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summary The Hidden Staircase, series The Hidden Staircase, book The Hidden Staircase, pdf The Hidden Staircase, The Hidden Staircase a0ec5f7a14 After Receiving A Call From Her Friend Helen Corning, Nancy Agrees To Help Solve A Baffling Mystery Helen S Aunt Rosemary Has Been Living With Her Mother At The Old Family Mansion, And They Have Noticed Many Strange Things They Have Heard Music, Thumps, And Creaking Noises At Night, And Seen Eerie Shadows On The Walls Could The House Be Haunted Just As Soon As She Hangs Up The Phone, A Strange Man Visits Nancy S House To Warn Her And Her Father That They Are In Danger Because Of A Case He Is Working On Buying Property For A Railroad Company This Warning Leads Nancy And Her Father Carson To Search For The Missing Willie Wharton, A Landowner, Who Can Prove He Signed Away His Land To The Railroad And Save The Railroad From A Lawsuit Will Nancy Be Able To Find The Missing Landowner And Discover How These Mysteries Are Related

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    You re never too old to re read childhood favorites I m currently working my way through the Nancy Drew hardcovers In this book, Nancy discovers a hidden staircase and solves the mystery of unexplained happenings at the mansion A quick, easy read with an element of danger.

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    I blame these books for my first recess of having to sit on the bench while the other kids played It was third grade, I was reading one of these under my desk during math time, and totally got caught answering, Wha hu instead of the answer to a long division problem It was traumatizing, I had never been in trouble Except that one time we got in trouble for throwing snowballs on the playground in the middle of January No, really But it tells you how much I love these books that I didn t care In fact, I think I went right back to reading the next day I had the ones with just these exact covers, too I must ve had at least thirty of them, if not They consumed pretty much the entire third grade year.Nancy was smart and pretty and had a nice boyfriend, and got to go into chillingly fun places that involved fog and full moons and stakeouts, and at that age, I hadn t a clue what the end could possibly be, so they always kept me in suspense right until the very end What isn t to love

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    8 10 Guess who goes on a date this time around Hush Hush Nancy s father goes missing Helen s great grandmother Miss Flora s Twin Elms home is haunted, a mystery which Nancy decides to investigate upon her close friend Helen s insistence What would Nancy Drew do Go after her father or help her friend Imagine Nancy s surprise when Nathan Gomber, the very man who threatened Nancy s lawyer father, turns up at Twin Elms to coerce Miss Flora into selling him her much vaunted colonial house Ah, view spoiler ha ha, I got you, nothing here, this is Nancy Drew after all smirks hide spoiler

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    Nancy and Helen Go A SleuthingI am now listening to Nancy Drew books rather than reading the old ones that I own And so I now ask, Who is Helen, and what happened to Nancy s old friends asn t Nancy s hair brown and not blonde And since when did she own a blue convertible instead of a roadster Times change, and yet Nancy has not grown up She is still in the 1930s Perhaps she bleached her hair I must have missed that Getting into the book wasn t easy for me under these conditions, plus I am used to my own silent voice while reading her books, and now I am at the mercy of a narrator whose voice changes according to who is speaking Ah, if only thevoice activator on my kindle could work on the BARD app that I have, It could be all one sounding voice again.So, a ghost is expected to be in this mansion that two old ladies own, and jewelry is stolen I wonder what ghosts want with jewelry Plus, food is stolen out of the kitchen Again, what do they want with food Perhaps these ghosts are stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, as in, real live people.Nancy and Helen suspect that the ghost is a real person, and they suspect that there is a hidden passage way in the house as well as a staircase, and if they can find it they will find the criminals, and they will find Nancy s father too, who has been kidnapped.The best part of this book is the recipe for custard pie, well, only the mention of their eating one I love homemade custard, but I am not so sure that I would want it with pie crust Still, I will give you the recipe I found for you see I do not have that recipe in my own, unpublished cookbook, as I have never considered it worthwhile, well, actually, I had never heard of custard pie, just custard.Custard Pie1 unbaked pie shell3 eggs c sugar t salt2 c whole milk1 c half and half1 T real vanilla extract t freshly grated nutmegScald milk and cream together Set aside In a bowl, mix sugar, eggs, salt and vanilla together Mix well Add this milk mixture while continuing to mix Pour into the unbaked pie shell Grate nutmeg over the top of the pie Bake at 400 degrees for 10 minutes on the bottom rack of the oven Then move to the top rack and turn the oven down to 325 degrees and bake for approximately 25 minutes or until a knife inserted in the middle comes out clean.

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    I read this as a buddy read with my dear friend AditaIs it a wise decision to re visit a series that you adored as a child as an adult They say you can never truly go back.but maybe you can a little A short while ago my lovely Goodreads friend Adita read and reviewed the first book in the Nancy Drew series you can read that wonderful review here This review brought back the most wonderful memories for me and so I decided to partake in a little nostalgia and join Adita in her Nancy Drew reading quest.And I am so very pleased that I did Nancy Drew is still as appealing to me now as when I was a little girl Her confidence in her sleuthing abilities her drive and ambition Her love and respect for her father, the closeness of that relationship Her love of family Her close female friendships All these things add up to a wonderful role model for young girls and looking at this book with grown up eyes makes me confident that these books certainly enriched my well being as a child and had a positive influence on me Okay things have dated somewhat but the heart of the book Well that is still true And isn t that what is important What are the key things that make a Nancy Drew book exciting to read.well this book had it all Sneaky ghosts, shady characters, secret passages, haunted houses, mysterious footprints I was actually pleasantly surprised at the level of tension in this book I found myself getting quite caught up in the storyline and had the constant sensation that something or someone was going to jump out from behind a closed cupboard at any minute.I remember as a child reading a Nancy Drew book entitled the Ghost of Blackwood Hall and being TERRIFIED This book reminded me very much of that experience okay so the 2016 version of me was somewhat less terrified but I still got a little adrenalin rush Ok so I got scared what can I say I m a wimp Perhaps you can say that all Nancy Drew books are similar, that they are just a great marketing idea with all the ghost writers behind them Okay if cynicism is your thing then go embrace that God knows I do it all the time But when it comes to Nancy Drew my childish love for these books wins out Sorry, nostalgia rules all Eeeek Will I read further books in the series I hope to This book had no Bess Marvin or Georgia George Fayne, Nancy s best friends and I would very much like to meet those characters again There was also no Ned Nickerson, Nancy s long term boyfriend Instead Nancy went out on a date with some guy called Dirk.DIRK I KNOW Where did he come from all of a sudden Dirk Jackson, a red haired, former high school tennis champion All the time I felt like screaming NOOOOO where s Nick I felt like Nancy was cheating ok I ve since looked it up, apparently Ned doesn t arrive on the scene until book seven in the series but OH that felt shocking to me I am going to leave this book unrated as I cannot make up my mind as to what rating it deserves My inner child wants to scream five, five, FIVE But the adult version of me is unable to reconcile with that decision so I will just leave it to the younger members of our Goodreads community to imbue this with an appropriate rating What I will say is that Nancy Drew, I still love you very much Thanks for the memories.

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    Borrowed from my library s e book service I grew up on anything Nancy Drew, from the video games to one of my childhood favourites The Secret of the Old Clock The Hidden Staircase is the second in the original Nancy Drew series, published in 1930 and still remains in print Nancy is trying to solve two mysteries A haunting tale of a ghost that is running amok in an old mansion or so it seems and a mystery surrounding threats made to her own father This was a very dialogue driven novel, with a range of characters that had their own secrets and personalities It was a little predictable for me and world building did lack However, this series remains a strong classic within my heart and would revisit it again

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    The Hidden Staircase is the 2nd book in the Nancy Drew series First published in 1930, the book still remains in print today, although edited and updated from the original just a bit I am revisiting a lot of favorite children s books at the moment, because a summer cold is totally kicking my butt I found several Nancy Drew audio books on my library s digital site..perfect The audio versions are about 3 hours long on average Perfect listening time for someone who is stuck indoors coughing and feeling pretty miserable I worried that I might find these childhood favorites dated or juvenile, but I m actually quite entertained The audiobook I listened to Penguin Random House was narrated by Laura Linney She does a great job reading She reads the story at a nice pace and has a pleasant, easily understandable voice The production quality is top notch.at suspenseful moments there are cheesy music stabs and sound effects It was a fun listening experience In this second book, Nancy is investigating two mysteries..ghostly activities at a local mansion and threats made to her father, Carson Drew It develops into quite the interesting mystery The mysteries in the Nancy Drew series are not all that complex and the plot gets cheesy at times.but the stories are targeted at children and the first few books were written almost 90 years ago They had a bit of an edit in the 1960s to remove some outdated stereotypes and to add in action, but other than that the character and her adventures are as originally written There is a reason these stories are classics There might be some cheesy moments, but Nancy solves some interesting cases She is intelligent, self reliant and interesting as a main character The books are a bit outdated now than they were when I read them as a child, but the stories are still interesting and enjoyable I can see the books being fun supplemental reading in a classroom or homeschool setting There could be some fun writing prompts for students such as how could Nancy be aided in her sleuthing if she had access to modern technology cell phone, computer for research, etc , what are some things Nancy does says that are outdated and what would she say and do if she was a teen today The books are totally appropriate for middle grade students There are some mild threats of violence and suspenseful moments, but nothing is ever graphic, gory or scary Moving on to the next book Totally enjoying re reading these classic favorites

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    Enjoyed it, even a decade later

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    Nancy Drew could probably bake a beautiful pie, crochet an afghan, tutor French, write a column on comportment and change her little blue convertible s oil all in the same afternoon.I hate her perfectness, but I love her courageousness and cleverness.This was my first Nancy Drew, I just didn t grow up reading her as many do I chose this book for my mystery square because it had elements that fit the theme of the Halloween book bingo a haunted mansion and a thieving ghost.It was cute and quick and ended well You can tell what s going to happen about a mile away though I think the biggest mystery for me was how you prepare gelatin and then immediately eat it doesn t that have to set for a couple hours or how you would make cream of chicken and rice soup with a can of soup and milk replace the water with milk I was clearly interested in what they were eating than the mystery Maybe I was just hungry

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    I remember this being a childhood favorite and I definitely enjoyed it the second time around now as an adult reader Find me on Booktube youtube.com c rusticpages

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