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    A slap in the face after the grand and epic nature of the previous book I found this book frankly, boring When Goodkind broke from his main characters in Soul of the fire, I found it a refreshing change and necessary to the story But these new characters are not nearly as interesting For one, I understand how it is Richard can have a bunch of siblings he doesn t know about, but that doesn t make this an interesting plot point I couldn t find myself caring very much, and the addition of the gimmicky adorable animal companion only deepened my distaste Aside from that, the author s attempts to keep the tension high gets and wearing, and less convincing Additionally, here begins the author s slow descent, wherein he devolves from a well crafted tale based on interesting philosophical ideals worth starting a conversation over, to blatant preaching The characters reactions to Richard s ideas are less and less believable, and his espousing of them is annoying, as he keeps repeating the same ideas over and over, while others are simply dazzled by his wisdom This is another book in this series I would recommend skipping, as the parts of it that are integral to the understanding of later books are very few, and are covered amply by flashbacks.

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    This book is the perfect example that once you become really popular and wealthy, your editor actually stops reading your stuff because he s too busy sniffing powders off surgically enhanced anatomy of certain people of questionable employment on a yacht somewhere, enjoying the handsome percentage cut your works brings in All that money means your writing must be good, right Terry Goodkind pushes the limits of this statement to a special new high He takes it to such an extreme that even Robert Jordan would feel uncomfortable exploiting the written form with so vividly contrived side plots and wickedly inane and forgettable characters deftly extracted from the colon.The rating also reflects how I was once young and naive and believed in unsigned integers.Anyway Richard Rahl isn t in this book.But Jennsen is Who the fuck is Jennsen Who cares.And Oba We have Oba Who is he Some schizophrenic dude with magic.And that s it That s the book.Honest, miss.Jennsen is hunted by Darken Rahl s men, because Oba decides to off his mother and hunt Jennsen There s a bunch of previously on SoT moments, spanning 50 60% of the book Somehow, Kahlan and the Keeper are also cunningly added to the plot, happy ending, WHAM We have a complete manuscript Utterly pointless I read this because I once believed in OCD ing my way through books I should thank Terry Goodkind and a few other brave souls for weaning me off my filthy habit.Le song Oba, Oba, he s the man,Oba, Oba, loves his pan,Oba, Jennsen, Richard Rahl,Kahlan, Keeper, mighty brawl,Sebastian, Sebastian, a new friend,Bullshit, rehash, the end.Igor

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    I don t think I m going to write out a full review for this one, sorry Every time I sit down to go over my notes and figure out what to say, I just find myself looking for something else to do So, rather than write out my semi professional ish review format, I just posted my notes that I took while reading below I tend to use profanity in my notes, and much less professional ways of saying things, than I do in my actual reviews, so be warned about that I may also repeat things multiple times, as the same thing may annoy me at different parts of the book Ironically, I repeat myself complaining about how much Goodkind repeats himself, a bit here Haha Anyway, this book was a chore to read, and I doubt I will ever pick it up again after this.Well, I think it s about time I got this one over and done with I m about 10 pages into my reread of this one, but I had to stop and take a break already Why Good lord, the stilted dialog in this thing Even by Goodkind standards this dialog is bad These are not people talking to one another, they re emotionless drones spouting the words of the author Just like has Terry Goodkind EVER, in his entire life, listened to two people talking to each other Ever Because holy crap These conversations feel really, really fake and forced And these people do not act like actual people while they re talking, and certainly don t talk to each other as such This just reaffirms my growing suspicion that Terry Goodkind is some sort of alien who knows nothing of human social interactions.I think I have the audiobook on my Audible account I may need to listen to this one at 2x speedOkay 45% through Gawd, where do I even start So, I ve read this book twice before Once when it came out And once when I reread the entire series before the final book came out I hated it the first time, because we came off of Faith of the Fallen, easily the best book in the series, with some pretty huge things happening in the story Richard has overthrown the Imperial order and started a rebellion in Emperor Jagang s own home city And then we wait 2 years for the follow up to the best book of the series, and then this thing comes out It s not a Sword of Truth book It s a spin off at best, and for some reason, it was released as part of the main series I was very annoyed and pretty bewildered when this book came out The second time, I was ready for it, and I had the whole rest of the series to read afterward, so I didn t mind that aspect of it so much I remember thinking that if you think of it as it s own thing, a stand alone non Sword of Truth book, it was decent ish.Oh good god was I wrong about that Holy freaking crap This book is as badly written IF NOT WORSE than some of Goodkind s recent books The repetition in the dialog here is absolutely ridiculous I mean, there is a scene where a woman says the exact same freaking sentence twice in a row Word for word She doesn t repeat it as reaffirmation She doesn t repeat it forcefully than the first time She just says the same sentence to no point or purpose twice in a row WTF Goodkind Seriously WTF And in NO WAY do ANY of the lines of dialog sound even halfway natural It is as though Terry Goodkind has never, in his entire life, had an actual conversation with another human being PEOPLE DO NOT TALK LIKE THIS TO EACH OTEHR I mean, holy crap, The part where Oba kills Laythea spelling dunno, listening to the audiobook My god Laythea manages to say the exact same thing about fifteen freaking times, each time making Oba angry, without actually clarifying what she means by it, and by that time, it s too late, because he s mad enough to kill her Hell, I was about to murder her by that point Seriously, quit repeating the same vague garbage over and over and over again, and just spit out what you mean lady I mean, really, could Goodkind not think of ANY other way to make Oba angry enough to kill I can think of about seven off the top of my head right now Did we really need what probably amounts to about seven or eight pages of the exact same repeated dialog between them Quit artificially forcing the drama you talentless hack Drama that feels forced does NOT feel dramatic And later, when Jensen goes to Althea again, spelling This conversation has about three relevant sentences in it They re just repeated so many freaking times that Goodkind managed to get a pretty lengthy chapter out of them And holy shit the recaps He recaps previous books EVEN THOUGH NONE OF THE FREAKING CHARACTERS IN THIS BOOK WERE THERE He even starts recapping things that happened in THIS book Seriously Fuck you, Goodkind Now you re just insulting my freaking intelligence I think I can manage to remember something that happened 50 pages earlier in the same goddamn book, you twat And explanations of things Okay, we ve gotten explanations of magic, and the grace, and blah blah blah so many times in the series before now, do we really need several of each in this book I think I can manage to remember, even with just a small reminder, or, you know, without any, really Not being beaten over the head with reiterations of the same damn explanations seventy three fucking times in the same damn book Jensen says, or thinks about, what people think her red hair means like 80 fucking times in the first half of the book WE KNOW WE GET IT TALK ABOUT SOMETHING ELSE ALREADY What makes this worse is that I just read an EXCELLENT book by James Islington that was the second book in a series It did not recap the first book once It did not repeat explanations that had already been given in the first book It did not repeat the same conversations over and over and over again And it was excellent Probably one of the best new books I ve read this year To go from that to this gawd it hurts.And another thing that is really annoying me here, is that Jensen, a supposedly empowered female character, taking her fate into her own hands and such, is basically just a doormat throughout the first half of the book, and a gullible one at that She does everything she s told, and doesn t have a single thought to herself that someone didn t suggest first I think that is the most insulting part of this story, not the ridiculous amounts of repetition, and the insane amount of recapping.Also, there is a lot of busywork going on in the first half of this book What I mean, is that the characters seem to go places and do things, but none of those things serve a purpose to the story They just take up space You could cut a good third of this book out in the first half and no one would know the difference What editor worked on this thing Seriously Whoever it was must have been asleep on the job, rushed by the publisher to just get the damn book out so they can start collecting money on it, or too cowed by Goodkind himself to do his damn job.This is book 7 in the series You would think that what can and cannot be done with magic would have become pretty solid by now NEWP Goodkind just keeps pulling random powers people can have right out of his ass to fit the story, instead of molding the story around what he has already shown us magic can do Inventing new powers for an already existing magic system, in my opinion, is usually the sign of a very unimaginative author, or a very lazy one Using the same powers in different ways, is always far interesting and believable than random people just having completely new powers that have never been mentioned before now, and just pop up because the story says so.Also, I don t think Goodkind really understand the concept of a sociopath You should definitely make your villain a sociopath when you don t have the slightest clue how sociopaths function I mean, it s really strange to me that he failed to do even the slightest bit of research on the subject, considering that he clearly is one himself Whatever It just makes him look, even , like he s talking out of his ass From just the first half of this book alone I would call it the worst book of the original 11 SoT books except for the fact that Naked Empire is a thing that will soon have its day in the sun This book is just a complete mess of absolutely stupid concepts, ridiculous amounts of repetition and recapping that rival the worst books of the Richard and Kahlan series, and characters doing completely pointless busywork errands to take up space in the story I mean, what the hell editor looked at this mess and said Perfect, let s publish it I get that Goodkind s ego is a storied thing of eald, but good god, man, grow a pair and do your damn job I actually miss Soul of the Fire and Temple of the Winds now They were bad, but at least they were laughably bad This one is just boring and insultingly bad instead.78% done Okay, so, in this book, people talk to each other, and it usually goes something like this Person 1 Says something.Person 2 I don t understand.Person 1 repeats.Person 2 But I don t get why it can t be the way I want it to be.Person 1 repeats.Person 2 repeats.Person 1 repeats.Person 2 repeats.Person 1 repeats.Person 2 repeats.This can go on for PAGES before one of them finally says something different that steers the conversation toward its conclusion And every single conversation in this entire book is exactly like this EVERY SINGLE ONE It gets tiresome after the first one or two Three quarters of the book later it s fucking torturous 90% of this book is comprised of people repeating things they just said It s fucking ridiculous The fact that this book was published at all is fucking ridiculous Were I an editor at Tor, or one of any number of other people to have handled this manuscript before publication, I would have sent it back to Goodkind saying, nice joke pal, now where s the real book This is not how good, or even decent fiction works Hell, even most bad books don t repeat themselves to zero point or purpose as much as this one does What in the absolute fuck was Goodkind thinking as he wrote this You don t need a massive 800 page tome to impress me, dude Especially when the majority of it is padding to make the book look bigger than it actually is What you do need is good characters, a believable story for them to take part in, and a world for it all to take place in It doesn t matter if the book is 200 pages or 2000, so long as it has those things This book lacks good characters, and a believable story And the world seems really drab and washed out compared to how vividly Goodkind described in in previous books Characters endlessly repeating the exact same things over, and over, and over again is not a discussion It s a broken record And you know what s pretty damned annoying A broken record People do not talk like this Can you think of any time in your entire life where you sat with someone saying the exact same thing back and forth for 20 minutes before someone finally broke the chain I sure can t And people comment on my reviews of the Richard and Kahlan books telling me I don t know what I m talking about when I say that the dialog is ridiculously repetitious LOOK AT THIS BOOK LOOK AT THE CONVERSATIONS IN IT LOOK AT ALL THE DIALOG TELL ME WITH A STRAIGHT FACE THAT THERE IS NO REPETITION SHOW ME ANY OTHER AUTHOR THAT WRITES CONVERSATIONS LIKE THIS SHOW ME ANY SINGLE PERSON ON EARTH THAT WANTS TO FUCKING READ CONVERSATIONS LIKE THIS Pull your heads out of your asses, Goodkind defenders There is no defense for this At all period This is bad writing Period The man that wrote this does not deserve your praise, he deserves only your contempt I used to get annoyed at the incessant preaching Goodkind does Now, I m just annoyed that he repeats every single fucking conversation 47 times before getting on with it.Again, I have to call Goodkind out for his absolute lack of understanding as to what a sociopath is, and how they actually function It gets worse later in the book as we get , and chapters of Oba inflicted on us This guy is pretty pathetic as a villian, especially because Goodkind does not seem to understand the very real psychological ailment that this man has He s clearly trying to describe sociopathy, but didn t bother to spend ten minutes reading even a basic description of what it actually means And, uh, Sebastian raped Jensen I never really picked up on that before, but he kinda did He basically forced himself on her, she kept trying to say no, but he kept kissing her so she couldn t talk And then she just decides that whatever, he saved my life so he deserves to have his way with me Okay so do I actually have to explain what s wrong with that, or are we good If both adults are not consenting, it is rape This was sex between an adult who wanted to fuck, and an adult that did not, but felt like she was trapped into an obligation to do so That is rape It may not be the violent clothes tearing, sobbing horror many people picture when they think of rape, but it was still against her will He raped her, and she justified it to herself That s how the human mind works You are on the receiving end of something traumatic, your mind goes to its happy place and tries to ignore it ever happened, and make justifications for it No woman should ever EVER feel obligated to bump uglies with ANYONE regardless of the reason, unless it is something she, herself, wants to do, and doesn t have to justify it to herself It was going to happen whether she justified it or not He was not going to stop, regardless of what happened inside her head That is not sex between two consenting adults, it is a man forcing himself on a woman, and a woman going with it because she feels indebted to him He could have saved her life a thousand times It doesn t mean he has any business rooting around in her panties She doesn t owe him her body I mean, kudos to Goodkind for actually getting the mindset of rape victims something resembling correct here for once but he can still go fuck himself because I m pretty certain that it was completely by accident.Also, I have to question why Goodkind even bothered with trying to add in plot twists here They don t work, like, AT ALL, because, well, I VE READ THE 6 BOOKS THAT COME BEFORE THIS ONE Were this a standalone novel, not set in the world of SoT these plot twists would work But the simple fact that we, as readers, already know who the good guys and bad guys in this series are completely negates all impact that they might otherwise have had Imagine a story about someone hunted all their life, and then it turns out the one she thought was hunting her is actually benevolent and knew nothing of her existence, while the one who helped her all along was just using her to get to him That could be a pretty damn powerful plot twist in literally ANY OTHER STORY BUT THIS ONE But since we already know who the good guys and bad guys are, these twists hit completely without impact Set outside of the SoT series, and maybe in the hands of an author who actually knows how to write halfway decent dialog, this book could have been pretty good But it was written into a pre existing series, which removes literally all impact from pretty much everything that happens in the story, and was written by a man who seems to think people sit around repeating the exact same lines at each other for two hours before getting bored and finding something better to do GAWD THIS BOOK IS FRUSTRATING Because it could have been a pretty good book, but Goodkind pretty much mangled the hell out of it.And, oh yeah, EVEN MORE RECAPS OF THINGS THAT HAPPENED IN THIS SAME DAMNED BOOK I find this actually pretty insulting In a really complex book with lots of plotlines and characters, it might be necessary to give a brief reminder that event A happened to person B This is not a complex story, it has two plotlines, and three characters that spend any amount of time under focus WE DON T NEED RECAPS OF THIS I am so ready to be done with this book Seriously It is FAR worse than I remember it being.85% doneOkay, look either Jensen CAN see magic, or she CANNOT It CANNOT be both Pick one and stick with it Seriously The sheer number of continuity errors in the scene where Jagang s army takes the Confessor s Palace are insane You can t have your cake and eat it too You can t have magical fire, lightning, light, and huge explosions from the point of view of a character that cannot see them Either she can see them and they re pretty cool Or she can t see them and they are not described in the text A character who can t see them CAN T SEE THEM What were people doing while this book was making its rounds at Tor Jacking off instead of, you know, ACTUALLY DOING THEIR DAMN JOBS 100% doneOkay, soooooo, Jensen thinks she loves Sebastian She feels that she owes him her life several times over And she has lived in fear of Lord Rahl all her life She sees the truth of what s happening here, and figures out Sebastian s role in it awfully quickly and easily It s almost as though the plot says she changes her mind, rather than the author showing us any real internal struggle over the issue of who to trust, and who to hate It gives the whole story centering around her a hollow, pointless feeling What was the point Why did we go through this journey with her, if she was going to see the figurative light without really grappling with the dilemma that Goodkind set up That s not how good character development works We need to see her working through the problem, and suffering to find the answers, so that when she finally does come to accept the truth, it FEELS LIKE THE CLIMAX OF THE STORY THAT IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE Sebastian s betrayal needed to happen earlier in the book, leaving Jensen with time to actually deal with the emotion of that betrayal, and begin to wonder if maybe Lord Rahl might not be the villain she thinks him to be, BEFORE SHE MEETS HIM It doesn t work if it all happens at the same time She had no time to work it out, and so it s far too rushed, and gives the appearance that Jensen doesn t really have any free will or choice in the matter, she s just doing what the author wants her to do When you can visibly see the author s hand at work making changes to the way that characters think and act, the author has failed to suspend disbelief If people don t act like people, they don t feel like people, and when they don t feel like people, what s the point of even reading about them This book may be absolutely terrible, pointless, and a complete waste of everyone s time, but it does have one single redeeming moment in it This book contains Richard s single most badass moment in the entire series Rides his horse to death chasing after Kahlan, who has conveniently been kidnapped again for fuck s sake Jumps off, strides toward a freaking army Blasts them all to hell without even breaking stride, and continues on his way to rescue her Man, if only that moment had a better story to be a part of And if only WE HAD NOT SEEN THIS FROM JENSEN S POINT OF FREAKING VIEW Because, uh, JENSEN CANNOT SEE MAGIC IT DOES NOT EXIST FOR HER And yet all of the magic, the flash of light, the magical lightning, the soldiers messily flying apart, SHE SEES THIS Dafuq Goodkind It s called continuity Look it up, would ya

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    This volume is a breath of fresh air in the series The pulpit speeches are absent, the action is strong, and we have a new interesting main character introduced, along with a few minor ones such as Tom Plus a very interesting practical reason behind Darken Rahl s practice of killing all of his ungifted children comes to light Some people have complained that Richard and Kahlan aren t main characters in this book, and if you think that, you aren t paying attention Richard is the bogeyman Jensen spends the entire book driven by her perceptions of Richard This is important for two things First, it shows how the people who haven t met Richard but have reason to fear Darken Rahl which would be everyone not evil wouldn t automatically think Richard was good, in fact they would think he was just as bad, if not worse, since he killed his own father Second, it showed how easy it was for someone to be swayed by the Order if that person is sheltered from the truth.An excellent read that shows how good Terry Goodkind can be if he would just rein in the politics.

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    1.5 stars I can sense the end of my relationship with Goodkind coming with this phenomenal let down Easily the worst of the Sword of Truth series Only interesting aspect is the introduction of the concept of the holes in the world.

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    By the end of this book I wanted to strangle Jennsen and her goat Truly Jennsen who Isn t this series about Richard and Kahlan Not in this book, which isn t just an outlier in this series, it feels like filler This is where I really felt Goodkind s clumsiness as a writer What You read six doorstopper tomes before this and didn t notice Not really Because I loved many of the characters, not just the two leads, but such secondary characters as Zedd, Nathan, Ann, Cara and Nicci, up to now I found myself glued to the page Sure, I saw faults Goodkind had become increasingly preachy, Richard increasingly Marty Stu, and the devices used to somehow keep Richard and Kahlan from consummating their love ridiculous Some think the series had jumped the shark with the fifth book or the sixth Not me Whatever their flaws I still found the books up to this one enjoyable and their doorstopper length wasn t felt by me But this one With all the characters I had grown to care about barely there until the end Well, Jennsen really isn t enough to hold me for 736 pages I rated the last book before this, Faith of the Fallen, four stars This book gets one star That s how much a fall off I felt in the quality of this book The series doesn t so much decline as fall off a cliff and it never recovered for me after that.

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    Terry Goodkind is a superb author, and in my opinion, his Sword of Truth series is the best I have ever read So good, in fact, that I have read the entire series three times in a row, back to back, non stop This series is not for children The series covers many aspects of the dark side of humanity, in great detail, as the heroes try to overcome the evils in the world Goodkind is not afraid to show his readers just what evil really is, that is, most often, people who perform acts of evil feel justified in their minds as to why they are doing so, if for illogical reasons, and will that those that oppose them are the evil ones Goodkind shows his readers that the only way to overcome evil in ourselves and in the world is through use of Reason The series is not light reading, but if one is not afraid to confront the reality of evil even within ourselves , and how to really defeat evil, the one will find this series extremely rewarding.

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    While for the bulk of this book I found it a constant struggle to care about the main characters, as always, it finished strong and picked up eventually.This book was a test in agitation and tolerance for me I not once cared for Jennsen I found her infuriatingly ignorant, and while that was a constant annoyance, I recognize the importance of her being that kind of character I could never attribute that as a fault to Goodkind he wrote this book as skillfully as ever he is just really good at creating characters Jennsen was unbearable in her ignorance and obstinate nature, but she was created believably and consistently Goodkind s skill was surely present throughout this book, it just happened that the book was populated by the evil and the easily deceived.Of course, as always, the book had a great ending After 500 pages of following these characters I could care less for, it was nice to finally see Richard, Kahlan and Cara again It took long enough, but longing makes the heart grow fonder, no 4 out of 5, in that I simply did not want to spend as much time with Jennsen, Sebastian, or even Oba as I was forced to through this book 5 stars would have seen a equal distribution of scenes and character appearances.

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    This book is sort of a departure from the main storyline of the Sword of Truth series It follows Richard s sister, Jensen, as she attempts to assassinate her brother, who she believes killed her mother and is now trying to kill her.This book is very interesting, because it only has Richard in it for about 25 pages, the rest is about Jensen and the people she meets on her journey This is a cool way to introduce a new character to a large series and give them enough time in the spotlight so that the reader can get to know them.This book is a solid addition to the series.

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    Full review laterrrr 2.5 stars, rounded down for now, might round up later

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