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summary The Field Guide, series The Field Guide, book The Field Guide, pdf The Field Guide, The Field Guide e4a85da404 It All Starts When Jared Grace Finds Their Great Uncle S Book, Arthur Spiderwick S Field Guide To The Fantastic World Around You And The Grace Kids Realize That They Are Not Alone In Their New House Now The Kids Want To Tell Their Story But The Faeries Will Do Everything They Can To Stop Them

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    I m reading these books for the second time But it s been years since I picked them up, and it s the first time I m reading them with my son And both of those things make a huge difference to my experience.First, and perhaps most importantly, my little boy likes them He s about five an a half, which is younger than the target age for these books, but he s into them In the interest of full disclosure, Oot isn t the most critical of readers at this point in his life He pretty much likes all books I like the books too I think they do a great job of blending traditional folklore and the modern world What s , they borrow from the traditional lore, and expand on it in interesting ways.What s I really like the illustrations I d forgotten the books were illustrated, and that really makes it nicer when reading them to my boy It adds a lot to the experience I wish I had thought to look through these books for some pointers before I did Slow Regard of Silent things with Nate Taylor All that said, I have some quibbles with these books as a parent Things that never occurred to me the first time I was reading them I ll save those comments for the reviews I ll write of the later books in the series, as the issues I m going to be talking about are prevalent there

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    This was such a fun little book Short and sweet, quirky and magical, loved it I ve always been a fan of anything to do with fairies and folklore, so I m definitely pumped to delve into this exciting world

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    The Field Guide The Spiderwick Chronicles, 1 , Tony DiTerlizziAfter finding a mysterious, handmade field guide in the attic of the ramshackle old mansion they ve just moved into, Jared his twin brother, Simon and their older sister, Mallory, discover that there s a magical and maybe dangerous world existing parallel to our own the world of faerie The Grace children want to share their story, but the faeries will do everything possible to stop themThe first book, The Field Guide, was published in 2003 and then followed by The Seeing Stone 2003 , Lucinda s Secret 2003 , The Ironwood Tree 2004 , and The Wrath of Mulgarath 2004 2007 1385 140 9789643694258 1388 1389 1391 1396 21 1385 128 9642647028 1391 136 9789642290680

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    I read this with my daughter for a school book report It features three children and their now single mom, as they move to a dilapidated house owned by an elderly relative Mallory is the eldest and likes fencing Simon is one of the twin boys and loves animals and science Jared is the other twin and appears to the trouble maker of the bunch They discover they may not be the only inhabitants after stumbling upon a hidden attic with a field guide full of details about fairies Crazy things start happening to the kids, much to the bewilderment and frustration of their mother, and the kids must figure out what or who is behind the mischief.So I asked my daughter how many stars she would give it if 5 was one of my favorite books and 1 was I hated it She said 4 I think I would agree This is a very short introduction to the world and premise and I am sure the later books will get into adventure.Apparently, the father divorced the mother and abandoned the kids I wasn t quite clear on that, but it mentions dad leaving many times Kind of a serious topic, but it doesn t give any details.

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    Everything about the packaging and promotion of this book is delightfulthe title, the mysterious notes obscuring the back cover synopses, the inclusion of a letter from the three children protagonists to the author All of that is very nice, but after reading the first installment, I can t help but feel a little robbed First of all, and forgive me for this, I can t help comparing the books to a cleverly written and altogether smarter series, Lemony Snicket s A Series of Unfortunate Events Aesthetic similarites aside and there are many , both series center around the somewhat fantastical adventures of three children, and, importantly, both series emphasize the importance of children solving their own problems I m all for that.What irks me about the Chronicles is the authors lack of subtlety and creativity take this passage, for instance Jared watched him go and wondered what he could do Could he really solve anything by himself Ironically, the authors seem to underestimate the problem solving abilities of the kids that are reading these books Not to mention the first book ends with hardly an introduction breaking the series into a five book set feels like a cheap trick to make a profit, and I think the overall flow of the story suffers because of it.The Chronicles are not without merit there is some enjoyable dialogue and the illustrations are terrific I think the series could be truly engaging if the authors focused on the story, rather than on spelling out the moral behind it.

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    Just your typical move into an old creepy house, weird stuff starts happening, one of the kids gets blamed, and then they find a book that explains the existence of fairies faeries fey which solves their problems while at the same time causing many problems Happens every day Also, I m no expert in the sport of fencing, but I m pretty sure that they don t call the weapon a sword, and someone who is serious about fencing, as Mallory apparently is, would know that I think that this book reads a little young, also Not just for the length, which is REALLY short, but also in the style and feel of the writing The characters are 9 year old twins and a 13 year old older sister, but if I had to peg an age range for the target audience, I d go with 6 or 7 year olds Still, this is probably a fun and cute story for kids I m just less than impressed by it, considering that I m a crotchety 30 something cat lady.

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    I read the Spiderwick Chronicles back when I was quite young, maybe eight or nine My sister and I read the crap out these books we must have read them 15 times, no joke and I ve been wanting to revist this series and the wonderful fantasy world that Holly and Tony created for awhile now but I ve finally gotten around to it.The writing partnership of Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi is remarkable and this series is by far some of the most well written literature that I ve ever read.The three main characters, Jared, Simon, and Mallory, are so relatable and realistic I can relate to each of them in a different way and I think most readers will feel the same.Overall, I highly recommend this series to everyone of any age The Field Guide is such an outstanding start to a series and I can see myself rereading this book a hundred times and still enjoy it just as much as the first time.

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    I remember reading and loving this book when I was 10 or 11years old So when I saw it in one of my local charity shops I immediately bought it I definitely don t regret it I think I loved it just as much as my child self Maybe because I am such a huge fan of all things paranormal I like that there are drawings throughout the book which are absolutely gorgeous by the way It follows the adventure of two brothers and a sister into the magical world right beside the house they live in There are descriptions of many magical creatures like their appearance, habits, etc I find this simply amazing

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    I read this for research purposes I m pretty sure a boggart is stealing my left socks OKAY, NO That s not why I m researching it I want to write children s books, and mine turn out too weird, so I thought I d read children s books and get a hang of the voice and style This was an epic example It can t be then 10K, right I really enjoyed it I ve watched the movie, and the first book iswhat The first 20 minutes of the movie It s such an adorably cute book But now I m impressed at how close the movie was following the book Good stuff I like the quirkiness of the fencing Adoring the illustrations And the poems My only complaint is the mother She s a bit weird I mean, she was out shopping for groceries and got mad at them for being out of bed at night and in the kitchen MAD Angry Why They were looking for a squirrel in the walls, and goodness sakes, what type of grocery shop is open at night Why couldn t she have gone in the morning And why did she never believe her children Parents like that in books frustrate me.Anyway Adorable Research done I think I ll read a few you know To solve what that boggart s doing with my socks.

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    About a year and a half ago I found this entire five book series at a thrift store and decided to buy them I didn t know much about the series, other than that there was a movie made, but for five bucks I decided to take a chance And now, over a year later, I have finally started reading them And I m really glad I have This first book is about the Grace children Mallory, Jared, and Simon Their lives have changed quite drastically in a short amount of time and they find themselves in a new home Things get interesting when they hear things in the walls and Jared discovers a field guide to faeries The plot is simple because this is focused toward children, but well detailed and clever The writing is also really excellent and engaging Although targeted at a younger audience, this can easily be enjoyed by adults My sister and I read this first book together and plan to continue reading the series in the coming days weeks I hope that the remainder of the series holds the same charm as this first installment We re excited to share these books with our six and seven year old niece and nephew, who we think will really enjoy the story and humor The illustrations are also really great and should work well when trying to engage younger children in the story I highly recommend this first book.

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