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files The Clearing, read online The Clearing, free The Clearing, free The Clearing, The Clearing ff25d02e7 In This Bittersweet Romance, Two Teens Living Decades Apart Form A Bond That Will Change Their Lives ForeverAmy Is Drawn To The Misty, Mysterious Clearing Behind Her Aunt Mae S Place Because It Looks Like The Perfect Place To Hide From Life A Place To Block Out The Pain Of Her Last Relationship, To Avoid The Kids In Her New Town, To Stop Dwelling On What Her Future Holds After High SchoolThen, She Meets A Boy Lurking In The Mist Henry Henry Is Different From Any Other Guy Amy Has Ever Known And After Several Meetings In The Clearing, She S Starting To Fall For HimBut Amy Is Stunned When She Finds Out Just How Different Henry Really Is Because On His Side Of The Clearing, It S Still By Some Miracle, Henry And His Family Are Stuck In The Past, Staving Off The Tragedy That Will Strike Them In The Future Amy S Crossing Over To Henry S Side Brings Him Happiness Than He S Ever Known But Her Presence Also Threatens To Destroy His Safe ExistenceIn The Clearing, Author Heather Davis Crafts A Tender And Poignant Tale About Falling In Love, Finding Strength, And Having The Courage To Make Your Own Destiny A Perfect Book To Slip Into And Hide Away For Awhile

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    The Clearing hooked me from the first page and wouldn t let me go until the last A far cry from the usual vampire infested YA that seems to be most of what s on offer today, it chronicles the relationship that develops across the ages between Amy, spending her senior year in her great aunt Mae s small town to escape the memory of an abusive relationship, and Henry, living with his family in their farmhouse where it s always the summer of 1944.I liked the very neutral, understated cover I think it gave just enough of a hint of the story without imposing too much of an idea of the characters on me, therefore letting me form my own images in my mind I always appreciate that opportunity there s nothing worse than having your created images warped by the cover model, especially when the cover model looks nothing like the character in the book The pace was perfect, giving Amy and Henry just enough time apart to make me anxious for interaction before rewarding my patience The narrative never dragged, and I liked how the main plot, detailing Amy and Henry s relationship, and the subplot, featuring Amy in her own time, were radically different It really helped solidify the idea of her experiencing two very different times.I really felt a connection for the two main characters despite what she d been through, Amy was never too dramatic or cautious Her behavior was always reasonable and I think that made her feel very real to me Her relationship with her great aunt Mae was also well balanced and realistic, and Mae was a character I really liked always supportive, but not overly so in a way that would make her seem fake Amy s friends in the real world , Lori and Jackson, were also likable and fun Jackson in particular earned a high opinion from me for being a genuinely nice guy.On Henry there s not a lot I can say apart from the fact that he was just perfect always a gentleman, hopelessly sweet, and the 1940 s stream of consciousness that ran through his mind was just the right mixture of quaint and cute His mother had the occasional very funny moment, and I really respected his grandfather he might be old, but as the story went on you realized that he was pretty sharp for his age.Without giving too much away, I can say that the ending to this story was wholly satisfying, even if you d rooted for a different one Like most things about the story, it made a lot of sense a welcome feeling when most of what you ve been reading is fantastical and paranormal In conclusion Congratulations to Heather Davis for a job well done The Clearing is a beautiful love story that will keep a smile on your face for a long time Read reviews at Lale on Lit

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    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo CC mo puede la autora hacer esto CEl libro me encant , me cre unas ansias por seguir leyendo, y Henry me enamor desde el primer momento 3 Fue un libro que logr ponerme la piel de gallina con las situaciones que pasaron y con c da p gina con la que me acercaba al final, sab a que lo que este contendr a ser a inevitable, pero eso no me impidi conservar la esperanza de un talvezUn libro hermoso que nos ense a que el amor es tanto hermoso como doloroso, y a n as , vale la pena experimentarlo

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    Now before I write anything else I should mention that though I didn t really enjoy this book I know there are other readers who would It just isn t my kind of book Too much tragedy for my liking.Amy has just gotten out of an abusive relationship and to get away from it all she moves away from Seattle to a small town with her great aunt Mae She finds one true friend, named Henry, out in the clearing The place is odd though It always has some kind of mist around it and it s hard to go through the mist There is this whirring sound that just isn t right Despite all of the weirdness Amy grows to love Henry, and Henry her Amy finds out soon enough that he is stuck in the summer of 1944 and she knows why, but there is a piece of information that she knows that could change that That would mean losing Henry forever and him moving on with his life Should she tell him or would things only get worse Now the premise is quite interesting Time travel is tricky, but the author actually doesn t make the whole thing too complicated I guess I expected a different story I wanted something funny, seeing the clashes of the time periods, and though they do mention the differences it definitely isn t funny The romance between Amy and Henry is sweet but doesn t get enough time to really build Amy is a bit bland except for her problems and I need something than problems to make up a person Her life outside of the clearing isn t well drawn out either and I predicted a lot of what was going to happen Seriously, I rolled my eyes a lot of times with some of the scenes The story is sweet and the ending was probably the right one, but it left a bad taste in my mouth I felt like one of the characters was kind of jipped of a good ending.Though I was a bit disappointed, people who like the idea of a love that can transcend through time, this book will deliver The cover is wonderful as well, but for me the story could have been fleshed out.

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    There s something so magical and so romantic about time travel especially if it involves two people in love but are separated in two different times and two different worlds This was what reeled me in to reading this book In starting this book, I have envisioned it turning similarly alike to the movies such as Lakehouse or Tuck Everlasting Unfortunately, I might have had my expectations too high because the conclusion of this book was confusing and just did not make sense to me I wish that the story had a stronger resolution in the end.Needless to say, I was compelled to keep reading because the plot intrigued me and I was so curious and tinkled pink every time Henry and Amy met in the clearing Amy, the 16 year old teen and the voice of this book, came to live with her Aunt Mae in a rural part of Washington to escape an abusive relationship from her ex boyfriend and hoping to start fresh in a town where nobody knew of her In the clearing behind her Aunt s trailer, she finds a thick mist that happened to be the boundary and the entrance to another time, 1944 This bubble of time suspension was a result of Henry s prayer for time to turn back but stood still, with the summer of 1944 cycling over and over again Amy was not my most favored character in this book I wasn t too fond of how her character s painted with gloom and doom attitude It makes sense that she is this way, paranoid and doubtful, after coming out of an abusive relationship and not having any emotional support from her mother But she came off as being rude and unfriendly I for one would not have wanted to be her friend if she bit my head off every chance she got especially if I didn t know the reason for her being so I would just have thought of her as a big bitch Instead of feeling sorry for her, I was infuriated with her in this book I just found her character depressing It didn t help that it was always rainy and cold where she lived But, if Heather Davis did this on purpose to create a sharp contrast from Henry s world of perpetual sunshine in the summer of 1944, then she succeeded Henry was a ball of sunshine while Amy was dark and cloudy It still baffles me how Amy was able to attract and have 3 guys like her when there s this constant dark cloud hanging over her head She must be really beautiful to be so attractive to these boys despite her aloofness From Heather Davis descriptions of her though, I didn t find Amy that beautiful Rather, I found her flat, alongside Jackson, the other guy of the love triangle As for Henry, the 18 year old protagonist of this story, and the quintessential gentleman, I found him to be the life of the book Who could not fall for a gentleman I like the old fashioned courting I love that his character is from the 40s, back when men were respectful and courteous I m sure it s the same reason why I was drawn to Edward in Twilight If you re an old soul like me, I think you d like Henry Briggs too There s also something masculine and admirable about men getting their hands dirty and doing hard, manual farm work I never thought farming could be so sexy Well, Henry made it sexy His cheery nature, his idealism, and his laid back attitude was just so attractive to me He gave this book an injection of life and color Everyone else but Aunt Mae felt flat and insignificant And then there was Jackson, the nice guy that was head over heels Amy, and supposedly the third participant of the love triangle Truly, there s no triangle here Amy never liked him from the very beginning and she made it clear to Jackson that she didn t like him that way But, Jackson, the dreamer that he is, still hoped and pined This is the reason why the ending of this story didn t make any sense to me It just makes me crazy Yeah, I know Jackson s dependable and kind but it doesn t work if Amy doesn t love him Anyways, back to the review As for the cover, I felt that the boy in the cover is nothing like Henry He looked like he was in middle school rather than a senior in high school He looked puny and nothing like the masculine Henry that was described in the book As for Amy, I still can t envision how she looks like and it doesn t help that only her back is presented in the cover Nevertheless, this person does not imbue beautiful to me.I still give it a solid 3 stars It was really Henry and the idea of love spanning between two time periods that still got me hooked from beginning to end If you want to give it a go, I say go for it Perhaps you might enjoy it than I did.

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    I gave this novel a three star rating however, a two and half star rating would better reflect my feelings.This story just didn t have much going for it The Clearing was beautifully told and the Amy and Henry s relationship was particularly compelling, unfortunately those were the only aspects that the story that made a lasting impression.Amy Henry s relationship is the one thing that made this story for me Watching their relationship grow and evolve, the choices they ultimately had to make for each other, that was powerful It wasn t a head over heels, crazy obsessive love. it was delicate and thoughtful The kind of love that can be everlasting.Unfortunately the aspect of love wasn t enough to carry the whole novel The plot itself was semi predictable as well as painfully slow There just wasn t enough intrigue or explanation to keep me hooked in to story I was also disappointed in in Amy s decision to run away from her situation An abusive relationship Not that I am implying in any way that Amy should have stayed in the relationship with her abuser, but running away isn t the answer As someone who went through an experience like Amy s, I wish this issue would have been handled differently.The characters all seemed flat and overdone Amy a girl with no real defining characteristics we learn nothing about who she is, or what she likes, only that she doesn t trust anyone Yet despite her elusive nature every male she encounters throws himself at her Why exactly I have yet to understand And poor Jackson, although I didn t comprehend why he was even in the novel, I did feel some sort of empathy toward him, so that must count for something..Perhaps I m just disappointed because I had high expectations That is something that I try to refrain from doing but alas I couldn t help it.The ending was perhaps the most disappointing thing of all I don t want to be spoilery so I won t say too much It just seemed that some things ended all too quickly while leaving almost everything else unresolved The ending in lack for a better word was just awkward.

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    I liked this one probably a 4, but not a 5 right up until the end The story was well paced, the characters were likable and had some depth, and I liked the family relationships that were featured alongside the central romance And I m sucker for time travel books in general, so there was that too.But the last 3 pages killed it for me not the ending itself, which I don t want to spoil, because that made sense and I even liked the way it tied back into the new present But when Davis tried to end the book and leave us with an idea of what Amy s life was like now, the exposition was awful And I cannot abide awkward exposition Minus a full star.That said, for teens and parents who appreciated the fade to black aspect of Twilight and it s sequels, this one will work nicely.

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    I absolutely love this book even the second time around.

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    I opened this book with high hopes I tend to be a sucker for YA romances, particularly those with a paranormal slant However, given the supersaturation of the YA market with paranormal romances right now, I ought to have read this with realistic expectations.You have probably read this book before A first person heroine with very few distinctive character traits, talents, or goals A new start in a new town at a new school A feeling of detachment from her classmates and a failure to find mere mortals romantically viable A young woman with irresponsible emotionally unavailable parents This is a highly derivative read, one that will likely draw comparisons with Twilight and The Time Traveler s Wife which I have not read, but even the bare plot elements strike me as similar It bears mentioning that the book actually makes a tongue in cheek allusion to Twilight Amy is, on many levels, Bella Swan albeit, with a much darker past Like Bella, she is a rather nondescript brunette with no real goals Like Bella, she lives in northern Washington state while her mother lives in Phoenix with her stepfather Like Bella, she attracts every eligible male who crosses her path including Matt, Henry, Jackson, and Quinn And, like Bella, she spurns the advances of perfectly eligible mortals in favor of the supernatural boy who strikes her fancy not to denigrate Henry, who is quite likable despite the sometimes excessive 40s speak Though Amy is aloof with even her most well meaning classmates, she is told that these people need a friend like you 179 So much of Amy s characterization is done through telling rather than showing.Amy has a Seattle sized chip on her shoulder Her ex boyfriend, Matt, was physically abusive, and her somewhat vacuous mother did little to help her Unfortunately, the story doesn t explore the relationship violence angle in sufficient depth Countless young women are going to read this book, and many of them may have had direct or indirect experience with this harrowing issue YA escapist fiction doesn t need to be a narrative public service announcement, but it should give due narrative attention to such a serious issue Without spoiling the ending, I will say that the story leaves much unresolved Other elements are resolved with a lightning fast stroke of the pen Though I tend to enjoy stories with ambiguous, unpredictable, or bittersweet endings I detest big red bow endings , there were certain plot elements that dropped off the map too quickly I tend to be very critical perhaps even picky when it comes to love stories, so take my words with a grain of salt The romance between Henry and Amy is certainly compelling, and not without some suspense as the two struggle with the time issue If you don t mind a story reminiscent of books you have read in the past, or if you are looking for a book like Twilight or The Time Traveler s Wife, you will likely enjoy this Disclaimer I received the galley proofs of this book from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt for review.

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    3.5 5 Este es un romance agridulce, donde dos adolescentes viven en d cadas muy aparte con un v nculo que cambiar sus vidas para siempre Amy es atra da a la niebla misteriosa que se encuentra de atr s de la casa de su Tia Mae, ya que para ella es el lugar perfecto para esconderse de la vida Un lugar donde podr bloquear el dolor de su ltima relaci n, para evitar los adolescentes de su nueva ciudad, para poner un paro y pensar en lo qu futuro le puede deparar luego de la secundaria Entonces, conoce a Henry l es diferente a cualquier muchacho que Amy haya conocido Y luego de varias reuniones en la niebla o claro Amy se da cuenta que est empezando a enamorarse de l Pero Amy se siente aturdida cuando se entera de que Henry, pertenece a otra poca, despu s del claro donde vive este es el ano de 1944 Por alg n milagro, Henry y su familia est n atrapados en el pasado, para tratar de evitar la tragedia que les caer en el futuro Con el cruce de Amy al lado de Henry esta le trae mucha felicidad pero su presencia tambi n amenaza con destruir su existencia segura La narrativa esta intercalada entre los puntos de vista de Henry y Amy, donde de forma sencilla y simple la autora nos hace entrar en la cabeza de estos personajes y como estos van enfrentando el nacimiento de sus sentimientos por el otro Que es lo dificultoso Es encontrar que este amor que buscas se encuentra en otro tiempo y aunque sea bendito, tambi n es irremediablemente imposible.

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    Reviewed by Lesley for TeensReadToo.comAmy has moved in with her Great Aunt to get away from her abusive relationship with her ex boyfriend, Matt Now living in the middle of nowhere, Amy is having to make new friends and start over at a new high school She finds it difficult leaving the past behind and letting her guard down with her new friends.Seeking comfort from everything that s going on around her, she sees a misty clearing behind her Aunt s house When she crosses the other side she meets Henry, a boy unlike the others who actually makes her feel safe.Henry is stuck in the year 1944 with his mother and Grandfather Nothing changes, nothing grows old he seeks solace alone in the books he s read dozens of times When he meets Amy, everything he knows begins to change His mother suddenly begins to ask questions, and his grandfather begins to remember things he never had before.Was it a mistake for Henry to bring Amy to the other side Once Amy realizes what is going on, will she run or decide to stay with the only person who makes her feel alive THE CLEARING is an incredibly emotional love story Filled with mystery, sorrow, loneliness, and heartache, be prepared to grab a box of tissues it s a tearjerker.

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