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    I picked up The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane after a high recommendation from a friend on Goodreads We d just finished reading and reviewing Because of Winn Dixie which we loved I took a chance on it and purchased it from Barnes and Noble to read with my kids.The story begins with Edward Tulane, a China rabbit who belongs to a girl named Abilene The family is wealthy and not only does Edward have fancy clothes to wear, but he has the love of Abilene as well She absolutely adores him and spends all of her time caring for him In all, Edward Tulane felt himself to be an exceptional specimen Only his whiskers gave him pause They were long and elegant as they should be , but they were of uncertain origin Edward felt quite strongly that they were not the whiskers of a rabbit Whom the whiskers had belonged to initially what unsavory animal was a question Edward cold not bear to consider for too long Edward is really quite vain and wishes that the adults in the household would treat him differently, but at the same time he simply doesn t realize what he has He can t talk or move, but he is very aware of the world around him He listens to the humans as they talk, but he rarely wants to Eventually Abilene s grandmother shares a story with Abilene and Edward about a princess who refused to love anyone and was turned into a warthog by a witch Edward isn t sure why, but the story seems to be directed toward him The grandmother then stares into his eyes and simply tells him, You disappoint me It isn t long after that Abilene s father shares the announcement of a family trip to London Abilene decides to take Edward of course, but after an incident with some boys on the ship, Edward is stripped of his fancy clothing, thrown overboard, and sinks to the bottom of the dark ocean Naked and alone, he becomes scared Feeling a true emotion for the first time, he then begins to question his future What will happen to poor Edward now From the very first pages I was pulled into the story As an adult, I felt many emotions and even had to walk away at one point because I became over emotional in tears We even laughed at times too It s one of those books that you simply can t put down and my kids kept telling me, We have to keep going It s written well and the characters are truly unforgettable Every character has their own story, but often the reader is left to draw their own conclusion which opens up plenty of discussion When we finally got to the end, we didn t want it to be over With that said, I felt weird about the last few chapters at first, but as we finished it all came together This is a book I could read over and over again it s one to keep What an amazing author to write a book like this Kate DiCamillo literally captured my heart again and I can t wait to read all of her other books She s become a favorite author and we want to read everything she writes I honestly question how this book didn t win awards and wish they d do a film adaptation.The book is obviously great for any age, but I personally felt like some of the vocabulary seemed a bit advanced for 1st and 2nd graders as the recommended age listed for this book on is 6 9 There were a few vocabulary words my 4th graders didn t know It might be best to brush over the difficult words before reading There is a free teaching guide on the author s website.I m choosing this book for my October read for the Ultimate Reading Challenge One of my favorite tropes is when a character learns about the power of love and I feel this book is a great example.I d recommend this book to anyone Over the top 5 stars See this review on blog

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    It is a horrible, terrible thing, the worst thing, to watch somebody you love die right in front of you and not be able to do nothing about it Once upon a time, there was a poignant and philosophical tale about a solipsistic, egocentric china rabbit named Edward Tulane The rabbit was loved by a little girl named Abilene Albeit loved by his owner, he was incapable of loving others One day, he was magically cursed by Pellegrina, the girl s grandmother who gifted her the narcissistic bunny And so begins a miraculous journey full of deep dejections, pervasive melancholy, irrepressible yearning, and finally, finding true love once again Open your heart Someone will come Someone will come for you But first you must open your heart Once, there was a rabbit who swore to himself that he would never love again And yet, something happened in that expedition of his that changed his life How many times, Edward wondered, would he have to leave without getting the chance to say goodbye Edward knew what it was like to say over and over again the names of those you had left behind He knew what it was like to miss someone Once, there was a story an extraordinary tour de force that broke and mended one s heart with the transformative power of unconditional and boundless love filled with sanguine hope An author, by the name of Kate DiCamillo, penned an unforgettable narrative laden with fundamental themes, lyrical language, and masterful storytelling and thoroughly supplemented with splendid artwork painted by a wondrous illustrator named Bagram Ibatoulline together, they created a breathtaking yet simple, imaginative story that warmed the hearts of adults and children alike Once, oh marvellous once, there was a reviewer whose heart has been touched by a china rabbit, he clutched this book against his broken heart and this simple tale alone filled his eyes with helpless tears He swore to himself that no matter what happens, his heart must go on And so, he found his way home, once again The heart breaks and breaks and lives by breaking It is necessary to go through dark and deeper dark and not to turn

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    I haven t read a novel I absolutely loved from the very first sentence in a long time I always say I have, probably because I want to believe that and anyway, we all do it , but not every book is great and not every great book is exceptional I want exceptional Give me exceptional Kate DiCamillo s The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane is just that It tells the story of little china bunny Edward Tulane who knows not what love means He is loved by a little girl, and yet, he doesn t care He s self centered and vain But little Edward Tulane will discover what love means the way we all do through loss through life The writing is simply delightfully lyrical Is lyrical writing always delightful Not quite, sometimes it doesn t work One must master the technique fairly well to pull it off I used to think children s books were so, so easy to write anyone could write them but now that I ve read a hundred of them and , I realize that is not the case Otherwise they would all be bestsellers This is, without a single, lonely doubt, my most favourite Kate DiCamillo book It s also the one with the highest ratings on Goodreads, so I m happy to see other people were positively, beautifully affected by this novel like I was I think Kate DiCamillo can do no wrong, but she really surpassed herself with this one Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin

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    I looked forward to reading this book because, as the review on goodreads of Edward Tulane says, Kate DiCamillo is an incomparable children s author, and I have loved and cried over The Tale of Despereaux and The Tiger Rising in the middle of the Borders Cafe before Edward s journey is miraculous in that the little china rabbit from which the book gets its name learns to love out of his many losses, which starts with losing his straw hat and ends with losing his hardened heart Take the velveteen rabbit, make him fragile by making him the China rabbit, put in Kate DiCamillo s voice behind every word, and you have a new classic for children I m done with being loved, Edward told her I m done with loving It s too painful Open your heart, she said gently Someone will come Someone will come for you But first you must open your heart The door closed The sunlight disappeared.Someone will come Edward s heart stirred He thought, for the first time in a long time, of the house on Egypt Street and of Abilene winding his watch and then bending toward him and placing it on his left leg, saying, I will come home to you No, no, he told himself Don t believe it Don t let yourself believe it But it was too late.Someone will come for you The China rabbit s heart had begun, again, to open.That s not the end of the story, but it is such an important passage for so many people to read I needed to read it the other day when I sat there in Borders once again, tearing up I ll need to read it again someday, maybe soon And I think it s worth it for most anyone to take 30 minutes at the most, sit down, and read about how a China rabbit learns to love And then learns to love again.

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    What a beautiful story I read it with my 8 year old daughter and than once it brought a tear to my eye It is the story of Edward Tulane, the china rabbit, who while passing from owner to owner companions really, as he comes to love them endures great love and great tragedy He learns that no matter what happens in life it is most important to open your heart.let yourself love and be loved.

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    I was just trapped underground on a backed up metro train for an hour Never have I minded, or noticed, a terrible commute less.

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    Well written, beautiful, and somber This is the story of a china rabbit who learns the true meaning of love I read this book out loud to my class and truly enjoyed the masterful way that Kate DiCamillo crafts a story Her word choice and sentence fluency found its way into my writing lesson plans to illustrate some of the possibilities waiting to be found in words Would I read it aloud again Perhaps with older students My class LOVED this story but it was sad, extremely sad in places I fought back tears while reading and had to let it sit for awhile before reviewing it because it dealt with some tough material Losing people you love Initially, I thought I would not recommend it nor read it again because it was just too strong However, the I considered this, the I realized that to not recommend this book would be to make the same mistake that Edward made, and that is to refuse to experience something wonderful just because it can also be hard So I do recommend it I do The lessons learned by Edward apply to us all Just consider keeping a box of tissues close by.

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    You d think I wouldn t cry after the third read, but all I can say is that I m glad I skipped the eye makeup today

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    When a friend told me she was reading this book with her 3 and 5 year old kids, I immediately questioned whether they found it too sad I purchased this book soon after its initial publication and had read it myself at that time My recollection was that it brought me to tears, and as I have two quite sensitive little boys, I was hesitant to introduce this one to them Inspired by my friends successful reading of it with her two slightly younger children, I bravely undertook this venture for it was really me I was worried about being able to handle it I was not able to hold back the tears as the story drew to a close, but my two beautiful boys wiped them away and assured me that there was nothing to be sad about, and I got the opportunity one that seems to present itself quite often lately to explain how tears can come from happiness as much as from sadness A miraculous journey, indeed.

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    While sitting in Washington Square Park reading my Moomins novel while on a mini lunch break I wondered about the recurring use of sadness and melancholy in the book Do American children books usually refer to the the joys of a sweet melancholy feeling at the lose of something good that will never return How do children relate to depressed characters Do they even notice it Why aren t children books filled with melancholy, and not in a humorous way While the sun beat down on my bench, and the film crew near the fountain apparently were also on lunch from filming what looked like a dancing in the streets movie, and the girl sitting the next bench over was losing in a battle of wits against a pigeon who was not going to be fooled into giving up the cracker she dropped I thought about these things Then I came home and read this book This book is to the Moomins as finding yourself laying in bed staring at the ceiling at 3am realizing that half your life is over all the good things are past and only pain and regret are ahead of you and having a slightly sad tinged memory of a something wonderful in the past that you will never be able to return to There is something devastating about this story, and the whole format of the book, from the typesetting and font used to the color of the pages used in the book and the illustrations all work in a harmony to create this strong affect I m not sure how kids would react to this, I think from a child s perspective they would only see a story that kind of follows a kind of familiar pattern they are already familiar with They might find it kind of sad, but nothing too out of the ordinary Or maybe it will depress them and turn them at a young age to the happy joys of reading literature filled with despair.

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download The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, read online The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, kindle ebook The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane 756c76001781 A Timeless Tale By The Incomparable Kate DiCamillo, Complete With Stunning Full Color Plates By Bagram Ibatoulline, Honors The Enduring Power Of Love Someone Will Come For You, But First You Must Open Your Heart Once, In A House On Egypt Street, There Lived A China Rabbit Named Edward Tulane The Rabbit Was Very Pleased With Himself, And For Good Reason He Was Owned By A Girl Named Abilene, Who Treated Him With The Utmost Care And Adored Him Completely And Then, One Day, He Was Lost Kate DiCamillo Takes Us On An Extraordinary Journey, From The Depths Of The Ocean To The Net Of A Fisherman, From The Top Of A Garbage Heap To The Fireside Of A Hoboes Camp, From The Bedside Of An Ailing Child To The Bustling Streets Of Memphis And Along The Way, We Are Shown A True Miracle That Even A Heart Of The Most Breakable Kind Can Learn To Love, To Lose, And To Love Again