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pdf The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Volume 2, ebook The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Volume 2, epub The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Volume 2, doc The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Volume 2, e-pub The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Volume 2, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Volume 2 9d68a1eb4f4 Written By Alan Moore Art And Cover By Kevin O Neill It S One Month After The Events In League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen Vol , And The Skies Over England Are Filled With Flaming Rockets As Mars Launches The First Salvo Of An Invasion Only Our Stalwart Adventurers Allan Quatermain, Mina Harker, Captain Nemo, Hawley Griffin, And Mr Edward Hyde Can Save Mother England And The Very Earth Itself But There Are Many Startling Revelations Along The Way, Including The Blossoming Of Love And The Uncovering Of A Traitor In Their Midst

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    It was entertaining in its own way, but not really my taste view spoiler If you think you would enjoy seeing the wrinkled ass of Allan Quartermain while he humps Mina Murry, then this is the book for you As an added bonus, you will also get to witness Mr Hyde butt rape the Invisible Man to death Yes You read that right Also, in case you are a huge fan of animal human hybrid making mad scientists, Dr Moreau makes a cameo appearance.The actual story going on in the background involves an invading force of evil Martians, but to be honest, it wasn t very interesting hide spoiler

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    I don t know why, but I don t much care to write a review, yet I feel compelled to do so And because of that you get point form adapted from a discussion I ve been having about the comic while reading it One of my favourite parts of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Vol 2 are Kevin O Neill s pencils The way he exaggerates features through understatement is difficult to describe, but there is a sort of Victorian reality that he captures that is really effective Another cool bit of pencilling is when O Neill places the League in the background and foregrounds the people of England, fleeing from the cities, getting drunk in alleys, whatever It creates a sense of the people surrounding Alan Moore s anti heroes, which isn t something you always get in comic books There is a cool cameo from Dr Moreau and all his Moreauvians thanks for the new word, Amber , all of whom live in a forest The art is bizarre, almost comical, and I had trouble getting into it to begin with It turned out well though, and I think it really suited the general aesthetic And there were plenty of extra references to children s lit that I liked Big fan of Wilhelmina Harker in the second volume I see now that Moore is trying to show us a strong woman in a Victorian England which completely frowns on strength in a woman Quartermain s control begins to slip, and it is banished entirely once Mina takes him to bed Mina is in control of who she and Quartermain are I liked the first sex scene in the Inn, but I didn t care much for the outdoor sex scene that is intruded upon by the Moreauvians Together they show an interesting shift back and forth between Mina in control and Quartermain trying to regain the control he s lost, and it is nice to see that his attempt to regain control is Moreauvians I just like hearing that name in my head.SPOILER ALERT look away The rape s What to say I wasn t convinced that Griffin actually raped Mina, although there seems to be some implication of that in her diary response after the Invisible Man s attack, but since the only violation from Griffin we actually see is Mina s severe beating, the question of rape remains up in the air Interesting, then, that her rape if that is indeed what it was is withheld, but we are given a clear view of Hyde raping Griffin for revenge It is a unsavoury piece typical of Alan Moore s work, His heroes are nowhere near as heroic as heroes are supposed to be And even calling them anti heroes seems too kind They are villains whom we delude ourselves into thinking are heroic they re not heroes.SPOILER OVER Volume 2 is much better than Volume 1 I wonder if any of those who died are actually dead I doubt it It is a comic book after all, and there was much talk amongst the characters about staged deaths A little foreshadowing, I ve no doubt I love Nemo Mina s my favourite And Quartermain is my least favourite, but I appreciate the role he plays And Griffin and Hyde fascinate me Avoid this movie at all costs It is utter crap Such a shame that it will likely be the last movie Sean Connery ever makes The Almanac contains tons of interesting stuff, but it is boring Seriously boring Sleep inducing, in fact That s it for my lazy list Hope you enjoyed it.

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    Ovog puta za osnovu imamo Rat Svetova i moram da kazem odlicno je ukomponovano Prica je zabavna i brza, likovi se fino dalje razvijaju a kraj je takav da se ne zna kako bi ovo moglo dalje.Jedini minus je sto se likovi suvise brzo razvijaju i ne bi bilo lose da su sve ovo razvukli na bar jos jedan volume.U svakom slucaju odlican nastavak.

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    Even better story than volume one However, Alan Moore s seeming obsession with creating ancilliary documents as companion pieces to his stories is getting a bit tiresome The New Traveller s Almanac included with volume two is insufferably long and tedious prose Moore melds all manner of details from sundry novels into one universe in the context of a travelogue of weird phenomena perhaps channeling Charles Fort if Fort had a PhD in Victorian literature , but it quickly loses all redeeming value when it stops being a humorous novelty.This is a shame because the graphic portion of this book is damn near perfect, but the Almanac takes up almost a quarter of the book for no good reason that could have been much better spent on the actual freaking plot.

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    La Liga de los Caballeros Extraordinarios, Volumen 2 The League of the Extraordinary Gentleman, Vol 2 1 6, 2002 , de Alan Moore y Kevin O Neill , contin a donde se qued el primer volumen, es decir, con un extra o objeto en forma de bala cayendo desde el espacio Como era de prever, la Tierra, en concreto Inglaterra, est siendo invadida por Marte y sus artilugios de tres patas De nuevo, el variopinto grupo comandado por Mina Murray, tendr que hacer frente a la amenaza.Aventuras, comedia, traici n, amor, sacrificio, son los ingredientes que nos ofrece este segundo volumen de la Liga, que si bien me ha entretenido, encuentro que va de m s a menos.

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    Questa violta i nostri eroi devono difendere il mondo dai marziani di H.G Welles.E c la storia d a.Riconoscere i vari protagonisti la parte divertente di una ben triste storia con morti e variamente feriti.Sarebbe stato un ottimo finale, ma leggo che esistono altre avventure di questi gentiluomini.Vedremo.

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    Riecco i nostri bizzarri Gentlemen capeggiati da una donna vittoriani Questa volta impegnati nella discutibilmente eroica missione che consenta di vincere la guerra dei mondi Una bella storia vintage ed eccentrica, anche se forse talmente sopra le righe da limitare le peculiarit dei singoli freak, tranne Hyde una spanna sopra tutti gli altri _ Buon volume, ahim zavorrato da L Almanacco del Nuovo Viaggiatore Al contrario, fantastiche le ultime fittizie pagine promozionali con giochetti ad hoc, tra le altre cose mi hanno insegnato che la Pazienza una virt essenziale XD

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    This is one of those situations where there was just stuff I disliked than stuff I liked I almost quit after the first few pages because I wasn t interested in the story that began there, if it was going to continue sorry vague but trying not to be spoilery I m also very disappointed in Mina She has the potential to be the most awesome character, but instead, she s a forceful if sometimes clueless leader, a victim, a sexual object, a maternal figure Basically all the stereotypical woman roles without ever demonstrating the attributes that got her into this secret club to begin with Hyde was the only one that lived up to his potential otherwise I would have rated it one star.

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    Whew, the travelogue at the end was rather tedious even if it did have some interesting bits to it One of the weaknesses of late Moore is his tendency to over written expansive prose The clean poetry of his earlier years has given away to long windedness The illustrated comic parts were fun and the plotting is enjoyable and the art is a treat I d trade all the end papers nonsense for six pages of illustrated adventure where Moore s word count is curtailed.

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    In my opinion, this is a hell of a good read.The author took famous characters from Victorian popular literature and put them together into a special action group that works for MI5 in the last decade of 19th Century England MI5 is lead by Mycroft Holmes by the way.The League consists of Mina Murray, Alan Quartermain, Henry Jekyll and his alter ego, Captain Nemo and Hawley Griffin, otherwise known as the Invisible Man.And the situation they have to deal with is the invasion of Earth by Mars.I ve read it many times the artwork is excellent Every frame just reeks of Victorian If you look you can find a website that deconstructs this book frame by frame And it s amazing how much the artist jammed into his work.The story is excellent, much human than most of these grand adventures are None of the characters breaks character, and I got to like all of them, for the most part.I d recommend this book for a pleasant, amusing and very different read.

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