehoben, die dem empfohlenen Lesealter entsprechen Auch fand ich den Schreibstil an sich angenehm fl ssig und einfach, aber er tr gt trotzdem zum Flair der damaligen Zeit bei und ist auch wohl ein bisschen anspruchsvoll bzw genau richtig f r Teenies ab 12.Der verschwundene Lord wird allerdings erst sp ter in der Geschichte wichtig, genauso wie London, was mich zwar etwas gewundert aber in keinster Weise gest rt hat Das Abenteuer von Enola ist spannend erz hlt und w hrend man erst noch einen berblick ber ihr Leben erh lt, nimmt ihr Sp rsinn immer mehr raum ein und entwickelt sich zu einem spannenden Abenteuer Auch der Ausblick wie es in der Fortsetzung weitergeht verhei t einige berraschung ich bin jedenfalls sehr gespannt AleshaneeWeltenwanderer

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    Excellent YA mystery series opener for fans of YA, mysteries, Sherlock Holmes themed pastiches, etc.I had some initial trepidation over reading this I disliked the precocious Flavia de Luce from Alan Bradley s The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie However, Enola Holmes is a nice surprise in the guise of period piece teen detective If Sherlock Holmes had a baby sister, she would surely be in the mold of Enola no doubt.Author Springer has penned a short, satisfying story with authentic detail and an interesting plot While the ending seemed a bit rushed and abrupt and could have used another 10 20 pages, and the view spoiler resolution of her mum s disappearence seemed a little unbelievable hide spoiler

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    A movie deal for this series has been made it.For parents as the heroine passes through a bad part of Victorian London there is brief mention of prostitutes ladies of the evening without explanation showing what that means, drunks, poor dead in the gutters Tastefully done, should not bother most older children pre teens, but some parents may find this bothersome.

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    This was a very quick read, and as such, my review will be quick as well Overall, I enjoyed this book quite a bit, but there were some things that were a little off putting for me Initially, the writing using lots of dashes and sentence fragments, was a little hard to adjust to, but adjust I did, and it stopped bothering me as much around the middle of the book But my main issue here, is that the title case isn t actually even revealed to be a case until after the middle of the book So the missing person in the beginning of the book is just background, apparently an overarching storyline to fill out the series That s what I m guessing Not to say that s bad, but it was a little strange to realize that the case I d been following wasn t the real story at all Anyway, this was enjoyable, short and fun I liked Enola quite a lot I found her intelligent and independent, which I like, but I wish she d maybe have smiled or laughed a bit She seems so serious.

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    Now I think about it, most YA books especially fantasies or action adventure do involve a mystery of sorts That said, I can think of few YA books that are, actually, mysteries complete with a missing person, a detective, and hidden clues So, in that respect, I was very pleased to read this, and found it refreshing and unique.I really enjoyed Springer s style even though at times it was a bit too detailed rambling, and I think some younger readers might not enjoy that style as much since the pace is thus slower But, I was pleased that something like this can still be published today And, while some of the plot was predictable, some was still very surprising The book did feel a little disjointed, since the Marquess mystery actually felt like the secondary mystery, but was the title of the bookI m not sure how I feel about the ending I mean, overall I was satisfied, but I took issue with a few of the characters choices nothing severe, just, not quite perfect Since this is a series though, I m willing to see if these issues are addressed in later books.Also, WHY did Springer have to add that prologue that also shows up in a later chapter The rest of the book was very PG, but unfortunately those few passages took the book to a much older audience and it didn t have to be there I m sure there s many young adults who would be fine with it, but I m not anxious to recommend this to a pre teen tween when things like women of the night are mentioned in passing sigh.I did not read this, but listened to the audio book which I very much enjoyed Narrated entirely by Katherine Kellgren who did a fine job especially with our protagonist That said, some of her characters did start to sound the same, and I think it was do to her lack of variation in inflection pacing than the sound of her voice But, overall since this was told in first person, I felt Kellgren was a fine choice I waiver between three and four stars for this, but will give it four since it was a unique book and style for this genre and age.

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download The Case of the Missing Marquess, read online The Case of the Missing Marquess, kindle ebook The Case of the Missing Marquess, The Case of the Missing Marquess 74d1269fdd7d When Enola Holmes, The Much Younger Sister Of Detective Sherlock Holmes, Discovers Her Mother Has Disappeared On Her Th Birthday Nonetheless She Knows She Alone Can Find Her Disguising Herself As A Grieving Widow, Enola Sets Out To The Heart Of London To Uncover Her Mother S Whereabouts But Not Even The Last Name Holmes Can Prepare Her For What Awaits Suddenly Involved In The Kidnapping Of The Young Marquess Of Basilwether, Enola Must Escape Murderous Villains, Free The Spoiled Marquess, And Perhaps Hardest Of All, Elude Her Shrewd Older Brother All While Collecting Clues To Her Mother S Disappearance