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    I really loved the first book in this series, the second a bit less, and this third one by far the least It s got the same characters I loved before, but now they are no longer regular, clever kids Sticky sits down to memorize the entire library catalog in case they need it, Reynie starts to have some mysterious sixth sense where he can sense something is wrong, and Constance, this one killed me she s venturing into Obi Wan Kenobi territory by reading minds and pulling Jedi mind tricks My favorite Kate is even a little far fetched this time, how she moves with super human speed and can throw a flashlight in the dark with deadly accuracy Really Even Milligan, the master of disguise who always comes out on the right end of a fight, is tiresome Can t he bring than a boomerang as a weapon The whole thing got long and increasingly silly and I was disappointed with this last book in the series.

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    The third book in the Mysterious Benedict Society series, is pretty much perfect We solve all sorts of mysteries like Constance s past and Number Two s real name while trying to stop Mr Curtain at the same time I love how these books are so smartly written He doesn t write down to children at all There s so much conflict and a lot of it isn t even Big Bad conflict, it s bureaucracy and government red tape They re, for lack of a better word, grown up problems, the kind that make you really frustrated I love books where things seem so hopeless, so ridiculously tangled that you think, how the heck are they going to manage to get out of this in the next 100 pages and then, because it s a children s book, they do and not only do they get out of it, they get out of it in a way that is clever and makes sense for the characters involved If you haven t picked up the series, I d definitely recommend it As I said above, it s really clever children s literature.

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    A fun, fast read, even for adults However, I cannot pretend that it is anywhere as good as The Mysterious Benedict Society, or even quite as good as book 2, The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey The situations are increasingly strained as far as believability, as well as being simply less weighty than the original book s Certain elements Mr Benedict s narcolepsy at inopportune moments, Milligan s ridiculous tendency towards injury, etc are becoming rather rote at this point Still, it s enjoyable I get a kick out of the silly names like the silver haired Ms Argent and the grasping Covett S Gaines We ll see if the author can improve the series in future books.

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    I AM A VERY DISAPPOINTED HUMAN BEING RIGHT NOW This book started off fabulously witty and engaging, and the middle was fantastic, but then towards the end the book just sort of lost it s charm I felt like the ending should have been less melancholy and BOUNCY Also this book was the least witty of the series, and the plot was the least engaging THE CHARACTERS WERE STILL GOLDEN THOUGH SO THERE S THAT I think part of my rating could be the fact that it just took me so long to read this cough NaNo cough

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    I just really appreciate these books, okay Also, THANK GOODNESS Milligan is retiring I appreciate your choice to avoid death.

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    When Constance finds out that she is adopted, she runs away out of sadness She can t control her emotions, and can t think of anything else to do All the grownups in the house go out on a search party to find her, leaving Kate, Sticky and Reynie home alone All seems well until a mysterious vehicle arrives at the house They soon find out that Mr Curtain is out to capture them The children attempt to run away In the process, they find Constance but unfortunately get captured as well They get taken to an abandoned prison, where Constance is able to send mental messages to Mr Benedict He soon finds them, and through all the children s teamwork, they manage to escape, and send Mr Curtain and the Ten Men to jail.One theme in my book was power I think this theme was very important, because Mr Benedict and Mr Curtain both had the power to run a very important machine The Whisperer The Whisperer was a machine that could control other people s minds, and if it got into the wrong hands, it could do a lot of damage Mr Curtain was the antagonist, therefore he wanted to rule the world, and control people s minds Mr Benedict was trying to prevent him from doing this Mr Curtain also ruled certain people, and had a lot of power over them A quote from the book that shows power is S.Q Come to the rear end of the prison at once at once S.Q Do not make me But Mr Curtain snapped But You may not say but to me, S.Q Pedelian This quote shows power because Mr Curtain obviously ruled over S.Q., and didn t like him very much.Another theme that shows in the book is rivalry I think this theme was very important, because there was lots of rivalry between Mr Benedict and Mr Curtain They were long lost identical twins, but had completely different minds and personalities They were against each other Mr Curtain wanted to rule the world and brainwash people, but Mr Benedict was trying to stop him from doing that A quote that shows rivalry is How dare you tell me when anything is finished, Benedict No No No I shall tell you when it is over right now And flipping a switch on his wheelchair, he glared at Mr Benedict with such hideous intensity that it was alarming even to look at his face Page 354 This quote shows rivalry, because Mr Curtain was getting mad at Mr Benedict, and clearly hates his brother.Another theme in the book was teamwork This occurred most in the book, because the whole book was about trying to work as a team, and the children had to work together to escape Mr Curtain One quote that shows teamwork is I m not counting on me this time, I promise I m counting on us Page 281 This quote shows teamwork because Kate knew that she couldn t do it by herself, but she needed the others as well I thought my book was engaging because it used very descriptive language There were many words that I had never heard before, and enjoyed learning, and trying to remember the meanings Some examples of descriptive words that I learned were bureaucratic, egomaniac, and na vet I had never heard some of these words before, and I learned the meanings I think this book is good for a 6th or 7th grader I think it is a good book because most of the time it was captivating For example when one chapter was finished, it would sometimes be a cliff hanger, and leave you wondering what would happen next I think this is a very good style of writing because it makes you want to read , and you can t put the book down These bits in the book were very exciting, but sometimes the book got a bit boring The story would slow down, and nothing much would be happening Luckily, soon the story would pick up again, and make you want Another good aspect of the story as I already said was it had many descriptive words The story was filled with vocabulary, and made you want to learn the definition This means that the book was also somewhat educational as well as exhilarating.

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    Prepare yourself for another wild yet amazing adventure This time Reynie, Sticky, Kate, and Constance are back again to save The Whisperer from its wicked inventor, Mr Leodroptha Curtain The story begins with an explanation of the prisoner s dilemma, which I found quite interesting The problem started when Constance was missing Her runaway was followed by a total blackout in the town, causing chaos everywhere The chaos was used by Mr Curtain and his gang, The Executive, to trap the children with findable clues and breakable codes Unfortunately, the children got into the trap and they were kidnapped.When they found out that they were brought to a faraway prison that was under renovation, they began to set some tricks to get out Again, the luck wasn t on their side The Executive found them and locked them again in a tower Not running out of ideas, Constance used her ability to send the news by vision to Mr Benedict, and she got a vision back from him, telling her that he and all the agents would save them.Okay, I won t tell you the rest of the story All I can say is, this book is breathtaking It reminds me of Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix, where Harry and his friends were got into Voldemort s trap just like the children were got into Mr Curtain s trap , fought against the Death Eater and Voldemort himself in this case, The Executive and Mr Curtain , and got help from the members of the Order of Phoenix just like the children got help from Mr Benedict s agent The difference between Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix and this book is, it s MUCH better than Harry Potter, because no one died in the end and they all had happy endings.I should give the author credit, though, for making such genius riddles in this book The riddles were brilliantly made, and it definitely adds to the excitement I read the riddles and couldn t stop wondering the answers, and when they were revealed, I was flabbergasted They re just smart, genius, and brilliant When I finished reading this book, I felt some satisfaction What satisfaction Well, when when everything turned out to be okay, it s enough to make me satisfied I recommend you to read the two previous books before reading this one, or you ll get confused because the story is continual.Happy reading and enjoy the adventure

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    Note If you are planning to read this book and update on Goodreads, the updating format will be a bit strange It will say that there are only nine pages in the book, meaning that you can only update one Goodreads page when you have really read about forty three and a half pages in the actual book This will make sense once you read the book Actual Review I liked this book I felt like the new plot was interesting, with the Stonetown blackout and all But, I did have some problems, as you can see in my deduction of two stars My biggest one was the children themselves That s right Now, why would I have a grudge against the lovable Reynie, Kate, Sticky, and Constance It s not because of their personalities, but because of their powers I won t tell them that would just ruin the fun But, still, even though these powers show the aging of the Mysterious Benedict Society, the overall cleverness they possessed in the first and second books was almost diminished Meaning, there aren t as many parts in the third book that would make you smile and feel guilty at the same time Wow, why couldn t I think of that as there were in the first and second books I was a bit disappointed with this book, as I expected a bit from the ending of the series Still, I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys kid power books, not too violent reads, and, as a general rule, adventures in the contemporary world.

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    This was a great ending to the series I loved the way they finished the book If anyone likes mystery and or action I would recommend them reading this book These books are about a group of four kids, Kate, Reynie, Sticky, and Constance, who all in their own way are very different Kate carries a bucket full of tools and supplies that uses sometimes, Reynie is very good at noticing small details and solving riddles, Sticky has an almost perfect memory and is very intelligent he isn t smart in the way that Reynie is though , and if I told you why Constance was special it would be spoiling the series so

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    It s ooovvvveeeerrr I will greatly miss these characters I know, I know, I can just re read it, but it s never the same is it This third installment of the Mysterious Benedict Society s adventures was nearly as good as the first book I love the characters so much They need to make a movie, a good movie Anyways, this book was really great I especially liked how everything wrapped up at the end Though some of it was a little too perfect of a happy ending I m happy that the characters all get to stay together and everything wraps up nicely.A wonderful series I HIGHLY recommend them.Happy reading

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