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quotes The Curse of Betrayal (Curse Books, #2) , litcharts The Curse of Betrayal (Curse Books, #2) , symbolism The Curse of Betrayal (Curse Books, #2) , summary shmoop The Curse of Betrayal (Curse Books, #2) , The Curse of Betrayal (Curse Books, #2) f851e08c Ryder Has Finally Decided To Take Her Life Into Her Own Hands, But Things Don T Always Turn Out As They Seem Ollie And Ari Have Made A Pact That Leaves Ryder Alone Until She Ends The Curse And Chooses Her Soul MateWith Her Knights Absent, Ryder Becomes Independent, Seeing Things In Her Visions That Force Her To Question The Curse And HerselfAs Strange Things Happen At Demi God Academy, Ryder Realizes Everything Comes Back To Her She Must Use The Power Growing Within Her To Protect Her New Friends In Ways She Never Imagined Possible But As New Threats Surface, She May Not Be Strong Enough To Protect Them AllIn Book Two Of A Curse Books, Ryder Discovers What It Really Means To Be Eurydice

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    The Curse of Betrayal Taylor LavatiRyder Mason is about entering The Demi God Academy and learns the real meaning of the word betrayal Ryder whose real name is Eurydice finds herself deep inside her own mind with fears, nightmares, visions, dreams and doubts about herself that might prevent her from developing her powers Entering the school she finds here face to face with Ari yet thinking about Ollie her first love in the first chapter of her life titled A Thousand Year Curse But author Taylor Lavati hits the mark when readers get to learn about Ryder, her fears about losing Ari but even her search and goal for acceptance Ryder was bullied by a girl named Becca and now that she has grown stronger in both body and mind she hopes to combat any fears of being bullied by anyone and hopefully will defend herself Taking her life back in her own hands she meets Kara her roommate forming a close friendship from the start Understanding and sensing Ryder s apprehension with meeting too many people at first and not wanting to befriend everyone at once they take it slow But, Lisa seems to be the new Becca and influences others against Ryder but she won t stand for it this time Learning about Kara and then meeting Megan she seems to calm her nerves but in the forefront or back of her mind is her past Remembering her love for Ollie yet finding a new romance with Ari it becomes quite clear that she will have to eventually make a choice Ari is now one of her professors and with the aid of his assistant Magdelina who seems bent on getting the good professor into her bed, Ryder uses every ounce of self control not to punch her out during class every time she comes on to Ari But, Ryder is young and na ve and often has many missteps and misunderstandings run high At the end of novel one both Ollie and Ari made a pact to leave her alone until the curse is broken and she decides who her true soul mate is Ryder although independent and strong has visions of the past and even the future and with the help of Professor Onassis, she hopes to begin to understand these dreams, the nightmare where she revisits with Hermes and Hades and the reoccurring dream too graphic to relate to readers Ryder learns as strange things begin to happen at this Academy that she cannot hide from her past and she must learn to use her powers to protect not only herself but her new friends too As Ryder begins to settle into a routine things start to happen that create friction between her and Ari bring Ollie back to her side and test friendships and loyalties All the while hoping that somehow she would be able to connect with her mother who when she does appear tells her it is not time yet, confusing her and trying to forewarn her of what happens next With the help of a kindly 500 year old professor named Onassis together they research the history of the curse trying to learn about it and hopefully break it But, when an unknown attacker kills two students and then the campus is under siege Kara and Ryder along with Ollie and Ari fend off the demons but the end result will change things drastically As Kara and Ryder are hurt and Kara had been attacked before, things point to the fact the presence just might have something to do with what is happening Fear strikes and her feelings are conflicted as she realizes the time might come or has come to decide between Ari and Ollie A dream or vision enrages her and the art of meditation taught to her by Onassis helps control her emotions, allows her to see the dream in a different light sending her in a different direction But, although the school was under siege, Hades and Hermes were present we learn about Ryder s insecurities, fears, distrust and hate for Magdelina and her hope that someday she and Ari would be together There is much to this story besides the jealousies, daring dares, games that are played, strength class that tests than just strength, the insecurities and the bonds that are made or fostered between Kara and Ryder and even Junior and Ollie But, in the back of her mind Ryder realizes that much of what is happening at the school is related to the curse, feels it s her fault With the professors on her side and understanding that she needs support, will the fear that is ingrained and instilled in her go away Will students or teachers be attacked When Professor Nike questions the assailant he learns nothing from them Just who else is behind this and what will Ryder do in order to protect her friends and those she loves Author Taylor Lavati takes readers inside the mind of a young girl whose insecurities get the best of her Whose loyalties to her friends are undeniable and whose fear that a thousand year curse might cause people to be injured or die Why did Hades choose her Why was she the recipient of this curse What does it mean to be Eurydice and how will being her affect the lives of others But, this story is far from over as Ryder finds herself in a dream along with her dream self and her mother Finding out what she thinks is the truth about why her mother is missing, who she thinks is the reason creates than just a mental breakdown for Ryder A retreat that would cost someone their life as the demons come back and try to finish what the know Hermes and Hades started Just what does Ryder think is the reason she is being sought after by the underworld When you are curses you need to find out the reason why and then find out what the end result is supposed to be and you must end it But, when the truth comes out and the final body count is tallied just who stands in her way and who needs to get out of her line of fire Throughout the novel the author allows readers to understand the tense relationship between Ryder and her father When he reveals his knowledge and the untold truths are finally out in the open will she be able to bond with the only person she might be able to trust A school that has become too dangerous and had to be closed and an ending that you just won t expect The clever twist at the end will alert readers that you just might not know who or what really betrayed Ryder Listen to the voice of someone who claims to care for her and you decide whether it s a lie Violence, deaths, pranks, games and only one person who hopes to gain from it all Will Ryder be able to break the curse Who is behind this and Why Listen to the startling message she receives and learn that the story is far from over and we need to wait I might add impatiently until our creative and talented author pens the final chapter in this trilogy What will the fate of Ari, Ollie and Ryder be Who is her true soul mate Who can she trust Explosive, riveting, fast paced and frightening The Curse of Betrayal A great story of friendship, deceit, lies, betrayals, trust, insecurities and hope Ryder A teen whose emotions are so bottled up that when she explodes than just her emotions are involved A character that is quite realistic as the author allows her to react in a way that most teens would not always as a grown up, temper tantrums and often not thinking about the outcome This is one book for all YA s to read to learn the true meaning of what it is to be a friend and what is the definition of trust.The blood of a god you have in your body or system, the effective the curse will be Think about that Hades did the curse for a reasonWhat will Ryder have to do to stop the curse and get her life and mother back Lisa, Megan, Mikey, Kara, Junior, Ollie, Ari and Cristos Who will be left to cast the next spell and break the curse Who pays for what someone else wants do dearly Find out in Volume three the reason why and the outcome that Hades wants to happen that he has written down when the author pens the next chapter in the life of Ryder and the rest of the Demi Gods Fran Lewis Reviewer

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    This review can also be found on my blog The Mis Adventures of a Twenty Something Year Old Girl.You know when you read the second book in a series, and think how much better the first book was Well, this isn t the case with The Curse of Betrayal In fact, I think this book was even better than its predecessor I believe The Curse of Betrayal could be read as a stand alone, but it d be much enjoyable if you read The Thousand Year Curse which is the first book in the series.I like the title Ryder does feel a bit betrayed by her mother and someone else to tell would be spoilers in the book Like the first book, I m not a fan of the cover of this book either It s just too plain for my liking, and for those that do judge a book by its cover of which I have been guilty before , I think it will put them off reading this AMAZING book I enjoyed the world building It seemed as if a place like the Demi God Academy could really exist Plus, the world in this book answers most of my questions from the first book The world building is definitely interesting in this book The pacing is spot on I loved every page and couldn t wait to find out what would happen next Even in the pages where there was no action, it was still very gripping.The plot is just as interesting, if not interesting, as the first book In this book, we learn about Ryder, Ryder s elusive mother, and Ari as well as a new cast of characters We get to see Ryder s first year at Demi God Academy, and let s just say it is anything but uneventful Ryder is still trying to work out her curse and find out which man is her soul mate There s also another added danger that I won t go in to due to spoilers Miss Lavati does an excellent job of making sure her characters are well written and able to come to life While I liked Ryder and found her to be a well rounded character, I thought she was being a bit too whiny and selfish with double standards For example, it s okay for Ryder to flirt with and kiss both Ollie and Ari, but when one of them does it with another girl, Ryder gets insanely jealous There s one scene at a restaurant where this is very apparent and a bit over the top I do feel bad for Ryder though While some may think it d be amazing to have two hot guys pine after your affections, Ryder doesn t want to hurt either one of them and hates seeing each one miserable Plus, her life is in danger thanks to the curse Hades has put on her I was glad that Ari was featured a lot in this book because I m definitely Team Ari, and I really want Ryder to pick him Ari is just a smooth kind of guy He s funny and witty Ollie is in the book just not as much as Ari I do like Ollie also, but just not as much as Ari Ollie is very caring and everything, but I just feel like Ari would make a better boyfriend I also liked Kara in this book She was such an awesome best friend, and I loved the way she really cared about Ryder.The dialogue fits perfectly for a mature young adult new adult book I enjoyed every single scene There are a few grammatical errors, but it doesn t take away from the book at all There s also swearing and sexual references, but nothing over the top.Overall, The Curse of Betrayal by Taylor Lavati is a fantastic read This book has a great cast of characters, a super interesting plot, and a very immersive world Miss Lavati is a very talented writer, and I enjoy reading her work Will I be reading the next book in the series Most definitely I d recommend this book to those aged 17 who enjoy reading about Greek mythology, hot guys, and or great characters.I d give The Curse of Betrayal Curse Books 2 by Taylor Lavati a 4.75 out of 5.

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    This is part two of a series young author, Taylor, is writing TTYC, first in the series, was a great break through starting novel for this author It was well written, well thought out and well presented I was excited when she reached out to me and asked if I wanted to read part 2, The Curse of Betrayal I am glad she did I love forging and creating a working relationship with authors or publishers Book two follows Ryder Eury into her Demi God training academy She finds herself in a new group of friends who help her adjust to the newness of her demi god powers and life She is still stuck between Ollie and Ari, two lovers from many previous lives that have fought for her affections Eury has an adviser at the academy who is helping her untangle the mess of a curse Together they are hoping to find a way to reverse the curse.Eury s curse ends up hitting them head on, right at the heart of the school Action packed attacks from the underworld causes Eury s friends to band together Ollie and Ari, both together, fighting to save Eury Betrayal hits hard, harder than the curse, causing Eury to finally decide who her soul mate is Broken hearted, and not totally married to the chosen one, she now has to continue her fight against the curse and Hades Top it all of with a nice twist of saving the mother she s never known.Personally, I liked the book as written material However, the subject matter ventured a little too off of the curse itself for me It made its way into the Olive Oyl tug o war between Popeye and Bluto It focused too much on the young adult romanticism that is very prevalent in current YA genre books I do not want this to take away from the amazing talent this author has She s a fantastic writer And, even though part two was filled with romance than action, I still want to read part three Taylor left off at such a vital, imperative part in the book, I can t help but remain eager for part 3 That right there should tell you how well written this is I am just not a huge fan of overdone YA Romance novels.

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    Lavati strips down in this book though not literally , getting to the juicy and sometimes dirty details the ones WE want It s not every day one comes across such talent in a young and fairly new writer Lavati evokes emotion in her stories, leaving the reader feeling lost, bliss, and uncertain almost simultaneously But in a good way, of course We can say without a doubt in our literary minds that Taylor is a talented, prolific, and up and coming writer to keep your eyes on.In The Curse of Betrayal Ryder learns what it truly means to be Eurydice And we can assure you that her trail to self understanding, acceptance, and discovery comes at a cost one almost too much to bear The second installment in her three book series encounters love and lust, Hades and Hell, life and death, betrayal and devotion, but most importantly, some kick ass gods In exchange for understanding her destiny, Ryder faces the ultimate price, but is it too much to lose This is a terrific and recommended read.

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    IntenseBetter than the first book Action packed, intrigue and mysterious Ryder goes to Demigod school She feels lost not knowing what s going to happen Ari is also there teaching She makes some friends but know she has to concentrate on finding out about the curse, breaking it and picking which one of her guys is her soul mate But things take a turn for the worse when the school gets attacked Is it because of her or something else She also wants to search for her mom, who doesn t want to be found Book three hopefully will answer all these questions and who gets the girl.

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    Loved it it is the continuation to the first one and I cant wait to continue reading to find out what happens next I felt sad and happy all in one but I won t leave any spoilers you will have to read the book to find out what happens and why Truly amazing story, five stars I received this book for an honest review 3

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    A great end to the series I m so glad Ryder and Ari were soulmates.

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    Wow, just wow I got this book early and boy am I happy It s like night and day to book one, which introduced us to all of the characters This one is packed with action and definitely shows us of the god world There s new powers like teleporting and fire and controlling elements I m really happy the author expanded on that aspect since the first book was just the intro.I have to say that the romance between the boys wasn t super present in this book There was a ton of tension and the trio meeting together was awesome There was fighting and jealously, too which was really cool to see.I think the characters, both old and new were done great Her roommate was really funny and I M SO HAPPY JUNIOR was back in it He s such a cool character I m REALLY ANGRY during the last fight of the book what happened I won t spoil but I was crying, LITERALLY crying when a certain event happened.The author really came into her own on this book I think instead of the Sopho slump, it was the opposite This book is a hundred times better than the first and I LOVED the first SO that must say a lot I m recommending it to everyone.

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    This is the 2nd book in the series.Ryder is now off to school in New York, where demi gods train She is anxious but very eager to start a new chapter in her life, leaving behind her old life and the bullying she endured It doesn t take Ryder long to make some really good friends and they are all learning to find their own way with their own powers in this new world Her struggle with Ollie and Ari doesn t get any easier, and she battles with how to deal with being in love with two people at once along with working out the visions and dreams she has.I so loved book 1 and thought book 2 was just as good if not better Well written, very descriptive and really captured my imagination again There is always so much going on in these books, I ended up reading this book in one go and couldn t put it down Really looking forward to book 3.

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    Ryder is excited to be starting her new school the Demi Gods Academy in New York She has left her old life behind her and with it a girl that was always putting her down, calling her names and beating her up sometimes But on her first day she meets this girl Lisa who for whatever reason doesn t like Ryder and right away starts picking on her and putting her down But of course Ryder has put that stuff behind her she is not going to be someone else s punching bag ever again She puts Miss Lisa in her place right away but it doesn t seem to faze her much Ryder is not worried about her though she can handle her besides she has a new best friend now, Kara Ryder and Kara become best friends fast and quick Kara is the kind of friend that will stand by your side until the end if it came to that Ryder is so glad to finally have a best friend Yeah she has Junior and she loves him dearly but having guy for your bff is not the same as having a girl for your bff With girl you can talk about girly things and tell each other your deepest secrets We don t get to see Ollie much in The Curse of Betrayal but Ari is there He is one of Ryder s teachers so we get to see a little action in the halls and stairwells at times Ryder doesn t know how she can choose between her two boys I mean she loves them both How can she choose one over the other She knowns that eventually to break the curse she is going to have to choose one only one can be her soulmate Will it be her light haired boyfriend or her dark haired boyfriend One of Ryder s new teachers her guidance counselor Professor Onassis helps her with her curse Ryder is determined to find all that she can about her curse and to break it She is tired of dying and being reincarnated over and over again Besides she is having a hard time deciding who her one true love, her soulmate is I have really and truly loved reading The Curse of Betrayal and following along with Ryder, Kara, Megan, Lisa, Ollie and Ari with a lot great characters on their journeys Taylor Lavati will drag you into Ryder s life and make you feel as if you are right there with her the whole time and feeling what she feels and what the other characters feel She knows how to make the characters come alive right before your eyes There were parts that had me crying like a baby and parts that had me rolling on the floor I think I will have to agree with some reviews that I read stating that The Curse of Betrayal was better than The Thousand Year Curse Don t get me wrong I loved the first book too but I do think the second book is better Now on to the third one The Broken Curse to see which one is actually better I can t wait to get started to see what adventures Ryder takes us on next Will the Curse be broken Can she break it How does the curse get broken What Demons and Gods will they fight next Who is her soulmate Who does she love Does she love one than the other

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