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files The Puzzling World of Winston Breen, read online The Puzzling World of Winston Breen, free The Puzzling World of Winston Breen, free The Puzzling World of Winston Breen, The Puzzling World of Winston Breen 7d9a5f975 Winston Breen Finds Puzzles Everywhere, Even On Pizzas, And Solving Them Is What He Does Best But When His Sister Uncovers Mysterious Wooden Strips With Words And Letters That Even Winston Can T Figure Out, The Entire Family Is Obsessed It Turns Out The Strips Are Part Of A Scavenger Hunt That A Town Patriarch Set Up For His Children If All Four Sets Are Put Together, They Will Lead To A Ring Worth Thousands Of Dollars Cooperating Seems Like A No Brainer To Winston, But To Solve The Puzzle, The Group Has To Overcome Mysterious Threats, Mutual Mistrust,Yearold Clues, And Participants Who Will Do Anything To Keep The Treasure For Themselves Chock Full Of Puzzles To Solve, Some Involving The Mystery And Others Winston Runs Into Along The Way, This Treasure Hunt Will Keep Readers Challenged Right To The End

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    Winston loves puzzles solving them and creating them As far back as he can remember, he s been doing all types of puzzles In fact, the first puzzle we receive in the book is one he made up using a scrap of wrapping paper from his sister s birthday Berlin includes answers at the back of the book The bulk of the story revolves around what Winston gives his sister Katie for her birthday a unique wooden box which has a false bottom discovered by Katie and four puzzle pieces hidden inside Eventually, the rest of the puzzle pieces are pooled, as the head librarian tells the story and other treasure hunters agree to work together Mrs Lewis s father had created the puzzle to make his offspring set aside their differences and become friends The treasure at the end of the hunt was a ring a very expensive ring and it was agreed to split it four ways Then the hunt begins This is a very clever mystery that sprinkles codes and puzzles throughout the story Berlin includes a note at the beginning saying you can skip the extra puzzles, as the ones key to the story will be explained as readers continue His website has printables so you don t have to write in the book Winston is a typical boy, other than his obsession with puzzles, and I enjoyed watching his relationship with his parents, sister and the other treasure hunters develop throughout the adventure Katie, too, had some character development, which is great, as we mostly saw her through Winston s eyes though it s an omniscient narrator Berlin masterfully creates suspense as the mystery heightens, and wraps the story up without being mushy.

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    As an avid puzzle lover, I enjoyed the range and variety of number, letter, word, geometric, and logic challenges incorporated throughout the book Most were moderate to high, in terms of difficulty challenging than I would have expected for a YA audience While the puzzles were quite enjoyable, the story lacked a lot, in terms of creativity and believability.Adult siblings who have spent decades estranged from each other are very unlikely to set aside their differences for a potential 15,000 prize, especially if they already received a large inheritance from their father containing other significant financial resources for them If parents have botched their parental responsibilities, during the childhood s of their kids, to the point that their offspring are perpetually fighting, too much damage has been done for too long to ever make them long for or enjoy each others company As a mental health professional for many decades, I m keenly aware that chronic turmoil between siblings is nearly always the direct result of chronic friction and marital dissatisfaction between the parents.In many of these scenarios, one or both of the parents never actually wanted to be a parent, in the first place, so blames the existence of the children and the challenges of raising them on the other spouse Other chronic marital problems, such as substance abuse, poverty, workaholism, gambling, domestic violence, incest, religious cultural frictions, sexual incompatibility, and similar destructive patterns often lead to the parents chronically fighting with each other, modeling poor relationship building and conflict resolution skills for their offspring, who, then, follow in the footsteps of their primary role models their parents but continuing the petty bickering their parents teach them is acceptable within their family.Clearly, the father of these four Fredrickson siblings took no personal ownership or actions regarding the constant childhood friction between his children, while they were young Clearly, the major focus of his entire life was his work and his inventions, along with managing his wealth Since he didn t treat the sibling friction matter seriously when the children were young, his superficial, unrealistic approach attempting to breach the chasms between them, as adults, obviously wasn t going to work I m not sure what happened to their mother nor what her role was, in regards to their upbringing Perhaps, she died when they were young, leaving them poorly supervised during their young years The fact she was never mentioned in the book, while several of the father s friends WERE mentioned, seems relevant, to me Apparently, neither the kids nor their father found her role in the family to be meaningful.The plot wasn t especially intriguing nor filled with many red herrings I knew who the real villains were by midway through the book, which is a rare occurrence with most YA detective or mystery books Usually, there are many twists and turns in the plot Thus, this book doesn t rate higher than a 3.5 star rating, from me, which I will round upwards to a 4 star review, in light of the challenging puzzles.

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    Plot Winston buys a last minuete birthday present for his sister The present is a fancy box Opening the box Winston s sister discover a false bottom in which four puzzle tiles with words have been hid Winston, a master puzzle solver, can t make anything out of the words until he discovers that other people have of the tiles Winston, his sister, and the others have to join forces to solve the puzzle and begin a treasure hunt for a missing ring.A very different book This book contains puzzles that you can solve as you read the book Problem is that some of the puzzles require you to write them out The author does include a web page where you can print out the puzzles I do have a concern that as a library book someone is very likely to write in the book It would had been better if the puzzles were think puzzles and not the type that require pencil and paper.That some of the puzzles do require pencil and paper makes for another problem At times I found the puzzles annoying as they stop the flow of the story I ignored most of them and just went on reading I wouldn t mind a puzzle that I could paused and try to reason it out Like Ecyclopedia Brown or the Mysterious Bendict Society In this story though the puzzle were often just planted and didn t have anything to do with the story I skipped most of them and went on with the story Granted with many of them you could read the book and then do the puzzles.As the treasure hunt picked up the story became better At this point most of the puzzles were puzzles you reason out and they all were tied to the plot Other people may enjoy this book but, I perfer to read when I pick up a book When I went to do puzzles I pick up a puzzle book.

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    I needed a book that revolved around a puzzle for my reading challenge, and this was perfect The whole story revolved around a puzzle treasure hunt mystery, and there were individual puzzles scattered throughout It made me nostalgic for Encyclopedia Brown Definitely planning to check out the sequel

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    The Puzzling World of Winston Breen is a book full of Puzzles and fun It even has some plot twists Anybody who likes puzzles is sure to love this book.

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    Move over Encyclopedia Brown there is a new detective on the block, Winston Breen puzzle genius Winston Breen is a 12 year old puzzle aficionado He breathes, eats, and sleeps puzzles He sees puzzles in the oddest places like on a piece of wrapping paper or on a pizza Oddly enough the biggest puzzle he has ever come across is one that he did not know was there Winston buys a last minute birthday gift for his 10 year old sister at his favorite store, Penrose s Curio Shop Used to his puzzling ways Katie assumes that there is a puzzle hidden in her gift Even though Winston didn t provide a puzzle this year Katie still finds one This puzzle created by a local inventor decades ago, is going to send them on a wild goose chase with an odd group comprised of two treasure hunting enthusiasts, the town librarian, and an ex policeman Can a puzzle that is very intricate and very old be solved by this group With Winston and Katie s help it can.I really enjoyed this story It was fun and mysterious from the very beginning From the beginning it demonstrated that the best way to solve a problem is through teamwork In addition it is chock full of puzzles for you to solve I like crosswords, word searches, and I ll do the occasional number puzzle so it gave me the opportunity to test my smarts Some of the puzzles were easy and others were hard I ll be honest and admit I couldn t solve some of them and others I didn t even try However I tried enough of them that it really did get me into the puzzling spirit of the book While I recommend this book for pleasure reading, the connection between puzzles and school is obvious Puzzles help teach logic, reasoning, and observation they fit in well in math and language arts classes Here is a little puzzle of my own, see if you can find the Encyclopedia Brown connection as you read this book While the writing style and story lengths are different, both Brown and Breen rely on knowledge and deduction I think Eric Berlin has written a timeless character, maybe not quite on par with E.B., but a nice homage to him.

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    I believe the book The Puzzling World of Winston Breen which is a mysterious suspense novel by Eric Berlin should be rated 4 out of 5 stars because the book was a little childish I also believe that parts of the story are kind of ridiculous The main character in the book is Winston he is a 12 year old that loves solving puzzles He has never seen a puzzle that stumped him until his sister Katie s birthday He bought her a box and she finds a secret compartment in it It has 4 wooden tiles in it He goes on an epic adventure to solve the puzzle He finds out the puzzle pieces lead to clues that will help them find a treasure There are other people that have puzzle pieces and they have to work together to find it I was always worried about what would happen to the characters in the novel as they solved their various puzzles I felt like the author did a very well job with his diction because he was using words that children of the age group in the book use The characters are very well developed and throughout the story they stick to their personalities Jake and Male, Winston s best friends, joke around alot and in the story they are always cracking jokes.The plot was moving at a good pace There were plenty of twists that I was not expecting at all I believe this book is focused for 9 12 year olds to read This book is very good and I would definitely recommend it There is also a sequel which I can hardly wait to read.

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    Winston Breen loves puzzlesany and all kinds of puzzles He loves them so much, he gives presents that require solving puzzles to find them Unfortunately, his family does not share in his enthusiam So, when his kid sister, Katie s birthday rolls around, he decides to merely give her a present He finds a beautifully carved decorative box at a secondhand store to put girly things into Katie s puzzled, where s the puzzle she wants to know Lo and behold, she finds one, even though Winston didn t plant it The box had a secret compartment and out drops four wooden stips with mysterious codes on them Now, Winston is intrigued and he MUST solve this puzzle The journey takes him to the town s librarian Mrs Lewis , getting acquainted with two petty criminals, being accused of breaking and entering, and solving a very complicated, complex puzzle put forth by Mr Walter Fredericks, the town s richest resident, long since deceased, who also happens to be Mrs Lewis s father The Puzzling World of Winston Breen is a great book for fans of puzzles, clues, and mysteries Enjoyment comes from not only reading the reasoning to the solution, but being a part of it too, as the numerous puzzles are strewn throughout the book for the reader to solve A first in a series of Winston Breen books 2 is The Potato Chip Puzzles.

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    Book ReviewThe book The Puzzling World of Winston Breen by Eric Berlin is an okay book I would give it a 2 star because I felt like I got a little lost bored I got bored because all the author would talk about is how Winston could solve puzzles, but for some reason he got stumped on this one This book didn t keep me entertained the whole way I have to admit, in the first 4 5 chapters I was hooked, but after that it was an uphill battle just to open the book It got so boring because all the main character would talk about was how he could solve puzzles The characters are pretty believable I could relate to them in some ways, but the characters overall were fine The main conflict of the story was that there was a puzzle in this vintage box, but no one knows how to solve this weird puzzle, so the main character and his family, and friends start looking for clues Through time they realize that their puzzle has connections and there are than just 1 puzzle, but the goal was to solve all 3 puzzles, and the answer would be a map to a really expensive ring Like I said before, it was an okay book There is not really anything that will get a reader above the age of 10 hooked There are parts here and there in the book that are good, but overall I give The Puzzling World of Winston Breen a 2 star.

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    Perfect for fans of The Westing Game or Chasing Vermeer, this mystery story is all about puzzles Winston Breen is a young puzzle enthusiast He s always looking for puzzles in the world around him and exchanging puzzles with his friends So when he gives his sister Katie a wooden box for her birthday and she finds four wooden sticks with random words on them hidden in the box s false bottom, everyone has a hard time believing that Winston didn t leave that puzzle there for her The fact is, he didn t Winston has never seen it before And try as they might, no one in the family can solve it Winston finds out that there are three sets of clues that go along with Katie s puzzle pieces They were left by the founder of their town, a very rich man with only one surviving child There is a potential fortune at the end of the treasure hunt, but will they be able to solve the clues Will the puzzle be unbroken after all these years A neat mystery story very similar to The Westing Game, this book also contains puzzles that Winston and his friends make up You can solve them as you go and the answers are provided in the back of the book and even print them from the website so you don t have to write in your book.

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