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txt The Maxx Vol. 1, text ebook The Maxx Vol. 1, adobe reader The Maxx Vol. 1, chapter 2 The Maxx Vol. 1, The Maxx Vol. 1 49d173 An Extremely Imaginative And Profound Series, THE MAXX Tells The Tale Of A Fractured Woman Whose Repressed Emotions And Memories Prevent Her From Living A Normal Life And The Hulking Purple Super Hero Who Tries To Save Her A Master Of Denial, Julie Winters Created A Magical Dream World Where She Unknowingly Escapes To When Reality Is Too Much But When The Two Planes Of Existences Momentarily Connected, Her Supernatural Spirit Protector Merged With A Homeless Man And The Maxx Was Created Now Existing In Both Worlds But Suffering From Amnesia Whenever He Crosses Over, The Maxx Tries To Battle His Apparent Fits Of Insanity As He Protects Julie In Both Realities From The Murderous Sorcerer Mr Gone And The Isz, His Magical Minions

About the Author: Sam Kieth

Kieth first came to prominence in 1984 as the inker of Matt Wagner s Mage, his brushwork adding fluidity and texture to the broad strokes of Wagner s early work at Comico Comics In 1989, he drew the first five issues of writer Neil Gaiman s celebrated series The Sandman, but felt his style was unsuited to the book specifically saying that he felt like Jimi Hendrix in The Beatles and left,

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    The Maxx is a homeless man who wears a purple superhero outfit and lives off the kindless of Julie Winters, a freelance social worker But he s also king of the wildplaces, a super strong barbarian who fights monsters in a world resembling the Australian Outback while protecting the Leopard Queen, who bears a striking resemblance to Julie Winters Which of those identities is true What is the deeper connection between Julie and The Maxx And how does Mr Gone, dark sorcerer and serial rapist, figure into things First, a little history For years, my comic reading trailed off until this was the only one I read on a regular basis Why, you ask Because of several factors First of all, I dig Sam Kieth s art Secondly, the characters are relatable As you read further into this volume, as well as subsequent ones, you see behind the characters exteriors and peer at the self doubt within Thirdly, nothing is explained outright Much of what happens is open to interpretation The Maxx is definitely a thinker, not as Incredible Hulk like as it first appears.I ve said it in reviews for other comics and I ll say it again here The really good comics are always about something The Sandman is about stories and how they shape us Starman is about stepping into your parents shoes and trying to live up to their expectations The Maxx is about dealing with your baggage, something that s only hinted at in this volume.As for presentation, the volume is great The only minor complaint I have is that the letter pages weren t included It was always great fun to read other Maxx Heads s interpretation of events Do comics even have letter pages any I d recommend this to people who like their comics to have a different flavor than just capes and fisticuffs, specifically fans of indie books like Strangers in Paradise or Vertigo stuff like The Sandman In fact, Sam Kieth was the first Sandman artist.

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    Dramatis Psychoticus Personae 1 The MAXX A delusional homeless man who believes that he is a superhero.2 Julie Winters A freelance social worker with deep emotional scars and repressed memories of a brutal assault.3 Mr Gone A serial rapist and sadistic murderer with supernatural attributes and ties to Maxx and Julie 4 Isz Camouflage wearing, people eating oompa loompas from a bizzaro version of the Australian Outback.This is not your typical comic book For a series that came out back in 1995, the themes and subject matter depicted in this graphic novel are as dark and disturbing as it gets This is especially true in so far as the story deals significantly with rape, both the violence of the crime itself and the severe psychological effects it can have on victims Beyond the famous occurrence in Watchmen, rape and sexual assault is a violent crime rarely explored in the graphic novel medium and this title s willingness to incorporate it into the central building blocks of its story was risky However, the maturity and intelligence with which the material is handled is commendable This first volume introduces us to the Maxx, a homeless man living in a box with a violent streak and a not so tight grip on reality who sees himself is it real or is not as a giant, hulking superhero of the Outback and personal protector of Ms Julie Winters Julie is a harsh, emotionally calloused, social worker who also spends time is it real or is it not as the Jungle Queen of the Outback Julie is a terrific character, but when I say emotionally calloused I am not joking, especially when it comes to her blame the victim outlook on rape If you don t act stupid, you don t get raped This attitude was very jarring and took some getting used to for me though became and understandable as Julie s past is slowly revealed Kieth makes some brave choices with his narrative and, for the most part, they pay off Completing this bizarre M nage a tois of the not quite right is Mr Gone, a mysterious, sadistic serial rapist whose dark connections to the shattered remnants of Julie s early life are slowly revealed as the story unfolds Nothing it made clear or easy in this very fuzzy, nightmare like world where reality is as changeable as a TV channel There is a lot to admire about this book, not the least of which is how well it has aged in a time where graphic novels are now pushing the mature theme throttle into the red However, despite some shocking imagery, at its heart, this is a story about how people that have been brutalized deal with the trauma and slowly come to grips with their past and reintegrate the real world that hurt them and the protective alternate world that kept them safe from their memories Subtle and multi layered, nothing in this story is spoon fed to the reader Parts of this volume are definitely worthy of 5 stars and I struggled with how to rate this overall In the end, I settled on a strong 4 because some of the story was a little too convoluted and I think the power of the story got lost a bit by trying to be just a little to artsy Still, a unique, often powerful story that is certainly worthy of attention.4.0 stars HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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    This is my first exposure to The Maxx, having missed both the MTV cartoon and the original print run, but I picked this up at the behest of a friend who was talking about how it was one of his favorite comic books.I certainly enjoyed this first collection It started out a little shaky for me, considering I didn t know the premise at all And things don t quite wrap up neatly at the end of this volume, as this serves as really just the introduction to the characters who populate this world And therein is this books greatest strength aside from the dazzling art, which at a glance is pretty self evident These are COMPLEX characters Flawed characters Maxx, although an enigma, is a character ripe for unraveling, as is Julie, the social worker, who s trauma and pain is masked behind layers of sex appeal and bravado The main baddy, Mr Gone, is still lacking a bit in the development portion, but everyone else including the teenage Sarah introduced in the last chapter of this book feel very real, at least in the emotional sense.A great intro, if you can suspend your need for an exposition dump explaining the world I have volume 2 already in my possession and will happily be reading this series further.

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    I can t remember when I first read this, but I watched the show on MTV when I was in high school The effect was instantaneous on me I was fascinated by the idea of dualism presented in the show Some time later I picked up the book and read through it, pleasantly surprised to find that it s almost panel for panel the same as the TV show, meaning both are pretty close to each other to a point Naturally, MTV capped the series to give it an ending sort of.The Maxx is centered around, well the Maxx Maxx is a big, purple, violent vagrant who lives in a box in an alley He s fallen in with pseudo social worker, Julie Winters, who in another place, a seemingly never neverland world called the Outback, is who he knows as the Leopard Queen Maxx deems himself the Protector of the Leopard Queen, and is tied to her in ways he can t explain, but is slowly exposed to the he interacts with Julie, and her strange malefactor, a serial rapist named Mr Gone.The best part about the series is that it ties the real world together with the Outback and opened up to me the possibility of some sort of unified subconscious This is not a new idea of course, but to a seventeen year old kid, collective subconscious is a hard subject to tackle and this was quite possibly the best representation I ve ever seen of it It kind of turns in on itself and presents it in a new way, not as a thing, but as a place Add to it the art style used and you have instant classic material Good stuff.

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    I m kind of puzzled as to why this graphic novel receives such consistent rave reviews It seems like the author could never decide whether this story was supposed to be realistic, cartoon y, super hero y, or just plain weird I can t help but feel that a lot of the interest in this comic is based on how cool the premise sounds The premise on paper sounds great Cerebral, weird story lines filled with symbolism can be amazing The problem with The Maxx is that it fails to do anything productive with these building blocks Each issue typically consist of three elements pseudo deep conversations, random dream sequences filled with symbolism, and super hero fight sequences Supposedly this comic is about characters and their trauma, but it wastes so much time with dream sequences and pointless fights that there s not much room left to actually delve into the characters or story telling After reading the first 6 7 issues whatever is in this trade the reader will have no idea what the story is, and that is a sign of poor writing.

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    Sam Kieth s The Maxx is one of my favorite comic books of all times Written with such clarity and ambition, The Maxx is a thoroughly realized allegory of how we, as humans, create our own reality, and how that reality simultaneously limits us and allows us to transcend the damage of the past I read this about fifteen years ago, and I just started rereading it I ve been shocked by how well it has stood up over the years.

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    There are many interesting species of Predator and Prey sheltered within the broad grassy spaces and massed granite tarns of the Outback.One of these, is the Gbh tyt, or Outback Slug It can leap nearly a quarter mile straight into the air, but it has never mastered the ability to land It has no Predators It is just stupid.On the other hand, the Great Northern Crabbit can jump and land but it has a natural enemy, the Isz.The Isz can jump and land, and has no Predators unless you count Me The MaxxSo alt und doch so frisch, Anfang der 90er Jahre verlie Sam Kieth wie manch andere seiner Zunft die gro en Zwei und begab sich zu IMAGE Einem Verlag, der den K nstlern weitaus mehr Rechte einberaumt hat Das war schon irgendwie die Goldene Zeit der Unabh ngigkeit, viele Serien, welche aus eigener Kreation erschaffen und in eigener Hand geblieben sind, wurden damals erschaffen.Sam Keith The Maxx war eine davon.The Maxx, eine maskentragende violett gekleidete Kreatur mit Krallen, lebt in einer dunklen Seitengasse, eingelullt in Selbstgespr che Aufgeschreckt durch einen berfall, rettet er vermeintlich das Opfer und kommt daf r ins Gef ngnis Julie, eine Freundin, holt ihm aus dem Gef ngnis und nimmt ihn mit nach Hause Beide stehen sich in Sympathie zueinander verbunden, ohne genau zu wissen, woher und seit wann dies der Fall ist Einer, der es wohl wei ist Mr Gone, der kurz danach Julie entf hrt und mit Teilen aus seinem Wissen konfrontiert, u.a auch um sie wachzurufen Dabei kommen auch die Tr ume der Beiden ins Spiel, welche sich perfekt in die Offenbahrungen des Mr Gone einpassen The Maxx befreit Julie, t tet dabei Mr Gone und bis zum Ende des Bandes werden auf unterschiedliche Art und Weise die bisherigen Erkenntnisse verarbeitet.Unvergessen, als ich Mitte der 90er die Serie The Maxx entdeckt habe Zwischen all den bertrieben wirkenden berbordend dargestellten Helden, welche nach einfachen Prinzipien aufgebaut waren, wirkte die Figur wie ein kleines Juwel IMAGE ging dem damaligen Trend zwar auch nach und bot Leuten wie Todd MacFairlane und Michael Turner einen Platz, aber K nstler wie Sam Keith und Jeff Smith haben einen besonderen Platz in meiner Erinnerung Entgegen dem damaligen Trend andere Wege zu beschreiten erfordert Mut, v.a weil beide fernab von Ruhm waren und die ersten Schritte steinig waren.Die Serie The Maxx startet recht verst rend, der Zeichenstil eine Mischung zwischen feinen detailverliebten Linien und groben Fl chen, die Grenzen der Panels manchmal nur erahnend Der Erz hlstil ist dazu passend, oft wu te man nicht, wo man sich grad befindet Mehrmaliges Lesen war notwendig um all die Motive zu erfassen von den australischen Traumwelten, Drogenkonsum, Mi handlung, Gleichberechtigung, gesellschaftlichen Zw ngen erkennt man vieles erst bei nochmaligen Hinsehen Nun, all diese Jahre sp ter und mit neuem Blick geniesse ich die Serie noch mehr.Meine damaligen Hefte habe ich meiner Freundin geschenkt, da sie diese Serie geliebt hat Immer wieder hat sie sich einzelne Ausgaben ausgeborgt, ist manchmal stundenlang neben mir gesessen und hat die Serie zerlegt und studiert Als die Beziehung zu Ende ging hab ich ihr die Sammlung vermacht Die Freude war gro und das war es mir wert Vor wenigen Jahren hat IDW die Rechte bernommen und gemeinsam mit Sam Keith eine Neubearbeitung darum Maxximized, hnlich wie ein Director s Cut herausgebracht Nat rlich hab ich sofort zugeschlagen und bis Heute durften die Hefte gut liegen, reifen und haben darauf gewartet, wieder gelesen zu werden.Pr dikat Nostalgieerweiternd

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    I ve been meaning to read The Maxx for ages And I wasn t disappointed I ll attempt a plot description, though it s is pretty loose The Maxx is a superhero going through a mental breakdown, and may in fact be a hallucination himself Julie is his complementary figure, and struggling through her own issues of what s real Also there is Mr Gone and the Iszes, twisted monsters that seem bent on inflicting the truth and reveling in power It s all very trippy, and it s not really the point What matters is how the book goes through its themes sex, violence, abuse, growing up, and ways of coping with all of the above In a lot of ways, the book is kind of a showcase for Kieth s art In the book s forward, written in 2003 regarding the original 1993 stuff 20 year anniversary Kieth says that the book is some of the most uneven art he s ever done But it works, I d say The Maxx is a vaguely ridiculous, exaggerated version of the musclebound superhero, and the art in general has a rather cartoonish quality to it And yet, when cartoon animatorDavid Feiss takes over the art for issue 5, there s still a clear difference it s a very interesting contrast Keith s paneling is particularly impressive He s not the first artist I ve seen that uses irregular layouts and panels to tell a story, but the jagged nature of the frames exceptionally well with the story s flow, and unlike some others it s still clear how the pages are meant to be read As an extended allegory, the book s a little frustrating at times, because it occasionally seems that the characters are soapboxes than anything else But overall, it s a very intriguing book, and a nice response to the hyperviolence in comicbookdom of the 90s.

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    I had the first issue of The Maxx in my comic collection as a kid, though I don t remember anything about it aside from the cover art Back then, I was prone to buying 1 issues just because But in my old age I ve become interested in the actual stories in comic books, so when I saw something online that mentioned The Maxx I decided I should check it out.Based on the first six issues, I kind of love it.The Maxx is a weird book It s dark and it s different, and it doesn t dumb things down by explicitly stating what s going on When it comes to comics, a common gripe of mine is poorly handled exposition It s just much bizarre and mature than most other titles in this medium.And even though art is rarely a make or break factor for me when it comes to comics if the story is decent, I typically don t much care what the pictures looks like , I feel the need to discuss it here specifically, the page layouts Sam Kieth s panels have such odd shapes to them that the art seems to be running wildly about the page, adding to the dreamlike quality of the book I wasn t at all surprised to learn that Kieth had actually drawn some of the earliest issues of Neil Gaiman s Sandman .If you like the dark, and the bizarre, and comics in general or maybe even just two of the three , give The Maxx a shot It s a little weird, but that s exactly how it should be.

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    This rating is based partly off of the overall fantasticism of this, and partly off nostalgia You can feel so much teenage angst bottled up into this collection of Maxx comics from the 1990 s There is this quasi psychological bend to the story line as well that makes it enjoyable as you rail against the existentialism of our day and stuff.As you will note, and the author does in the first installment of the graphic novels, the art is fairly crude You almost feel brought in to a friend s basement as he shows you the comics he is developing while bored in a high school English class The characters are so complex and multi dimensional that you cannot help but but love and loath them The world is so creative and disturbing, split in between a harsh reality in the big city and an alternate plane, that you would both want to visit and stay away.What makes this particular grouping of stories so good is the divergence from the norm with the Seussian story 3 4 of the way through If you don t love both the story, and the rhyming verse, you are probably an alien The various homages, to Seuss himself, as well as others is also a fun treat Not your average super hero comic Perfect for teens.Give it a shot, but remember it s not as polished as the comics you wil find these days.

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