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files The Elder Gods, read online The Elder Gods, free The Elder Gods, free The Elder Gods, The Elder Gods 2cd716134 While Most Continents Float Freely On The Face Of Mother Sea, The Land Of Dhrall Survives Anchored By The Will Of The Gods All Gods, Elder And Younger, Share The People And The Land Of Dhrall Equally But The One Place They Never Enter Is The Wasteland A Barren And Hideous Wilderness Ruled By The Vlagh A God Like Creature Whose Young Are Evil Spawn Now, As The Elder Gods Are About To Transfer Their Power To The Younger Gods, The Vlagh Plans To Take Advantage Of Their Weakened State And Neutralize Them, Eventually Conquering The World To Do So, It Is Breeding A Terrible Force Borne Of Monsters And Demons But One Ray Of Hope Shines Through The Darkness Four Children Called The Dreamers They Alone Hold The Power To Change The Course Of Historyand Stop The Vlagh In Its Quest For Total World Domination

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    OK at best Sloppy writing style, thin, unstimulating plot Unimaginative characters, 2 dimensional, I couldn t form a bond with any of them, try as I might And the gods themselves were dull and not that bright The gratitutous usage of the word on directly after verbs was just plain irksome again, sloppy and distracted me in my annoyance A few times OK, but all the time, it becomes intolerable rather quickly.I find it hard to believe Eddings is touted as a great Fantasy Master Maybe if he were a 12 year old writing for 12 year olds, sure, but for a grown man with a grown audience, no I was so excited to read this series, but after this first one, I won t be picking up the rest I am so disappointed and I can t stand when that happens.I have heard that his solo writing is much better I have Pawn of Prophecy which I will read at a future date, but this will be his only chance to redeem himself in my eyes And after The Elder Gods, I m in no rush to experience Eddings any time soon.

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    Very disappointing David Eddings seems to have given up on creating anything new He puts the same characters in slightly different worlds The Belgariad was phenomenal The Malloreon was a rehash of the Belgariad, but good The Elenium was quite good With the Tamuli everything started to fall apart the quality of his writing worsened and it became evident that his creativity had gone with it.In this one, all of the supposedly strong willed characters fall right into line The little goddess is exactly the same as Danae from the Elenium The plot isn t very interesting, and the writing is completely flat.

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    Ouch Redundancy is the name of the game in this book Every time a new character is added we get to read a recap of what we ve read so far Its a lot like listening to a 3 year old tell you about the trip to the zoo you just took Over and over and over again I think I d have enjoyed the story otherwise It s not a great literary work but could have been enjoyed as a nice fluffy diversion of a readinstead it never truly gave you the opportunity to get into what was happening or to care about what was going to happen next.

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    There is an evil entity in the Wastelands It is creating minions to overrun the land of Dhrall The four elder Gods of Dhrall attempt to combat this by creating young children known as dreamers although these people aren t really young children and this is revealed fairly early on it the book But the dreamers aren t enough and there aren t enough people in the land of the Dhrall to combat all the minions of the Vlagh So the Elder Gods go out to recruit mercenaries from other lands and thus the beginnings of an epic is born.I probably shouldn t be writing a review of a book I haven t finished, butoh,well I must preface this by saying that I ve read and adored the Belgariad and The Elenium So I was happy to see that Eddings has put out the beginning of a new book However, I was quickly overcome with disappointment The writing seemed overly simplistic and I the characters are boring The good guys so very intuitive with good ideas and great skills and they all become the bestest of best friends They are simply too good to be true I ve gotten very used to reading fantasy series where the characters are flawed and emotional and aren t always good I found myself disinterestedly flipping the pages I simply wasn t engaged in the story And I was just fed up with the character of Eleria who was just too, too precious for words She seemed to embody the worst characteristics of Flute, one of Edding s earlier characters If I want to read a story that includes the character of Flute I ll go back and re read the much better written and interesting Elenium.

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    David Eddings is one of my favorite authors with the Belgariad and the Malloreon being at the top of my fantasy list This series however was terrible The characters had the same personality throughout most of the series, being almost indistinguishable through books 2 and 3 Only through the beginning of book 1 and the end of book 4 was there any real difference between them The books also followed the same plot format so by book 3 it was easy to know exactly what was going to happen It was the same story just in a different location A good ending could have made things a little better but unfortunately he failed there as well If it would have been any writer other than Eddings I would never have even finished the first book but I kept expecting it to get better It didn t Eddings is still in my top three for fantasy writers but I would suggest sticking to his earlier works.

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    No one in my family liked this series we were all thrilled with his Belgariad series There are 4 of us with varying tastes in fantasy not one of us wanted to get the second book We just couldn t like or identify with the main character or his issues Blech.

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    the eddings nuances that made their cute appearance in the belgariad and the malloreon return, but with less appeal and can be downright tiresomea bit repetitive, toostill, i m down to the duo s last three books and would like to finishp266 longbow had been standing off to one side, listening but not saying anything.

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    I think some of the reviews here are a bit harsh This was an unpretentious, fun fantasy Aside from thatwell, there are a lot of things aside from that.I meanthis book is so formulaic, it s almost as if Mr Eddings has cracked open his How to Write a Fantasy Novel Handbook and just gone through it ticking all the boxes Map at the front of the book You know it A bunch of good guys who live in the south Yep A horde of foul smelling bad guys who live in the North I think so Butshock horror, the bad guys are going to invade the good guys Cue four hundred pages of endless, stilted conversations among the good guys followed by a big battle in the end which the author isn t going to describe because he can t be bothered.I don t want to sound like a bullying critic here but seriously the dialogue and the description as well, come to think of it in this book was shameful and would insult the intelligence of a child The most annoying thing about it which made me want to hurl the book across my room was the way in which every time a new development is pushed forward by the plot, the characters have to have a recap on what has happened A character finds something new from another character That character goes and repeats EXACTLY the same conversation with some different people The conversation is copied and pasted into the next scene with characters Argh, what are you thinking Eddings Sorry David it just wasn t very good I m a fan of some of the other stuff that Eddings has done but this was just rubbish.

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    20 years ago, David Eddings was one of my favorite author with the Belgariad series, I still have all the books.I finally decided to start this series but I didn t enjoy this as much as I remembered liking his previous work.First when you start with pink dolphins, it didn t get me into the story enthusiastically The characters have the Eddings touch but the story is too long I know he got to introduced a new universe, but my main complaint is that he repeats the same element too many times, I m sure you could cut 100 pages and the books won t suffers Ex Two characters planned something and you follow the reasoning great but after that one goes to his boss and explain the same reasoning and idem for the other so you read three time the same thing not great.Eddings killed surprise when characters suddenly taking interest in something, you know it will happen right there.Eddings likes clever characters but some characters are to clever for their backgroundThe Elders Gods could be a good idea. but still on the fence. not believable enough right nowI don t know if I judged this book too severely because I got huge expectation from Eddings But I will read the second book I still can t believe the author I liked so much won t surprise me three stars only because it s Eddings

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    Want a fantasy epic without dwarfs, elves and orcs A threat that doesn t involve dragons or dark lords Want also a witty writing style that ll glue you to the pages That s the Eddings That s The Dreamers series For a long time I looked for fantasy stories that weren t Lord of the Rings clones The alternatives were authors clearly influenced by Tolkien who desperately tried not to imitate The Lord of the Rings Then I found David Eddings and was saved.This is a story about four gods who are reaching the point when they have to hibernate and let their domain to a second generation, in a cycle that span the aeons But their land is threatened by a godlike creature that only thinks about wanton and destruction So they each set to different continents to find people to fight for them And my god how fun this saga is I fell in love with David and Leigh Eddings with The Redemption of Althalus, which I consider the best fantasy I ve read in my life The Elder Gods keeps it up All the characters are very well constructed and it s incredibly enjoyable to follow their brilliant and witty stratagems to win which they do with muscle but specially with brains The Elder Gods is a clever book that no fantasy fan should afford not to read.

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