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chapter 1 The Gut Balance Revolution , meaning The Gut Balance Revolution , genre The Gut Balance Revolution , book cover The Gut Balance Revolution , flies The Gut Balance Revolution , The Gut Balance Revolution ebd89fe25eea0 Research Shows That Gut Microflora And Intestinal Microbiota Play A Pivotal Role In Weight Maintenance Through Its Influence On Metabolism, Appetite Regulation, Energy Expenditure, And Endocrine Regulation Gut Flora Imbalance Is Why So Many People Can T Lose Weight Despite Exercising And Eating LessIn The Gut Balance Revolution, Dr Gerard Mullin The Foremost Authority On Digestive Health And Nutritional Medicine Explains How To Prevent Leaky Gut, Inflammation, And Insulin Resistance, Which Are Major Contributors To Obesity This Book Will Teach You How To Rebalance The Gut Microbiome Using A Simple Three Step Method Reboot Weed Out Fat Forming Bad Bacteria By Eliminating Foods That Make Them Grow And Promote Inflammation, Insulin, And Fat Accumulation, And Reignite Fat Burning Metabolism With Exercise And Dietary SupplementsRebalance Reseed Your Gut With Goods Bugs And Fertilize These Friendly Flora To Establish A Healthy Gut Ecology, Reduce Stress, And Reinstitute A Healthy Lifestyle Including Sleep HygieneRenew Carry This Lifestyle Adjustment Forward And Maintain Your Weight With Good Eating Habits With Allowances For Pleasure FoodsThe Book Features Step By Step Meal Plans, Shopping Lists, Restaurant Guides, Recipes, Recommendations On Dietary Supplements, And Exercises For Each Phase So You Can Easily Reboot, Rebalance, And Renew Your Health