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    Deadly good reading This TPB edition collects The Punisher 2000 1 12.Creative Team Writer Garth EnnisIllustrator Steve DillonInker Jimmy PalmiottiCovers art Tim Bradstreet BACK WITH A BANG ACTUALLY SEVERAL BANGS Solo act again No micro No gimmicks no fancy ammo, no battle vans, no hi tech surveillance Just the basics Been gone a while Distracted The scum of the city need a wake up call And here it comes. Frank Castle aka The Punisher returned to the Big Apple and the worms are starting to run away.The Punisher declared war against the Gnucci Crime Family why Why not The Punisher hates criminals and he plans to eliminate them so beginning with the Gnucci Crime Family is as good point to begin as anyone else, so nothing personal, no sworn vendetta, no secret motives The Gnucci Crime Family just got the short straw in The Punisher s War on Crime.Ma Gnucci is the lady who runs the Gnucci Crime Family along with her sons, but soon enough she ll notice how fast her blood relatives are starting to fall along with her minions, so she ll call to her people inside of the NYPD to deal with The Punisher but there are two problems in that scenario first, the NYPD isn t dumb to go against The Punisher, oh no, siree, and second, the NYPD loves Punisher s work since thanks to him, they have a lot less things to deal with, so while they don t say it aloud, they are quite okay with Punisher s work in the streets.However, they need to cover appearances to the public and media that are demanding a response against violence unleashed by the Punisher, so the NYPD forms a Task Force a task force of two individuals Good luck with that Even Daredevil will mess into Punisher s blood path, but maybe the Man without Fear would prefer to stay in Hell s Kitchen since Frank isn t in the mood to deal with him.And of course there s The Russian Oh, boy I LL BE THERE FOR YOU Frank Castle needs to live somewhere, so with his return to New York, he is taking an apartment under a false name John Smith smooth, Frank and slowly he will get used to his eccentric neighbors Mousy Joan fearing of everything , Spacker Dave pierced punk and the massive humanity of Mr Bumpo with a too healthy appetite.Between casual brief talks in the corridors and odd offerings of food, Frank Castle slowly started to enjoy in his own particular way to have this friends in the place that now he is living.However, wherever The Punisher goes, mayhem follows him, so the apartment building may turn into a war zone, than once, but don t worry for good ol Frank, since his pals are there to back him up not, really I m not kiddin If you mess with The Punisher, you mess with them too Oh, yeah WHAT PSYCHO SEE, PSYCHO DO Maybe The Punisher wasn t actually the role model for certain outlaw abiding citizens but you can t blame the media if they think that Frank Castle s work was the inspiration for a sudden vigilante viral spree where three different individuals started to show their own particular hate against specific kind of criminals The Holy A priest in the Spanish Harlem who is killing with an axe yep to any schmuck dumb enough to go to his church to tell him their crimes and expecting an absolution.Mr Payback A working man of low status who is killing any white collar bandit who makes sneaky strategies with their companies gaining profit at the same time of causing damage to innocent poor people.Elite An upperclass man who is killing anybody who dares to make the slightest mess in his clean neighborhood.A whole bundle of serial killers who think that they are justified of their actions, and maybe you think that Punisher isn t any better, but maybe the actions of these wackos will help you to ponder about it.

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    The Punisher is back from the dead and ready to take out the Gnucci family Meanwhile, the unluckiest cop in NYC is on his trail and several copycat vigilantes have arisen.I was never a fan of the Punisher but I read this series in single issues as it came out because I was a huge fan of Preacher, and consequently, the tag team of Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon.It s not Preacher set in the Marvel Universe but it has some of the same flavor There s a lot of humor for a Punisher book and the usual amount of violence The Punisher disposes of the Gnucci family in some creative ways, such as using piranhas and polar bears He also kills about 100 mobsters, The Russian, and disposes of some copycats and random street criminals Pretty par for the course.Ennis does a lot to expand the Punisher s supporting cast Soap and Molly, and all the Punisher s neighbors are a lot fleshed out than I d expect in a comic that s primarily about criminals getting mowed down by a vigilante The art by Dillon is much like his art on Preacher It sets the tone and gets the job done.Garth Ennis run put the Punisher back on the map after he was over exposed in the eighties and nineties and turned into some kind of avenging angel, bringing him back to his roots If you re a fan of the Punisher post 2000, this is a must read 4 out of 5 stars.

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    Punisher Welcome Back, Frank was my first exposure to the wonderfully twisted and violently deranged mind of Garth Ennis The Punisher was always a character I wanted to like, but I couldn t bring myself to do it All I could picture forever was Dolph Lundgren s corny ass That monosyllabic version of Frank still gives me the shits Frank always fell at least a little short of the hardcore killer I wanted him to be Dirty Harry wouldn t use rubber bullets Rubber bullets are for pussys I thought I had forever labeled Frank Castle as a B list character with sporadic glimmers of potential greatness.Garth changed all of that As far as I am concerned, Garth Ennis created the Punisher A merciless, unrelenting soldier that is single mindedly focused on his mission to kill as many criminals as possible by any means necessary before meeting his own fated end Warms my heart.This was the seed that ultimately blossomed into Ennis s defining run on Punisher Max While this book, much like Garth s work on Preacher, has of a dark comedic feel to it than the Max series, Castle s inner voice clearly started out here.Ennis resets the clock again and puts Castle back where he belongs In New York, taking down the Gnucci crime family with any and all tools at his disposal Garth introduces a bunch of fun characters in this one Many of whom continue to appear throughout his Marvel Knights Punisher run The luckless Detective Soap, the unstoppable Russian, the thoroughly pierced Spacker Dave, and the Bloodthirsty Ma Gnucci to name a few I really appreciated the way that Garth resisted using Marvel heroes extensively throughout his run on this title Wolverine, Hulk, and Spidey all make brief appearances down the road, but not in any kind of regular manner In the first 12 issues only Daredevil makes an appearance, but it s a doozy That, along with Frank taking on Ma Gnucci s hit men in unsophisticated ways, jackin a polar bear s jaw, and steppin to the Russian mano a mano made for just a couple of my favorite moments in this collection This is NOT a serious book In fact it s often funny But Castle always remains straight faced and true to character Never cracking a smile or changing course regardless of the bloody craziness that ensues Frank is also starting to show his age a little He s not invulnerable and is forced to rely on his cunning than brute force His meticulous planning and execution of the mission are part of what makes him so fuckin cool.Steve Dillon does a good job here I ve never been a huge fan of the man, but he works well with Garth and I ve grown to appreciate his simple cartoony style Tim Bradstreet s covers for the series are the shit.Fans of Ennis s irreverent and black comedic style will almost certainly find something to enjoy here Welcome Back Frank is what started this fan boy on his pilgrimage towards seeking out all of Garth s extensive catalog of work While most probably recognize Preacher as his highest achievement and it is awesome , I would respectfully disagree and point towards the vast majority of his work on this character as being the high water mark of his career to date Start here and ease into his serious Punisher Max series Hands down some of the best stuff out there This is the place where Garth started to cut out his own little corner of the Marvel Universe As for Welcome Back Frank, it s deliciously violent ridiculousness and the start of something really, really special.I would like to dedicate my 100th crappy review to the only Marine I like the Frank Castle, my son Ryan Oorah Get this review and at

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    Garth Ennis literally brings the Punisher back to life after the godawful previous Marvel Knights Punisher books made him some sort of avenging angel with ethereal guns that glowed after he committed suicide I think Marvel would like to forget that ever happened This is the Punisher at his baddest as he goes after Ma Gnucchi s crew Yet, he does show some heart to his neighbors Ennis and Dillon also bring their signature dark humor with them from their time on Preacher Everyone is at the top of their game Garth Ennis, Steve Dillon, and Frank Castle If there was one Punisher comic I d hand to a friend, it would be this one.

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    Garth Ennis is rightly credited with bringing the Punisher series back to life with his interpretation of the character and writing his best work and some of the Punisher s best books Welcome Back, Frank is Ennis first book that takes Frank Castle from bizarre and frankly boring stories about angels and Heaven, and putting Frank back on the streets with a gun in his hand pointed at gangsters, where he belongs Ennis writes in his mission statement that he wanted to simplify the Punisher s adventures great, interesting, exciting action with none of the droning introspection about how many is enough, Frank and meandering thoughts on Frank s dead family Here, and in Ennis entire 10 book run on Punisher Max each volume of which is highly recommended by the by , we see the Punisher do what he does best taking bad guys down The Gnucci gangster family, the taskforce created to take down the Punisher, 3 copycat vigilantes, and a mad Russian make up this excellent comic book and continually set Frank up with a number of entertaining challenges to take out in increasingly entertaining ways death by fat guy is the funniest Ennis trademark humour is also present in the character of Detective Soap, heading the taskforce of 2 to take down the Punisher, and a joke in his Precinct, and one of the copycat vigilantes named The Holy whose crimes are covered up by a senile old woman Having re read this book after reading Ennis numerous other books on the Punisher he s written over 90 issues of this character , I ll say this is one of his most entertaining books he s ever written, counting everything he s done Engaging, entertaining, fantastic action, compelling story, Ennis deserves all the credit for reinstating a fantastic character to his glory His longtime collaborative partner Steve Dillon also contributes his usual high quality artwork to the book This is a great starting place for new readers to the Punisher and a must read for existing fans A brilliant comic book and a great read If you loved this, you ll enjoy the sequel, The Resurrection of Ma Gnucci.

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    Puerile, brutal, entirely to the point with the scum Narration feels a little off compared to the silent feral animal that we ve seen before and later, but I ll let it pass since it s so to the point The violence at the beginning is pretty over the top with some cheesy Ahnold style one liners, so it takes a little time to get past Ennis contract with the reader And it s a bit hard to have to look at Frank s face by Steve Dillon and not think, Who pissed in Frank s cereal, shat in his shoes and soaked his undies in motor oil But holy crap is it fun to watch Frank play the mob like a master fiddler who has a friggin splinter in his picking finger And Ennis does a great job with minimal monologue action Ennis and Dillon have a great time making books like this, what with weirdo asides like Spacker Dave to keep the story from getting too grim But when they get down to business, they don t f k around Take the Daredevil story A simple mess around with a mob guy who wanted to use Murdock s love of the law in his favour, Ennis tarts it up with a great treatise on the fundamental difference between the Punisher and Daredevil s way of achieving justice There was no better way of illustrating the irrevocable tension between the two.How the creators treat Ma Gnucci is even worse class Ennis Dillon, dignity isn t the first deadly sin or close relative anyway to go, but it s sure one of the brightest stars of the show.Punisher becomes a virus, corrupting society around New York The knock offs are some cocky weirdos but I like em, especially the Payback dude But then I m a born Canadian, so socialism runs deep in my blood Y know, I should worry about Ennis than I have This guy knows gruesome ways to kill people than I d ever imagined all sorts of tricks with military weaponry, simple extreme torments, ugly fantasies of taking out people who really aren t that likeable Ballistic knife Check Zoo animals Yep The loving caress Ennis words place on his beloved Clay, every time that emerges from the arsenal.Or a character like The Russian Times like this I know Ennis has love in his heart somewhere, because he brings such life and joie de vivre to the big laughing beasts like Love Sausage or Barracuda In a way, this book reads like a sicko s version of the Three Stooges Pratfalls, exaggerated punishment and amazing resilience in the face of pain I didn t realize Ennis was such a fan of the classics.In a way this is a clear, simple book I know it gets deeper, to the point that the subsequent runs by Aaron Rucka stand alongside it not ahead of it Still, this isn t quite the original romp I had remembered, and it isn t nuanced enough to stand out as an instant classic again, not without considering the later books It s not quite unrepentant though in that Frank s thoughts include a little mercy and consideration for the innocents around him Making Frank a bit human is odd in the face of the slapstick, but in the end it s a good move.I m taking my original rating down a peg, but this is still a great Ennis book.

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    And the unforgettable song with Amy Lee Broken.

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    This was just nuts and the ending was totally unexpected I swear I ve picked this up about 5 times thumbed through it and set it back on the library shelf Really glad I gave it a chance this time.

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    My second Punisher read, as he embarks on a one man mission to take down the Gnucci crime family It s a bit of a mixed bag, in that it doesn t seem as good as the later MAX series, but there s still some good stuff here Frank s cautious relationship with the other residents of his apartment building, his connection to them despite his intent to remain a brooding loner The Punisher accidentally inspiring a wave of over the top vigilantes who want to emulate him in cleaning up their neighbourhoods unsurprisingly, he is Not Impressed And again, two cops mired in a corrupt department and trying to fix the broken status quo.It s a bit too off the wall and kooky, but there s admittedly some darkly funny moments Frank punching polar bears Ma Gnucci as criminal queenpin matriarch is hilarious The Russian as an oddly jovial murdering monster.It makes for a relatively enjoyable tone to intersperse the horror of the violence, but I still prefer the srs feelsy storylines, which personally docks this to 3.5 or 4 stars.But man, his neighbours Frank s small touches of sentimentality, though he tries to come across as stone cold And the wonderful issue The Devil by the Horns , which pairs him against Daredevil in a riveting scene known as The Choice and which was adapted pitch perfectly to the Netflix series Also, other small touches that made it into the TV show Frank hiding in plain sight in a crappy diner, baseball cap pulled low over his face I m not a huge fan of Steve Dillon s art here I felt like his cartoony style worked a bit better in Hellblazer because John Constantine is a nonstop wisecracking troll, unlike the grim straight man that is Frank Castle but it s fine And at least there are still Bradstreet covers HE S THE BEST.

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    Awesome Punisher comic This comic was a major inspiration for the shitty 2004 movie and the second season of the Daredevil Netflix series Unfortunately the other books are out of print though so I won t be able to read them

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