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    This is just an indescribably fabulous novel Ted has a different brain from other people he says he runs on a different operating system When a cousin comes to visit and then disappears, it s up to Ted and his sister Kat to solve the mystery since none of the adults will listen to their clues Using the art of deduction and his unusal way of looking at the world, Ted discovers clues to the whereabouts of his cousin that no one else observed What I love about this novel is the very frank way Dowd describes Ted s autism and how he gets along without being able to understand the language of emotions and body signals His compassionate teacher has taught him little tricks about facial expression to try to read people I found Ted s operating system fascinating The tragedy here is that Dowd died of cancer last fall This is only her second published novel and it is just so fantastic It s so sad to see such a great talent snuffed out early.

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    This YA mystery is told from the point of view of a kid with Aspergers, which means the writing is really affected This worked for me in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night time because i believed, or less, in the character Here, it just seems like a plot device After about 50 pages of dull set up kid s cousin boards the London Eye, never gets off, where did he go I got impatient and skipped to the end, skimming the last 50 or so pages for the resolution of what seemed a potentially intriguing locked room mystery What actually happened was a let down, even considering the fact that I hadn t read the intervening 250 pages And considering all the answers were given in, oh, the last 15 pages, I can t imagine having waded through all the tedious red herrings in between.Book recommendation fail That s what I get for reading book blogs at work.

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    This title came to my attention through Robin Stevens I love her series of Murder Most Unladylike and I received a notification that she had written a completely new book, sequel to this one The London Eye Mystery was written by the late Siobhan Dowd, author of Bog Child and A Monster Calls through Ness , and features a 12 year old boy with Asperger s trying to solve the mystery of the disappearance of his cousin Alim at the London Eye Children crime stories have bursted on the scene these last few years, which I am all for, but it seems Siobhan was one of the first The mystery is well crafted, in a realistic way, and the author does give you all the clues to get to the solution As much as I enjoyed this aspect, what I really liked was the relationships between all the characters Siobhan shows us the dynamics of this family, from Ted and his own way of perceiving the world around him, to his older sister, storming her way around events, and the working parents All felt very real, and although this is seen from Ted s eyes, you still can understand each person s point of view We get the vagaries of siblings relationships Ted and Kat, but also their mother and aunt , divorced families, the difficulties of being outside what society considers the norm, whether being of mixed race Alim and his friend or having a totally different perception Ted all in a very candid fashion.On my personal enjoyment scale, I would give this novel 3.5 but I pushed it to 4 for what the author achieved here.

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    A warm hearted and very clever mystery story like no other, with a charming and strong hero I loved this

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    Is it just me, or does this read like a slightly warmed over Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime The disappearance of a kid from a closed capsule on the London Eye is an intriguing mystery, but the only possible solutions pretty quickly close down to two, and the solving of the mystery seemed slightly anticlimactic The novel also violates a principle that would have adult mystery fans howling the key clue to the mystery is not available to the reader Most crucially, though, is the presentation of what appears to be Asperger syndrome or high functioning autism Much is made in the first few pages of the protagonist s inability to understand metaphorical language but then he consistently deploys his own metaphors throughout the story, while occasionally relapsing to express confusion at normal people s use of figurative language You can t have it both ways if he is too literal minded to understand metaphors, he is too literal minded to create original metaphors if he cannot understand the way that other people think, he cannot imaginatively put himself into other s places And yet, he does.It s still a good read, but it would be superior with a little consistency in depicting the kid s character.

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    What goes up must come down unless you re Ted Sparks cousin Salim.Aunt Gloria and her teenage son Salim are preparing to move from Manchester, England to New York City Before they leave for the United States, Gloria wants to visit her sister and her family in London Salim has never been to London so his cousins Ted and Katrina are eager to show him the sights.They decide to visit one of Ted s favorite places, the London Eye The London Eye, also called the Millennium Wheel, is the tallest ferris wheel in Europe When they arrive at the Eye, there s a long line for tickets After a stranger approaches Ted, Kat and Salim to offer his ticket, the kids decide that Salim should take it and fly the Eye on his own Ted and Kat track Salim s capsule during its half hour ride, but when the capsule comes down and people file out, Salim is nowhere in sight Was he kidnapped Did he run away Did he spontaneously combust one of Ted s eight theories After their parents contact the police, Ted and Kat decide to launch their investigation into their cousin s disappearance Ted has Asperger s Syndrome, a form of high functioning autism Since his brain works on a different operating system , Kat and Ted think they may have an advantage over the police investigators Can Ted s unique perspective help them find Salim before it s too late I found The London Eye Mystery to be an interesting, fast read It is not without some flaws, however Ted and Kat withhold vital evidence from their parents and the police such as Salim s camera and information about the stranger who gave Salim his ticket I never got past my disbelief that they would withhold so much evidence when their cousin was in a dangerous situation.Some of the British slang used throughout the book may be challenging for young American readers I had no trouble with it, but a glossary like the one included in Louise Rennison s Georgia Nicholson series would have been a nice touch for the American edition The London Eye Mystery really shines, though, in the character of Ted Sparks Ted is a fascinating, sympathetic character His Asperger s Syndrome was well portrayed and consistent with what I know of Asperger s Dowd did an effective job of showing how Ted deals with his social challenges Dowd also showcased the positive aspects of Asperger s Syndrome Ted is extremely intelligent, honest and free of prejudice It s obvious that a lot of research was put into his character The London Eye Mystery was worth reading for Ted s characterization alone.

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    Just having my lunch yesterday decided to have a rummage in the new book draw at work When we were processing this book it caught my eye, I love the cover and the synopsis of the book sounded really interesting Well 50 pages later thought I d better get some work done Ted and his sister Kat decide to take their cousin Salim on the London Eye before he flies to New York with his mum Whilst in the queue a man comes up to them and offers them his ticket, saying he s chickened out at the last minute as he doesn t like heights Ted and Kat let Salim have the ticket as they ve already been on the eye They wave to Salim as he boards and then wait for him But as his pod returns he doesn t get off, so where is he He mum spends a few agonising days while the police search for him But the police are not The only ones investigating Salim s disappearance, so are his cousins Ted and Kat I love the character of Ted, he has Aspergers high on the spectrum, his brain runs on its own unique operating system, he also has a thing about the weather and wants to work for the Met Office and listens to the weather forecast on the radio every night Fitzroy, mainly northerly, four or five, becoming variable, thundery showers This really took me back in time when I was young and the radio was on at home and the shipping forecast would come on at the end of the news at certain times of the day A lovely story, easy read, fast paced which certainly keeps your attention.

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    Prima lectur pe anul 2017 am vrut s fie un alt roman de Stephen King, dar Capcana pentru vise pare interminabil aduce n centrul aten iei un b ie el cu un creier formidabil i un mister ce pare imposibil de explicat dispari ia unui b iat dintr una din capsulele lui London Eye, gigantica roat de pe malul Tamisei Bine scris , cu un ritm alert i cu un personaj foarte simpatic, este o lectur u oar , dar plin de nv minte Recenzia, pe Bookblog

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    It took me a few pages to get into the narrative style of this book, which seemed at first artificially stilted and precise Then I realized duh that this was because our narrator, twelve year old Londoner Ted, has Asperger s syndrome Pretty soon thereafter I got into the swing of Ted s way of telling the story and, though just once in a while I resented the painful literalness of some of his interpretations, in general I reveled in the novel s language.Ted s cousin Salim has come to stay for a couple of days en route to Salim s mother s new job in New York, so Ted and his older sister Kat decide to take Salim for a trip on the London Eye Think of the largest and slowest ferris wheel you can imagine For various reasons, Salim boards the Eye ahead of the rest of the party and, when his compartment finally returns to the ground, he has vanished.Which is of course impossible.Well, Ted doesn t believe it is In fact, he draws up a list of eight theories later expanded to nine that might explain Salim s disappearance That spontaneous combustion is one of them and a time warp another doesn t seem incongruous to Ted his brain functions a bit differently to the way other people s do, after all.Between them Ted and Kat essentially, Ted as the theoretician and Kat as the effector solve the impossible mystery of Salim s disappearance and, as a separate problem, track the boy down.Although written for and starring children, this is actually a pretty satisfying mystery novel that any fan of traditional detective fiction should enjoy, whatever their age Certainly I did I romped through it pretty quickly, eager to find out what happened next and thoroughly enjoying the company of Kat and Ted.The page count is a bit misleading, by the way The pages are quite small and the font reasonably generous, so really this is like a 176 page book than a 320 page one.

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    For the benefit of Americans the London Eye isn t an eye at all, but a Ferris wheel so enormous that riders can see 25 miles in all directions Londoners Ted and Kat Spark take their visiting 13 year old cousin Salim to ride the London Eye it is Salim who takes a free ticket to ride the attraction, but he never exits the London Eye when the ride is done Twelve year old Ted struggles with some of the common effects of autism He has an obsession weather when upset, he flaps his hands and goes Hrumm he struggles with slang and idioms, which he takes literally he has trouble with hugs, making eye contact and determining facial expressions he paces when thinking or stressed My daughters with autism didn t grunt or flap their hands, but they were beset with the other issues But Ted has an advantage over his older sister Kat, his parents, his Aunt Gloria Salim s mother and even the police As he says at the book s beginning, This is how having a funny brain that runs on a different operating system from other people s helped me to figure out what had happened Siobhan Dowd s suspenseful middle grade mystery will enthrall both its target audience and their parents I couldn t stop reading this riveting mystery Fans of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time are in for a treat with another novel of a young man with autism and a drive to solve a mystery Highly recommended.

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download The London Eye Mystery, read online The London Eye Mystery, kindle ebook The London Eye Mystery, The London Eye Mystery 8d4c7aa746d3 Monday,May,Am Ted And Kat Watch Their Cousin Salim Get On Board The London Eye He Turns And Waves And The Pod Rises From The GroundMonday,May,Pm The Pod Lands And The Doors Open People Exit In All Shapes And Sizes But Where Is Salim Ted And His Older Sister Kat Become Sleuthing Partners Since The Police Are Having No Luck Despite Their Prickly Relationship, They Overcome Their Differences To Follow A Trail Of Clues Across London In A Desperate Bid To Find Their Cousin And Ultimately It Comes Down To Ted, Whose Brain Runs On Its Own Unique Operating System, To Find The Key To The MysteryIn SpringThe Unicorn Theatre Adapted The London Eye Mystery For The Stage The Story Was Adapted By Unicorn Artistic Associate Carl Miller, Directed By Rosamunde Hutt And Performed By The Unicorn Ensemble And Received A Host Of Rave Reviews