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    Stationed in Germany during the final days of the Cold War and the fall of the Iron Curtain, Jimmy Fisher is a Private First Class with the US Army charged with safekeeping his country s top secret operational plans.He s also a first rate scoundrel with a fondness for buried corpses and their gold fillings , pissing off officers and sleeping with their daughters , and his favorite neighborhood whore, Melina.What Fisher lacks in ethics and honor, however, he makes up for in daring and in a sincere, if reluctant, loyalty to his bumbling partner in crime, Chuck Cybulski Soon these qualities are turned against him Fisher is forced to turn spy As the web of intrigue infiltrates the dark German forest surrounding him and extends its threads into a beatific French countryside, the question of whom Jimmy is betraying becomes ever murkier and entangled Can any one country or any person really be trusted Stephen Parrish is a deft writer and a keen observer of human nature, with a brilliant mastery of detail and verisimilitude In this book he utilizes all the tools in his arsenal, every color in his palette It s difficult to make the reader root for a character as nakedly opportunistic as Fisher, but he pulls it off with bold strokes, dark humor, and a bracing authenticity As a reader, he took me out of my comfort zone and plunged me into a world of shadows and misanthropes, arrested by moments of understated, if exquisite, tenderness and beauty Jimmy Fisher is not a man built for love he s not a man who cares a fig about redemption unless it comes on the other end of a wink and a payoff Parrish gives him a taste of both Not until the final, shocking scene will the reader decide how much, or how little, Jimmy Fisher has changed, as the snow begins to drop and the curtain falls NOTE This book is free on the Kindle for a limited time 4 15 12 4 20 12

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    Feasts of Lesser Men is an honest portrayal of Cold War espionage, with a believable plot than one would find in a typical action movie We don t get the high speed car chases, preposterous fight sequences, fake passports, secret drawers filled with money, or action heroes running around full of bullets and glass that you might find in the rest of the genre Actually, we do get most of those things, but isn t how James Bond would do it.I enjoyed the genuine platonic relationship between Jimmy and Cybulski They are genuinely loyal friends, and far open towards each other than one might expect from two Army soldiers Unfortunately, as soon as I thought I understood their relationship and respected it, it was taken away.To be honest, I didn t like or respect the protagonist at all He is a lying, cheating, murdering opportunist, who learns nothing by the end of the novel True, we do learn enough of his background to understand him pretty thoroughly, but not enough to like him I pitied him, and if the narration hadn t been in his own voice, I doubt I would have cared about him at all He has some hard experiences in his youth, but when he expects everyone he knows to betray him, that is what he will eventually find.The biggest sour note about the novel is that it is absolutely polluted with sexuality There must have been at least a dozen separate sexual encounters that were narrated individually They were gratuitous and added nothing to the plot We already knew Jimmy was a scumbag who spent his time with unprincipled people, so I don t know why we needed to know about the fifth, sixth, or seventh trips to the brothel.

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    I read this on my Kindle, and I didn t read any of the descriptions of the book beforehand I had read the author s prior book, The Tavernier Stones, and really enjoyed that so I gave this a go I m glad I did, and I m also glad I avoided a synopsis before reading it because it made the journey exciting, not knowing what was going to unfold.The main character is highly flawed, but wildly intriguing He has a total lack of morals in many regards, but when his sense of compassion for friends and lovers does kick in, it shows a human side to a person motivated by greed When he s pushed up against the wall, he shows that he does hold some things dear, like his honor, despite the dishonorable positions he has gotten himself into.This is a spy caper that has realistic elements like a Clancy novel, but it s much smaller in scope a character study in espionage It s not without suspense or action, but those scenes come in metered doses and never does the story fall into total bloody shoot outs and wild chases although there is gunplay and chasing I m looking forward to Parrish s next book His writing style is direct when it needs to be and elegant when called for I enjoy his work.

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    I am a character man Sure plot is important but without rich, vivid and memorable characters a story is but one thing forgettable.Mr Parrish has created a novel that is anything but forgettable Stocked full of well honed, but certainly flawed characters, the author has created a novel that will quicken your heart as often as it brings a smile to your face The humor is often subtle and sneaks up on you much in the same manner as your affinity for the main character, Private First Class, but soon to be corporal, Jimmy Fisher Fisher is not your average protagonist Matter of fact he would be downright unlikable if you knew only the paper fats of his character, but Mr Parrish gives us, his readers, much the the bare facts of this rich characters he gives us the heart and sole of PFC Fisher and in doing so makes us care The plot is solid and the facts and era are just as well delivered but like all great books it is the characters not just Fisher, but all of them that make this a book worthy of your time and money You will want to read it than once.

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    THE FEASTS OF LESSER MEN is a fascinating character study of a man caught in what seems like a can t win situation Author Stephen Parrish does a brilliant job of compelling the reader to care about what happens to the seemingly irredeemable main character, Jimmy Fisher.While one could call this a cloak and dagger tale, this is not a James Bond with Gadgets spy novel Rather, it s a tense build literary novel about the intricacies of military deception, trust and betrayal Fans of Parrish will enjoy his complex character building and thoughtful exploration of the fuzzy gray areas called good and evil Readers can take the novel on a surface level as a book about military intrigue or go deeper into a philosophical examination of human nature It works well on both levels.Excellent novel, highly recommended.

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    If you were to combine Catch 22 and Of Mice and Men with a page turning spy thriller, you might come up with something like The Feasts of Lesser Men, a book that is the perfect mix of dark humor, literary style and page turning action and intrigue.Private Jimmy Fisher is as flawed as any hero comes The book opens with him standing in an open grave to steal both gold as well as the corpse to help support his lucrative little side business He s good at shirking responsibility and upsetting everyone around him, but despite this deep down, he s a good man, and when he is blackmailed into espionage work, readers will find themselves rooting for this antihero as he stakes get higher.Parrish s second novel is a thrilling and thought provoking read that is highly recommended.

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    I ll be honest, it was hard to finish this book I ve been trying and trying to read it for about a month and a half now, and I just can t get into it I m not sure if it s the writing style, it sure isn t the subject matter Even after reading it, I don t really remember much about it It s a little sad Maybe I ll re attempt in the cuture

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    The main character, while well fleshed out, is not especially likable Too many things he does in the novel are just bad choices This was a good view of an average guy caught up in a spy game that was way beyond what he could handle I received this book as part of a Goodreads giveaway.

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    I got this because I loved The Tavernier Stones Unfortunately, this first effort features a protagonist I despised Well written, a little heavy on dialog, but ultimately unredeemed because I hated most of the characters.

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    Sex, grave robbing, and an explosive ending That s what you ll find in Stephen Parrish s war thriller, The Feasts of Lesser Men You ll also find a love story in the style of 1940 s noir I enjoyed the read.

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download The Feasts of Lesser Men , read online The Feasts of Lesser Men , kindle ebook The Feasts of Lesser Men , The Feasts of Lesser Men e012263b8a82 Germany, The Berlin Wall Has Fallen East And West Germany Are Discussing Reunification After Four And A Half Decades Of Cloak And Dagger Intrigue, The Cold War Is Coming To An End Not For Jimmy Fisher, A Plans Clerk In The American Th Infantry Division Fisher Black Markets Cigarettes, Steals Valuables From The Dead, And Takes Advantage Of Every Weakness He Identifies In Each Living Person He Meets Which Makes Him The Perfect Target For Foreign Agents Seeking To Buy Documents Forced To Make Life Or Death Choices In An Ever Heightening Conflict Between His Personal Safety And The Security Of His Country, Fisher Flees To The Vosges Mountains Of France With A Woman He Trusts In Time He Learns That Love Is Worthy Of A Greater Conviction Than Is Loyalty To One S Country, And That Abstract Symbols And Arbitrary Boundaries Are Not Worth Dying For