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    A slow starter When the author ties together a whole complete book, then he ll really have something, but the first book in this series was a strong starter and then trailed off, and this 2nd book is a slow starter and a poor far too abrupt finisher, but the middle section of the book really delivers I d like to see actual intelligence put down on the page as well The four children are supposedly super intelligent, but Sticky s contributions are generally of the he s super well read, so he just knows things, and Constance actually DOES just know things in this novel Kate is the brawler, rather than a really marvelous mind, leaving only Reynie where we as readers can witness the process of him figuring anything out And that process mostly takes two avenues that of either being ridiculously easy or ridiculously opaque, so we never get to travel along with the process As the intelligence factor of these books and children is integral to the plot, I d like to see the author spend time creating the puzzles, and putting substance behind them So a fair addition to the series, but mostly just a promise of better things to come.

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    I enjoyed the first book so much that I wanted to read this one shortly after I was delighted to see of the Mysterious Benedict Society since the story is so enjoyable, and the characters are so fun.The illustrations that start each chapter are charming, and I loved the cover that tried to incorporate so many things from the book The illustrator did a great job.The author never talks down to his child audience It is always a good sign when a children s author does not talk down to them Like the first book in the series, it brings up many issues themes that can be discussed For example, this brought up among other things , pride and how to deal with it consider Sticky s pride of his memory , trust the children s trust of each other and of Mr Benedict , obedience disobedience, and the classic question of good vs evil as the children and Mr Benedict go up against his evil twin Mr Curtain.Overally a wonderfully delightful read.

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    After the magic that was The Mysterious Benedict Society, I ordered the sequel from Book Outlet and put it in the Read This Sometime, It s Gonna Be Good queue It was good DI love how the characters were affected for good and for ill from the first book and the growth that happened in them And it was great to see the bonds between them strengthen Reynie and Constance have a particularly sweet sibling ish relationship Speaking of Reynie, his struggles always speak so much to me and are often something I need to hear XDThe treasure hunt in this was sooo much fun And dangerous And fun I especially liked the place names that were clever wordplays, and the kind adults that helped them along the way The children s gifts were stronger than ever and complemented each other so well And Constance O.o They were up against an even powerful enemy in this one, and with Mr Benedict out of commission for a good deal of it, things got pretty crazy I did love how he was in control than he seemed but no spoilers This wasn t my favorite in the series only because the themes were less strong and didn t sparkle as much as the first one Also, something Mr Benedict said at the end about being clever enough to take advantage of the goodness inside of people sounded a bit supervillain ish even though I think I understand what he meant and he did regret some things about S.Q Just a note, the agents on the side of evil were very threatening to the children There was also some lying and running away Best quotes Mr Curtain pursed his lips, pretending to consider But you re right, it may prove too much of an inconvenience I ll need to reflect upon it What do you say, Benedict Would you prefer to be gotten rid of entirely, or to sleep your life away in a closet I am partial to long naps, Mr Benedict said But I ve never been gotten rid of before, so it s difficult for me to say You ve all grown so much said Number Two, jotting the figures down on a scrap of paper I suppose that s to be expected At some point your bodies have to catch up with your hearts Altogether, I enjoyed this sequel, and falcons are cool My budget breaking happy place.

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    I didn t really love this first book in this series, but the writing style was irresistible, so I decided to try the second I am so glad I did This book was delightful, funny, and the characters got even better than they were in the first book.While Renny is still practically the MC, Kate took a larger role in this book, which was fun Kate is such a rambunctious, lovable character I absolutely adored Renny and Contstances relationship in this book Their almost brother sister friendship was just amazing The puzzles were amazing, descriptions perfect, and the characters 3D.The only thing I didn t like about this book was the housekeeper character at Kate s farm He seemed like a nod at a gender neutral character Maybe I m just overly sensitive, but I didn t really like him.

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    Good I liked it as well as the first, I think There was some really great character development, too Mostly of Reynie, because we re in his head most often, but all the children had to deal with some flaw in themselves and come out on top Reynie deals with mistrust, Sticky with pride and the shame that comes ofter the fall , Constance well Constance is only 3 She matures a bit in this story, and develops an awesome talent gift, but is for the most part still her cranky rhyming self in the end But my absolute favorite part which comes in the penultimate chapter and therefore is mildly spoiler ish happens in Kate s head The men in the Salamander, powerless to do anything else, bent down and shielded their heads with their arms They were sitting ducks This would be the easiest thing in the worldExcept that Milligan was right Kate was not like Mr Curtain and his nasty associates Not at all Back on that rooftop in Thernbaakagen Milligan had told her as much, and she saw now what he meant Seeing those men there, helpless to stop her from doing what they themselves would never hesitate to do, Kate realized with a certain degree of disappointment but also with a degree of pride that she could never do it, could never do something that would make her like her enemy and less like her father Kate s struggle with the temptation to avenge herself and her friends ends with her choosing mercy I guess it stuck out at me because it is a very Christian concept that of not repaying evil for evil The ideas of revenge, vigilante justice, and that we have a right to try to hurt those who have hurt us is applauded in so many stories these days Good to see a character who chooses not to be overcome by the evil around her, who lets fact not feeling determine her actions Kate saw the choice she had and the consequences revenge may feel right at that moment, but ultimately it takes you further away from Whose image you want to become Romans 12 21 Now I realize that this is not a perfect analogy and may be far from what the author intended, but it is what stuck out to me at the time I can t help myself I see that God guy EVERY WHERE P So Final grade A G I will recommend this one and I look forward to the next in the series.

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    It s hard for a series to get much better than this, which is why it s the fifth time I m reading this series.

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    Adorable Adventurous Quirky This book was just as amazing as its predecessor.

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    The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey is the second book in the series by Trenton Lee Stewart, following The Mysterious Benedict Society This is one of the few series I hope will never end When I read the first book in the series, I was completely blown away I even compared it with the Harry Potter adventures and The Series of Unfortunate Events There are lots of lessons to be learned, outlook in life that must be observed by number of people and mind blowing questions answered in just a turn of the page.The story starts when Reynie Muldoon and Sticky Washington meet at Kate Wetherall s farm to go to Mr Benedict s house after almost a year of their dangerous mission in the first series Mr.Benedict planned to send the children on a huge exciting treasure hunt Unfortunately, upon their arrival, they found out that Mr Benedict was kidnapped by his evil twin, Mr Curtain The only clue left regarding his whereabouts is a letter sent by Mr Curtain explaining that he needs a certain rare plant and that a person extremely close to Mr Benedict knows where to find it And the story goes in the risky adventure of The Mysterious Benedict Society solving riddles and taking perils in order to find and save Mr Benedict.I must say that I nearly gave this book a perfect score, if it weren t for the uneven distribution of character s role in the story In other words, I was a little bit disappointed on how the story unfairly focused on our four heroes main characters Specifically, in the first few chapters, I almost forgot everything about Sticky Washington It seems like he was completely erased from the story On the other hand, I also think that what I m saying as a weakness or error is actually the story s strength or strategy If my theory is correct, in the last chapter, Sticky s character become to change, he begot a large string of motivation to the Mysterious Benedict Society when they are in complete lost or danger He became strong and willful, contrary to the Sticky Washington the readers knew.Lastly, here s a short excerpt that will give you hope amidst the darkness that surrounds the world today ..but is it not heartening to know that so many are willing to fight for the good Think of that young librarian, Sophie, who made certain you escaped Think of S.Q., who risked my brother s wrath to make me comfortable Think of Captain Noland, and Joe Shooter, and all the others even strangers who were prepared to sacrifice their safety, perhaps even their lives, on our behalf That s something, is it not

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    I was very excited to begin The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey as I am a big fan of its prequel The first Mysterious Benedict Society was quirky and exciting, and had actual surprises, which, I find, few books do This one, however, was a disappointment from the start, and I found the task of actually reading all 440 pages of it which I did a rather daunting task Gone was the mystery and suspense that made the first book such a page turner and I realized that much of the previous book s success was due to the character building With the characters already established, all that is left is the plot itself, and even that has become water downed and weakened in this version This second installment picks up where the last left off making reading of the first a prerequisite and the four children are ready to embark on a new adventure The quirkiness of the first story continues here, but most of this plot is too far fetched to be very believable The children embark on a world wide scavenger hunt to find their beloved Mr Benedict What was supposed to be a vacation for the children with supervising adults has turned into a rescue mission as Mr Benedict has been kidnapped by his evil twin Much of what happens to the children is itself far removed from reality, as they are chased all over the world by evil Ten Men so named for the ten available weapons they always have at their disposal The specter of danger, however, though always present, never seems possible, and the children are always saved at the nick of time The dastardly plan of the evil twin, itself the crux of the plot, makes little sense at close inspection and undermines the story itself Even the characterization is weak in this story as Sticky, one of the four children, seems to disappear from the story entirely Even in the about the author section,, Stewart names traits of Reynie, Constance and Kate that are admirable and makes no mention of Sticky at all Unlike the first story, this one has neither the energy or ingenuity to make it a worthy companion I was very disappointed by this second attempt as I was thrilled with the first It was difficult to make my way through the plodding text, and even my respect for the first Mysterious Benedict Society, will not lead me to attempt the third And if I am not willing to take on the 400 pages, I am not sure there will be many children who will.

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    4.5 stars

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summary pdf The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey, summary chapter 2 The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey, sparknotes The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey, The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey 0a66ffa The Fearsome Foursome Is Back In The Second Installment Of The New York Times Bestselling Series Praised By Rick Riordan The Mysterious Benedict Society Is Up Against A New Mission, Significantly Closer To Home After Reuniting For A Celebratory Scavenger Hunt, Reynie, Kate, Sticky, And Constance Are Forced To Go On An Unexpected Search A Search To Find Mr Benedict It Seems That While He Was Preparing The Kids Adventure, He Stepped Right Into A Trap Orchestrated By His Evil Twin Mr Curtain With Only One Week To Find A Captured Mr Benedict, The Gifted Foursome Faces Their Greatest Challenge Of All A Challenge That Will Reinforce The Reasons They Were Brought Together In The First Place And Will Require Them To Fight For The Very Namesake That United Them

  • Hardcover
  • 440 pages
  • The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey
  • Trenton Lee Stewart
  • English
  • 02 December 2019
  • 9780316057806

About the Author: Trenton Lee Stewart

Trenton Lee Stewart is the author of the award winning, bestselling Mysterious Benedict Society series for young readers The Secret Keepers, also for young readers and the adult novel Flood Summer He lives in Little Rock, Arkansas Letters to the author may be sent to Trenton Lee StewartPO Box 251358Little Rock, AR 72205