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summary The Pearl Savage, series The Pearl Savage, book The Pearl Savage, pdf The Pearl Savage, The Pearl Savage 9965168666 Alternate Cover Edition Of ASIN BHRPMSeventeen Year Old Princess, Clara Williamson, Lives An Old Fashioned Existence In A Biosphere Of The FutureWhen Her Sadistic Mother, Queen Ada, Betroths Her To An Abusive Prince Of A Neighboring Sphere, Clara Determines To Escape Outside, Where Savages Roam FreeClara Escapes Tyranny Only To Discover The Savages Are Not The Only People Who Survived The Cataclysmic Events Of One Hundred Forty Years PriorOnce Outside, Clara Finds Herself Trapped, Unable To Return To The Abusive Life Of The Sphere While Facing Certain Danger OutsideCan Clara Find Love And Freedom With The Peril That Threatens To Consume Her Cover Art By Phatpuppyart

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    Did I read the same book as everyone else I thought this was atrocious I see so many people writing about Blodgett s great writing style, but to me it was stilted and sometimes incomprehensible random, important words seemed to often be missing She also couldn t decide if she was writing a Victorian romance or a caveman porno It doesn t matter, she failed at both.There s no description of the world these characters are in Other than hot, steamy air, you never get a feel for what this world is like It should have been really interesting setting, but I could never picture any of it in my mind.What do these characters do and feel You never find out The characters themselves are the same flat and uninteresting These people are trapped inside giant spheres Doesn t anyone go stir crazy and just want out Apparently they are all perfectly content in their blank, I have no idea about it world.I shouldn t have finished the book, but I kept waiting to get to the part where it became good

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    Originally posted to Bookish BlogOH My God I loved this book SO MUCH I ve read this book 3 times already and still can t seem to get enough of it I m a huge fan of Tamara Rose Blodgett s brilliant works She s made of win and her stories speak right to my heart Every time I pick up one of her novels whether it s the Savage series or her wicked awesome corpse raiser series, Death I just want to lock myself away from the rest of the world and read Just read Devour the whole thing in one sitting and then re read, slowly savoring every word Not caring about anything but the story, the characters and the fabulous atmosphere of the world she created It s my happy moment My pink bubble of happiness My guilty pleasure SPA for the soul and mind The Pearl Savage is the first novel in the fantastically imagined Savage series It s a beautiful and touching tale of love, friendship, sacrifice, destiny, promises and difficult choices It s a fight for freedom and equality, struggle against abuse, depiction of greed and howling injustice in the world driven to the brink of extinction Above all, it s a marvelous, wonderfully narrated, multi layered and complex creation, written with passion and something I like to call the wow factor Their history clear in that regard, they needed to be ever vigilant with the savages The Time Keeper had made it known that they were a people apart, possibly not even the same species In 1890 something horrible happened Some sort of natural disaster most likely an asteroid hitting the planet almost drove humanity to extinction The ash covered earth was no longer inhabitable, and so The Guardians created the spheres steam engineered, impenetrable bio zones, where people could live normally, breathing purified air Not everyone could be saved, though, as there were only 19 spheres created Sick or old people were left behind Miraculously, some of them managed to survive and adapt to the hostile environment People gathered together, creating clans A new race of men was born the Band bigger, stronger, and with gills to help them breath The Band protected the clan, taking special care of the precious females, so fragile and sparse in number Unfortunately, not every clan out there is governed fairly, some of them are nothing than criminals, aggressive, despicable and violent Clara, a seventeen year old red head girl, is a princess in the Kingdom of Ohio Her life is the opposite of a fairytale, though Her father, King Raymond, had passed away, giving in to the untreatable sickness, and ever since then her mother Queen Ada had taken to the cup She s a horrible person, who doesn t care about anything other than alcohol and will stop at nothing even if it means selling her own daughter to get her precious grapes for wine production Abusive, violent, cruel and nasty, she often takes her rage out on the poor Clara, who dares not stand up to her, afraid that her People will suffer punishment When Queen Ada promises Clara s hand to a bilious prince of a neighboring Kingdom, Clara, together with her trusted friends, plots an escape plan She saw the savage outside the sphere, she knows people live there, and if living outside the protective walls of bio zones can grant her freedom from the never ending abuse and humiliation, then she is willing to give it a try What she doesn t realize, though, is that the Clan people have their own plans for her, and it s not necessarily something she will be happy about, either The guard watched the shy female with Joseph of the Band He kept his smirking to himself His time would come A female would not be his weakness He would bend her to his will Um, awesome much The Pearl Savage is such a vibrant and deliciously imaginative tale A one of a kind, breathtaking, touching and charming, but also often thrilling and disturbing story It s beautiful Simply beautiful I ve never come across anything like that It s so freaking unique Tamara Rose Blodgett did a fabulous job creating a phenomenal steampunk world with a fancy, lyrical XIX century ish language straight from the Victorian era The setting and the costumes, the characters and the way they express themselves, the sparkling atmosphere and evocative descriptions all that makes for an exquisite and thoroughly compelling read Some promises a person could not keep, even if their lives depended on it It s the kind of book that requires 100% of your attention 100% of the time You need to focus on what you re reading and skimming through is strictly forbidden, otherwise you ll miss all the essential details that are hidden throughout the whole story Seriously, every word accounts for something There are bits and pieces of information that may seem unimportant, but trust me, they are Blodgett doesn t waste time and paper blabbing away, she creates a complex and well thought out plot line If you skim through, you ll just end up frustrated that you wasted your time She was unlike any of the females he had seen, which were rare in his clan A female was highly prized and safeguarded His eyes caressed her face, the skin like cream from the cow, her eyes like the sea near his cousin s clan hair the color of fire burnt down to embers I loved the narration style I m not a big fan of different POVs, but in The Pearl Savage it worked so well You get to learn what the main characters think and not only just Clara, Charles and Bracus, but even the evil little traitor who is plotting something totally evil like all the evil traitors usually do And I know that you must be thinking gee, that sounds like a lot of POVs and the whole thing must be quite confusing , but really, it isn t At all Tamara cleverly changes the font style each time the POV switches to the next character, everything is pretty clear and straight forward The complexity is there, but it s not in the least overwhelming or annoying What can I say It works perfectly I enjoyed the flashbacks, too For once you actually knew those were flashbacks, instead of wondering where in the world this passage chapter just came from Clara was such a wonderful heroine Brave, strong, thoughtful and caring So lovely, sweet and, um, very hot A redhead in a corset dress, with pearls in her hair OMG, how insanely awesome is that I can totally imagine this book being adapted into a fantastic movie I found the characters to be realistic and believable Sophisticated Well drawn and vivid I genuinely cared for them, especially Clara and Charles The bad guys, though Aw man, you will love to HATE them And I ll bet you, you will swear under your breath at least once while reading about their evil schemes The bottom line is This book totally blew me away It s the coolest thing ever I mean, come on Victorian era steampunk freedom quest love WIN An absolute must read

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    This is what I get for randomly putting on free or cheap ebooks on my Kindle without previewing them first Of course, you really can t tell how good or bad a book s going to be until you ve read, but still After finishing this, I wanted to slap myself.First off, this is so boring that I ended skimming the last quarter of the book just to get to the end I don t care about any of these characters They re all the same stereotypical YA dystopia paranormal fantasy esque leads plain girl who s super special and needs protection Love Interest 1, a douchebag Love Interest 2, nice guy who turns into a douchebag and the jilted best friend who ends up as Love Interest 3 Because a love triangle just isn t enough in this book And the writing This is ultraviolet prose at its worst I m assuming that the overtly flowery language is supposed to be a result of the antiquated society, but it s just awful and stilted And this isn t even adding in the massive abuse of ellipsis s and italics, used almost to the point of parody And I ve been guilty of italic abuse It s the weakest possible way of writing conflict and tension, and honestly, the author should have gotten a decent editor to look over this The world building is weak There s a quasi steampunk society of spheres that used to be the United States, constructed during a massive meteor strike in the 1890s I could possibly run with this except it feels like an excuse to shove the heroine into pretty dresses But then we find out that there s two societies of savages seethe living in the outside world And one of the societies has a modern way of living with nice houses and community centers and democracy and nice clothes, but they re not as nice as the ones in the sphere And the other outside society is a band of pillagers What pisses me off here is that there is no difference between either one of the two main groups aside from outside appearance This is supposed to pick up a hundred and forty years after the prologue scene, and both groups conveniently have a similar culture and manners of speaking Oh, and by the way, using overly flowery archaic language is not the default speaking pattern for time periods pre late 20th century I can somewhat excuse the use of it in the sphere, but the use of it in the 1890 flashback is WRONG You can t put any old fashioned language into a certain time period, just because Oh, well, it s old timey And why do the people living on the outside have the exact same way of speaking Even coming from the same source, the differences in the culture would have differences in the speaking patterns and terminology And yes, there is than enough time for cultural differences to emerge Sorry, doing research on the 1890s right now research rage But research fail is not why I hated this book So, the plot of this book is that the one major clan the civilized one is looking to negotiate an exchange with the people of the spheres for women to breed with the clansmen And they would really like some for the members of the Band, who all inexplicably have gills despite being inland Oh, and Love Interest 1 spies on the super special Princess being abused and wants to protect her from her abusers, and Love Interest 2 is a misogynistic abusive jackass who wants to take Princess Mary Sue and show her who s really in charge.I m surprised at myself that I didn t give up at this point.So, Princess Mary Sue tries to run away from her abusive mother, and manages to nearly get raped by her just as abusive fianc , and in turn, gets kidnapped by the Band and faints seethe She then wakes up in a perfectly nice four poster bed and learns that the savages aren t quite so different after all, Colors of the Wind, learns that women are supposed to be delicate fucking flowers who can t even defend themselves and are only good for popping out babies She and one of the other women go to bath in the woods with the misogynistic asshole, who decides that this is his chance And then we find out the Princess s real super special ability she s referred to as a select Which means that any member of the Band who comes in contact with her is so fucking overcome with their hormones that they essentially molest her and she just stands there and does nothing And it gets fucking better the end of this book is the ENTIRE Band lining up to sexually assault this girl, who just stands there and lets them do whatever they want, with the entire community watching and deciding which one member is most suitable for her to mate with.FUCK THIS NOISE.Fuck this book I m not even touching on the absolute fail on the abuse that crops up in the characters past trust me, that pissed me off too but good fucking God We do not need another YA book that tells girls to be doormats and let guys do whatever they fucking want because It s hormones and that the only thing a woman is good for is her vagina And not to mention, this is fucking sexual assault this girl is going through, and it s fucking okay with everyone Because it s for the greater fucking good NO NO NO NO NO.Oh, and there s a sequel hook at the end that deal with fucking mermaids that barely gets explained I m not bothering, and you shouldn t even bother with this book Fuck this book.

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    I picked this book up because of the post apocalyptic world and the interesting backdrop of Victorian versus Science Fiction The main character, Clara, is likable and a strong female lead, which accounts for most of the reason I stuck with the story as long as I did The Pearl Savage does have some merit, providing a unique world with a workable plot The main character certainly had potential, tolerating the abuse of her drunk mother in order to protect her people from the mistreatment they would certainly suffer without her interference in royal affairs However, the writing is off putting, giving you the insight of almost every character in the book.The characters are simple and undeveloped There are two main villains, which is definitively the category they belong to, being modern versions of fairytale antagonists The Queen only interest is wine and the abuse of her daughter, and her reason for both these activities is not explained in the first 75% of the book, which is all I could bear to read The other villain is a neighboring kingdom s Prince, who is explained to be crazy because of too much inbreeding within the royal family To put it simply, the evil Queen is an alcoholic and the evil prince is some kind of deranged hemophiliac Neither character is interesting and the narrator devotes entire sections to explaining their boring and stereotypically evil thoughts.The romance is confusing As I said, I didn t read the end What I did read is either leading up to some kind of love triangle, with very underdeveloped relationships, or a very bum hurt savage leader, who seems like he d probably boo hoo cry about the Princess hooking up with another savage.To sum it all up Writing Style C started strong with the language and descriptions, but the narration and dialogue were lacking, to say the least.Plot C Setting and backdrop were very intriguing, and had a lot of potential for a very dramatic and exciting romance, but failed, miserably.Characters and Character Development F boring characters with little to no development throughout the story Their backgrounds were hastily constructed and explained in a most matter of fact way The antagonists were simple and possibly the worst I ve read in a long time.Romance D Untapped potential No build up No development.

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    What can I say about this book without being a gushing fangirl Tamara is great at creating worlds and characters that you can love Clara is definately one of those The book started out slowly at first because I had to adjust to the language and characters It definately picked up within the first few chapters.In this book there are two seperate worlds the world of the sphere which has kingdoms and is run entirely off of steam The opposite is the the outside which is full of savages with gills But don t worry they are hunky savages The outside is a bit back to nature obviously They do have a settlement and are quite advanced for being left to perish by the Evil Ones The reader then learns that perhaps the civilized sphere dwellers are the true savages as Clara suffers non stop abuse from her mother and future husband Prince Fredric what a tool She has true friends in her maid, bff Charles who pines for her and blunt Sarah When she escapes is taken outside she soon learns that her future is than just future monarch if douche bag Freddie doesn t beat her to death first She maybe able to save the dwindling tribe of savages She enjoys the short time she spends with the few women of the clan And most definately enjoys her time with a certain male Band memeber The worlds are rich and filled with drama and suspense and the characters are beautifully developed Queen Ada is the perfect villan and I was very happy for what happened to her I can t wait to read what happens next Will tool boy Fredric return Will Clara choose the right man to be by her side Will Charles learn to chillax I don t know but I am going to go buy the next book RIGHT NOW so that I can find out Thank you Tamara for writing another excellent story that I can escape into

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    The abundance of dome living within Dystopian novels is making me nervous It really seems like a possibility In The Pearl Savage something happens in 1890 that makes the Earth rather inhabitable The young, healthy people were selected to live within the spheres, while the old and sick were left outside 140 years later, time inside the spheres is frozen The people still speak like they re in 1890, retained the mannerisms, as well as the fashion, but outside it s much different, much savage Clara, a princess in the sphere, dreams of exploring her wild surrounds, but of course that s not allowed.I immediately felt terrible for Clara She s such a nice, considerate, and helpful person She cares about the people of her Kingdom and even works among them to do her part despite being royalty and against her mother s wishes Her mother is a drunk, as well as physically and emotionally abusive She even sells Clara s hand in marriage to get grapes for her precious wine On top of that, Clara s betrothed, Frederic, is a total pig He treats her like property and is also abusive No wonder Clara wants out of the domes The savages also want Clara out of the dome for their own reasons.I really loved the contrast between life inside and outside Outside women are few in number, so they re heavily protected and revered This is so much different than how Clara is treated, and it in part motivates her kidnapping by the savages The outsiders live in clans, governed by presidents and advisers, protected by the Band While those inside the spheres still have royalty and guards, which involve alliances and trade The spheres have no true weather and are often humid due to the steampower, while the outsiders get to enjoy direct sunlight and wind and rain It was also interesting how both groups viewed their 1890 ancestors so differently The outsiders view them as the Evil Ones who have condemned them to this harsh lifestyle, and the insiders see them as the Guardians who saved their lives.We get to see all of these differences and in detail thanks to the multiple POVs, and the fact that our main character spends time in and out of the protective spheres It was also very interesting, and exciting, when the two groups collided Outside There was a bit of a standoff between a group of guards from the spheres and the Band, and I had no idea how that was going to to turn out There were some twist of events that I most definitely did not see coming It ll be interesting to see the consequences of this collision The Pearl Savage has action, drama, romance, and corsets It basically has a little bit of everything, but enough of what s important to make this an interesting and engaging read I loved the minor supernatural twists near the end, and I can t wait to see how that plays out in the following book There s also a love square happening, which has strange dynamics, and I have no clue who Clara will choose Read of my reviews at Pinkindle Reads Reviews.

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    I cannot bring myself to finish this book Good thing I got it for free.The prologue seemed extremely promising some kind of world disaster is imminent, but Guardians have set up protective spheres for a certain amount of the world s population One unsaved man and his wife, slowly dying outside the spheres, say goodbye to their daughter.Sounds pretty cool, right Then Chapter One hits And suddenly it s some oh no arranged marriage story, complete with paper thin villains and clothing that s reverted centuries to super tightly laced corsets Oh, and did I mention the savages You see, the savages somehow manage to live outside the spheres, in some kind of gasp democracy instead of the monarchies inside the spheres whichagain, what s with the reversion to centuries old practices I don t really want to read to find out if this is addressed anywhere And in every instance of the word, Blodgett italicizes savage Which is really irritating And the context in which these savages are written really doesn t do anything to critique its very old, racist use to describe American Indians even though these new savages appear to be white not quite done on that critique, I ll finish this later.

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    This book Man, this book The concept is FABULOUS I loved it The writing Godawful It s written as if by someone who is a non native speaker of English wrote it, and then had a 12 year old who is TERRIBLE at spelling and grammar proofread it Usually I cannot get past this type of thing, but the story was so good It kind of lost me at the end, though One of the big bads meets his or her end in a completely anticlimactic way, which totally sicked Then, the heroine keeps getting put into dangerous situations where she REFUSES to defend herself It s like those older movies where the girl gets attacked, and after the man comes to save her, just hovers in the background looking all pathetic and shrieking I mean, seriously I KNOW you re wearing a corset and skirtsbut you can t knee a dude in his junk Scratch his face Maybe cosh him on the head while he s battling your savior UGH And then, at the very, very end, a random stupid love triangle is awkwardly inserted Why Simply to ratchet up the drama and angst for the next book in the series I finished this, but will not be reading any of them unless they are offered free as well And even then, it s a maybe.

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    The Pearl Savage was a very unique and exciting story The way the world is plotted out and so many interesting characters made for a very fun read You really feel compassion for Clara as she goes through one trial after another One of my favorite things in a story is when you have men fighting over the heroine and there is certainly no shortage here I will definitely be following this series further

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    This book could ve been so good, but it fell flat for me I thought the size discrepancy between the Band and the women of the sphere was both strange and a bit disturbing, at least in the way described I found it unlikely that everyone wanted to be with Clara The ending was uncomfortable to read, the test scene, and I just couldn t wait until that was done I ll still read the next, because some things were revealed that I m curious to see where they go, but I m not sure how much than that I ll read.

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