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files The Chronicles of Chrestomanci: Volume I (Charmed Life & The Lives of Christopher Chant), read online The Chronicles of Chrestomanci: Volume I (Charmed Life & The Lives of Christopher Chant), free The Chronicles of Chrestomanci: Volume I (Charmed Life & The Lives of Christopher Chant), free The Chronicles of Chrestomanci: Volume I (Charmed Life & The Lives of Christopher Chant), The Chronicles of Chrestomanci: Volume I (Charmed Life & The Lives of Christopher Chant) ab0aa81aa There Is An Alternate Cover HereIn This Multiple Parallel Universes Of The Twelve Related Worlds, Only An Enchanter With Nine Lives Is Powerful Enough To Control The Rampant Misuse Of Magic And To Hold The Title Chrestomanci The Chants Are A Family Strong In Magic, But Neither Christopher Chant Nor Cat Chant Can Work Even The Simplest Of Spells Who Could Have Dreamed That Both Christopher And Cat Were Born With Nine Lives Or That They Could Lose Them So Quickly

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    Long before J.K Rowling ever invented Harry Potter, Diana Wynne Jones penned the Chrestomanci series, in which children perform magic or fail to do so in worlds which resemble ours but are ever so slightly different Like Rowling, Jones infused her fantasy novels for children with enough wit and interesting ideas to make them appealing to adult readers unlike Rowling, she never made it big, although one of her books, Howl s Moving Castle , was adapted into an enjoyable anime movie by Hayao Miyazaki a few years ago It s a pity Jones is not better known in the world of children s fiction, as her work is as good as Rowling s, if not actually better While they lack the puns and pseudo Latin that make the Potter books such a delight, Jones stories are exciting and well paced so than some of Rowling s books They feature great magic, superb world building and a psychological insight which I think beats Rowling s Jones understands children well, which makes it easy to identify with her young protagonists, even if they occasionally perform acts of magic to which few of us can aspire The first story in this two book volume, Charmed Life, is set in a world which vaguely resembles today s England but seems a bit old fashioned and, well, magical The protagonists are two orphaned siblings Eric Chant, nicknamed Cat, and his sister Gwendolen, a young witch of quite formidable powers When the story opens, Cat and Gwendolen are taken to live with Chrestomanci, a mysterious man whose castle oozes magic and whose assistants are to teach them witchcraft As always, Cat proves to be useless at magic He feels stupid, doesn t feel at home in his new surroundings and generally spends a lot of time moping and feeling sorry for himself Meanwhile, Gwendolen obviously excels at magic, but doesn t quite get the adulation she was expecting Feeling ignored and insulted, she starts doing all sorts of terrible things to prove how powerful a witch she is A battle of wills between Gwen and Chrestomanci ensues Needless to say, things go horribly wrong, and people not just in this world but in all the parallel worlds of the universe may end up suffering for it, unless Cat and Chrestomanci can do something about it Charmed Life is a great minor classic It was my favourite book when I was twelve, and I can still see why it s bold, it s inventive, it has funny touches and it s very well put together although the beginning is a tad slow Like all good fantasy, it deals with big issues who should be in charge of magical powers What are the consequences of our deeds , but what really makes the book the gem it is, is the characterisation Cat is a bit too weak and passive to make for a dashing hero, but his frustration and loneliness are genuine, which makes his betrayal at the end all the harsher For her part, Gwendolen makes a fabulously spoiled and selfish older sister her tantrums rank among the highlights of the book, and her magic, while nasty and self serving, undeniably has flair As for Chrestomanci, who looks vague but might just be the most powerful enchanter in the world or indeed in all the worlds , he s a brilliant character whom Jones rightly felt deserved a few appearances in her oeuvre Thus she devoted the second book in this volume, The Lives of Christopher Chant, entirely to Chrestomanci A prequel to Charmed Life, The Lives of Christopher Chant tells the story of Chrestomanci s childhood Like Charmed Life, it features the usual fantasy staples of larger than life characters, travel between worlds and the discovery of unsuspected talents, but there s to it living goddesses, animals with magical powers, and heaps of spectacular action For all its magic and non stop action, though, what sets this book apart from other fantasy fare is the excellent way it deals with the mundane aspects of life divorce, friendship, loyalty, betrayal and thwarted dreams Adult readers will find the story a bit predictable than Charmed Life, but it s undeniably gripping and imaginative and features a great cameo by a cat If you like magic and cats, chances are The Lives of Christopher Chant will be right up your alley.

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    I read an article a few years back wish I could remember which publication hopefully they ve gone under which claimed that Diana Wynne Jones plagiarized Harry Potter for Charmed Life As I recall, the accusation was largely based on these facts i Harry Potter and Cat Chant are both young, male, British wizards who also happen to be orphans and the reviewer inaccurately claimed that Cat wore glasses ii Harry and Cat are both taken to a place to learn magic iii What, you need evidence of plagiarism than that They also leveled their accusing pen at Neil Gaiman for daring to write The Books of Magic, featuring a young, British, bespectacled boy learning about magic.Needless to say, Diana Wynne Jones has been writing excellent and ORIGINAL novels since before J.K Rowling was alive and so has Gaiman But if this poorly researched article led just one Harry Potter fan to discover the strange and beautiful world of Diana Wynne Jones, then I suppose it wasn t entirely a waste of space.Nothing against Rowling, BTW I m just not a fan of myopic Potter fanatics who consider Harry Potter the be all and end all of fantasy.

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    Diana Wynne Jones is a delight to read Understated, clever, and filled with dry humor, this book was very hard to tear myself away from The escapades of the Chant boys are ridiculously fun I was introduced to Diana Wynne Jones by Miyazaki s animated version of her book, Howl s Moving Castle , which I enjoyed reading after seeing the film I picked up The Chronicles , having heard that Jones Chronicles of Chrestomanci series was superior to the Harry Potter books Though Harry Potter is enjoyable and addictive, the Chronicles is wonderful on an entirely different level the Harry Potter books are fast food, whereas the Chronicles is an exquisite dish, to be savored and pondered perhaps that s a dumb analogy, but I think it makes the point The world that Jones has created is marvelous and complex, yet entirely believable This first volume of The Chronicles is composed of two separate novels, Charmed Life , and The Lives of Christopher Chant Charmed Life centers around Cat Chant and his sister Gwendolen, two orphans who are adopted by the enigmatic Chrestomanci, and their escapades at Chrestomanci Castle Charmed Life is fun, but I found The Lives of Christopher Chant to be superior and engaging, overall The Lives of Christopher Chant was, in a word, amazing Jones style is remarkable for so many reasons, one of which is the way she changes it to fit Christopher s age His early years read like the dream like, wonder filled memories most of us form of our youngest childhood days, and as Christopher ages, the writing style becomes gradually sophisticated and elaborate The story of Christopher s youth is beautiful, and I won t attempt to summarize it Stepping into his world, even through the limited medium of words, feels like a rare privilege, and does not once disappoint, right through the end of the book.I can t wait to read the next volume

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    Volume 1 of The Chronicles of Chrestomanci contains the first two books of the series which are called Charmed Life and The Lives of Christopher Chant Cat Chant is the main character in the first book and Christopher Chant is the main character of the second book They both live in a world where there is magic everywhere Sadly, neither Cat nor Christopher can do magic But they will discover that there is to them than they expect.Diana Wynne Jones s books are always filled with fun, magic, and wonder But every book offers its own unique adventure Cat s story is very different from Christopher s Reading both of their stories in one volume made me glad about Diana Wynne Jones s ability to give her readers a different kind of adventure in every book No wonder why so many people try to collect as much books written by her as possible There are four books to read in the Chrestomanci series But I guess I will read the other volumes that have two books each I am so excited to read the other books now.

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    For Christmas this year, my sister asked us instead of buying her a present, if as our gift to her we would read any book she chose for us I was happy to oblige the request because I know my sister has great taste in books, and would pick something accordingly I was not disappointed with her choice of the first volume in the Chrestomanci series And thank goodness she has the rest of the series I can now borrow too She chose this book for me because I am a Doctor Who fan or Whovian If you watch Doctor Who or know anything about it, you know The Doctor is a Time traveler Which reminded my sister of the Twelve Related Worlds Although it s not time travel but rather world hopping of sorts.The Twelve Related Worlds are the only known Worlds out there As the book description says, they are parallel universes Within each World though, is a series of worlds The whole what if this happened situation will create a spin off to a new world within that world s universe There are 9 worlds in a series meaning there are 9 of you out there somewhere And that is where the Chrestomanci comes in A person born in a world, that does not have another on the other worlds, giving him 9 lives in 1 body.I highly recommend this book It was a fascinating read, one that really pulled me from reality into a new world.

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    First read in May 2011 Re read in March 2016 Diana Wynne Jones s writing is the literary equivalent of a delicious cup of cocoa.

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    Review from A Journey Through PagesNow Diana Wynne Jones has been one of my favourite authors for about 8 years now, ever since I read Year of the Griffin Though one of my favourite memories is when Howl s Moving Castle came out and would see commercials and go Hey That s the name of my favourite author paired with my favourite animator, what is going on I have since read many books by her rest in peace Jones, rest in peace , but Chronicles of Chrestomanci is a series that I found myself avoiding for the longest time.I couldn t tell you exactly why I avoided the series for so long, possibly it could be because of my long standing prejudice against reading books from a male point of view silly really, but I convinced myself that I could only connect to female narrators.And then one time perusing the library I noticed The Chronicles of Chrestomanci Volume 1 and decided, what the heck, I love her writing style I should give it a try And I must say, I don t regret it at all.Comprised of two books, both older than me, Charmed Life, whose hero is Cat Chant, and The Lives of Christopher Chant, starring Christopher Chant They are actually in backwards chronological order as Jones wrote Charmed Life first.The books are very stylistically Jones, very whimsical and light It became my before bed wind down book because its simplicity was perfect for me to unwind to with a cup of herbal tea in bed.Of the two, Charmed Life was my favourite as I found myself enjoying the character of Cat than the character of Christopher, though there was a joy in reading the second book as you knew by then who Christopher is in the first and making the connections was exciting More to Review on Blog

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    Charmed life is the first book in this two book volume It also is the first book in the Chrestomanci series, of which I previously read The Lives of Christopher Chant, which is the number 2 book of the series and which I enjoyed immensely So, naturally I gave it a whirl.Cat and Gwendolyn are orphans who are wards of their little town In their world magic is commonplace although not everyone can work magic and there are different levels of ability and talent Cat cannot do any magic while Gwendolyn is a witch with seemingly endless abilities After they discover that they are related to one of the most powerful wizards in the world, Cat and Gwendolyn go to live with him and his family It is there that we learn about what Cat and Gwendolyn are really like as the story is told by Cat and he is a very unreliable narrator He doesn t deliberately not tell us the truth but he is fairly blind to a lot of what is obvious to the reader once they get to the castle, where everyone around them does not have an agenda Gwendolyn has a plan to become Queen of the World Yes, you read that right She once had her fortune told and upon hearing that was her future Gwen determined to make it happen as soon as possible This causes Cat quite a few problems and isn t easy on anyone else around them either I enjoyed reading this sequel in the timeline to The Lives of Christopher Chant but it was clearly oriented to a younger reader than that book was Still, it managed to have several surprises and watching the story unfold was a fast but good read The one thing that I would say I found problematic was how passive Cat s behavior was But that is my own reaction and actually is quite in line with his story and history Recommended, especially for younger readers.

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    I love the concept at the heart of these two books the many worlds theory is true some of these worlds use magic I enjoy the efforts of the Chants to become who they want to be, and the process of figuring out who that is I particularly love the character of the embodied Godddess, as well as Throgmorten I don t even mind too much that Edwardian notions of birth based class were transferred into a magic using Britain, where the servants are sadly deficient in innate skill which is somehow less offensive that the quite powerful house elves being enslaved in Harry Potter, because of their race Forgive me the pun, but the books really are enchanting.

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    Diana Wynne Jones is just a fantastic writer I loved both Charmed Life and The Lives of Christopher Chant I want to be Chrestomanci when I grow up.Disappointed to find a few points of colonialism orientalism racism in Charmed Life but was glad to see the inclusion of a brown skinned the way he s described he sounds Black to me character in The Lives of Christopher Chant but then again, his people are really cruel, but smart, so I m betwixt and between on that.

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