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    3.5 to 4.0 stars I have not read all of the stories in this collection so this review is only for the two stories listed below I will update the rating review as I read additional selections Worlds of Origin 3.5 to 4.0 stars A neat science fiction mystery featuring some classic Vance characters and descriptions of alien cultures The Men Return 4.0 stars A classic Vance story about the last survivors of Earth living in chaos after the Earth experienced a phenomenon that has destroyed the cause and effect rule of nature i.e no action s consequence can be predicted Bizarre and very interesting.

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    This is available as an e book on and includes five early Vance short stories dated from 1954 to 1958 If you are a Vance fan and you haven t read any then you should certainly do so Each story is listed alphabetically and described below Devil on Salvation Bluff The Devil on Salvation Bluff, a short story of 21 pages was published initially in 1955 Two missionaries, a married couple, live outside the main city on a planet called Glory where their ancestors from Earth crash landed 500 years ago They maintain a huge clock which is very symbolic and adhere to Earth time and customs even though it does not apply to this planet which has a number of suns that seem to rise unpredictably The two missionaries are responsible for civilizing the local natives, who live in the wild, by teaching them about manners, social behavior, adherence to schedules, and the importance of time and clocks The locals raise goats, run around half naked, live in filthy conditions, refuse to live in the houses that the missionaries built for them, copulate in public and destroy the canals the missionaries make The chief of the tribe is the only one who speaks their language, but he won t cooperate and calls the giant clock the devil, threatening to roll boulders down on it The couple are concerned how an upcoming inspection will reflect on them and think the chief must be mentally ill to be so uncivilized, so they decide to take him to one of their hospitals for mental health treatment Things do not work out as they expect, however This is very easy to read, rather fun and fairly interesting I rated it a 3.5 Liked it Men Return The Men Return was first published in 1957 and is a 9 page short story It is rather like two universes that overlap after the law of causality, physics and reality on Earth is rendered somewhat inoperable and matter now fades in and out of existence Humans evolved into two different creatures, one rooted in the laws of science and the other having developed in the coexisting world of randomness and surrealism where nothing seems real Both groups spend all their time seeking food and are not above eating each other As food becomes scarce, the groups become desperate It is all very bizarre, but I found it rather fascinating and rated it 3 Liked it A Practical Man s Guide A Practical Man s Guide is a nine page short story that was initially released in 1957 in Space Science Fiction Magazine It is a humorous story about a Ralph Banks, editor of Popular Crafts Monthly In addition to articles, sketches, photographs and working models of various crafts and inventions, he also receives some very odd plans, formulas and suggestions that are filed in a large basked labeled Screwball Alley Ralph receives a bizarre set of directions with sensational claims from a man who provides a return address at the Archives of the Smithsonian Institute He calls the Institute to talk with the man, but is unable to reach him initially So while waiting for the return call he begins compiling ingredients for the formula that the man has provided It is all light hearted and fun, and I rated it a 3.When the Five Moons Rise When the Five Moons Rise was first published in 1954 in Cosmos Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine It is a 14 page short story The setting is a lighthouse where two persons work One of them tells the other not to believe anything when five moons rise at once Strange things happen when the moons do rise, including the disappearance of one of the men Some readers seem to like this one but I thought the story was of minimal interest and a rather weak work and rated it a 2.5.Worlds of Origin Worlds of Origin is a twenty one page short story published initially in 1958 in the magazine Super Science Fiction It is also known by the title Coup de Grace Magnus Ridolph is relaxing on a private space station called the Hub which is visited by many beings from other planets Magnus is approached by an anthropologist who recognizes him and tries to hire him because he is fearful someone is trying to kill him Magnus, however, is on vacation and declines the job offer The next morning the anthropologist is found dead and Magnus is asked by the owner of the space station if he will help investigate because no law enforcement authorities have jurisdiction over a private space station and he wants to see that the murder is brought to justice Magnus feels he cannot decline the offer so begins to investigate Because there are so many alien beings with different customs and cultures, Magnus decides to conduct what he refers to as a cultural analysis to narrow down who might be the most likely suspects One of the aliens, for example, is from a warrior culture where it would be extremely shameful to kill another except in face to face combat Another is from a culture where human sacrifice is done for religious purposes, but the anthropologist was not killed in the ritualistic way that this culture requires It is a murder mystery with various colorful aliens as suspects, all cleverly investigated by Magnus My rating 3 Liked it.

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    Really good Vance always exceeds expectations However, the best two stories in this slim collection are the first two.1 When the Five Moons Rise5 Stars really, really good This was a very haunting story unforgettable I ll always wonder about the Seguilo character who was he Impeccable Vance writing, verbiose and elegant Perhaps the ending was a little frivolous, but a superbly fine read.2 Worlds of Origin5 Stars really, really good This was another stunning story from Vance Required reading for SF fans It reminded me perhaps of Mike Resnick when he s writing SF mystery stories.3 A Practical Man s Guide3.5 Stars goodNot the same quality of writing Vance doesn t exert himself, and this story does not soar with as elegant vocabulary as I ve come to expect.But overlooking that, where this story suffers a bit is in the ending A bit too gimmicky.The story flows well, and is completely captivating in its short form.4 The Men Return3.5 Stars goodPerhaps the strangest story in the collection, this will perhaps merit a re read sometime in the future so that I can get a better grasp of it.Mainly, this short story suffers from being too predictable Some wild and crazy moments that remind you that you are reading Vance, but I did want 5 The Devil on Salvation Bluff4 Stars very goodAgain, the ending was completely predictable, but at least this time Vance elaborated on the strangeness of the world he had invented.And while the previous story was the one I found the most bizarre, this one is a close second for weirdness The contrast Vance sets up with the strange and mundane is too abrupt, however, and totally telegraphs how he plans to end the story.OVERALL SUMMARY Four StarsAnd repeat after me I will read Jack Vance I will read Jack Vance I will

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    Ei se novellikokoelma, jota luen Ihmisen paluu

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