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pdf The Darkest Surrender, ebook The Darkest Surrender, epub The Darkest Surrender, doc The Darkest Surrender, e-pub The Darkest Surrender, The Darkest Surrender 16c02a7010e Possessed By The Demon Of Defeat, Strider Cannot Lose A Challenge Without Suffering Unimaginable Pain For Him, Nothing Stands In The Way Of Victory Until Kaia, An Enchanting Harpy, Tempts Him To The Razor S Edge Of SurrenderKnown Among Her People As The Disappointment, Kaia Must Bring Home The Gold In The Harpy Games Or Die Strider Is A Distraction She Can T Afford Because He Has An Agenda Of His Own Steal First Prize, An Ancient Godly Artifact, Before The Winner Can Be Named But As The Competition Heats Up, Only One Prize Will Matter The Love Neither Had Thought Possible

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    My love for Kaia and Strider has grown so much since the first time I read them, it s ridiculously amazing. Kaia is so spectacular and Strider is so great and supporting, arg They are, without a doubt, my favorite couple so far They re goals.And let me tell you that holy damn, Harpies are so freaking cool in this narrative I just wish for a spin off focusing solely on them.

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    Strider Demon of DefeatButterfly on his left hipHis curse He has to win no matter the cost If he does not win any kind of challenge, he will feel intense physical agony, extreme pain for days.Kaia Skyhawk or Kaia the Disappointment A Harpy Supernatural ability She is an immortal and very strong Harpies are much stronger and much deadlier than Lords Her extra personal strength comes from the control of fire.Strider One word for him WIN He is THE male with the biggest EGO So proud of himself Well, about everything he has accomplished He often congratulates himself for his supremacy He d make an exception because of the extreme superiority of his talent He was far better than good And he always wants to win Now, the pleasure that came with a win sweet gods above There was nothing like it, not even sex. Or maybe this is just his demon talking who can never lose gracefully Win Defeat giggled like a schoolgirl.Win I know I heard you the first time, asshole.WIN Stupid Defeat. Kaia is sister of Gwen, Taliyah and Bianka They are the four badass harpy sisters whose lives have entwined with the lives of the Lords.Kaia knows what she wants No setups I want Strider He s no good for you He s perfect for me One, he doesn t belong to another Harpy Two, he isn t psychotic Well, she added with a few seconds of afterthought, he isn t psychotic all of the time And three, he s he s my consort, I know it Harpy Games are on the spot light Many years ago when Kaia was young and na ve, she destroyed the reputation of her family at the games Now Kaia needs to show that she is not a Disappointment any After he is challenged, Strider will help the Skyhawk team, will keep Kaia safe and will try to get an important artifact at the same time.I loved Kaia and Strider together Kaia is absolutely sure about her feelings and Strider resists his attraction to Kaia.Another awesome addition to the series.Win Worth mentioning This is the book where we met my favorite Lazarus for the first time He was handsome, she supposed Each of his features appeared to be chiseled from stone He had a blade of a nose, sharpened cheekbones, thin but red lips and a stubborn chin.The cunning, The Cruel and Unusual, The Tampon Lazarus the only son of Typhon and of a Gorgon and his apparently future mate Cameo although these two will not meet in the darkest surrender will have their book as well The Darkest Promise.

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    He held fire in his arms and he desperately wanted to be burned. 3.5 stars The Darkest Surrender is the eighth installment of the Lords of the Underworld series, the story of Strider, Keeper of Defeat a.k.a the Beautiful Moron and Kaia the Irritating Harpy Who Stole the Story of Strider.I m mad at Kaia because The Darkest Surrender is mainly about her About her fatal, stupid mistake at the age of 14, about her lost reputation, her ostracism, her relationship with his mother, her struggle to gain respect of the Harpy society by beating them bloody I hated the Harpy Games, even though I understand that they are for to release the steam, and to sate the Harpies incredible bloodlust And for Kaia, to gain a new, cool name But I didn t expect that senseless, mindless carnage.Anyway, the new characters were fun, the antagonists too, except Tabitha, whose volte face was totally unbelievable and out of character.I loved Strider, loved his honesty, straightforwardness, possessiveness, and protectiveness He was cool and fun, strong and supportive I loved to follow his slow realization of his own feelings Even though I don t like Kaia very much, I have to admit the romance was nicely built They fall in love with each other slowly but surely The secondary storylines and characters are amazing and intriguing, as always Paris William butKane just hold on And Lazarus All in allThe characterization is great and the romance is engaging The plot would have been much better if it is not only about those damn Harpy Games There is action and thrill, humor, and also some really beautiful moments The erotica was pretty good too, though not the best of the series Oops, sorry, Strider My heart is Paris s But Strider is awesome, and for him, The Darkest Surrender is really worth reading Originally posted on my blog on September 7, 2014 August 14, 2014Rereading First read October, 2011

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    Read on 23rd of September 2011 Contains detailed sex scenesThe Darkest Surrender is yet another book in the brilliant Lords of the Underworld series Honestly, I devoured it and never wanted it to end Strider and Torin have always been my faves of the Lords so I ve been so eager for Strider s book for such a long time I was ecstatic to get my hands on a copy and I am happy to say it didn t disappoint The storyline was awesome the Harpy games fun and exciting and I was swept away into the tale and story just as I am with every book in this series I have to admit when I first learned that Kaia was to be paired with Strider I wasn t at all sure about it I mean, I love all the Skyhawks, but pairing another of them off with another Lord Wasn t sure it would work.and yet it did, brilliantly As the keeper of Defeat, Strider cannot loose a challenge and everything is a battle for him With his golden boy looks and attitude, he s sexy, and witty and hilarious I love his nature and his attitude I have from the very beginning To quote him.he s just made of awesome He is by far one of the possessive and demanding of the lords and he doesn t share at all, but I found I liked that about him He wasn t sure he wanted Kaia, but when I realised he did, he wanted her completely He wanted to be her one and only as she was his Insert dreamy sigh hereKaia Oh, that girl I ve thought highly of higher ever since Aeron s book where she was so good to Olivia, and by the end of Amun s I was pretty excited for the chance to see her win Strider s heart And she certainly did It was a battle that her feisty nature and strength allowed her to conquer Kaia never failed to put a smile on my face with her flirty and funny nature I loved the way she met Strider strike for strike, quip for quip and how she didn t let his nature beat her She let him win..but she didn t One of the things I liked about her was that she wasn t perfect She d made mistakes and she had a lot of issues with herself She was a proud individual, but she had a lot of insecurities and it was nice seeing her overcome with Strider s help and love.The relationship between Strider and Kaia was brilliant I loved it Both such strong individuals who don t like loosing, and in the beginning I worried that maybe this would be a problem I was ecstatic to learn that it wouldn t be the case With Strider s demon, I always assumed he d need a calm woman, one that didn t challenge him all that much boy was I wrong The thing that made him and Kaia so alike was that she understood his need and desire to win and knew what channelling him would do And yet she wasn t afraid to do that from time to time With her nature she was the ultimate challenge for him A battle he fought to win and when he did.awww, it was so sweet She wanted him from the beginning and wanted him, but he still had to fight mostly himself and even some of her nature to win her heart completely Sparks flew when they were together and their sex scenes were very, very hot I m so intrigued by the glimpse of Kane and Paris in this book and I know their turns are coming Paris is next and I m so excited that Sienna has changed her tune about him it gives me hope that they re get there HEA I m interested in finding out what it means for Kane with Williams creation and all now that he s in hell Soooo exciting And This may seem a bit random, but with Zacharel being in the series, I wonder.what about him..and Cameo With his angel abilities, perhaps he can see above her voice into the heart of her It d certainly be an interesting combination I can t wait for the next book, The Darkest Seduction It such a long wait and I have to know what s going to happen next.like.NOW

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    3 Defeated Stars This is the eighth book in the Lords of the Underworld series It was Strider and Kaia s story.I knew going in that this was probably not going to be a favorite of mine I never had warmed up to Strider for some reason He just seemed a bit silly to me You would think that someone that had to win every challenge ever issued would be a Mr no nonsense type of guy He wasn t IMO lolStrider is the keeper of defeat He HAS to win every challenge or he will be in serious pain He s strong, funny and very vain Kaia is a harpy and she is also strong and very competitive I loved her She hated to lose but knew Strider would be in pain if he did and constantly was letting his demon win so he would be happy When Kaia was younger she disobeyed her moms orders and something happened that caused her to be shunned by her race and be labeled Kaia the disappointment All the harpies except her sisters hated Kaia for the destruction that took place when she was a child This year the Harpies have invited Kaia and her sisters to compete in the games that are played every year The winning team will win the prize of all prizes The prize is the fourth artifact that the Lords have been searching for Right away Strider wanted to steal it and forget the games I loved that we got to see how his feelings slowly but surely started forming for Kaia How protective he was How he wanted to slaughter all the evil harpies for hurting her I loved how he cared for her when she was injured He was really sweet It was fun reading about how tough these harpies were They were very brutal and we got many details of their fights The teams all ganged up on Kaia I felt bad for her But she could handle it She did have her Stridey Man to tend to her injuries when the games were over If she could just figure out how to make him want to be with her Be with her forever and not just until the games are over Why not a five star Well I didn t like that Kaia had slept with Paris in a previous book and how Strider kept bringing it up I m not sure why that even had to happen at all I hated that when Strider and Kaia had sex for the first time Paris had to be brought up because of course Strider had to be better than Paris in bed Ugh Zip it up Strider I also didn t like that Strider kept going on and on about Amun s woman Haidee I had to hear about that in the last book and I didn t like it then or in this book Let it rest Kaia attacked Haidee because her and Strider was talking She didn t even apologize afterwards so that kind of made me dislike Kaia It really pissed me off I know the Harpies are very protective of their men but come on Haidee had nothing to do with Striders feelings An apology was needed It took Strider a long time to figure out his feelings for Kaia Way too long Then it seemed like boom he all of a sudden opened his eyes and finally figured out he loved her But I was kind of over it by then Over all I just liked this book I didn t love it I defiantly loved it when we got some of William and Kane though William was on a mission in the last book and I can proudly say that he succeeded in disposing of that mission I also had to look up the song he was jamming to while he was slicing and dicing It cracked me up I m very curious to know what is happening with Kane keeper of disaster who is being dragged to hell The book ended with Kane s POV I m excited to finally get to Paris He s been in and out of every book His book is next He s been on a mission to find his woman in Heaven King Cronus has other plans for her and I don t think they include Paris I m rubbing my hands together I m ready

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    What can I say about The Darkest Surrender the eighth book in the Lords of the Underworld series by Gena Showalter It was AWESOME Yeah, it s true After so many books in this series the book number eight is GREAT My personal opinion is that is one of the BEST in the series and I mean it The plot is very good and the main couple is one of my favorites in a paranormal romance series I also like that this book has a lot of Harpies and their Games although they were scary Strider is the keeper of the demon of Defeat and he suffers when he can t win He s sexy of course , funny very and stubborn as hell He wants Kaia and he has a lot of funny moments at the beginning of the book when he s trying to convince himself without success that he doesn t want her I really liked him from the previous books but in this one I loved him because there are moments that he s super confident and other moments that he s insecure and I think it s kind of cute Kaia, a Harpy, is one of the strongest female characters in a paranormal romance series But, although everyone thinks that she s strong and she doesn t need anyone, the truth lies elsewhere After a big mistake that she made in the past, now she only seems confident In truth, she is desperate to be loved and accepted by her mother She loves Strider very much and she doesn t want to hurt him She only wants to be wanted for what she is and she doesn t want to have him against his will These two are perfect for each other They are both stubborn but strong and determined to have what they want I love them And as for the other characters in the book Of course, there is Paris He s trying to find the woman he wants and a lot of things happening I WANT HIS BOOK NOW William my favorite and Kane are having an adventure and they re in big trouble but we need to wait for the next book, also Grrr So, I totally recommend it and I have to say that Gena Showalter wrote another awesome book

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    Its official, this is now my favourite book in the series and Strider my favourite Lord Everything about this book surpassed all the others for me.Strider is cooler than the other Lords, he is confident, egotistical, competitive, stubborn and hot, unlike the rest he doesn t feel guilty or thinks he deserved the punishment, he even loves the demon, except when he looses a challenge and is in pain, since he is possessed by the demon of defeat, he experience pain anytime he looses a bet or challenge, be it game,battle or a conversation, Strider just has to win, it doesn t help that he is competitive by nature either.Kaia the love interest is a Harpy, She is just a female version of Strider, but not as egotistical as him, but she loves herself, confident, pretty, badass etc She knows what she wants and goes for it, even when Strider was kind of an ass at first, I seriously don t blame hin though, he knows he will loose to her most time and that was what he couldn t handle at first But that did not last.Unlike the other books in the series, this one took place outside Budapest, apart from Strider the Lords were rarely in this, the book just revolve around the Harpy games which is so cool, the fight scenes were so well depicted, the drama is also cool, the angels were also here, we got about Lysander and Zacheral, I gotta admit, I loved what I got.

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    Yet another fun episode in the Lords of the Underworld series I ve noticed that word crops up almost every time I write a review for one of Showalter s books fun The characters are always so funny, and even when they don t get along, their dislike of each other always includes funny situations and verbal sparring I was a little uncertain of Kaia and Strider as a couple I wasn t exactly thrilled to have one of the protagonists have a sexual history with the other protagonist s friend, but the author actually pulled it off pretty well Strider was bothered by it, yes, but he eventually got over it and he never tried to forgive her, because he knew there was really nothing for him to forgive I also thought the reason for a big part of his reluctance to be with her made a lot of sense I never thought about what it would mean for a competitive guy like him to come after the sexorcist I imagine anyone would have anxiety about that.The setup for putting Strider and Kaia in close proximity was pretty weak, but once they were stuck in each other s company it wasn t too hard to ignore that and move on The harpy games were exciting on their own, so throwing in a little extra heat with Kaia and Strider made it even better The harpies were one of my favorite parts of the book They were all so bloodthirsty and off the wall that any scene with them in it which was most of them really popped The violence and heckling between them reminded me of the valkyries in Kresley Cole s Immortals After Dark series and Shelly Laurenston s characters in her Pride series In other words, they were a riot I was surprised to hear the backstory on Kaia I felt bad for her having such a rough life based on that one incident Especially when they were blaming the wrong person I was a little surprised she was so emo about her mom not being proud of her, though How long has it been Shouldn t you be over this by now Either way, her determination to be better was endearing and it was sad to see her be underestimated by those closest to her.Kaia and Strider were great together They were both cocky as hell and enjoyed their constant challenges, although Kaia had a tendency to use his inability to refuse a challenge against him when she wanted to get her way Honestly, I have a sneaking suspicion that no one else out there would put up with their egos so it s lucky they found each other We get to see some of the side characters, but the author kept them from taking over, which has been a complaint of mine in the past William and Kane get some page time and it seems like there will be an interesting storyline developing with them from the events we see here We also got a peek at Legion and how she s doing I was really surprised with how she seemed in this book Is it possible that I might actually one day like her now that she seems so different That would be pretty shocking We also got to see of Sabin and Gwen, which thrilled me because I really enjoyed their story Plus, Paris His storyline really seems to be heating up I haven t had much interest in him in the past, but he seems to be getting a darker edge and a bitterness about his demon that quite intrigues me.I enjoyed most of this book but it was not quite as action filled as most of the other ones, so I felt like I was spinning my wheels quite a few times It slowed the pacing down and occasionally caused my attention to wander Luckily the rest of the book pleased me enough that this was not a huge issue I m really looking forward to the next entry in the series.Favorite Quote That damn kiss had ruined everything Had he kept his tongue to himself, he could have continued thinking of Kaia as a friend and only a friend Now, he just wanted to convince her that blow jobs were a mandatory part of their arrangement Review originally posted on Fiction Vixen For a sneak peek, check out my Tempting Teaser on Fiction Vixen

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    3.5 STARSI did like it It s just that thought I would like it so MUCH FREAKING MORE I mean, I have been waiting to read a book about one of the Harpies since forever and I thought it would be much better than what it actually was I still adore the plot and the characters so it s extremely hard to rate a book in this series with a lower rating than 4 stars, still I m a bit disappointedI did like Strider, I know many just thought he was too egocentric and vane, but I think he was sweet and funny as hell He just made me laugh so many times I couldn t help to love him and his Ego checks, LOL Kaia was amazing as well, as all the Harpies are They are just so weird,LOL, but in a good way Sometimes they make me think about the Valkyries from the Immortals after Dark series.Now I ll explain why this book wasn t as good as the rest for me 1 I m just plain sick bored of Paris I m sorry about it because he used to be my fav character, but I just can t seem to like him any He just frustrates me and totally annoys me, and in this book we get Kaia s and Strider s story constantly interrupted to get glimpses from his POV, and we only read about him doing nothing but screwing the whole female and male population for information that got him nowhere at least on this installment B.O.R.I.N.G.2 I also felt like Strider kept pushing Kaia away for too long, to a point where I just wanted to smack him badly for being such an asshole It s like it took him forever to see her, and then form nowhere she turns out to be the love of his life It just seemed to pass from a why is it taking you so freaking long to really see her to a I will dye without her to fast.Besides those two points I had a nice time with the book and will be dying to read about this series as always.

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    4 5 stars Paranormal Romance GAWD this cover is gorgeous And Strider He s a sexy, snarky, narcissistic, surprisingly sweet, possessive, protective, and all around badass, fun loving warrior His constant need for challenge to assuage his demon of Defeat and egotistical inner dialogue is freaking hilarious He s one of my favorite Lords and Kaia the Kick Ass my chosen nickname for her Harpy is just perfect for him Darkest Surrender is a great addition to the LOTU series You are not Kaia the Disappointment Do you hear me That s what I was trying to tell you earlier You are Kaia the Mighty How many Harpies out there do you think could have brought down the most badass Lord of the Underworld The same Lord who also happens to be the strongest, sexiest and smartest And by the way, in case there s any doubt, I m describing me Here s my Strider casting

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