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  • Hardcover
  • 213 pages
  • The Chosen One
  • Carol Lynch Williams
  • English
  • 02 August 2019
  • 9780312555115

10 thoughts on “The Chosen One

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    Kyra s story is haunting This little book had so much to offer.Kyra loves her family She loves her father, 3 mothers, and 19 siblings Our protagonist is use to her way of life, but she has some secrets Good juicy ones if you ask me There is a bookmobile that comes by every Wednesday, and against what the sect leaders say she goes read those horrible immoral books As a reader this made me smile Books can really change your life The next secret is probably even worse She is in love with a boy named Joshua A big no no It s surprising that a boy like this could actually come out of this kind of community He is really brave Her world as she knows isn t perfect, but things get unbearable when she gets chosen to marry her extremely old uncle Will she be able to go through with it Williams does a superb, excellent, perfect job of describing the environment Kyra s in The reader is there and witnesses how sheltered these people truly are I appreciated that not all the men in the compound are depicted as evil Take her father Even though he has 3 wives you see he truly loves his family and believes in what he is doing This book is incredibly suspenseful I literally felt like I was suffocating thinking about how these people were controlled Even though Kyra is only 13 years old she has to deal with horrific problems She feels frustrated, angry, guilt ridden, and most of all fear Through all the things her soul has to go through she pulls an amazing amount of courage I wouldn t have had that much guts It made me have a new level of gratitude for the freedom I have.Props to the author because this must of been something hard to write Actually hard would be an understatement So does Kyra decide to escape Does she succeed Or are these men as powerful as everybody believes Read to find out.

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    I could not put this book down I got it on a random whim when I was browsing and it was one of the best books I have read in a long time But it s sad and shocking you really feel afraid for Kyra and you re just desperately begging her to get away, to escape with Patrick in his library on wheels.Basically, Kyra is a 13 year old in a place where the leader called the Prophet chooses who you marry It is a very different novel and explores religion and culture and especially the way in which women have very little control in polygamous traditions Near the beginning of the book we find out that the Prophet has decided that Kyra will become the 7th wife of her 60 year old uncle But Kyra is not so ready to accept things the way they are, she has already found love in the form of Joshua and cannot stand to think of bearing her uncle s children Kyra must make a desperate and risky choice which could result in losing everything, even her own life.This is a frightening, thought provoking novel that constantly keeps you on the edge of your seat Rarely have I ever connected with a narrator so much as I did with Kyra, her story will leave you moved and shocked at what you have just read A masterpiece.

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    I am not me any.I go to sleep knowing that.I am not me Any More The Chosen One by Carol Lynch Williams is a thought provoking read that hit my heart hard Hot, angry tears mixed right in with my cries of no, no, NO A disturbing story filled with pain and ugliness, but strength and hope as well Faith holds the power to inspire and devastate.Readers are introduced to 13 year old Kyra, her family, and way of life in an isolated Polygamist community A life filled with the weight and warmth of family, bonds, and love But for girls, a suffocating world with no control or right to choose Williams brings Kyra s life alive on the page with clear, stark, short sentences and words Sometimes I found myself shaking my head in awe at Williams How did she just gut punch me with three little words A powerful style of writing that allowed the emotion the fear, shock, love, and hope to take center stage Emotions still lingering in my heart.Our story unfolds and escalates with flashbacks and pieces of Kyra s life on the compound We start to see and of the picture as bits of lost loves, pain, and violence come to light The risks and decisions Kyra has to make shook me to the core Tore my heart to bits What if your decisions or actions like falling in love, reading a book, or saying No caused pain to your loved ones Do you stay Go Do what you are told How do you turn away from the only life you know Kyra s story is not to be missed Strength and sacrifice like I ve never seen before in a YA heroine.A quick read, but one that will stay with you Highly recommended.I do have to share one of my favorite parts of the book before I go though Some of my favorite moments were in the Mobile Library In a far corner is a rack that has newspapers hanging from it, like quilts made of words Quilts made of words Loved that line I loved the feel of that Library on Wheels The dust, smell, coolness, and piles of books A world of hope was found in the Ironton County Mobile Library on Wheels As we all know a book can hold the world Not only details and facts, but hope, strength, and love I stopped by my Library on my way home from work after closing this book Just to walk through the rows and stacks of words, wonder, and books My home away from home and sanctuary Williams captured what the Library means to me perfectly on the page Captured that flutter and thrill in your stomach when you find just the right book sigh Looking forward to reading from Carol Lynch Williams.

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    Carol Lynch Williams touches on a topic about which I have read a great deal over the past few months a young woman trapped in a religious organisation Writing this novella seemingly geared for the young adult population, Williams turns the focus onto a polygamous community and the plural wives mentality that turns innocent teenage girls into matrimonial dolls for the elders Kyra Leigh Carlson is thirteen and has lived her entire life in a strict religious community, enveloped by the polygamist mentality When the Prophet arrives one day to decree that she will marry one of the Apostles, her Uncle Hyrum, Kyra is beside herself with worry Merely a girl, she has many of the typical feelings that a young person possesses longing to grow up, hoping to have innocent crushes, and discovering herself Her eyes are by no means focussed on Hyrum, but turn, instead to a boy her own age, Joshua The admiration seems mutual, though Kyra knows that she only has four weeks to get out of this mess before she becomes a child bride Kyra s only concrete contact with the outside world is through a mobile library, driven by a well meaning young man, Patrick Books that have been banned by the Prophet show her a world about which Kyra can only dream and freedom she knows she will never taste The Chosen One by many, Kyra s heart and mind must work in tandem to decide which she will follow Physical abuse and banishment are only two of the many possible ways to keep those who stray from repeating their sin Faced with a decision, Kyra knows that there is only one way out, but that choice could cost her everything she knows A powerful story, Williams paints a realistic from what I have read version of the struggles inside polygamist sects ruled by fundamentalist Christianity.A requested buddy read, I was not sure how I would stomach a young adult approach to the subject I tend to find YA interested in romanticizing the message and failing to penetrate to the core However, Williams does a stellar job not to pull any punches pardon the pun by exemplifying just how far some of these groups will go to weed out errant thought Further to this, there is the ongoing issue of pre destined marriage that pervades the sect, both in the news and from those who have fled its confines One cannot dismiss these as totally off the wall or without some merit and Williams does not shy away from revealing it as the foundation of her argument throughout The characters within the story are top notch and provide the reader with a realistic and varied sense of approaches to the theme The narrative is crisp and yet what one might expect from a teenager at the helm, directing the story into corners that they might find important Williams encapsulates the angst and struggle of a teenage girl faced with losing all she has ever hoped to find in life, as well as the fight for freedom, if only to define herself outside of what some prophet might decree.Kudos, Madam Williams for getting to the root of this matter and presenting something for a younger audience It was brilliantly portrayed and I am sure you will garner many fans for this and anything else you publish.Like hate the review An ever growing collection of others appears at

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    It s something of an understatement to say that this book was captivating it s almost too gentle or whimsical a word to describe the way I was completely gripped from the first page And that s not just a bit of zealous reviewer hyperbole on my part Whether I was actively reading The Chosen One or passing time until I could pick it up again also known as working it occupied my mind Possessed my thoughts Demanded my attention.I don t approach books that deal with complex subjects in this case, polygamy and abuse amongst others without some trepidation As a reader, I want to see issues handled with respect and compassion, as opposed to them simply being used to cheaply manipulate or entertain without consideration given to the subtext that might be conveyed And The Chosen One certainly contains confronting, emotionally gruelling content.The story is related by thirteen year old Kyra, raised in a fundamentalist Christian compound that has become progressively insular and cloistered under the vision of Prophet Childs With surreptitious visits to a mobile library as her only connection to life outside the compound, Kyra is compelled to make a choice about her life when she is informed she must marry her sixty year old uncle and become his seventh wife Rather than merely a simple fight or flight decision, Kyra s situation is complicated by her loyalties, concerns for her younger sisters futures and very real fears that retribution will be visited upon her family.If Miles From Ordinary alerted me to the quiet power of Carol Lynch William s sparse prose, The Chose One further confirmed that her writing is exceptional Stripped of overly descriptive embellishments and unwieldy passages, Lynch Williams writes with economy and grace, a style that is almost verse like at times This clean, succinct approach works well, keeping the story close to Kyra and preventing a sensationalist tone from overshadowing the themes of the book Kyra s voice is sheltered yet somehow also mature, and Lynch Williams captures not just the naivety, but the responsibility and fear that Kyra experiences as the effective oldest daughter of the family.There is a genuinely unsettling atmosphere to the book, particularly as the compound begins to feel almost a sort of panopticon, and Kyra s sense of being watched seeps through the text It s difficult to read about the implied and explicit coercion and threat that dominates life in Kyra s world, the violence and abuse that underpin and enforce the strict moral codes However, rather than painting Krya s life in shades of black and white, loving familial bonds are also depicted Her father, with three wives and twenty children, is not portrayed as a one note villain, but rather a devoted yet ultimately powerless, manipulated man The empathy however impotent Kyra receives from one of her Mothers is unexpected and touching The sibling relationships are warm and supportive While it may be argued that the nuance in Lynch Williams portrayal of polygamy is too subtle, I found her particular take both appropriate and effective for its purpose in Kyra s story If I have a particular hesitation with this story, it s that on occasion the plot was progressed at the cost of a certain amount of believability I found it difficult to believe that Kyra could acquire so much knowledge about the outside world from her brief mobile library visits and fleeting comments made her Mothers Having been born into and grown up within the confines of her compound, which vehemently decries the outside world, Kyra s acceptance of certain facts seemed to happen with too much ease.Aside from that minor quibble, The Chosen One was a powerful, moving book As it draws inexorably towards the ending, which is fittingly heart wrenching, I found myself completely invested in the characters and Kyra s choice The Chosen One is a story that doesn t make sweeping pronouncements, give all the answers, or tie off neatly It leaves lingering questions, room for speculation and a note of ambiguity regarding the characters That said, it s also a brave and hopeful book that beautifully examines choice, loss, courage and love.

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    The Chosen One is a heartbreaking, definitely disturbing account of one girl s isolated life in a polygamist community Kyra is thirteen years old but has already witnessed terrible acts of violence babies being tortured, gunshots going off in the dead of night, and women being murdered for no comprehensible reason At her age she is slowly understanding what this all means no one is safe, and she must always accept what the Prophet tells her to do However, Kyra s resolve to follow the Prophet dissolves when he orders her to marry her sixty year old uncle who already has six wives Now, she must do whatever it takes to escape in order to stay alive and whole.Even though Kyra s story is fiction, the concise but emotional writing made it seem like the events were happening in real life The juxtaposition of Kyra s polygamist community and the outside world was deftly handled at first I thought Kyra lived in a completely different fantasy world, but instead she was living on the same ground as other people except she didn t have anything to support herself Readers will plunge into the The Chosen One and be submerged into Kyra s mind hoping and praying for her survival right alongside her.I also noticed some other reviewers complaining that the book didn t give enough details to what was actually going on inside the homes of the polygamist society Keep in mind that this is young adult fiction while the story does offer some grisly and brutal atrocities, it is supposed to remain hopeful and uplifting The brevity of the book is one of its strong points It allows readers to imagine for themselves the rest of Kyra s story, and also what went on behind the closed doors of her neighbor s homes.Highly recommended.Want to read of my reviews Follow me here.

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    I have always been fascinated by the world of polygamy, not the Muslim type, but the type that stems from innately American religion Mormonism The Chosen One is the first YA book I came across that was dedicated to this subject.The book narrates a story of Kyra, a 13 year old girl born and raised in a polygamist compound Her family is huge, she has 3 mothers and over a dozen of siblings Kyra s life is quite acceptable in spite of the tough fundamentalist rules that prohibit reading, dancing, or contact with the evil outside world That is, it is acceptable until she is Chosen to become the 7th wife of her 60 year old uncle Kyra despises the idea, mostly because she is in love with a boy of her own age When all attempts to break the engagement fail, the only route left for her is escape.I have read many books about this subject before, mostly autobiographical accounts Therefore I can t say this book offers anything new to me It relies heavily on the shock value of violence against children, but skims over many other dreary aspects of polygamy the unhappiness of sister wives, who are forced to share a husband but never quite find peace with it or stop competing for his attention the lack of father s presence in children s lives how much can you expect from a man who has dozens of offsprings the poverty and hard work the burden of carrying and raising numerous children I missed this in the book.Nevertheless, this is definitely a memorable book, especially for those who don t know much about polygamy I found it extremely engaging and I think it will catch attention of many readers.

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    This one gets 5 stars from b c once I started I couldn t put it down Like, the plot just built masterfully, raising the stakes and keeping me invested and it didn t really give me a moment to breathe in a good way I cried Actually cried Rare for me in a book Okay, maybe I got on the verge of going all out and bawlingThe prose was LOVELY Really kind of sparingly written, but in such a way that the emotions and the ache was intense It s just GORGEOUSLY written and it really didn t surprise me to learn afterwards that the author has also written a book in verse She s talented, hey.So I did let it sit all lonely like on my shelf for a while because I thought I would have to psych myself up for it and be in this intense mood to read it But, really, for the premise it does have some beautiful, light hearted moments Mixed up with the sorrow and fear and claustrophobia is some sweet moments of love and tenderness and joy and it s life affirming There s even a sweet sweet oh so teenager y romance in there which had me grinning and cheering on the side lines, swooning a little too okay, it also had me aching But that s the power of this book Also I wasn t only affected by Kyra s story but I became achingly involved with so many other characters I particularly felt for the mum s wives and the pregnant women one of the side plots with a pregnant mum was the trigger for my little crying fit I felt the mother daughter bonds and so wanted to read inside the pages and hug everyone and then find a way to smuggle everyone out to safety The ending was perfect real and sad and haunting and hopeful and lingering I m recommending this to everyone D

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    funny how i was trying to finish this book on the way to the train station for the impromptu train ride my fam decided to take today, and wasn t able to, so i took it inside the train and finished it there, whereupon i gave it to me mum for safekeeping and she put it next to my dad s programming book, and when we ended up not taking the train after all, since it seemed highly unlikely it d ever even run PAKISTANI RAILWAYS URGHHHH we got off a while later and my mom forgot to pick up both of the books.sorry, but i just needed to take that out deep breath not that this book was even that brilliant, but it was hella expensive and i could ve gotten an awesome book in exchange for it rantnow for the actual review pretty prose is such a tricky thing sometimes it can either enhance the story or it can dominate the story itself and end up making the book seem like an elongated poem instead of a full fledged novel the chosen one unfortunately suffered from the latter.not too get too personal or anything, but as i might have whined about, oh, i dunno, thirteen billion times on my blog, i live in a very strict, hypocritical society which means that most likely if it s ever decided i am to marry an old bastard, if i myself get a little too old which in this retarded community means anything over TWENTY FUCKING FIVE and no one will marry me, i will have to do it.so you can imagine the daily amount of angst i have to suffer when proposals come along, and the aunties who bring them sit there judging me, while i have to look down, all docile, and not say a fucking word until i m spoken to, and even when i am, i am to answer succinctly and with utmost politeness.oh, how i wish you could hear the venomous tone with which i write this.now, onto le book itself kyra lives in this cult like society that has similar rules, except much rigid it s a polygamous, way too backward for words and horribly isolated community where women are, predictably, treated as mere baby making machines testament to this kyra says once in this book, that i ll never go to heaven if i don t have babies or something in that vein one day the prophet of this little fucked up world of theirs decides kyra shall have ta marry her 60 y.o uncle, who already has six wives and numerous amount of kiddies.here s what i d be like if i were kyra first of course, shocked outta my bloody mind then the righteous anger comes along acceptance, and all the GRIEF it brings me image error

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    Feels a bit wrong to say that I enjoyed this but hey ho, I did But it does feel unfinished and definitely needs some kind of epilogue.

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